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8 Most Terrifying Video Game Enemies (And What They Represent)

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Text Comments (717)
Fern McGourty (1 hour ago)
Nier Automata! Great game <3
Burns My Britches (10 hours ago)
I only watch these vids when I have my cock in this host's mothers mouth. Only way I can get excited watching his videos
Maverick B (18 hours ago)
The Flood from Halo
Danielle Dukes (19 hours ago)
You sleep...what about the Silent Hill monsters?
Satyam Barnwal (1 day ago)
The locker head was more terrifying for me in evil within
Selma Mert (2 days ago)
ok but where is kim k
Nisha M (2 days ago)
Despite the cool backstory, the way they utilized Laura was just too annoying for me to really be afraid of her. She was just an obnoxious way to delay the main character a lot of the time. So after the first couple times you run into her, I just was annoyed.
visionar y (6 days ago)
When i was a kid i got resident evil for the ps1 not only were the gaming mechanics and controls a horror i shot myself when i saw the first enemy.
Junior Antunes (6 days ago)
What about Gluskin from the Outlast DLC Whistleblower? The first time i played the dlc he disturbed me a lot.
IvanLoss (8 days ago)
So that's what they were called in Halo... This is legitimately the first time I find about this... I'm 23 and my friend and I when we were kids referred to "The Flood" in Halo as the onions...lol
Djthegamer988 (8 days ago)
If you're honestly terrified of anything from The Binding of Isaac, you need to get out more.
Sean Smith (9 days ago)
From a psychological point - I think Sophia Lamb from Bioshock2, probably has to be one of THE most terrifying villains in gaming history.
J Smitherz (11 days ago)
Beauvoir is so ominous and beautiful. One of my own favorite bosses of all time
Simon Hobden (11 days ago)
Lisa Trevor - Resident Evil Wendigo's - Until Dawn. Fetus baby! - PT (not an enemy but we would all kill it on sight!) Everything - Dead Space! Pyramid Head - Silent Hill Just a few that could have made the list!
Brandon Taylor (15 days ago)
Evil Otto from Berzerk. Not sure what in the holy hell HE was supposed to represent (fear itself, perhaps?) but when you realized you couldn't kill the bastard, he quickly became scary as F***.
TwojaStaraIFrytki (15 days ago)
Splicers in Bioshock series, normal people turned mindless psychos because of their greed, pride and insecurities
Nick Rudakijevic (18 days ago)
Where is SH4 Twin Victims omg ????
MattyP 1540 (19 days ago)
The headcrab zombies from HalfLife. Hearing the muffled wail of the trapped host through the body of the giant thanksgiving turkey that’s “coupled” with their head and disintegrated/deformed their bodies, keeping them alive, conscious and suffering in sewer water until you spin a giant table saw through their torso with a gravity gun. And don’t get me started on the giant poisoned headcrab zombies, breathing behind a doorway, waiting to lob one of those creepy AF spider crabs at you while your clips run dry. Also deadspace’s necromorphs. They have a tough go of things as well :(
T Timeler (19 days ago)
Yes@ #1!! Laura is so sexy
Neil Mukhopadhyay (22 days ago)
That was...cheerfull...
Funkyfuck90 (23 days ago)
Pyramid head scared the crap outta me when I was 9. I remember I didn't touch the game for two weeks until I got my brother to sit with me
eren ertuğrul (23 days ago)
Photoshop flowey from undertale. Both annoying and scary at the same time.
HAL JORDAN (25 days ago)
1.Songbird Bioshock Infinite it represents downfall and terror 2.Lamp lady Evil within represents that you can't escape danger.3Chris Walker Outlast represents that you stuck and can't find a way out of trouble.4.Butcher Dead island represents viciousness and brutality.5Necromorphs dead space any of them will do.
IvyleagueCutie89 (25 days ago)
NIER Automata boss isn't terrifying at all.
Riki Adams (26 days ago)
Screw Laura, every damn time she was there it was panic mode..only one thing worse and that was the safe head..ug..so much hate
Dear One (28 days ago)
Outlast? Alien Isolation? Resident Evil? This list is stupid!
Deangelo White (28 days ago)
To me the girl from evil with within 2 more Scarier then laura
Daniel Lindqvist (29 days ago)
Government look fun pftpek tune fly aim really.
Michael Dychiao (1 month ago)
Anyone know the title of the song playing in the background?
The Overboss (1 month ago)
The splicers from bioshock scared the hell out of me as a child
ScarletKnight (1 month ago)
way to point out the obvious, but I guess people are quite retarded if they can't get the simple narrative a game is trying to give
Ivan Kovacevic (1 month ago)
Reapers arent that terrifying...Banshees are waaaaaay more with their shriek and how ugly they look also they can teleport....they gave massive creeps
Zane Isaac (1 month ago)
No dead space or silent hill? I'm disappointed.
Aoi Yuki (1 month ago)
The first six aren't scary. They aren't scary at all!!! You casual.
Timothy Trevino (1 month ago)
Number one is pyramid head haven't watched it yet I just know because he always is number one on everyone's list
Timothy Trevino (1 month ago)
Nevermind you earned a subscriber
Brandon (1 month ago)
Almost any boss from Dante's Inferno belong on this list. razor blade babies coming out of a giant demon's nipples? c'mon.
HopOnTheHype (1 month ago)
The Evil Within had great gameplay and atmosphere, the best modern survival horror game alongside resi 7.
Michael Jennings (1 month ago)
Pyramid head.
Horror Hrvatska (1 month ago)
Is that Anima on thumnbail?
Juan Miguel Fernandez (1 month ago)
....the way he says "Automata". its like the whole Aluminum thing all over again.
vorsharkar (1 month ago)
Beauvoir, Simone, really ? Like Simone de Beauvoir, the major french author about feminism ... Videogames creators are such douchebags sometimes !
Jalohauki (1 month ago)
Some facts got little confused; the baby with a chainsaw in Catherine is actually sixth boss and represents fear of Vincent that the baby Katherine is carrying might not be his but someone's else (since he thought she was cheating him). But the facts were true about third boss, the Baby, though footage and script talked about the second grudly upgraded baby.
Ch50304 (1 month ago)
Laura was amazing, just loved her design.
Where are at least one enemy from the Silent Hill or the Siren games? Those games have some scary-ass-shit enemies.
DJMcwell (1 month ago)
That's why chris redfield is a superhero
Meg Lucy2005 (1 month ago)
My god there’s 666 comments 😱
Mariam Pakbaz (1 month ago)
Broodmother from Dragon Age Origins shook me way back i 2009
Monsuco (1 month ago)
What do Bioshock Infinite's boys of silence represent?
Tracer Scythe (1 month ago)
Ghost Sai from Fatal Frame II: The Crimson Butterfly, or the twin ghosts that constantly ask "Why do you Kill?". Japanese Psychological Horror at its prime!
Vortrus Official (1 month ago)
Finally, someone NOT butchering the Japanese names! Thank YOU!
Mala Tura (1 month ago)
muh symbolism
Mala Tura (1 month ago)
8 Most Weeb Terrifying Video Game Enemies (And What They Represent)
Shane Starrette (1 month ago)
Collectors from gears of war four
Zanyotaku (1 month ago)
I sEE a SINGLE NIER CLIP I LIKE THE VIDEO!!! NIER AUTOMATAAAAAA I’m simple and pathetic Also you get a point for Catherine, that also needs more love
Soulless Being (1 month ago)
No Alice: Madness Returns? I'm surprised. Every enemy there is a representation of Alice's guilt and how her mind is slowly being corrupted by Doctor Bumby. They are purely terrifying.
Eric Rich (2 months ago)
Wow about three quarters of these were not scary and were a let down. Also seemed to nonchalantly insert your own atheist beliefs in there good for you.
Mohammed Ali (2 months ago)
kurokuyo (2 months ago)
Am I beautiful? I must become beautiful
menno Wolters (2 months ago)
simone <3
GrahamChapman (2 months ago)
Flowey the Flower... and what makes him scary is what he represents in regards to us, video game players...
Rick W (2 months ago)
Goomba from Super Mario Bros.
Charles Sami Amyouni (2 months ago)
When I was still young and played Gears of War 1 for the first time, the moment I encountered the Berserker for the first time made me piss my pants.
Isaac Russel (2 months ago)
I see this video entitled "8 Arts in Video Game"
Zombitious (2 months ago)
The ghosts of Silent Hill 4.
Meg A. (2 months ago)
i havent fully watched the vid but i K N OW one of these is from bloodborne edit: I was Wrong
warplink (2 months ago)
Scariest boss: Emerald Weapon What represents: Me shitting my pants everytime i turned the submarine and she was behind me
Lucas Mateus (2 months ago)
the girl in fear, the witch in left 4 dead 1, the husk in mass effect, the chainsaw guy in resident evil 6, the tank in left 4 dead, the final boss on quake 4,the Rex in dinocrisis, rachael in resident evil revelations 1
Inndianna Meredith (2 months ago)
The part where she’s holding up a coat hanger after talking about abortion.. is just fucked. Y’all fucking weird
Trace Antonacci (2 months ago)
Lisa Silent Hills PT
Hayden Nilmeier (2 months ago)
Laura reminds me of the grudge
Catherine is so underrated
Mike Warnke (2 months ago)
Alex Bennett (2 months ago)
VaatiVidya has everything you need to know about the backstory and symbolism of every Dark Souls NPC/enemy/boss. Go check out his channel
Insperity (2 months ago)
Idk about you guys but King K. in Donkey Kong 64 and that creepy ass laugh always gave me the jitters.
magnum567134 (2 months ago)
The Suffering had some GREAT creature designs, each based on a method of execution. The game kind of went under the radar, though
France Magadia (2 months ago)
you don't call them gatherers; you call them BROS
Najmah Chant (2 months ago)
WorldWearyAngel (2 months ago)
how is the girl from FEAR not on this list? I mean the dead baby gets in but not her? FEAR was legit!
will gill (2 months ago)
where are th flood from halo?! They are the real most terrifying threat to the universe. just go into the lore behind them with all the pain the flood forms have to go through and the full extent of their power. Especially that of the Gravemind.
TheMedievalWolf (2 months ago)
What system did you find the footage of the baby in Catherine? I've played that game on the PS3 and the baby is just a zombie baby with no weapons.
Justin (3 months ago)
Sly coopers clockwork scared me to death.
Waspling (3 months ago)
yo chain me to that radiator
LA amra Diva (3 months ago)
all silents hell enemies
Rassenomatjutut (3 months ago)
Monter Ock from Spiderman 2001.
Baron Zemo (3 months ago)
I hate when “Amnesia” is brought up. Everything about it says it should be a solid game that I’d like, but I started playing and got lost before even getting to any monsters. Anytime I go back to it, it’s going around in some sorta circle, entering doors I don’t remember, but then getting in and say, “ahh shit, not this room again”. This leaves me feeling extremely stupid (call me it all ya want) and unbelievably frustrated.
Arty The Gentleman (3 months ago)
Where are the ReDeads from Zelda
Wiseguy (3 months ago)
Nemesis in Resident evil 3
r1ckoProductions (3 months ago)
You forgot the mutants from S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and Metro Bloodsucker, controller and pseudogiants are terrifying.. hell even the dogs are enough to make you piss yourself
ZërBosS (3 months ago)
Where is Regenerador? That thing scareeeed a shit out of me,still having a nightmares of his SOUNDS
Jon A. (3 months ago)
How could you forget bowser!? he's clearly a manifestation of mario's serial killer-esque desire to abduct women, Mario kind of fits the profile IMO. Single white male, foreigner, works a trade, travels a lot, but is otherwise uneducated, has trouble with communication, has aggressive tendencies, a history heavy drug abuse and cruelty to animals, He owns a large reptile that eats... *anything*. I was joking at first, but now i genuinely think Mario is a potential serial killer.... Peach might have a darn good reason *not* to go giving up that extra-special reward.
Parris Wilcox (3 months ago)
The Guardian in TEW2, scary af
Official ThreeGangRoshii (3 months ago)
Alma From The F.e.a.r series always scared tf out of me😭
Hikari Kitara (3 months ago)
Not gonna lie The Berserkers from Gears of War scared the shit out of me.
neb519 (3 months ago)
The Evil Within wasn't scary. It had so much potential to be but it was a let down.
MUSICx4xFuel (3 months ago)
Laura and the gatherers were probably the only scary ones on that list to be honest. Ones I found scary: Iron maidens in RE4, those damn robots in the later 5 nights at Freddy's (especially the one game in the kids room), Slenders pretty messed up lookin, RE7 that bug lady when she transforms, some of the monsters from little nightmares
Joshua Cook (3 months ago)
Besides Mass Effect and The Evil Within, literally never even heard of any of those other games
Sr. Potato (3 months ago)
And I thought campers were scary
Reinhard Celis (3 months ago)
Sometimes The Cannibals in the game The Forest Always scares the shit out of me since they suddenly jump on you
JJokerMoreau (3 months ago)
I disagree with that tired old trope. "Fitting an ideal image of beauty that doesn't exist." The real sad and simple fact, is that there ARE people that fit the ideal image. People don't get upset because they can't look like video game characters. They get upset because there's a standard, that exists, that they cannot meet. Reality sucks, but there are ugly people in this world. Beauty isn't "in the eye of the beholder" entirely. Just as a good film will resonate with people. Good music will inspire people. Good food with satiate people. And good morals will have you praised.
họ tên (3 months ago)
Is it bad that I'm a bit turned on whenever i see laura ?

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