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Android Top Store Games free for tablet and phone (Games 2013)

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SantaDroid's blog (where more gifts awayt opening): http://droidsanta.blogspot.ro ** UPDATE: Three new pages have been aded to the blog, containing the first 3 pages of the TOP PAID market section. Over 70 games and apps have been added for FREE download. Enter and enjoy! http://droidsanta.blogspot.ro/ ** Hello everybody. I am Santa Droid and from now on it's X-mas every day. I am sorry for the bad editing but I'm new to video editing. Here you have the trailers of only a few of the top paid android games from 13 May 2013. Bellow I will provide a link to my blog where you will have acces to more top paid games at no price. If you like this video (or the idea) or even if you don't but you like free games, please show your support for the channel and blog and I will provide more free games for you. Thank you! Like and share for support :D. Also nice comments will be appreciated :D
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Text Comments (23)
Magicka (4 years ago)
santa = satan
ANSHUL KUMAR (4 years ago)
ANSHUL KUMAR (4 years ago)
I knew all these
ANSHUL KUMAR (4 years ago)
TobasFrisk (4 years ago)
lol oz is not free -_-
Frost Sword (4 years ago)
SantaDroid (5 years ago)
The blog encountered some problems and 'cuz of my full scheduel I didn't had time to repair it. Now i'm free and in a day or two it should be running perfectly with all games FREE
JAKES tower (5 years ago)
worms in NOT free >:(
Space Banana (5 years ago)
make a part 2
SUMIT SINGH (5 years ago)
very nice games thanks.
Aidan Snikers (5 years ago)
liked liked liked
WishATM1 (5 years ago)
ShaTTEditor (5 years ago)
thumbs up all the way
trilexar (5 years ago)
how did you make this vid?!!!!!
Peneman82 (5 years ago)
Gaetano De Cocker (5 years ago)
more videos please!!!
picsája anyád (5 years ago)
make more vids like this. i love it
Michal Kot (5 years ago)
i showed this video to my friend
Reardan (5 years ago)
subbed and liked! This was a great vid!!!!
Pavel Zhegov (5 years ago)
this is great!!!!!!
✖SLUDGE✖ (5 years ago)
amazing video!!!!!
CEO (5 years ago)
loove it
SantaDroid (5 years ago)

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