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Final Fantasy 15 Character Change Update Trailer

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Text Comments (69)
Martin elisha (10 months ago)
I'm pretty sure if you shot that thing with a bazooka it would be enough to kill it. These guys are badass and days go by as they try to kill a damn monster. all their guns and powers feels like tickles. But to Be Honest guys the fact they are supporting this game with patches and dlc years after its release and sales down. its unheard of. they must really Love their game. this game is vary loved and has a lot of support in japan, id say that is the backbone of the support.
Andy Fate (10 months ago)
Look at how long that battle is. From morning until night. Awww come on, I beat that in less than 2 mins spamming Noct, warp strike. Heh.
Mar (10 months ago)
as you couldnt tell the party members were at a low level.
Obed Blas (10 months ago)
This is cool but, where are the PC release date and spec's!?
james the awesome (10 months ago)
cant wait for the complete edition uhuhuhu im im gonna replay awesome game again
dialingdust (10 months ago)
All these complaints since launch and the only complaints that were reasonable was the cut down story and the map(s) and the inaccessible map areas.
dialingdust (10 months ago)
did this already happen.
whatcha howsya (10 months ago)
Can I do this from the start? If so, I might replay the game. Haven't touched it in so long.
dialingdust (10 months ago)
I played it but that was like 24 hrs before I saw this.
kael S (10 months ago)
im sure they will make ffvii remake combat like this too
dialingdust (10 months ago)
like I said hard to say i'm sure there's gonna be character swap everyone who's interested wants it. I'm sure even the trailer will change or tweaked a little by little over time or expanded beyond what's already shown.
kael S (10 months ago)
you mean like ff xiii? have you seen the short gameplay trailer of the ffvii remake? well, its almost look like a real time combat with switching characters, not sure before, but seeing this makes me think they say, "lets try if it works here". but of course i might be wrong.
dialingdust (10 months ago)
hard to say I would imagine they'd try to keep it as similar to the original as possible other than the real time fighting part. So safe to say you'll be able to switch between characters probably something similar to how FF: type zero.
Tselel Leb (10 months ago)
Men. too fucking late now.
Gilbert Arcega (10 months ago)
This game should have some kind of Gambit system like FF XII and should treat other character level up system like Noctis
kened Bernardo (10 months ago)
Bro ignis looks fivee
DevilGames (10 months ago)
Now that was fucking cool, can't wait and also hyped for episode Ignis and 100% the game for the final time..... finally 😂
dialingdust (10 months ago)
they didn't say anything about expanding the map to be fully explored. There's still huge portions of the game that can't be explored yet and hope that changes soon so can't be truly 100% yet.
Fantasy Explorer (10 months ago)
They knew this was an incomplete game and released it anyway. They didnt care about fans, they shouldve waited to release it and made the dlc cheap any story updates shouldve been there from the beginning. That is unacceptable for a ff game and ruins everything, this entire franchise has turned into a games as services buisness. Square is loaded with money they could have put some of this stuff in the game day one if they wanted to
Fantasy Explorer (10 months ago)
dialingdust what does that have to do with having to pay for dlc and an incomplete story. As a fans perspective its blasphemous
dialingdust (10 months ago)
Christ they already explained all this back when it was launched. They had a fixed launch date and were forced to release it 1-2 yrs early from their management. That's why we're getting all this before 2018. It's already been explained several times that this game's much smaller than it was supposed to be.
RayddenPrimeTV (10 months ago)
finally..so cool
Crazy Nugga (10 months ago)
battle system looks akward as f*ck, jezus...
Soracool123 (10 months ago)
Crazy Nugga That's why it's not coming out tomorrow buddy.
TrapOps (10 months ago)
HELL YEAH HYPE AF, and all yall complaining that it should've been there day one be quiet. They gave us a DLC for each character that leads up to this update. BE BLESSED YALL
dialingdust (10 months ago)
keep dreaming they'll just find something else to complain about. I'm just hoping they'll open up the main map to the places that can't be accessible and possibly the other map areas that couldn't be explored in late game. Also add a damn hard mode so there's a reason to do new game plus.
TheLegendOfNiko (10 months ago)
So glad that I'm waiting until next year to play this.
dialingdust (10 months ago)
That was good gamble on your end cause by then all the companion dlcs will be out.
Dmohamed Old Hunter (10 months ago)
This so cool I want to get it Back
Dmohamed Old Hunter (10 months ago)
To control ardin lunyfria I would buy this shit too
dialingdust (10 months ago)
I'd just wait till 2018 when all the companion dlcs are out along with the season pass for the 2018 installments. if they intend on a second season pass.
Donta Roberts (10 months ago)
Im so horny 😍 i could suck every last one of their cocks 💦💦💦❤
Jaden Washington (10 months ago)
Donta Roberts 0-0 it’s a trap , it’s a guy
Donta Roberts (10 months ago)
Ambitous Trailers n' more i would love that baby 😙
Ambitous Trailers n' more (10 months ago)
Donta Roberts how about you suck my dick😀😋
Ugly Toes (10 months ago)
To all the people complaining, the game was a story from Noctis' point of view no? Why would you be able to play as the other characters
Tselel Leb (10 months ago)
SupBitch Bc its a jrpg, bc there will be dlcs featuring his companions where you will use them so why cant you use them in the main game? Lastly, whats the point of them being there if you wont even have the option of using them or controlling them.
Minh Blo (10 months ago)
Zidane Mina tru
Zidane Mina (10 months ago)
SupBitch because JRPG
gangstalishis (10 months ago)
Isn't the combat just holding 1 button
Luis Roman (10 months ago)
gangstalishis same
gangstalishis (10 months ago)
Luis Roman I was hoping it was more hack n slash
dialingdust (10 months ago)
it's the same as their individual mechanics in there dlcs.
Luis Roman (10 months ago)
gangstalishis yeah I don't like it much myself would of preferred hack and slash or turn based
gangstalishis (10 months ago)
Soracool123 that's why on asking I never played this game but that's just what I've heard
Fluoresance Void (10 months ago)
All these people are ungrateful for free updates. Like they could have just not even done this. Damn.
Jesse ? (10 months ago)
Square should have waited a year to finish their game.
Cathal (10 months ago)
Fluoresance Void This game was an unfinished product, so yeah I would have rather waited
Fantasy Explorer (10 months ago)
Fluoresance Void yes they could have they spent money and resources making other games that fans dont really want. Its this whole dlc games as services thing companies want us to buy into, and they also advertised the shit out of this game, no excuses, this is a final fantasy game.
Fluoresance Void (10 months ago)
Except unless you wanted to wait till now to get it, they needed time to work on the system for other playable characters. So no they couldn't have.
Cathal (10 months ago)
Could have been in the fucking game from day 1
Yukouf (10 months ago)
They late, i beat the game since last year...
Echo Wavez (10 months ago)
LangerzCorner 1 (10 months ago)
fuckin sick
GM GAMEPLAY (10 months ago)
lmaooooo is this really a update smh so sad....we shouldve had this day 1
Kayvon (10 months ago)
If I remember correct, they did want to add this earlier in development, but they had already spent too long making the game and couldn't afford to have all of the separate animations that would be involved.
Omar13Z (10 months ago)
GM GAMEPLAY they wanted you to focus on Noctis. The story has friendship and loyalty mixed in but the main character is Noctis. If you arent engaged in the story enough to feel as if you're Noctis then you missed the point of only being able to control him. Yes it makes sense to be able to swap characters but that's the point of the command system. You controlled them to a certain degree. It would be too easy if you could swap and land ultimate attacks on enemies 4 times in a row just because you swapped. Clearly there's more to it than "lazy" development.
FoxAdventures (10 months ago)
they didnt do it before because they felt it was pointless. now with the episodes out, they have experienced various game mechanics in the game and DLCs and saw the reception, and now they're adding a cool new FREE feature. be fucking grateful for once maybe?
GoldenBear92 (10 months ago)
tS Tuquan this was in Versus XIII. So it's been an idea for years.
Soracool123 (10 months ago)
GM GAMEPLAY And are you seriously calling them lazy??? They made this game HUUGEEE, with all kinds of shit it and some of the best graphics in a video game to date, not mention like I already said prior. They were RUSHED.
Luke Taylor (10 months ago)
shouldve been there from the beginning
dialingdust (10 months ago)
should've but it was to solely focus on noctic.
OG Donny (10 months ago)
A little too late
dialingdust (10 months ago)
It's in now or being put in soon so try and enjoy. Also they're planning to keep on expanding the game throughout 2018 possibly till FF16 or something similar.

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