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BIG RPG Developer LEAVING PlayStation?! Sega LEAKS PS+ November 2018 Game?!

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GameCross (9 days ago)
Time Stamps- 01:20 - Obsidian Entertainment Being Bought by Microsoft? 03:46 - Yakuza Kiwami for November PS Plus Basically Confirmed 04:51 - RUSH VR Revealed for PSVR 06:08 - Bully 2 Casting Calls 07:25 - Tokyo Ghoul RE Call to Exist Trailer
Nathaniel Enochs lol.. funny.
Zoka J Z WTF.. PlayStation exclusives and mascots rules.
Nathaniel Enochs lol. paid brainwashed fanboy, enslavement hype or propaganda again.
GameCross basically ZZZZZZZZZ again.. whatever's .
Zoka J Z (9 days ago)
Ps4 has not so much good games and Xbox as well wtf just a shit
john askins (5 days ago)
I for one think Dynasty Warriors is a good way to go depending on the anime. I loved the Dynasty Warriors: Gundam games and feel those were the best Gundam games made. Also the Bleach game on ps4 was extremely fun and played like a Dynasty Warriors game.
Owen Mather (5 days ago)
anthony sweat (6 days ago)
The thing about Microsoft is they could end the console wars in a day..they could literally buy Sony and Nintendo and it would be like pocket change to them. They could buy the gaming industry so easily. They literally have infinite money.
Roy Middo (7 days ago)
I hate to say but Obsidian is a shadow of it's former self. I cant feel too upset about them being owned by Microsoft these days. Fallout New Vegas is one of my all-time-favorite games but their most recent title: pillars of eternity two- was mediocre.
Balnazzardi (7 days ago)
Well they can only improve can they? With much more resources from Microsoft they could return to their "former glory"...although without good writing team any RPG that would otherwise be great could suffer immensly from poor writing and in my understanding thats been the biggest problem in both Pillars of Eternity games when compared to something like Divinity: Original Sin games.....or Fallout New Vegas.
Michael Coffey (7 days ago)
Sucks to here about Obsidian as I have loved their games, but it is good for Obsidian I guess to get that money influx.
KingLeo2588 (7 days ago)
Wtf fuk xbox
Seni Wiiliams (7 days ago)
That headline though. Pure trolling.
demon masterX (8 days ago)
I want good ps plus game :v
crashpal (8 days ago)
*Won't Make A Difference When Obsidian's Best Game Was Fallout New Vegas And Bethesda Owns The ip*
Findyification (8 days ago)
Obsidian is not.ps dev they independent ....
Dylan Nguyen (8 days ago)
Does this mean Obsidian won't make games for PC or Nintendo too?
Balnazzardi (7 days ago)
Dylan Nguyen pretty much what Muhammad said there, since Obsidian would be Microsoft 1st party studio, their games would be available for Windows 10 and from its Windows Store only on PC.....so you would have to choose either that or Xbox if you want to play Obsidian's games in the future.
+Dylan Nguyen maybe no, because as far as i know it seem like every games that developed by Microsoft 1st party never go on steam, so different case with Quantum Break and Re Core
Dylan Nguyen (7 days ago)
+Muhammad Risaldi Eko Permana Obsidian for Steam?
+Dylan Nguyen NO, because they are with Microsoft now
Dylan Nguyen (7 days ago)
+Muhammad Risaldi Eko Permana Nintendo?
Brian Ogilby (8 days ago)
Obsidian (not big infact but an Indie studio) are not really leaving it just no longer having games that cross over to it now. But I play on PC as well as the Playstation (a multiplatform gamer like most) and Im perfectly willing to buy an Xbox for any Xbox Exclusive Obsidian games given how great Obsidian always is and due to how they will be even better with more resources with Microsoft owning them now. So no biggie.
RyujiGaming _ (8 days ago)
First of all I would prefer Yakuza Zero because i want to get into the games and last month I read through the Tokyo Ghoul manfa in 2 weeks and started reading tokyo ghoul re. Also I haven't played a single obsidian game but the games you mentioned are the ones I really want to play especially POE which I haven't played buy that mean POE 2 won't come to Sony platforms
adamskie1980 (8 days ago)
I've a ps4 and love it! But hope Microsoft does something as they were great, and games like KI and ori were great. The key is new great games, yes playing old ones is great for a while, but we all love new fresh games, horizon zero dawn, GOW ect mind blowing and not forgetting spiderman which is awsome
Hylian OnSwitch (8 days ago)
All Microsoft is trying to do is buy out all developers and studios just so they could be in the lead they dont even care if the bring quality to the consumer so long as they leading the market. Bad news for them cause based on how so much less Sony is worth compared to Microsoft Sony keeps slapping them on the Face
Balnazzardi (7 days ago)
Hylian OnSwitch Except that usually bad qualiy and leading the market dont go hand in hand....you need to have quality in order to get there.... Besides in case you havent noticed, Microsoft has only bought studios who have either worked with them closely before (Undead Labs and Playground Games were already pretty much Microsoft's 2nd party studios) or smaller/medium sized independent developers who would need more resources/want to secure their longtime future such as Compulsion Games, Ninja Theory and now Obsidian. If Microsoft really wanted to go crazy with the money, they could do much bigger deals like for example buying Take 2 (and Rockstar with it), but they have clear strategy of buying mainly those smaller/medium sized independent developers who are not owned by anyone, but who could use bigger resources....Its good for Microsoft in order to get more exclusives and its good for these studios as well to get more resources to build bigger and hopefully also better games. Besides competition is what drivers this industry forward and what is also good for the consumers, and we need Microsoft back in this competition with Nintendo and Sony.
BLACK STAR (9 days ago)
we need the warriors re made
Talon Marshall (9 days ago)
I hope they just at least keep making their games on PC as well. Which is 99% the case. Honestly... Probably the best move you could make, that and maybe Larian studios and whoever the fuck made kingdom come Deliverance. Throwing blank checks at those studios and fucking off is probably a good idea. Likewise Obsidian could fall plague to insidious business practices pushed on them by Microsoft.
Kokichi Oma (9 days ago)
I don't even know this Obsidian Studio
Linda's Mike (9 days ago)
I think they announced the PS Plus games early since they're good and they wanted to take people's minds off how terrible the October games were.
dion smith (9 days ago)
Another terrible ps+ line up
That One Guy (9 days ago)
Microsoft aquiring studios doesn't matter to me as long as they release titles on pc as well as xbox. I'll just play any microsoft games on pc.
JoshieJosh (9 days ago)
I missed the days when each console had its own unique line up of games, so instead of choosing a side, gamers can enjoy every console and their unique games, multiplying the good games library.
JoshieJosh (8 days ago)
Kokichi Oma hopefully they learned their lesson and the industry has learned theirs too
Kokichi Oma (8 days ago)
JoshieJosh yeah I hate Starwars Battlefront 2. The original Battlefront on PS2 was much much better than that microtransaction shit
JoshieJosh (8 days ago)
Kokichi Oma yeah, micro transactions are real killing the industry. You are completely right about Microsoft focusing too much on that and instead of churning out good game IPs. PS4 is definitely the lesser offender when it comes to this, and thank God for the strong single player games on PS4. Here is hoping gamers continue to voice their dislike of micro transactions and that the game makers realize that a good game is still all about the game. The real value and $ comes from making a long-lasting and valuable IP, not from short-term gains from micro transactions. Just look at that tragic Star Wars Battle Front 2, their greed destroyed a promising IP, which could have made them a lot more money.
Kokichi Oma (9 days ago)
JoshieJosh but now only PS4 has great games. Microsoft killed fable developer and they canceled Scalebound. They bought Minecraft and now everything is Microtransaction. Microsoft sucks
LoliOnii-chan Senpai (9 days ago)
Microsoft wannabe EA 😆
Digiking1992 (7 days ago)
LoliOnii-chan Senpai seems more like Ubisoft is going to be the EA wannabe
JoshieJosh (9 days ago)
LoliOnii-chan Senpai I don’t think EA wants to be EA nowadays
Travelling Gamer (9 days ago)
Not too worried about Obsidian joining Microsoft. Can't say I have any recent games from them although I'm waiting for a good deal on stick of truth. I wasn't convinced on the PS plus rumor you started a while ago but you won me over that it will be Yakuza. Now I hope I won't be let down.
Berrlett-At-Gameplay (9 days ago)
MS can go on and acquire 100 studios they’d still get destroyed by Naughty Dog, Santa Monica and Guerrilla. It’s the talent NOT the quantity.
Zamir Pestano (9 days ago)
Title feels like clickbait, Never even heard of this studio before you mentioned it. Not a big studio then
Aaron Griffiths (9 days ago)
If you would have told us Microsoft has brought either rockstar/Santa Monica studios/naughty dog ...etc then I'd be worried , but they've brought another below average studio
onireno (9 days ago)
Obsidian? That's it! 🤣 🤣 They suck! Congrats Xbox you now have another shit developer.
HONOR GAMING (9 days ago)
Xbox brought obsidian doesn't make any difference just means xbox scrapping the bottom of the barrel
ShotGunPill (9 days ago)
Playstation we still gonna be on top we got our own strategies also
Shawn Adams (9 days ago)
Bully 2 being made/released would make me happy... Just happy...
john askins (5 days ago)
I had heard Bully 2 will feature a female main character. I never played Bully because at the time wasnt interested in it, but now I want to try it. I will try Bully 2 regardless of if the main is Male or female.
AnarchistShadow (9 days ago)
Haha jokes on them I have a PS4 and a Windows PC (which it seems a lot of Xbox games are going to, so)
honeytos28 (9 days ago)
Dtroof49 (8 days ago)
I guess they had to get someone who knows how to make a REAL kraken. Lol 1:51
E V (9 days ago)
Will never get a shit box. 😂 😂 😂
Jay Avila (9 days ago)
(when i was 14 i created my own youtube channel) lol who else got that ad
daisx beohfox (9 days ago)
Xbox has been backstabbing playstation none stop including on playstation live streaming, ads from xbox is popping on livestream advertising a game then says "plays best on xbox one" lol! Damn. . Damn. . .
THE_GHOST_RICAN (9 days ago)
It might play better on an Xbox but nobody is playing them on the Xbox Sony sold more consoles than them LMAO.😂😂😂👍👍👍
TheDeadFrozen (9 days ago)
I’ve got both platforms, so doesn’t much matter to me. Kinda weird how Obsidian has made some of the best RPGs yet has always struggled. Maybe some financial stability will be a good thing for them.
Devin B (9 days ago)
Knight1725 (9 days ago)
Good bye my dear fallout new Vegas 2 of my dreams
Xavier renegade Angel (9 days ago)
great... another studio for microsoft to kill.... (I hope it goes well, Xbox needs some games...)
Thatonefpsgamer 13 (6 days ago)
+Hylian OnSwitch hmmm let's see Sony is lower cost and your half assed PS4 pro
Hylian OnSwitch (9 days ago)
Yes exactly where are all the great games from rare ever since microshit bought em I never heard of them again
Grizmark (9 days ago)
Yeah Microsoft tends to want full control of what the studio owns and does so....
Legen Dary (9 days ago)
No more fallout for Playstation.
+Legen Dary it's just a deal between Microsoft and Bethesda, same as TakeTwo and R* deal with Sony on RDRed 2 content, or maybe Activision deal with Sony on Destiny
Legen Dary (8 days ago)
+Travelling Gamer Fuck you too.
Travelling Gamer (8 days ago)
Legen Dary me aggressive? Nah! My first language is not English so maybe that’s it. But I do think a timed exclusive is something different than an exclusive. I’ve never understood gamers that are sensitive too timed exclusives, so you can play the game early and then what? Once I start playing the game you have helped getting all the bugs out lol.
Legen Dary (8 days ago)
+Travelling Gamer i can see the aggression in your words and the Fallout 76 beta is released for Xbox almost a month before Playstation and i fear that it is going to be the same for the full release.
Travelling Gamer (9 days ago)
+Legen Dary how do you figure that? Bethesda owns fallout and is not being bought by Microsoft (yet) They also decided not to give obsidian another fallout project at least up till now and now obsidian is going to be Xbox exclusive they won't give them fallout for sure. So fallout is pretty save to be multi platform for the future.
Abraham Lincoln23 (9 days ago)
Microsoft is acquiring small studios so I wouldn't expect any big games coming from them.
frogjw83 (9 days ago)
Thanks for the info update man
stormrider777 (9 days ago)
No big loss.
M.L Happy Gaming NL (9 days ago)
I am a playstation gamer and am all ready put money apart for 5 and some games to play ✌
Hylian OnSwitch (9 days ago)
PlayStation is life ✌
odie0815 (9 days ago)
If Kiwami 1 comes as PS+ Title, I truly hope it will give the Series another boost in popularity that we may get Yakuza 3, 4 and 5 as remaster for PS4 although I'd love to get also Kiwami editions of those 3 games just like Kiwami 2 played Zero, Kiwami 1 and Kiwami 2 in one row - loved all 3 of them
Fletch Davidson (9 days ago)
Ps plus keeps putting out games that I I already have. I recommend Yakuza.
Ivar Liane (9 days ago)
Ace D (9 days ago)
Don't give a shit about obsidian.
Ron Simons (9 days ago)
I LOVED my Xbox360. Glad to see Microsoft becoming serious about games again. But they have a high mountain to climb before they catchup to Sony. Late 2019 should be very interesting when it comes to consoles wars.
JoshieJosh (8 days ago)
Ron Simons yes, healthy competition is necessary to keep the industry exciting. I hope game makers realize the importance of good content over their micro transaction schemes and that Microsoft goes back to their gaming content focused strategy. Multiplayer games are great, but having strong single player content is what makes the IP long-lasting.
Ron Simons (9 days ago)
Hi Joshie; good point about the PS4 backward compatibility. I was a total Xbox fan, never considered Sony until Horizon Z.D.. Sony needs competition to stay honest, I'm hoping Microsoft doesn't screw things up come 2019.
JoshieJosh (9 days ago)
Ron Simons same here, loved Xbox360 to the point that I never even bought PS3, but PS4 absolutely won against Xbox One. Though at launch both PS4 and XBox One lacked good games, PS4 really improved from there and redeemed itself, while Xbox One stayed behind. If only PS4 has backwards compatibility so I can catch up with the PS3 games I missed.
Trotr226 (9 days ago)
You gotta be kidding me if you think Obsidian is a big rpg developer and is even worth a damn anymore. This isn't the Obsidian from 10 years ago. Good riddance.
Billy Fearless (9 days ago)
still wont be getting a xbox
crashpal (8 days ago)
no need when 95 percent of microsoft games end up on PC
JoshieJosh (8 days ago)
Billy Fearless I still remember when I played Gears of War for the first time and then the online mode. Ah, the good memories of the 360 golden days.
Hylian OnSwitch (9 days ago)
Nope definitely not getting an xbox
Billy Fearless (9 days ago)
+JoshieJosh ah I miss 360 god old days 😍
JoshieJosh (9 days ago)
Xbox360 was a great console, but Xbox One really failed in its lackluster lineup of games.
The_Drop Bear (9 days ago)
Obsidian are hardly big, and aren't with Sony
Bigbad Crawford (9 days ago)
Good riddance to obsidian
Thatonefpsgamer 13 (9 days ago)
Jesus when did you become a PS4 Fanboy
ChiBoy -C (9 days ago)
Thatonefpsgamer 13 What’s wrong with being a fanboy? I’m a fanboy and an avid gamer. PS4 is on top.
Nocta Eucta (9 days ago)
Huh?? This is a PlayStation channel you silly boy.
dragon soul sacrifice (9 days ago)
he makes videos about PlayStation what did you expect
Exus (9 days ago)
Thatonefpsgamer 13 It’s not like he’s a ‘Fanboy’ or anything. There’s 80 million PS4 gamers. The majority. Sony’s leading the charge this generation
MackNifisent (9 days ago)
Wish sony would get more aggressive
Balnazzardi (7 days ago)
+Muhammad Risaldi Eko Permana to be honest though, Its also much thanks to Microsoft shooting themselves on the foot early this gen and handing IT on silver platter to Sony.....ofc Sony has done great Job themselves, but Microsofts disasteorus launch of Xbox One, having weaker, yet More expensive console ( thanks to Kinect that was first included in the package) and lacking on new exclusives....IT all helped Sony to dominate this console gen.
MackNifisent (7 days ago)
+Muhammad Risaldi Eko Permana microsoft isnt acquiring studios for THIS generation.. they are preparing for the next generation. Lets stop being so narrow sighted folks..
So..............dominating the console sales with around 2:1 is not aggressive? 🙄
Balnazzardi (8 days ago)
@Dino Jaler Ye right, time to break your false image of Sony "building" studios :D https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SIE_Worldwide_Studios Of their remaining major studios, Sony has only really "founded" 3 of them....Santa Monica studio aka God War Studio, Polyphony Digital aka Gran Turismo studio and SIE Japan Studio which has developed/help development in numerous PS exclusives Naughty Dog, Sucker Punch, Guerilla Games and Media Molecule on the other hand were ALL independent, before they were bought by Sony. Microsoft on the other hand founded 343 to continue Halo franchise, Coalition to continue Gears of War franchise and they also founded Turn 10 already in 2001 to create Forza Motorsport franchise.....and most recently The Initative, that was one of the 5 studio announcements they made at E3. So ye time for you to fix that falsely assumption of yours about "Sony building all their studios and Microsoft buying all their studios"....thats utter and complete bullshit statement, same as saying "Microsoft only destroyes studios" or they dont have any games... However ofc Microsoft now buys lots of studios cause they MUST get good 1st party lineup for next console generation quickly....they finally realized (much thanks to work that Phil Spencer has done as head of Xbox) that they cant solely rely on their old franchises anymore and getting more 1st party studios is better than paying 3rd party developers for exclusive games.
MackNifisent (8 days ago)
+Trotr226 calm the fuck down lol.. Microsoft is loading up for the NEXT generation.. These Microsoft acquisitions means sony has already lost a few exclusives and are gonna miss out on some decent 3rd party games next gen.. nothing to lose sleep over but I would like to see sony get as aggressive as Microsoft.
Dia Nuevo (9 days ago)
What was that big rpg developer? Because if its obsidian, there is nothing big about them. Also obsidian n3ver was with sony. Amd inasure you the ps4 community wont miss the messes like pillars of eternity.
MasterKilla Zulu exactly dude's .. more's controllers please.. exactly dude's. robbing consumers or enslavement money's again. getting richer or offshore accounts instead..
MasterKilla Zulu (9 days ago)
More micro loot transactions box's and games with services from Xbox its what they do
Ghost656 Metal all GARAGABE developer's, trash and debts crisis and financial problems too. all flops westernized corporation's too.
Randy Bradley it's not a big deal either too. all there's average game's etc comes to the pc camp's too.. not real exclusives IPS again too. PS4/5 & pc anyone's.
Maya The Siren (9 days ago)
I have no clue what Yakuza (or whatever lol) even is.
Exus (9 days ago)
Maya The Siren give it a try my dude. “Japanese GTA” is an understatement
Koibito The Scrublord (9 days ago)
Maya The Siren should play it. It's a neat game. Especially if theyre gonna give it away for free next month.
MackNifisent (9 days ago)
You might wanna get a clue then.. its a dope game series
Sen Howler (9 days ago)
Which is the point of giving you the game for free. There's about half a dozen other Yakuza games you might buy if you like it.
This is bad for us SteamOs players as well
zintwentyTwo (9 days ago)
fucking xbox!
Ghost in The shell (9 days ago)
I want rockstar to make another oni
Sir Xela (8 days ago)
Don't see Take-Two selling Rockstar with how much money they make them.
Ghost in The shell (9 days ago)
Microsoft has shit studios. These new studios dont really change that
J Dxvx (4 days ago)
don't quit your day job Dr. Phil. Also- I say this with the most happy and content of hearts and souls as well as a big happy smile on my face- Piss off asshole. Dr. Phil that with your spare time. :) Ta ta
Grizmark (5 days ago)
+J Dxvx hurt our feelings? Lol good joke but your the one screaming insults because you got angry from a youtube comment lol ta ta!
J Dxvx (8 days ago)
right on you ignorant pussies. Glad I hurt your delicate, pussy feelings. Ta ta
J Dxvx triggered or snowflake again or more's controllers please.
J Dxvx flops dollar's or evils Microsoft etc is lecturer or preaching about itself again. or brainwashed enslavement fanboy or paid trolls.
Greg gonzalez (9 days ago)
I hate Xbox
Greg gonzalez (8 days ago)
+demon masterX I don't have a pc for gaming and my PS4 was a Christmas gift so where is money you said I waste moron
demon masterX (8 days ago)
+Greg gonzalez and ik about the name change but only now and second time for money
demon masterX (8 days ago)
+Greg gonzalez and i just said didnt try to convince you anyway
demon masterX (8 days ago)
+Greg gonzalez well ofc you got ps4 and pc why to waste money
Greg gonzalez (8 days ago)
+demon masterX I'm still not going Xbox
Kawaii_Sinon99 (9 days ago)
Damn i want more miku games 😋😄☺
dragon soul sacrifice (9 days ago)
+Nathaniel Enochs cool dude Microsoft finally has like 4 big first party's while sony has 10........ also we have studios working on new games or sequels. xbox did good but sony still have the complete edge especially if ps5 is bc
Kawaii_Sinon99 (9 days ago)
+Nathaniel Enochs okay
Nathaniel Enochs (9 days ago)
Kawaii_Sinon99 It sucks for all you Diehard PlayStation fans. But Microsoft buying more studios is also good for all of us Microsoft Gamers since Microsoft DOES need more Xbox/Windows 10 EXCLUSIVES.
Kawaii_Sinon99 (9 days ago)
+Nathaniel Enochs that sucks
Nathaniel Enochs (9 days ago)
The next Console generation is already looking brighter for Microsoft.
Erick Alapizco (9 days ago)
dragon soul sacrifice (9 days ago)
+Erick Alapizco i was on your side but you made a ligma joke now kill yourself. while your at it go commit die
Erick Alapizco (9 days ago)
You all seem have been infected with Ligma🤣🤣🤣
Donald Trump VEVO (9 days ago)
Erick Alapizco kill yourself
Sir Galahad (9 days ago)
*And zero fucks were given...*
Bodyshoots Master (9 days ago)
Erick Alapizco suck ma dick

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