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7 GREAT 2017 PS4 HORROR Games WORTH Your Money (Playstation 4 Horror Games 2017)

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Text Comments (52)
Yan Aram (28 days ago)
Wtf? List is so bad, the games at the beginning was for babies.
Zainab ali (1 month ago)
I have played all three of the Outlast games for me Outlast was amazing the first one the secound and whistleblower is more based off survival and the thing with the secound one is that it is more tragic and sad than scary
Steve Frye (1 month ago)
UniqezHD UMT (2 months ago)
Really hope there will be a outlast 3😍
Karazu X (4 months ago)
I regretted not getting TEW2 on sale for SGD11.30 :(
Karazu X (4 months ago)
We need Fatal Frame Remake
- WRSMITH - (6 months ago)
I prefer outlast 1 and whistleblower over outlast 2 but it does have amazing graphics
Gemini (8 months ago)
2018 and still no Silent Hill on ps4 pro wth is going on here?
Spiderman (3 months ago)
Gemini silent hill is dead
Alis Prospero (8 months ago)
The narrators English and putting on an American accent?
Rylan Knoble (8 months ago)
You suck
ShotFlicKO //SFKO (8 months ago)
Outlast 2 or re7 or ev2?
Yuvraj Sahay (2 months ago)
Outlast 2
Sharp x Shooter (2 months ago)
Outlast 2
Mesh Meshi (8 months ago)
Fatal Frame series and Silent Hill series are actual HORROR games... Not these...
Raven Noir (3 months ago)
I agree with you, Fatal Frame and Silent Hill are amazing. New horror games are okay...but they lack what the originals had which is a decent story and atmosphere.
Papaw Taters (4 months ago)
Mesh Meshi okay grandpa
i didn't find detention on psstore?????????
KuriousCZ (3 months ago)
its there fro 10 bucks
Chris Dolmeth (9 months ago)
Are you shitting me? You're telling me whilst playing Midnight Shadows or Detention, you were scared? Geeeeet the fuck outta here. That art style couldn't scare anyone. Little Nightmares just looks like another Limbo type of game, not scary. Evil Within 2 was absolute garbage compared to the first game. I need survival horror games akin to Silent Hill, not any of the shit listed above.
Jay Gonzalez (10 months ago)
RE7 or outlast 2? Dead by dead light on console which one?
THE-machinist (8 months ago)
play the whole outlast series. its fucking awesome
Hessey (10 months ago)
I played and finished Outlast 2 on release... as an horror game, it was just mediocre
Scabloonshki (6 months ago)
OK, I literally just explained the story to you, it makes sense, it just wasn't your cup of tea, it's a given that many of these more outlandish stories will have people that don't like them because it requires a bit more attentiveness compared to your average viewer. You claimed there were so many things wrong with my comment yet you didn't bother to actually explain where I am wrong. What did I do? I think I made good points in that comment, tell me where I am wrong. I am doing this because I feel that criticism towards the game has been misguided to a degree, and I am making these arguments so that people like you can at least come to an understanding as to why I and others liked the game. Also, I wouldn't call your opinion the majority, I would say it's fifty-fifty the fanbase for the game is pretty muh split in half
Hessey (6 months ago)
Scabloonshki I find so many wrong things in that comment and I hated the story on this game cause it didn't make any sense, but at the end of the day, if you like the game, that's great, man. If you personally like it, unlike most of the people who played it, that's better for you. I had a bad time when you had a good one. That's a win for you right there. You don't need to lose your time defending this game going againts the popular opinion that it is nothing like the first game. When I say "negative" things about a game in public it is because I could spend my mokey and time in another better game and I didn't, so I want to make people know that. There's nothing else behind it. Really, if you like this game don't let anyone convince you that this is a bad game. If you like it, it is a good one. Keep that in mind and have fun with gaming
Hessey (6 months ago)
Scabloonshki Let's not talk about story or the actually good parts you rarely find during gameplay, like the school. Most of the time the game is way more annoying than fun, and on top of that, the ending is shitty as hell. This game is about running sections over and over again. If you think that the first game is the same thing or this game did so much more story wise than Outlast 1... I don't know. You either don't remember the game or you didn't complete it, cause it is a much better horror game than the second one. I completed the second game on release, so I don't know anything about it's current state. I wouldn't know if something is different or not. On release it was a buggy mess. The AI was terrible and the hard mode was unfair as hell. It doesn't matter if an enemy is seeing you or you're visible or not, he'll know you're there
Scabloonshki (6 months ago)
Hessey I don’t know, I thought Outlast II was pretty great. It did so much more than the first. I mean, if your willing to think about it and keep in mind that the game is an exploration on how the radio waves are effecting people, you can get A LOT out of the story. That’s the main reason why most people either think it’s a masterpiece or shit. I also don’t understand why gore is looked down upon in this game, isn’t an intense feeling of disgust in the definition of horror? And again the story in both the first and second do give explanations as to why people are killing each other in horrible horrible ways, I don’t think it was just shoved in there for the sake of it.
Archie Johnston (10 months ago)
Investigate which sort phvsq everything wife allegation trail marketing labor too.
Rahul Vinod (10 months ago)
You forgot mass effect andromeda. With those head spinning, eyes popping, body parts dismembering glitches, that game will scare the hell out of you more than actual horror games ever could.
Rodrigo Leonhardt Schade (10 months ago)
I love your lists and want a new horror game to play, thanks for the help.
SerinCloudeye (10 months ago)
Aren't basically all of these cross platform? No offence but isnt it kind of pointless to make a list like this?
Robin Hack (10 months ago)
Yes Resident was def one of the greater horror games I have ever played. Little Nightmares had a weird creepy vibe. All the rest didn't interest me that much and based on the comments in the video I was right :P
Tom Cabler (10 months ago)
Love the evil within 2 and getting the ps4 gold edition for resident evil 7 biohazard edition Thursday payday!
Joshua N (10 months ago)
Sir Galahad (10 months ago)
*#GameCross** 10 PSVR Horror Games That Are Worth Your Money*
Sir Galahad (10 months ago)
*vinom lol - fuck the rest, PlayStation all the way*
vinom lol (10 months ago)
Sir Galahad I see people saying I wish i had ps4. i wanna say why don't u sell ur brick and buy ps4 pro oh wait the brick will worth 1 dollar.
Sir Galahad (10 months ago)
*vinom lol - xD*
vinom lol (10 months ago)
Sir Galahad I wanna see the comparison between Xbox one x and PS4 pro oh wait it’s only on PS4 LOL
mardiov (10 months ago)
Don't forget Battlefront 2. Scare the money right off your credit card with those microtransactions.
adnan rafiqui (10 months ago)
you are absolutely right, all the jump scares from microtransactions to the voices telling you to gamble for loot box. Whats even scarier is that monster called Glitch which disrupts your game and ruins the fun. Overall I give it a EA out of 10.
Kyle Dawson (10 months ago)
Thumbnail image? What game is that from?
mardiov (10 months ago)
Kyle Dawson i think it's the first outlast
The Vault Brotherhood (10 months ago)
Xbox fan
Sir Galahad (10 months ago)
*-The vault Brotherhood-** no one cares*
Deco (10 months ago)
How long is observer ?
Israel Gasca (10 months ago)
Gila Force (10 months ago)
Somewhere in between 1 and 1000. XD
Robin Flipper (10 months ago)
jaswinder kaur (10 months ago)
Yes finally first

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