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10 Skyrim Secrets You Probably DIDN'T KNOW

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Skyrim is larger than life, and it contains a ton of secrets. Here's ten amazing ones. ★Subscribe for more: https://www.youtube.com/gameranxTV Hidden Potions of Solitude: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b66cZIWcIeA
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Mernky 356 (9 days ago)
Um actually the final line of the song Ragnar the red is “and his ugly RED head rolled around on the floor “
randy bowen (18 days ago)
Ethan Arrow (19 days ago)
I Can Not Wait For Elder scrolls 6
khajiit inuzuka (1 month ago)
is adopting a pet one of them ?
Bananas For free (1 month ago)
Skyrim is freaking homophobic
Roberto Murillo (1 month ago)
You forgot the wood cutter's wife secret.
time angel (1 month ago)
Number 2 my mom couldn't beat 🤦
PixelKickerNate (1 month ago)
The red flower in dawnstar one isn't actually true.
Dr. Nutsack (1 month ago)
I'm aware I'm 2 years late on this, but if you can't open a master lock what the hell are you even doing?
Devon McDaniel (1 month ago)
They forgot one secret in Dawnstar(not DLC) As you enter Dawnstar, go down the higher path. Keep going until you get past the smelter. There is a small nook among the rocks and trees, next to the mountain. It's believed to be the Khajiit caravan's supplies, as it's the same stuff in their shop. Plus it's not considered stealing, and you can go back and sell the stuff back to them. You can replenish it by talking to the Khajiit woman shopkeeper
Who knows about the skrim the movie but heres the hidden song. dragonporn Fus way do Fucking cool Omg Hope you liked it cuz its real Its was made madly se o mean xD
Vili Nurminen (2 months ago)
I once saw the horseman then i loaded and goed hiding and he didnt came for some reason
Brian Lallement (2 months ago)
The first tag is 'lol'
pea nutz4everyone (2 months ago)
All this tells me is that they had aspersions for skyrim to have the in depth storyline that oblivion had but had to sacrifice for graphics and building. The same goes for fallout 4.
DarkValken (3 months ago)
2:19 Holy Shit I got Confused
Sharkoteer (3 months ago)
Wait, 3 Reaper Gem Fragments? I HAVE 6!
If you get hit by an arrow, it gets added to your inventory
Bundeswehr (3 months ago)
The dawnstar thing isnt real.
Cole Stauffer (4 months ago)
For Ragnar the red it’s and his ugly red head idk why you’d leave that out
Nerds Playhouse (4 months ago)
I’ve got 6k hours in Skyrim and I’ve seen the Headless Horseman ONCE. And you know where he was going? On the path to Whiterun from Rorikstead.
Comprimised Account (4 months ago)
Im getting only spanish speaking ads on your channel... I only speak english
Andrew Glebus (4 months ago)
Dawnstar and morthal and falkreath might not have walls or be as big as the walled cities but they have unique shapes winterhold is just a few buildings arranged in a straight line the towns like rorikstead ivarstead and kynesgrove are more memorable than winterhold whos only non lore reason is so that the college isnt in the middle of nowhere in fact i was listing all 9 of the holds and their capitals and got all the other 8 but i couldn't for the life of me think of winterholds name
Jery James (4 months ago)
Your voice resembles erikur from Solitude xD
Jery James (4 months ago)
Especially at 6:02
Jeremy W (4 months ago)
I have over 1000 hours in skyrim and have never seen the headless horseman.
Jacob Seed (4 months ago)
Dovakihn = Synth
afterdark productions (5 months ago)
what do you mean by the cult method ? (0)
nuke018 (5 months ago)
why rorikstead story sounds like video audio on 2x speed
Ariel (5 months ago)
2:19 Wow, you said that really fast! "Because.they.think.they.could.make.a.good.profit.off.of.it."
Doc Day (5 months ago)
Should have given ESO credit for that Rorikstead theory
Skyrim Maniac (5 months ago)
Ik your vid is old but shut you've never played bc u can't pronounce basic names like sheogorath or more
Black Binder (5 months ago)
Super annoying back ground music man. Bass is not good for background music, it draws attention away from the video.
Elliot Johnson (5 months ago)
Well morrowind and oblivion were in the same era
Dragon4568 (6 months ago)
I am a werewolf in Skyrim so if I see a silver hand it's over for them.
Naomi Kitsune (6 months ago)
If you use moonlight tales, being attacked by a werewolf can give you a disease that does progress into being a werewolf if not cured. It starts out with changes to your stats that increase over time, and during the nioght you get some nice visual effects and get stronger. but during the day you get weaker. After 3 days if not cured, you're a werewolf, and have to deal with being forcefully changed into a werewolf all night every full moon. Mods are fun
Bianca (6 months ago)
Never heard someone say, "cause they think they can make a profit off it" that fast.
Martin Prince777 (6 months ago)
Wow, I knew everything except that chest trick. Nice
Vivec (6 months ago)
Oghma infinium and imperial city topdown CHECK IT OUT
Mez Assassin (6 months ago)
Hi! m'aiq the liar isn't the same person in every game. that would mean that he is 1000 years old or so ( online to skyrim ). He says in Skyrim : M'aiq's father was also called M'aiq. As was M'aiq's father's father. At least, that is what his father said. So he isn't the same person
JakTheGrey (6 months ago)
His name is M'aiq THE LIAR...
Ilka Agonoy (6 months ago)
I used to know all the secrets in skyrim,then I took an arrow in the knee
Curtis Alexander (6 months ago)
I actually discovered the last fact (#1) on my own using a follower to unlock all chests.
sf90001 (7 months ago)
The mage in solitude is a vampire!
LordDeek (7 months ago)
Super Secret Fact, Skyrim is really bad RPG and the design is insulting
Camren Rodgers (7 months ago)
What is the song?
John Gunn (7 months ago)
why do i think that you guys just copied this from other ppl
Peter Moriarty (7 months ago)
2:33 "and somehow made a prohuueeetable farm out of it"
Trevor Sebastian (7 months ago)
I don't know man, after going back to playing Morrowind, I realized how dumbed down skyrim is compared to it, and after playing through the morrowind main quest I realized its so much more interesting and better written than skyrim. Skyrim is gorgeous but its so incredibly boring and so many rpg elements are taken away. Morrowind was actually satisfying being able to go from a peasant with a butter knife to a levitating invisible archer with fireballs shooting out of your ring, hahah. I'll admit enchant in morrowind is unbalanced (having no casting time allowing you to spam, just to name one thing about it) but I loved alchemy. Enchanting in skyrim is so simplified and not really worth enchanting boots or cuirass at lower levels as its so terrible its almost pointless, so enchanting your weapon is the only helping thing until your really good. They really limited what you could do. I don't know why they took away spear and throwing weapons, I mean it cant be that hard to implement. And why did they take away so many spells? Morrowind literally has hundreds of spells and we've been reduced to the most simplified boring spells ever. Aaand they took away many different armor types and simplified it even further, but why, I just don't get it. They should've made it even more complex than morrowind, whats wrong with having more options and choices to customize your character? Skyrim characters you talk to are so incredibly boring I find myself loathing to play it again. all the faces look the same, everyone's tone is the same, everyone sounds bored, no one is hostile towards your like in morrowind (where theres cultural hatred with the telvanni or the ashlanders) Like theres actual depth and lore there, the lore in skyrim is just a half-assed copy of norse mythology but without anything interesting that comes along with it. Also fast traveling feels very cheap, in Morrowind there was actual directions in your journal to places and sometimes the quest givers would be confused themselves and give you the wrong directions, which would actually happen in real life! This made you have to talk to other npc's in nearby towns for more accurate information. but Skyrim is so dumbedd down the journal barely tells you one sentence, all you have to do is follow the marker on your compass thats ever-present. Dialogue choices are only like 2-3 choices at best. Ugh I could go on. I know morrowind also had its repetitive issues with dialogue but the developers could've improved it instead of taking so much away. Well I'm sure everyone already knew this, I know I'm not the only one that feels Skyrim is incredibly boring compared to previous elder scrolls. I might try oblivion again after having not played it for years and see how it holds up to morrowind!
Ibrahim shaikh (7 months ago)
Dragon priests disliked the video its time to slay them
AlbinoPanda (7 months ago)
Each game takes place in different eras? Absolutely the fuck NOT! Only Skyrim. Also what do you think TES6 will be about? Considering the prophecy, Four Corners of the World, has been fulfilled with Alduin's return, the plot can be anything taken place anywhere. If you read a book in Skyrim (forgot name) you will read about an emperor of the tiger(?) people in Akavir who succeeded in becoming a dragon from devouring them. The Akaviri lost to their invasion of Tamriel, i forsee a great plot to do of them retrying to invade after this rumoured success, seeing as a character who has powers and feels the time is right to attack Tamriel again.
CristinZ McCormick (7 months ago)
Jody Draws (7 months ago)
Liked: Bonus points for slapping Scientology.
Jo Jo (7 months ago)
Was the tom cruise ending a illuminati reference?You sure did zoomed a lot on his eye
Jo Jo (7 months ago)
This channel and angry jo=An actual competent ign
Council Fraun (7 months ago)
What about talos who’s he named after
LiteBerry Yt (8 months ago)
is it normal that my xbox 360 version of skyrim has the first dragon comming back every time when i launch my save file
Johsty Bach (8 months ago)
Number 5 is way more similar to the imperial city than it is the college. https://78.media.tumblr.com/950b88208cb5251fd987ec76b2681260/tumblr_msvjw5bPi21rk2l45o1_1280.jpg
treymtz (8 months ago)
Here is my secret. The Thalmor have actively thought of Ulfric as an asset to their cause. Either because they brainwashed him with magic to damage the empire, or freed him on purpose to weaken the empire. So all you stormcloak clods can sleep tonight knowing you aided the Thalmor by choosing Ulfric. Long live the Empire!
Snag 64 (8 months ago)
Sweet rollz
Spiritpaw Dragon (8 months ago)
I play skyrim and just found ANOTHER of Ildari's journal, there's more to the Quest "Old Friends" than you think if you go to, Fort Frostmoth and enter the door, you will eventually find a room, there's a table with a knapsack in front of it, and on the table is ANOTHERZ OF ildari's journal, she says she's doing the hearthstone transplant on other people too, idk if this is before or after Neloth did the whole thingy.
Spiritpaw Dragon (8 months ago)
She says at the end of the journal "if this fails more, I may have to resort to self I experimentation to where she went to neloth and had him do it?
Hodr (9 months ago)
the red rose thing is a myth
Shun Kurosaki (9 months ago)
Number 0 fact the dragons are actually wyvern so your a wyvern born lol
Moses Winkfield (9 months ago)
what armor is that in number 3
Moses Winkfield (9 months ago)
what armor is that in number 3
John Cena (9 months ago)
You can also ask followers to take all from a chest even if their inventory is full. Fair warning though, my game nearly crashes every time I ask J’zargo to trade with me
Ryan Uvanile (9 months ago)
the pages in the ogma infinium looks like the imperial city.
Tom Fletcher (9 months ago)
I have never played Skyrim, neither do I want to, I just like watching videos about it.
GAMERS UNITED (9 months ago)
i still did not believe that skyrim was made in 2011
Jordan Pugh (9 months ago)
Beyond Skyrim just came out. Happy playing you all.
Sh4d0s (9 months ago)
+gameranx fun fact.. the image at 4:30 is MINE :P
Daslynnter (9 months ago)
Idk how the college represents that page, but that symbol certainly reminds me of the layout of the imperial city, which was built by daedra worshipping aylieds.
Henrietta Lore (10 months ago)
I can't remember what game M'aiq said this, but he told my character that he is one of many M'aiq the Liars, and that the name is passed down.
grape boi (10 months ago)
I was dissapointed when I killed the reaper only to discover you don't get any special loot so I had to get a MOD to fix that issue
Baltawar02 (10 months ago)
"Bethesda knows what it's doing." Lol, now look at Creation Club and the fact that they are delaying Skyrim Together for no real reason
Obyn (10 months ago)
the dawnstar flower myth is just a big international troll, and a good way to spot youtuber that doesnt look up their facts, check it :3
Aaron Hurley (10 months ago)
Gotta say, Skyrim is not that great of a game, with mods, yes, but without mods it’s outdated, the combat is garbage and the story is nothing special, not just that but most of the characters have the same kind of personality, Skyrim is an average game.
Lost Souls (10 months ago)
With the last one when I ask my follower to do that they say they can’t
Its a-me (10 months ago)
I think the diagram in the oghma infinium looks more like the imperial city from above
Brendan Pelotte (10 months ago)
anyone else get annoyed when he said the Sheogorath was a divine
Alex Gun (10 months ago)
Ogma Infinium is more like Imperial City in Cyrodil
anime 2 (10 months ago)
Blackreach gave me a horrible flashback of me searching for that dumbass crimson ninroot for fucking hours.
Fast Tortoise (11 months ago)
Whoever you summon a demora lord artery one runs away from u try this at riften
Esoteric Jay (11 months ago)
The dawnstar fact was fake. They do not place a flower on the stairs when a citizen dies. Fact check it. A troll made that up. It's from a different game where a character named Dawnstar would plant flowers in his garden for dead people
ArekkusuYT (11 months ago)
if u use console commands and get his armor it tuners your head invisible and his visible (headless horseman)
Deplorable Kunt (11 months ago)
Am I reaching here when I noticed that the name of Dawnstar is Satan? Dawn is the morning, the Morningstar is Lucifer, Lucifer is Satan the devil.
reyno (11 months ago)
I've put waaaaaaay to much time into Skyrim...and still fucking love it.
Mr_Crouton (11 months ago)
the easiest way is the tower stone
A-DAN The Man (11 months ago)
yeah I keep seeing maiq the liar I saw him at the snowy mountains near black reach and around white run near the giants camp
ChickenNugget (11 months ago)
Lydia got stuck inside of the mountain with the graybeards on it, so I can’t get any followers. I honestly don’t know how this happened, one second I was running from a bear, the next I was follower-less
MIke Elshire (11 months ago)
Wow... Thanks you guys i actually didn't know about two of those three secret bosses...now imma go kill em!
FancyMan456 (11 months ago)
did anyone notice when he was at the end of number 4 he quickly swiched to number 3 at the end
Zukfan (11 months ago)
Remember when Bethesda knew what they were doing, ha *COUGH* Fallout 3 sucked.
Awaken't (1 year ago)
Go duck a fishy stick
FlashedFan 89825 (1 year ago)
Skyrim trow voice shout
merc 076 (1 year ago)
The liar is the son of the son of the original maijick. Or how you wright it
Neko Caven (1 year ago)
2:37 Czech army :D
Dio Keeper (1 year ago)
1:27 coincidence ? i think not
Ambross Gaming (1 year ago)
Deadra heart in the lower floor of the companions building or whatever it is called... cabinet near where you will talk to their leader...mostly there for about the fisrt time you got in the building but if you leave it wont be there any more...plus the only way to get it is to use the grab command and grab it to the other room where no one can see and just grab it... cuz if you flatout just grab it eurland will get it back
Duminic The Dumb (1 year ago)
You know you've played too much Skyrim when you know all this lmao. Also, watch ESO's or Camelwork's video on Rorikstead for a, no offense, much better explanation. Spoiler alert: They be sacrificing the women to Clavicus Vile to steal the women fertility which Clavicus then turns into fertility of the soil.
Sir Lowenherz Das III (1 year ago)
"Bethesda knows what they're doing." Are you sure about it?
Stocked Sherlock (1 year ago)
Y'all stopped playing?
Mel Parnell (1 year ago)
did u now when u do a srtant shout when u turn into a vampire lord u can actually turn into somthing called a zorobeth and they are realy strong

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