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7 Things You'll Find In Literally Every JRPG Ever

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Rob cooks up a storm in this week's Friday Feature - sorry, Friday Eature - and bakes us a traditional Japanese Role Playing Game. Check out the video to see what 7 ingredients you'll find in every single one! PlayStation Access brings you PS4, PS3 and PSVita news, features and gameplay every week, giving you unprecedented access to the biggest titles on PlayStation. Subscribe now to ensure you never miss out: http://bit.ly/AccessSub All music featured courtesy of epidemicsound.com (http://www.epidemicsound.com) One On Onesie jingle created by Pelle Kuipers / http://youtube.com/sketchysong Want more? Rob's Twitter: http://bit.ly/RobPearson Dave's Twitter: http://bit.ly/DavidJackson Nath's Twitter: http://bit.ly/NathanDitum Hollie's Twitter: http://bit.ly/HollieBennett Dan's Twitter: http://twitter.com/dan_wheeler90 Join us on Facebook: http://bit.ly/AccessFB Follow us on Twitter: http://bit.ly/TweetAccess
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Text Comments (1631)
nightxsabbath (1 day ago)
I'd like to add that almost every main protagonist is a sword user in some way or form.
Bee Well (1 day ago)
love the recipie
Bee Well (1 day ago)
Emperorwolf 999 (2 days ago)
my "that one" : that annoying bit in Metal gear solid 4 where you have to follow the rebel to the church but cannot simply go there without them
Emperorwolf 999 (2 days ago)
i know its not a jrpg but still
klyffjohnson (2 days ago)
Final Fantasy 8's Demi can't reduce you past 1 HP. Blind Diablos, and don't bother healing. You're welcome.
Daniel Haarti (2 days ago)
Hating the snow areas is too true. I thought I was the only one.
Daniel Haarti (2 days ago)
What is Crono's tragedy? He just seems to be there, until his death and resurrection.
Daniel Haarti (2 days ago)
I actually used Morgana quite a bit. It was my main healer, hmm. What was I doing wrong?
c vin (2 days ago)
catching Insector and taking them to battle in the insectron tournament in Rogue Galaxy is addictive . and Blitzball too,FFX haha
Josephus Mutzenbacher (3 days ago)
You forgot "a sappy lovestory" the "a childhood friend" and "amnesia"
Soul Thewhiteangel (3 days ago)
2. tales of berseria. Boat 3. tales of berseria. None
Soul Thewhiteangel (3 days ago)
6 . Trails of cold steel 2 (you start in the cold)
E nigma (4 days ago)
That one level.... breath of fire 3, where you have to navigate a desert, and the game gives you bad directions on where you're supposed to go. Weren't leveled enough for the final boss? After mucking around here for hours, you probably are now.
Creative Gaming (7 days ago)
*sees morgana from persona 5* um............. does the spell salvation mean NOTHING to you?
Peter Ward (8 days ago)
Villain should have been eggs.
Tahmeed Rahman (10 days ago)
Damn JRPGs are deliiiish xD
Tona V. (10 days ago)
Golden Sun's ice areas are tolerable and enjoyable....
Thomas (10 days ago)
the friday EATure is actually brilliant . hilarious way to present the topic
Nick H (10 days ago)
Best part of making a cake? You can lick the frosting off the Sephiroth.
Erza Senju (11 days ago)
You missed the "ridiculously overpowered post game dungeons" (not that they have to be post game)
Vivianne Wanderley (11 days ago)
The mystery guy/girl, the infinity hours of grinding, the comedy relief character, magical npcs that appear right before the area of the next boss, that one annoying quest where you need go escort a npc to the other side of the map or deliver messages/itens to npcs all over the world etc
Berten Sap (11 days ago)
Rob, you are a hero. I have recently started Ni No Kuni II, and I absolutely adore it, might be my favorite game so far.
sanrock08 (11 days ago)
Mainline Shin Megami Tensei games and Koudelka are the exeptions that I can recall.
Rin Izunia IV (12 days ago)
TRIPLE TRIAD BABYYYYYYY I play the hell out of TT still in FFXIV
Dy Ev (12 days ago)
I'm actually tired of the Silent Protagonist. You know, the main character that never speaks? It was a cliché in the 90s, but STILL today you see this!! (Not in EVERY single RPG, but many of them)
CV Nacianceno (12 days ago)
You included Vagrant Story AND The Legend of Dragoon... I love you, good sir.
Aaron-justin Anderson (12 days ago)
I had over 90 hrs on ff13 to this day i still dont get who or what the villains were and what they actually wanted
shadowpod13 (13 days ago)
Favorite mini-game for me is Blitzball from FF X. You forgot "Some sort of leveling system." For most it's a literal level, as well as abilities getting unlocked. Also items can level up as well (Materia FF VII). But more to the action side, it can be just getting better items and more HP (Legend of Zelda).
newageBoundhippie (13 days ago)
I always end up going non-Playstation with this stuff but...some of my "that one boss/level/dungeon" would be: the Threed Tunnel and Magicant ( EarthBound ) ( btw, that's still my favorite game of all time... ) Lorithia & Zanza ( Xenoblade Chronicles ) the Definian Downfall mission ( Xenoblade Chronicles X ) Whitney ( Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal and Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver ) Atlantica ( Kingdom Hearts II ) ( not hard just so...BAD. God I hate that world. ) Mt Gagazet Seymour and the forced Blitzball game ( Final Fantasy X ) ( I hate being forced to play minigames to progress ) the Gunner's Gauntlet and Via Infinito ( Final Fantasy X-2 ) ( god the criteria for the true ending is obnoxious :/ ) the Tetra Master tournament ( Final Fantasy IX )
Arcadio Castellanoz (13 days ago)
Seymour Flux can go straight to hell
Thomas Clark (13 days ago)
You forgot about some things that may or may not happen in jrpg's. 1.) add the 'secret' ingredents: The Legendary Weapons. 2.) Those side ingredents: The side missions 3.) A 'Royal' ingredent: A Princess 4.) a fetch quest, because we all love looking for hours on end for those damn hamsters. 4.) and lastly and the most hated ingredent of all: The F*cking WATER LEVELS!!!!
Peter Donkers (13 days ago)
Tripple triad! It should be a stand alone game!
Emmanuel Boston (14 days ago)
Anthropomorphic animal sidekicks. Morgana, Cait Sith, Fran.
John Rambo (15 days ago)
Zidane is a saiyan
Fred Cox (15 days ago)
Every JRPG has at least one iconic brilliant music track that is just perfect ff7, ff15, kh, enchanted arms, etc
Der Vorleser (16 days ago)
did he just use soy milk? :D
sword of war (19 days ago)
tetra master>triple triad
LeoEyes Being (19 days ago)
final boss with 1 Hit KO or 1 HP
.Akame (20 days ago)
The symbol and dragon transforming reminded me of fire emblem. XD
Almir Lopes (21 days ago)
we have some recurring characters stereotypes too... like the "dark, silent ally, with badass attitude", the "loli cheerful girl", the "gorgeous sexy woman" or the "clumsy big guy with kind heart"
KING (21 days ago)
the cold levels in jrpgs are like living in northern europe but instead of you being cold and miserable its the characters in the game
kenkaneki (22 days ago)
I see soy milk
The Howling Gamer (25 days ago)
How did they miss the time where they have to grind out for either stupid rare drops or to level up for a super boss? See, FF8, Ni no kuni, ni no kuni 2, Xenoblade chronicals ect.
Izumi Culture (25 days ago)
You forgot the endless hours of grinding
DiaCrusher (26 days ago)
Scripted battles.
Troy Leclaire (26 days ago)
i have never played a jrpg in my life which one should i try?
shadowpod13 (5 days ago)
+Troy Leclaire If you are, I'd recomend going with the Classic Sphere Grid. The Expert Sphere Grid is better if you want more ability to customize the characters, but it's also easy to get lost with it.
Troy Leclaire (12 days ago)
+shadowpod13 thanks mate ill give it a go i have ps4 btw
shadowpod13 (13 days ago)
FF X would be my recommendation. (due to it being my favorite) The Tales series is pretty good as well. You can also search "Top JRPG's...." for whatever system you have. There are a ton of vids on YouTube of "Top Non Final Fantasy JRPGs," "Top PS2 JRPGs," "Most Underated JRPGs," and on and on.
Honigmaus (26 days ago)
You forgot the other traditional recipe: the bland protagonist who is just super nice, really easy-going and just wants to protect everyone (like tales of zestiria, granblue fantasy,Tidus from FFX, and the blandest vanilla one of all: Vaan, FFXII ) The female sexy party member that is basically wearing a bikini, because large chunks of her clothes are missing (hotpants and crop top = best outfit)
iamrathercool12121 (27 days ago)
Breath of fire 4 😍😍😍😍😍
King Me (27 days ago)
but but, most JRPG that I have played, you have to kill god with the power of friendship!
Ammy Reed (27 days ago)
You forgot that one piano song that makes you cry
james amarant (27 days ago)
the thing that's in just about every JRPG is the theme of nature versus technology
NoNameJustWords (29 days ago)
**keyboards start clattering** "Except the ones where there not" **keyboards stop clattering**
Natanael Valle (29 days ago)
Ancient technology that no one understands
Toph (29 days ago)
Ugh, Fort Condor in FFVII agonizing.
Toph (29 days ago)
Triple Triad FTW!
Toph (29 days ago)
I actually used Miranda/Shana all the time, I'm big on healers and buffs 💖💖💖
Ben Opheim (29 days ago)
jerry bailey (30 days ago)
Was that tomatos at 9:55?
Shane Banning (30 days ago)
"Ive put all this in now....so im sticking with it." Killed me lololol
Prophet (1 month ago)
When you said the thing about the silver hair and immediately followed up with " being possessed by the big baddie", it clicked. Sephiroth was possessed by Xehanort all along! KH3 final boss Sephinort confirmed!
Announce spoilers at the beginning of the video, luckily I've played Nino Kuni!
Whatsdogpee (1 month ago)
That one boss: Miang from Xenogears, especially since you have to beat Ramus right before without able to heal your gears.
Mathieu Brisson (1 month ago)
You forgot the optional boss harder than the last boss.
majinnemesis (1 month ago)
demon gate in FF7 is easy just use more physical attacks,the boss has a high defence agaisnt magical attack also level up aeris she's one of the best characters in the game are level 3 and 4 limit breaks make you invincible
For me that one boss is from FFIX ARK... first time i did it, I didnt read what Kuja said about the anti magic field and brought Dagger and vivi with me.... boy did I had a hard time getting over him... in FFX it is an entire that one level and that one boss from the same section... Mt. Gagazet and Seymour Flux... boy those are annoying.
Naömi Vélez (1 month ago)
I guess that’s why I love Bhunivelze so much as a villain in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. He wasn’t destroying the world. He was merely creating a new one to save the human race from extinction. The plot twist here is that he wanted to create a world free from their and their emotions and whatnot. In other words, he wanted to control them like his puppets. Makes him different from all the other villains, despite them being good villains.
Laydie (1 month ago)
A common trope in JRPGs I've seen is that at some point you end up making an enemy of an ally. Like Riku in Kingdom Hearts or Marcello in Dragon Quest 8 (and the possessed Jessica: SPOILERS). Or fighting Isaaru in Final Fantasy 10. Or Vossler in Final Fantasy 12. Just to name a few.
David Graber (1 month ago)
that was a very awesome video and it was very hilarious
Joanne smallwood (1 month ago)
Demons gate in ff7 was where I finally grasped the concept of materia altering your stats. I never paid attention at the start. What sucked is the random battles was deactivated for that moment before the boss so you had no choice but to keep trying. I finally realized I could raise aeriths health by removing certain materia I didn't necessarily need. Omg i have never saved so fast fearing a power outage then after that particular boss. Ahh memories...
Alexis Badano (1 month ago)
Triple triad 😍😍😍 and the music man. I need this mini game for my cellphone 😂
ZeldaFan 226 (1 month ago)
Every jrpg character is beautiful. Also my favorite boss fight is magus from chrono trigger.
OmegaLeader 1516 (1 month ago)
You forgot a hard to find, god-killing super weapon
Melanie Hahn (1 month ago)
I use Morgana in Persona 5. He’s my healer, what I need in every jrpg. I can’t on Shido, that one boss, without him
Kevin J. (1 month ago)
Not sure if this is a list of "bad" or "good" things. XP
Shoes (1 month ago)
A magic system that you flicked through the tutorial as a kid and barely understood it's true potential or actually how to use it because you just wanted strength/power to go up, because that always meant better.
fallen5592 (1 month ago)
and what about the more or less good level-up system???
fallen5592 (1 month ago)
but... Snow ain't to bad... bit overkill in his morals or whatnot . . . but nor too bad (sure... I prefer my Light + Fang + Hope combo before most including Snow . . . but still)
dayan even (1 month ago)
Rob how didn't you see this?. They all have great hair.
aqw buttonbulba (1 month ago)
Back when I was a kid that 1 boss was smash bros brawls last boss
brittanyxxbabyxx (1 month ago)
8. An Overly masculine/ flirty side character
Just Why thou (1 month ago)
6:49 damn that reminds ni no kuni’s minigames at the casino. So addictive
Carl Townsend (1 month ago)
Crono from Chrono Trigger doesn't have any sort of tragedy really, he just falls for Marle/Nadia and goes on a world saving adventure.
Quentin Umbra (1 month ago)
Lmao! "Sword of wobbly woo"
Wildan Fajar (1 month ago)
Thats the most beautiful cake i've ever seen in my life!
neosildrake (1 month ago)
Triple Triad! I played for dozens of hours before leaving for Dollet. Refined the cards and was so overpowered... 😅😅😅
R Cola (1 month ago)
I ended liking Dragon Quest XI over FFVI.
Dogfartface (1 month ago)
11:45 pretty sure that's a Waitrose cake (carrot cake perhaps?) that has Sephiroth stuffed in from the bottom.
Hetamo Satunia (1 month ago)
Hey Morgana is a damn fine healer
daveincognito (1 month ago)
No JRPG would be complete without the Magic McGuffin (or McGuffins), the something or other that contains the power you need to defeat the evil facing the world. You can't just fight the Big Bad, you need the Seven Orbs of Wonder to get to him first.
lfestevao (1 month ago)
BoF4 whelk plains is a royal pain! And it has many ways to go, meaning you have to face it multiple times to open all exits.
BabyKrogan (1 month ago)
Where's the ghost ship/ghost train?
Fabregasgunner4 (1 month ago)
Wow that cake looks amazing I'm going to make that before bake off... Doctor pepper check... Nuts and raisins check.... Dark evil overlord....
Dwayne Davis (1 month ago)
This put me in the mood to play some RPG games
DemonicMonkey88 (1 month ago)
5:11 You benched Morgana? (Remembers that his team was Haru and a mix of Makoto, Yusuke, and Ryuji) But the heals!
Sofaris (1 month ago)
Morgana was honestly my best man. From second he Joins all the way to the twins he was a true godsend.
aaron cwiklinski (1 month ago)
Hang on, Kefka actually destroyed the world.
aaron cwiklinski (1 month ago)
Final Fantasy fans. 3 words for a useless character...YOU SPOONY BARD!!!
Casper (1 month ago)
In the case of kingdom hearts you have a story in which you try to understand it but pretty much don't know what's going And Donald is there
Jacob Beck (1 month ago)
Ingredient # 3: cait sith ffvii, worst ever
Halo M (1 month ago)
I see that the 'annoyingly addictive mini-game' was made of Dr. Pepper.
JOHNNYBOY 117 (1 month ago)
Kurenar Bervakien (1 month ago)
What about the collectables? Never played a jrpg without an item list as long as the Sahara

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