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5 Reasons You NEED Zelda: Breath of the Wild's 2nd DLC Pack

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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild's second DLC Pack The Champion's Ballad is now here! What do you mean you haven't got it yet? Oh, you have. Well, watch this video anyway. Go on. Please. Zelda. Check out our full site ■ http://www.nintendolife.com Like us on Facebook ■ https://www.facebook.com/nintendolife Follow us on Twitter ■ https://www.twitter.com/nintendolife
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Text Comments (727)
Reason 6: You just freaking need it the continued story of the champions is awesome and a fully powered mastersword is OP... Same thing for master cycle zero You just need it
Amro Samarah (13 days ago)
Do you need an internet connection or need to be online to play the dlc since online services will be paid after September? (Not for the download for the gameplay)
Angelo Mertens (18 days ago)
Don't buy it
Christopher hellcat P (19 days ago)
member link in mario kart 8 wich drove a motorbike!
Chief Crimson (19 days ago)
One reason why the bike is so good is because you can use 300 korok seeds to have unlimited fuel!!!
Michael Olegario (19 days ago)
I need that super zelda land art
larine Aha (24 days ago)
I've already completed the DLC But the champions ability didn't change much I just love the master cycle zero in that dlc including the armor too!
a t l a s (26 days ago)
Watching the DLC Videos for BotW just makes me jealous because I don't even know if my dad is getting them
XtremeXD Gaming (1 month ago)
5 reasons to not get it plz (jk) love the dlc
Derek Hogan (1 month ago)
I can't agree. I found the DLC nowhere near worth the money or hassle I went through....
thePredman#9 lol (1 month ago)
I'm getting the DLC because of Baby Sidon!
Mario Pitanguy (1 month ago)
So nice of you to take care to not spoil anything. Thanks a lot and congrats!
Doctor Sokka (1 month ago)
Color me convinced!
GGRNITROGEN 13 (1 month ago)
how much storage does it take to download the DLC
Cameron Turner (1 month ago)
Very convincing I got it
Logen Mestas (1 month ago)
I thought there was gonna be clothes but wrong
The Oceans Deceit (1 month ago)
Yes! I’m so glad I bought this dlc. Now my horse can teleport to me! I’ve wanted this for a long time. (I know it sounds stupid. But it’s so useful. Haha.
Octavio Arreguin (2 months ago)
😱😱😱 DLC whaaaaaat! 300 Korok shi....seed.. 😵 faints... 😏 oh you were just kidding! 😂😂😂😂😡...you almost gave me a heart attack 🚑😷😪
Euphoricplacebo (2 months ago)
How dare you spoil that corner.
Carson (2 months ago)
4:07....... AM I EVEN ALIVE?
Wilddanger The new daily (3 months ago)
One thing when I first watched a video with that in it I was like A I'm not gonna say MOTORBIKE!!!!!!
Eli Mindell (3 months ago)
i have it
Ethan Hendrickson (3 months ago)
A second save file...
Kelby Royal (3 months ago)
Not convinced. Maybe I’ll get it a year from now lol
KratosLink (3 months ago)
Hi I just got the game should I buy both dlc packs this early in the game or should I wait until I get further in the game.
KratosLink can you buy one dlc pack or are you forced to get both?
will riseabove (3 months ago)
Love this game for what it is, but I wish the dlc catered to the older games like with actual dungeons or reappearing enemies like volvogia, stalechild king, and iron knuckles.
Sir Georgestin the 20th (3 months ago)
I hope they add the master zero bike into the next Mario kart game
JAAAZZZ (3 months ago)
Isn’t epona faster tho?
DDs (3 months ago)
Nintendo should have added all the DLC with the price of the game....
Bananagamer19 (3 months ago)
Johnny Olvera (3 months ago)
Thank you for blurring it out your the man
No Name (4 months ago)
I love Master mode my Master mode is better than my normal mode and I have Master cycle only on mastermode
lol (4 months ago)
Did anyone els experience a major frame drop at 2:20?
Andrew L (4 months ago)
A new divine beast? It’s link since he’s a champion
GrassShield (4 months ago)
Yep you convinced me
Tristan Neal (4 months ago)
AstralForce (4 months ago)
3:20 - I had a mini heart attack *Thanks Alex*
Ethan Seirup (4 months ago)
lol The close captioning at the beginning is like "hello there lovely people at onyx Women's Center life here"
ShadowMonkey0 (4 months ago)
im convinced
Nomi (4 months ago)
Ok quick question, should you complete the first dlc to do the second dlc, or does it not matter which order??
Bob McGaughey (4 months ago)
Question where did you get that sweet Pikachu picture, my 7 year old wants it.
Dan H (4 months ago)
Is it worth getting the DLC before completing the main game?
Anouk Wolfie (5 months ago)
Convinced in the first like 1 minute ...
Mr J. O (5 months ago)
me want dlc
Jimmy (5 months ago)
... WW Links Pjs BotW Link Is A Stealer
johnnyscifi (5 months ago)
I really like your pikachu picture, and i dont even like Pokemon...
Céline .S. Sauvé (5 months ago)
Sorry. Not trying to spoil anything, but I've thumbed this vid down for double dipping in a bloody list of _five_ items.
Tyler Beans (5 months ago)
I guess I'm the only one who was disappointed with the dlc. It was so much more of the same. I was hoping for new enemies, an actual dungeon, more side quests, maybe a new map, SOMETHING to make it different from the base game. But it just gave us more stuff to be more overpowered, more obnoxious shrines that get sickening fairly quickly, and another divine beast that wasn't all that interesting, and a motorcycle that runs like shit on the Wii-U version because lag. The best thing about it is that horse armor, and that really should have been in the base game. I know the devs thought of it during development at some point.
EL SCIENCE (5 months ago)
ehh.. i love the game and beat the story mode already so i was kind of hoping for another mini storyline to follow in the DLC. kind of disappointed and still not sure if i want to spend my money on it since the main things i loved about this game were the story line and exploring new parts of the map. i just feel like it gets very repetitive after a while. just praying the next zelda comes out sooner rather than later.
EL SCIENCE (5 months ago)
Noah now that would be some DLC worth buying.
Noah (5 months ago)
EL SCIENCE I thought they said in February 2017 that there was going to be an entirely new continent added to the game that you could access from hyrule. I guess that just isn't going to happen now. I'm very confused.
Triforce Ward (5 months ago)
First and only reason. It's Zelda. More BOTW. I'm sold. That cycle though.
That one dude (5 months ago)
I got 40 dollars for chrismas and I was wondering if I should get this. So thanks for helping
Stefan Makhoul (5 months ago)
This guy is really irritating
Master Aj24 (5 months ago)
It sad that it not really a divine beasts, it just see say that. (And did u know that the 5⭐️ speed horse with the ancient horse armor is a lot faster then the master cycle zero or the moter bicycle
Guichabanaano (5 months ago)
I actually don't like the new horse gear. Or at least not the saddle. Sure it's quite useful if you need to travel somewhere where you need a horse and you can even bring your horse to great plateau. But the fact that the horse doesn't run to you when you call it is a bit annoying. Like picture this: you're running away from a guardian (they're pretty easy in the end but still, you're running now) and you call your horse while running. And when your horse spawns you have already ran a nice distance away from where you called it. And the horse is just standing there while you're still running away from the guardian. So that makes the horse kinda bad for battles. I guess the fact that the horse is just standing there is more annoying to others (like me), than to some people, but I think that is still something to point out.
Krysta Lopes (5 months ago)
where did you get that sparky canvas?
AA.1 (5 months ago)
Hope Christina Grimmie is gonna be added in breast of the wild 2...
PHILL SHIVELY (5 months ago)
The DLC sucks
Justice Taylor (5 months ago)
Got it. Got that baller bike!
2018karlinz (6 months ago)
You didnt mention monk maz koshia!!!!!!
Lore keeper XVII (6 months ago)
Not faster than a sprinting 5 speed horse but still fun
kING bOrU (6 months ago)
i see what you did there left the juicy bit at the end. NIce
JonDoesGaming (6 months ago)
I want a hookshot rune in the next dlc.
Kool Kid Klan (6 months ago)
I love the master cycle but you can't use it in gerudo desert,the place where it would be most useful
MrHowtoidk GT (6 months ago)
If you dont believe me im the 6th one to buy the dlc
101ToonLink (6 months ago)
Why don’t you add a Motorcycle emoji in the description? 🏍
Alex Hamato (6 months ago)
1. Master Cycle 2. Master Cycle 3. Master Cycle 4. Master Cycle 5. Master Cycle
BlackCat 3042 (6 months ago)
I want it but my fucking country (Hong Kong) doesn’t have Eshop
mali5143 (5 months ago)
BlackCat 3041 Sorry to hear that :(
YouMadOrNaw (6 months ago)
1 big reason I'm pissed about DLC 3 Didn't have full 12 shrines that gives you spirit orbs
keonisan (6 months ago)
It sucks. Both of the DLC's main content fucking sucks. I don't enjoy fighting at near death where one hit can kill me. That's not fun. If I can't fight them all at full strength and full equipment then it's not fun for me. I'd rather it be too easy than the bullshit they've put in the game now.
Javier concha Meneses (6 months ago)
I finished the dlc but idont know what animal is the 5th divine beast
Willyboi!! (6 months ago)
R.I.P my horse, get me that bike!
Lozada Gaming (6 months ago)
I like how the video stops for a moment to ponder the plot of the dlc.
Christie Myers (6 months ago)
My DLC glitched for the Obliterator challenge. I accidentally started it during the day when there would be a blood moon that night. I literally killed every bad guy on the Great Plateau, but those doggone shrines wouldn't rise. The blood moon rose each night and just turned to a full moon with no resurrection or cut scene. I quit the challenge by exiting the plateau, went down to Lake Hylia to claim a dragon scale, and turned around to see the shrine had popped up. Went back to restart the quest. Shrines and bad guys both gone. I can't enter the shrines without the Obliterator, and they disappear once I have it. So I say I just wasted $20 on a glitched DLC that won't fix itself. Plus, I'm really disappointed that the DLC was not a continuation of the cut scene at the end. I was looking forward to Zelda reuniting with Impa and meeting Paya.
_Stealth_ (6 months ago)
Little fun fact: In the german version of BotW, the Motorbike is called „Eponator Zero“, and in my personal opinion that’s a much cooler name ^^
Luciano Launius (6 months ago)
I still have to play the dlc, but from what i understand, link still doesn't talk. Maybe it would've been an idea to have him speak, just to find out if it's something that can work or not. I mean, having a motorbike doesn't hype me that much, but nintendo decided to try it out. Just my opinion anyways!
Dilan Pelvin (6 months ago)
Damn.. I gotta get that bike.
Maija Ezergaile (6 months ago)
There is only one thing a sane man would say...BUYBUYBUYBUYBUY!
retro_overdrive (6 months ago)
My heart skipped a beat when you were saying “there are 300 more Korok seeds” 😱😂
Humacunra (6 months ago)
Nintendo showing em how a dlc is done
Leat'eq Official (6 months ago)
sounds like a fanboy
Lemon Leader (6 months ago)
If you want me to download it so bad, why don't you gimme some money please
dat 1 guy (6 months ago)
I dont know if the moter bike would be considered LORE FRIENDLY
Fazen_ Galaktix (6 months ago)
The DLC feels empty. I don’t say it’s bad, just not worth it. It should have been in the game when it launched. At first, I was really hyped by this dlc. I was like: I’ll learn more about the Champions. All I learned was that Daruk was scared of dogs. So yeah, I’m disappointed. If you’re thinking about buying it, well don’t. It’s not worth your time nor your money.
WaffleMinion (6 months ago)
How anyone could like and advertise Botw's DLC as something awesome is beyond me. Either this guy is trying to cater to the fanboys subbed to his channel, or Nintendo is paying him.
duonkaah (6 months ago)
Yeah, you traveled everywhere, set all the devine beasts free......... "here is a bike to travel around fast" so its basically useless
Gloria He (6 months ago)
I hope you see this, but thank you for blurring out the new divine beast ^^
Philip K (6 months ago)
What pisses me off about DLC pack two, is that there are 107 pieces of armor now... and only *100 slots*
HolyPetRalich (3 days ago)
Andrew Rodruguez wow, aren't you the funny guy. ha ha ha ha funny.
Andrew Rodruguez (2 days ago)
Philip K go suck an Apple have a nice day
Gabriel mejia rosales (2 months ago)
Philip K that SUCKS
crash979797 (6 months ago)
The Master Cycle isn't fast than any horse in the game. It's as fast as Epona and other four speed horses, but five speed horses are still faster and don't need fuel. It's also really not out of place. There are robot octopus running around Hyrule and you have a smart phone. Nintendo has been adding advanced technology in Zelda games for over a decade now including vehicles, so this really isn't anything new.
Brian The Lion (5 months ago)
mali5143 😂😂😂 I hope you are joking. Technology? Matches the smart phone? Oh yes because the smart phone can use statis and magnetic. /s
mali5143 (5 months ago)
Brian The Lion The technology of it matches that of a typical smartphone. Common sense, really.
Brian The Lion (6 months ago)
crash979797 the sheikah tablet isn't a smart phone. 😂
Brian The Lion (6 months ago)
crash979797 No, the master cycle would technically be faster as you don't get stopped by rock or cliffs. Epona would be faster on flat land.
Chris dee (6 months ago)
I watch these videos on silent just to see what shapes your eyebrows make.
Matthew Richardson (6 months ago)
How is the master cycle out of place? Link has a tablet for goodness sake. It even comes with a camera and hyrule maps apps.
Dark Pit (6 months ago)
You have convinced this man.
Zanybandz (6 months ago)
16 more shrines, bike, link owns a divine beast, Ancient horse gear, windwaker shirt
TheLegend27 (6 months ago)
I love this game so much and kinda enjoyed the first dlc but gosh this second dlc isn’t impressive at all. So much filler. Don’t get me wrong this is GOTY but this dlc is...meh
Monkeyking (6 months ago)
1- Master cycle 2- Master cycle 3- Master cycle 4- Master cycle 5- Master cycle
roomeyv1 (6 months ago)
If I downloaded the DLC on my Wii u When I get a switch will I have to buy it again?
roomeyv1 (6 months ago)
Anyone know?
TheFlashBat (6 months ago)
Where did you buy the pikachu poster???
Jeremy Blackwell (6 months ago)
Imma need the link to that super zelda land poster!
Aduro Tri (6 months ago)
For any of the fire-related shrines, just wear your Fireproof armor.
Jebradiah Drake (6 months ago)
I don't like the bike. It sucks that most people give it so much praise when it doesn't even fit into the setting. If they were capable of making such advanced machines then surely they'd be able to make something better than a motorbike, this is just Aonuma trying too hard to make Zelda mainstream and honestly it sucks. 10 years from now the newest Zelda title will be following all the latest gaming trends and having nothing to set it apart from the rest. R.I.P. Zelda series.
yhx (6 months ago)
2 words Motor.Bike. Sold

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