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Text Comments (2657)
Gaming Is Fun (18 days ago)
4:40 thats my loadout lmao
Jerakk Thomas (25 days ago)
I’ve always wondered, who’s the girl that always talks in your intro?🤔
Valor has long hair
Jure Klanac (1 month ago)
My favorite weapon is max resources😂 btw im using same loadout like daequan
Im a John Wick (1 month ago)
12:09 I’m dead af
Swimmer 19 (1 month ago)
His girl Sounds like technique to me
Ethan Chang (1 month ago)
dat booty nice do
Bass Fiery_4 (1 month ago)
Imma try and get a zero kill win.
Jacquelyn Stevens (1 month ago)
The skin idea.... so basically teknique with shorts and long hair ? 😂
Jacquelyn Stevens (1 month ago)
Ooop someone in twitch chat already said it 😂
Della O' Quinn (1 month ago)
Valer has long hear
Belinda Wisecarver (1 month ago)
What do you mean this game is duduuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
i double dare you to do shotgun only bet u cant win
Garry Jones (1 month ago)
Garry Jones (1 month ago)
Daequan james
Garry Jones (1 month ago)
Fuck ninja dae the best fortnite player
SaltyPupusa (1 month ago)
His white tac in the beginning doing 100+ damage, are these those streamer perks people talk about?
Obey Myclips (1 month ago)
Kraigor Da best (1 month ago)
He knows that basically he is talking about teknique
viraj Kamble (1 month ago)
Cliemel Brown (1 month ago)
Daequan is the reason I was able to get my first solo dub after 26 plus tries. Thank u.
Piero Centurion (1 month ago)
When did the tactical submachine gun come back in season 5 thought it was gone look at 6:20 25x speed
ChrisThe DancingKid (1 month ago)
My nigga talking about Technique
Oof (1 month ago)
Xavien Smith (1 month ago)
Rip 20 boom
ER Garage (1 month ago)
Who’s ass am I eating
Benji (1 month ago)
isnt ur favorite skin tekniqe tho?
No Skin (1 month ago)
Valor has long hair
Jeff Pedro (1 month ago)
could I get a rip in the chat for dae's 20 bomb😂
Ege TAŞTAN (1 month ago)
Good thing that booty nice tho
Kailas Sajie Shankar (1 month ago)
Welcome guys ToDae i am gonna talk about.........
Squeaks (1 month ago)
Tactical sub at 6 20
Wanda Ruiz (1 month ago)
Daequan your so funny and your cool
William Longville (1 month ago)
Cock blocked
Jessica Anderson (1 month ago)
thanks for exposing this!
L8 1 (1 month ago)
his skin idea is his dream girl or possibly how he saw his gf one day
Funny Ass Humor (1 month ago)
GB Gaming (1 month ago)
I might kms
Party Demon (2 months ago)
Daequan is probably the best player out here, I hope I get into a server w him tho so I can shit on em 😈
Hamish Atkinson (2 months ago)
I hate how at the start of the video they're looking through the item shop and someone is talking, just get straight to point.
Bloodcashs Gameplay (2 months ago)
Ur my favorite
Thicc Pancakes (2 months ago)
Daequan killed me at paradise palms
Thicc Pancakes (2 months ago)
Daequan killed me at paradise palms
Marcellus British (2 months ago)
It's a 20 bomb in our hearts
Rapid TapzZ (2 months ago)
The 40 bomb all over again lol
AJC Noob Gamer (2 months ago)
i just dropped a video like this
Kenneth Garcia // (2 months ago)
David Baffour (2 months ago)
This nigga was describing his girl
White Ninja (2 months ago)
This game doo doo
po leash (2 months ago)
Heavy, tommy gun, auto ar, rpg, shields is the loadout
GRIZZY playz (2 months ago)
valor got long hair
X (2 months ago)
Itz SeanieeBoiii (2 months ago)
he found so much heavies tho
talxaN (2 months ago)
Dodging bullets IRL!
Caleb Rizzuto (2 months ago)
If this game is trash uninstall it
Caleb Rizzuto (2 months ago)
This dude sucks
Styles (2 months ago)
Chims Loyalty (2 months ago)
Daquan gonna make this game 18+
Dee Swagger (2 months ago)
No don’t tell epic to nerf pistols plz the silenced pistol is one of my fave guns
Wąishu (2 months ago)
What about Valor
Seth Mcelveen (2 months ago)
Valor valor has long hair gg
Onuva Khanam (2 months ago)
Prefered weapon is the golf cart Yo gg man😁 good game dae🔥🔥
Charlie K (2 months ago)
U know your good when your angry you can't get 20 kills
Rebelation (2 months ago)
*since i trust daequan i will use his fav loadout*
Kaleb Hobart (2 months ago)
Valor has long hair 😂
Interferencz - (2 months ago)
I still don’t know what’s his Dpi
Jose Trevino (2 months ago)
“I can’t get that 20 bomb” bruh I can’t get a win 😂
NickFoles IsGoat (2 months ago)
Is it a sin to like the tac an heavy over pump
SkateYoLife (2 months ago)
Brother Daequan don't do solo squads or duos cuz he's a squad on his own
You Salty (2 months ago)
U da best dae
You Salty (2 months ago)
Pierce DeVoe (2 months ago)
the girl hooper has long hair
Casandra Aguiniga (2 months ago)
I wish I was as good as you, I love your streams and vids that you make. you're so funny and I just love that about you, I wish you the best, as soon as I get the notification that you posted or that you went live I just have to watch it as soon as possible, wish you the best daequan...😋
Jon Paul (2 months ago)
This guys voice is dumb as fuck why does he put that shitty little voice on for the kids
Vibe Clan (2 months ago)
Go subscribe
ゴリキングGoriking (2 months ago)
no not SUGOIは草
Sandros94 (2 months ago)
Same loadout, sometimes if I don't find a good pump I go for double tommy
MaGiC r reborn (2 months ago)
my fav is the burst brother
Zidane Zizou II 5 (2 months ago)
I’m a new sub, I watch a few vids and I scratch my head how you cut through people like it’s nothing 😅
King Bozo (2 months ago)
Can everybody go subscribe to me whoever’s subscribe i will sub back please
Stavozi (2 months ago)
Aspret 315 (2 months ago)
Is that hamlinz voice in the intro?
MortalTV (2 months ago)
My favourite loadout : 1-Scar 2-Pump Shotgun 3-any kind of an smg 4-10 minis 5-bolt action
Supreme Jama (2 months ago)
damn dae , you weren't holding back with the ads today huh haha
Heidi Rice (2 months ago)
Huntress has long hair
Max Geddes (2 months ago)
So heavy, tommy, scar, rockets and meds? Sounds like some 12 y/o’s Call of Duty clan names
Wolffe Universe (2 months ago)
my preferred weapon is the pickaxe
Absolute Darkness (2 months ago)
One of the best
TheLightning Gamer12 (2 months ago)
Dae does not own this account
BobaFett Network (2 months ago)
What’s ur favorite gun in the game
Gsqaud Gaming (2 months ago)
Lmao them niggas thought they could hide in the bush 😂
Savion Miller (2 months ago)
*This Game Doo Doo*
Kurt Huber (2 months ago)
LMAO Sun Strider has long hair! Just not in the actual game...
Pambos Tsiakkis (2 months ago)
I like the burst supressed and c4 and healing med kit or big shield and 2 healing slurp juice
TheNextAluard (2 months ago)
YeBoYs_R_wEiRd (2 months ago)
valor has long hair
nathan molina (2 months ago)
epic games buff suppresed pistol
Pedro Fonseca (2 months ago)
What he says: COME HERE BOY What I understand: CUM EAR BOA
kingston onwuemeka (2 months ago)
yea that bootay tight tho
jasper thomas (2 months ago)
I hate your guts hope you get shot in the head everyday by the shittiest shittiest trash ass fucking player just because of what type of shit u say and that voice
jasper thomas (2 months ago)
Kill your self

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