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Jeff Kaplan Responds to IGN's Overwatch Comments

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IGN has one of the most active comments sections on the Internet. We showed Jeff some of our favourites. Jeff Kaplan Critiques IGN's Overwatch Team https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xH_05Jv8D8Y Overwatch: 15 Minutes of Uprising Story Gameplay at 1080p 60fps https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3FZJOpFgK0w Overwatch Uprising Seasonal Event Announcement Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DeHv3NBvhh8 What's Next for the Overwatch World Cup - IGN's Esports Stories: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dCxsvBCyc-0 Overwatch, Spider-Pool and More WonderCon 2017 Cosplay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JAdTSabe_Qk Watch more trailers here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nTCNKkFJSNU&list=PLraFbwCoisJAvwhU-EjfZNFqj5jlAk8hk&index=1 ------------------------------­---- Follow IGN for more! ------------------------------­---- IGN OFFICIAL APP: http://www.ign.com/mobile FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/ign TWITTER: https://twitter.com/ign INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/igndotcom/?hl=en WEBSITE: http://www.ign.com/ GOOGLE+: https://plus.google.com/+IGN
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IGN (1 year ago)
Hey everyone, Here's another video we made with Jeff. We've got one more, but needs more work. Kaplan was a good sport going through these comments – a lot of people wouldn't  – and some of his answers are really funny. Hope you enjoy the video! - Krupa
Angela Ziegler (4 days ago)
I have a question; does jeff play on console or PC?
Tea-Rexx (7 days ago)
that's funny winston can't climb walls but shows it in a cinematic
Jon Turner (20 days ago)
I personally think that getting rid of all male characters isn't the best idea yet but I think we should get rid of certain male characters from the voice of us gamers 😀😇
SoulzReaped (21 days ago)
IGN no make characters wtf
Cyro Overwatch (10 hours ago)
Titan X (21 hours ago)
Jeffers laugh and smile priceless
kadin reyrat (1 day ago)
geoff <3
Matthew Carpio (1 day ago)
NO DON'T TAKE MY JUNKY AWAY can you at least keep junkrat and genji what will happen to my hard earned comp points on golden guns!!!!?
Madds Margy (1 day ago)
Caitlin Foster (2 days ago)
I feel like Winston wouldn’t want to climb walls even if he could because he doesn’t like feeding into the gorilla stereotypes. “No, I do not want a banana.”
MysterioBerlin (2 days ago)
4:40 yeah way too many women
Brooklynn Rivas (2 days ago)
Broken and Overpowered a compliment ?😂
John Newman (2 days ago)
Hey Jeff, are you going to replace Orisa's golden armour ability with the awesome energy blade? After seeing the Reinhardt short, I think you should take this into consideration
XmoXsu (2 days ago)
Vine World (2 days ago)
Jeff is actually funny!
Nicholas Murrietta (2 days ago)
??? I beg the differ this was not insightful!
outlier 07 (3 days ago)
5:25 destroyed
Aqua Adib (3 days ago)
Plss don't remove all male hero 😭
Guilherme Viana (3 days ago)
I love Jeff's sarcasm
Meme Heckerman (3 days ago)
4:56 kinda sexist but ok
Andy Lau (4 days ago)
Can Overwatch be free to play online??? I'm desperate cuz my cd of it hasn't been used in months and it might not work anymore:(
The Dank USSR Hunter (5 days ago)
but i like male character :(
The Dank USSR Hunter (5 days ago)
seeing the thumbnail me:but because everyone OP no one is OP
Rayhan the Oval man (5 days ago)
Why everyone hate bastion . BASTION IS THE BEST OMIC!!!
Braulio Morales (5 days ago)
Make a talon tank
Hero Stigmatize (5 days ago)
whats broken is ripping symmetra away from people who play her and replacing her with zarya 2
Saber (5 days ago)
Frog and Toad "There's 25 million players but not a single one is on the damn payload."
Abyss • (5 days ago)
Torb is actually a girl, so dont delete him.
Furious Figures (5 days ago)
Buff genius ult
Michael Hardy (6 days ago)
i love basteon
Tim De Rooij (6 days ago)
Response to Winston is the best
Luke Porowski (6 days ago)
Remove brigitte
Luke Porowski (6 days ago)
Remove brigitte
Luke Porowski (6 days ago)
Remove brigitte
Caleb Fleck (6 days ago)
Jeff, romove junkrat, roadhog, soldier 76, mcree, or torbjorn I will unistall the game
CD player (7 days ago)
We need a short film for Moira and more maps like the following Sweden and Ireland
Hasy Hasy (7 days ago)
*Hi its Jeff from the overwtach team*
KillerPotatoZ (7 days ago)
Elias Trexler (7 days ago)
rubyisalive (7 days ago)
I watch this again so I can feel like overwatch has a chance to be fun again but when he says he takes broken as a compliment I change my mind
Materia Hunter (3 days ago)
He literally explains how jaded the term brokrn has become. You fuckin weab.
rubyisalive (7 days ago)
But also him trying to take this seriously is kinda funny
Gianni Pogue (7 days ago)
Notice how he doesnt take any comments seriously even if it is something that needs to be fixed
DRAGON BREATH (7 days ago)
4:37 if very one is over powered dosient that make it balanced
Homer Chu (8 days ago)
Tbh all the characters are broken and overpowered
Diloraprex (8 days ago)
Plz don't take the boys out PLZ JEFF
Coltrc07 (8 days ago)
NO THE MALES XD The males are still ok make female skins so you can be a girl hanzo or a boy hanzo.
Coltrc07 (8 days ago)
NightLock (8 days ago)
Where's the "Inactivity Kick is broken" comment?
captianguldan (9 days ago)
What a shitty comment section
Legion Legacy (9 days ago)
I wonder how are they gonna deal with Diablo Immortal. Deleting comments and dislikes and also refreshing to dislikes? Yeah that's what happen
luis sama (9 days ago)
Im just blown away that they still use the original iPad .. way to go ign
FracturedGaming (9 days ago)
"all the characters are broken and overpowered" <-- best comment in the video. :)
Jelo (9 days ago)
Now "Epic Games (or just one of workers) Responds to IGN's Fortnite Comments" lol
3.5 mil people watched this I bet their all sombra mains besides me
HeroXbrine (10 days ago)
But everyone here knows that Overwatch is 10 times better than Fartnite
Even Aarek (10 days ago)
At the beginning, it was hard to tell whether he was serious, but now i see he was meming the entire time xD
Gino Cheng (10 days ago)
"Buff the rest of the world" in other words Git gud
DanaDoodles (10 days ago)
This is why I like jeff. he gets too much hate lol also "every gorilla is a unique individual"
revey 003 (10 days ago)
No more male characters, CONFIRMED!
Hana Song (10 days ago)
Alejandro Arean (10 days ago)
I want daddy Kaplan to be my actual father.
Emerald Storm (10 days ago)
Is bastion a boy or a girl?
guinea pig lover (10 days ago)
What is your opinion on Paladins
Supermushroom 12 (11 days ago)
“I have bought at least 3 copies of the game” JEFF HAS SMURFS
Brohemoth (10 days ago)
Supermushroom 12 Per the TOS each and every player is explicitly allowed up to eight accounts. Fun fact.
sk3lt0 (11 days ago)
dont remove males!
Barbara Guedes (11 days ago)
É pra isso que aprendo inglês
gоsu Ausтiи (11 days ago)
What about deleting Blizzard
XxNinja_ REKERX (11 days ago)
It's all the characters are broken then technically none of the characters are broken since they are all ballenced in being broken.
Ursus Jr. (11 days ago)
He is so serious
Kymira Stockstill (11 days ago)
What?!?!? Wait! Wait!..... Wait, so what I'm hearing is that they are taking all the male characters off the game and replacing them with females??? Or I'm catching this wrong?????
Trattköpings Mejeri (12 days ago)
0:00 He is so cute
Drachigo Glibber (12 days ago)
How are people raging about Bastion?
Mr.Hippo (12 days ago)
remove all males that better be a joke or else thats SEXIST
Bilkis Habid (12 days ago)
I have so say Jeff is very comical
T-800 (12 days ago)
Now I understand why devs never responds to comments if most of them are like this.
Knuckles Uganda_ (12 days ago)
I like cake boy (12 days ago)
So if Jeff removes all the boys would he be sexist?
TKD Chimchar (12 days ago)
Tristan Greene (12 days ago)
4:57 Feminism76
Senór Killah Qween (12 days ago)
Especially you, SHANGAI
Start'n'Play (13 days ago)
Jeff looks like Steve Jobs while holding the ipad
Fabian Furutorp (13 days ago)
I world like a map in Sweden because there is Torbjörn and Bridget so it would be fun to have a map in Sweden
Yessenia Gonzalez (15 days ago)
So toxic
SuperLeoGaming354 (15 days ago)
Why Overwatch is Overwatch?
SuperLeoGaming354 (15 days ago)
Why Zenyatta can fly? He has propellers underneath his pants?
Uncommon Antics (15 days ago)
4:00 but Winston climbs walls in the shorts
59Mrflow (16 days ago)
i love his sarcasm XD
CanTheWizard (16 days ago)
Dont remove males from game ı am maining bastion
Master X (16 days ago)
Well played bilzzard We will get back to you
mike hunt (16 days ago)
Can u jeff buff sombra
Sushi Rice (17 days ago)
If they remove torb how will Bridgette exist
Daft Baguette (17 days ago)
Buff me jeff pls
SeekNDestroy 07 (17 days ago)
Lisa Martinez (18 days ago)
I saw this video a long time ago
Osiel Grimaldo (18 days ago)
Can we get female genji then and Hanzo you know don’t get rid of them make them female let them be sisters like if you agree
Flame_ (18 days ago)
If they remove genji I’ll actually quit this game
Sal F (18 days ago)
Don’t take out male characters pls papa jeff
Masked Monster26 (18 days ago)
Make a movie overwatch
Deadmemes27 (19 days ago)
Spino raptor650 (19 days ago)
I have been trying to buy overwatch for over a month, but can't get past the phone number spot
Yurie Vu (19 days ago)
We need more Omic characters tbh
vamp (19 days ago)
Don't remove the mails it will ruin the entire game forever leave it as it is it is a really nice game
Taco King55 (19 days ago)
Dont remove genji pls

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