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Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker Nintendo Switch Review

787 ratings | 26416 views
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Text Comments (138)
Conti Music (1 month ago)
Awesome, i think you would like my music for your videos as well, perhaps you would be intersted to use my music for your next video? You have a new sub!
I actually prefer the gyro controls.
Gilbert Tang (2 months ago)
I had a puzzler once. I just kept wiping and wiping and that shit was never solved.
XXtheJUMPoffXX (2 months ago)
Zzzzz... should've been Mario 3D World ported to Switch instead of this...
Carl Wilson (2 months ago)
3DS version is the one to buy IMO. Especially if you never owned it on Wii U.
WildBlu Games (2 months ago)
I had a captain toad switch ad before this....
Jennifer Cushman (2 months ago)
I have Captain Toad both on my Wii U and Switch. Bought the game yesterday at Target. And I am also planning on getting this game on my 3ds as well. Now I just wish they would bring Mario 3d World to the Switch. I just love that game on my Wii U.
David Medina (2 months ago)
So how do they handled the levels where you blew in the microphone? And when playing docked is that wii-style cursor always there?
Fluffi Buni (2 months ago)
What's the story with the hideously distracting pulsing blue circle on the screen ? I don't remember it on the WiiU version. While I love the game on WiiU, the Switch port just seems gratuitous and awkwardly shoe-horned onto Nintendo's new console rather than something like Hyrule Warriors which is a fabulous port.
Wishmaster nl (2 months ago)
i also wait or the Wind Waker, Twilight Princess, Pikmin, Mario 3D World, and many more...
T Ne (2 months ago)
I really wish this was captain toad tt 2. Then I could feel justified in buying it again. The pixel toads were a great way to get some replayability in the levels. Perhaps if these were unlocked only when you completed a series of levels (or with the amiibo) they'd be better served.
Alexthejoyconboy (2 months ago)
Man i know it seems dumb but i really am gonna miss the blowing into the mic stuff from this game i never had a wii u and it seems really cool and id love to try that kind of thing
zwippie92 (2 months ago)
Yeah I'm buying this game, without looking back. Just love the design and I'm not usually for puzzle games but I love the design and Toad is just too cute when he is damaged 1 time and gets small :)
Raging Rayquaza (2 months ago)
Lol i got a treasure tracker ad before this
CleanSocks JP. (2 months ago)
Awesome to see this game on the switch! Maybe soon we'll see 3D World as well!
CleanSocks JP. (2 months ago)
That sounds cool! I wonder what the graphics could look like on Galaxy 3! I wished for the port because the game itself is awesome and many more could play it on the switch :D
Rodger Arnold (2 months ago)
Maybe 3D World 2 with Captain Toad as a fully flushed-out side content that's needed to 100% the game
Rodger Arnold (2 months ago)
CleanSocks JP. Nah, I think 3D World 2 would be better....or Galaxy 3
Gamer ISH (2 months ago)
I wasn’t planning on getting it after it’s pretty much a port from the Wii U but still got it later.
Joshua Oxenford (2 months ago)
starting to get really sick of every 1st party switch game being a port. where are the new games?
Callinater (2 months ago)
Joshua Oxenford did you own a wii u? If not then you don’t have a right to complain.
Velin Christine (2 months ago)
Love the Design of Stage, Cute Characters, Funky Music, Simple Gameplay, Nintendo Graphic. So Magnificent. 💖💗💝
simonsp92 (2 months ago)
I think you've got the wrong way around, it was not "almost created by accident". The CT levels in SM3DW was to test the waters of the concept, before a full release. Originally it wasn't even thought up as a toad game, but a zelda game. There's nothing accidental about it's design.
Kyle Goff (2 months ago)
Luigi's Mansion please :(
D2daICE (2 months ago)
"He's a fun character to be around." - Oh come on - why not go the obvious route? (He's a fun guy to be around" ;)
Nintendo Joe (2 months ago)
I am so hyped for his game you don’t even know, I never had a Wii U so I love Wii U ports.
likethepear (2 months ago)
Carry a backpack that’s the size of your entire body and then try to jump.
Your Lord and Savior (2 months ago)
Nintendo churning out those ports.
IsakTS (2 months ago)
Already got it pre ordered
ZXBilly (2 months ago)
If you want an excellent handheld game for your Switch. This is it.
Joey (2 months ago)
I got an ad for captain toad before watching a review of captain toad. Coincidence? Yeah probably. EDIT: I got the ad again I don’t think it’s a coincidence anymore-
Vilatoro (2 months ago)
It just hit me most characters like toad Mario luigi peach and others are actually short and the way we see them is not there actual hight
Brian Adams (2 months ago)
I'm picking it up Friday.
Toad The Mushroom (2 months ago)
Sniff, I wish I had a Switch
Inferno Nine (2 months ago)
Heeeeeello there lovely peo ple
Edu D (2 months ago)
Definitely getting it, I've never played it and was hoping for a Switch version
billyblackburn87 (2 months ago)
It should be 29.99. It would be a joke if this is full price
Callinater (2 months ago)
billyblackburn87 it isn’t. It’s £30 (40 dollars) I believe
billyblackburn87 (2 months ago)
It's a good solid game. Nothing more
Southpawjr (2 months ago)
Hello there lovely peeeeeeeeople
Julian Hage (2 months ago)
What is the playtime?
A Casual Gamer (2 months ago)
Great review - excited for this one! I think it may become my first let’s play series on the new channel. Anyone else playing on the 3DS version?
A Casual Gamer (2 months ago)
DetectivePikachu 99 awesome! Didn’t get to play the original either. Let me know how you like it!
DetectivePikachu 99 (2 months ago)
A Casual Gamer I'm getting it on 3ds. I didn't play the original so I'm really excited.
BiggMurr (2 months ago)
Love your video's!!! Keep them coming...
Silver Snake (2 months ago)
Dont forget to tell your mommy to buy you this game kids and subscribe to this channel for babies
Max Power (2 months ago)
This game doesn't sound like it has any problems, and yet it get a lower score than ARMS, a game that has a lot of problems. Ok Nintendolife.
Callinater (2 months ago)
Danny Decadent they only review Nintendo games, so you can’t say they’re biased because there’s nothing to compare it too. Also they gave ultra smash a 5/10 so you can’t say they are never critical of Nintendo
Danny Decadent (2 months ago)
NintendoLife doesn't know how to properly score games. They're insanely Nintendo-biased, so anything that Nintendo puts out, they'll review it with AT LEAST a 7/10. Regardless if the game is complete shit or not.
Nyan Squiddo (2 months ago)
I came here to see if it was worth the cost
Ben G (2 months ago)
I'm not buying any more Wii U games.
Cee (2 months ago)
Come Friday this will be mine :)
Alfonso Surroca (2 months ago)
Missed this one on WiiU, so I preordered it on Switch. Captain Toad looks like it was made for the Switch since it's portable-oriented gameplay.
I’m Joe (2 months ago)
Me likey
Cee (2 months ago)
‘Heh-low there lovely peeple’ is always my favourite part of the video :)
Thunder Bee (2 months ago)
Didn’t even know this was another port. I really hope they port Metroid thought
Evan Mitsakis (2 months ago)
I really hope they re release 3D world for switch.
kingjonny (2 months ago)
I'll get this later, octopath traveller is my priority on Friday
kingjonny (2 months ago)
Gunnar Schumann not that I've heard
Faggen Abler (2 months ago)
kingjonny I heard that game turned out disappointing
La moreneta (2 months ago)
I can't wait to buy it!
Cappy 22 (2 months ago)
This is my kinda game... looks awesome
Code: Marla (2 months ago)
Ill be picking this up after Octopath :)
mixon606 (2 months ago)
I played some of it on a emulator and it’s alright
PrimeTimeJprime (2 months ago)
mixon606 k
Felix Gijón (2 months ago)
Finally! One of the many Wii U games I've been wanting to play. So glad it is now available on a better platform.
Seantheman (2 months ago)
I got it on my Wii U years ago and never really looked at it
Happy Face (2 months ago)
When your toad and you see Mario eating a shrooms "StoP eatInG mAh chiLdreN
Callinater (2 months ago)
Except toad himself eats shrooms
Tom Svensson (2 months ago)
Happy Face (2 months ago)
Silver Snake I act like one
Silver Snake (2 months ago)
Happy Face wow you are a idiot
Cindy Rademaekers (2 months ago)
I preordered it from Amazon. Got it for $32
LordJack225 Pig (2 months ago)
BallBoy thank you
BallBoy (2 months ago)
Steven Umana His first comment wasn't definitively trolly, and even if it was, ignore him XD. Not complicated
Steven Umana (2 months ago)
Of course you weren't....
LordJack225 Pig (2 months ago)
Steven Umana I wasn’t the troll! I asked “wat” and you started with “I’ll break it down, guess it was too complicated for you” that was rude and unnecessary
Steven Umana (2 months ago)
Yea, that's what happens when people tend to troll you, why should I be nice to a troll?
Allan Freedman (2 months ago)
I never had a wii U so I was keen to get this. And then I played the 3 level demo... I can't see the full game of 40 (?) levels taking more than 2 hours making it a pretty costly experience. Maybe for indie prices I could justify it...
It actually has 70. Well... 68. Well... 72 including the odyssey levels.
Crafty Masters (2 months ago)
Allan Freedman it's 79 levels in the original
recorder-ometer (2 months ago)
I really suggest you get the game 40 levels will be a lot later on hahaa
Maxoxpower (2 months ago)
yeah i played the game on wiiu LOVED IT.. tried the demo for fun and hated it...that demo for this game was CRAP as **** but the full game is awesome
Will Tucker (2 months ago)
Allan Freedman quite challenging as in a few hours and google searches if you want 100%
Foodz (2 months ago)
Ok Nintendo, where’s my super mario 3D world port?
Inventory Full Studios (2 months ago)
Callinater I think it's a joke in this discussion by now.
Callinater (2 months ago)
Nintendo Thumb are you insane? Everyone of those games except maybe sunshine is better than 3d world
OggyisCool (2 months ago)
I want it because my original wii u copy got destroyed and my nieces miss playing multiplayer with me on it
Inventory Full Studios (2 months ago)
Squidwood it may be your favorite, but it has its isssues. The big one is that it doesn't have a theme like sunshine and galaxy before it. If it did, it would be a much more creative game. And the reason 3d land on the 3ds existed was so the 3ds could have a 3d mario. Obviously it was linear because of how underpowered it was. Now look at the 3d world, which is running on much better hardware, but is still just as linear with better graphics and more levels. If the N64, GameCube, and Wii can hold a 3d open mario, so can the Wii U. And fortnite becomes much better when you become better at it.
The Frozen Toco (2 months ago)
Fortnite is CANCER. Gotta love that username.
Oskar (2 months ago)
I need help how big chanse is it that the switch Will get bend?
Hispanic Baljeet (2 months ago)
Oskar If it bends, you can buy a new panel on amazin and replace it yourself. Send it to nintendo if the battery inflated thiugh.
Oskar (2 months ago)
Ben Challis I have a switch
Ben Challis (2 months ago)
Oskar have you got a switch or looking at one?
Fortnite is CANCER (2 months ago)
Oskar It's a hit or miss.
Oskar (2 months ago)
Ben Challis ok thank you 👍
spuddie200 (2 months ago)
Looks great! Definitely gonna get this one!
immatoll (2 months ago)
There are still a lot of games that are more worth it a port. But Captain Toad is still fine.
Deadpoal the Mop (2 months ago)
TheLonelyGoomba, 3D World would be good if they fixed some things like the run, attack, and throw buttons. And maybe some level design because it’s not the best for multiplayer.
TheLonelyGoomba (2 months ago)
Captain Toad was one of the best WIi U games imo. Can't think of anything else more worthy of a port. A lot of games like W101 and Starfox would probably be better of with just a sequel.
k k Caleb gaming 1364 (2 months ago)
Yeah I'm buying
Tom Svensson (2 months ago)
k k Caleb gaming 1364 Me too I loved the Demo
Vesmir NG-3 (2 months ago)
I already like the video_ Alex. Good job!
Mike Katy (2 months ago)
How do you have it already
Mike Katy (2 months ago)
Weeaboo Destroyer fuck off
Weeaboo Destroyer (2 months ago)
how old are you?
Mike Katy (2 months ago)
Iggy30874 alpharead never makes reviews
Iggy30874 (2 months ago)
Mike Katy - I'm assuming this reviewing channel is a second channel? Anyway, they only send the review copies to big game reviewers, such as IGN, Nintendo Life, and gaming channels such as Arlo or Alpharad.
Mike Katy (2 months ago)
Iggy30874 I have a channel who makes reviews on Nintendo games why didn’t I get a copy
Minimg (2 months ago)
NOAM NAIM (2 months ago)
This is a great game!!!!

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