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HUGE Feature Coming to PSN VERY SOON! GAMERS Waited YEARS for THIS!

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Text Comments (94)
GameCross (4 days ago)
Time Stamps- 00:56 - PSN NAME CHANGES FINALLY COMING! 03:19 - PlayStation Store September Top Downloads 05:04 - Assassin's Creed Odyssey Record Launch Week Sales + More! 06:53 - Assassin's Creed 3 Remaster Details 07:52 - FREE PSN Avatars 08:17 - PS4 DEALS
Skull Fker (4 days ago)
+Chadwick S so true man. Just making a new name can take you forever. I had one in mind back on't he day but tried easily 2 dozen variants and no luck
Chadwick S (4 days ago)
GameCross most of the good names are already taken, seeing that there’s probably already 6.9 billion accounts on the psn all together. Little to late for the name change, so I’m not excited for it anymore
Skull Fker (4 days ago)
Sony is gokng to bank off this in the 3 months following releasing ID change lol
Jeff Herold (22 hours ago)
So stupid there making you pay money to change a damn people name. Greedy as hell
Nickle488 (1 day ago)
The 2nd most requested feature, number one is backwards compatibility
TheRaziel07 (3 days ago)
Im just waiting for 5.55 jailbreak
RyujiGaming _ (3 days ago)
I'm really excited for name changes but I'm surprised cuz I thought you were gonna trick me and talk about something else keep ps plus games or change your home country but I'm excited cuz I've been in the last few betas so I might make it from a weeby name to my youtube channel (not this one)
Tronald Dump (3 days ago)
Long winded and needlessly padded and stuffed to the brim with filler Like always Gotta hit the 10 min mark though right?
Minato Arisato (3 days ago)
Damn, I was hoping to hear about backwards compatibility for at least PS1-PS2. Oh well, I guess I'll just sell my ps3 multiplats and play MGS3 on my Xbox One.
Neon Beach Raver’s (3 days ago)
Im going to add cap's to my psn name woot ^_v
Leonardo Vargas (3 days ago)
I cant believe people still buy assasins creed.
Tommi Martinez (3 days ago)
That’s great PlayStation Fina-fucking-ly! Excuse my language the wait was long 😬 now all we need is PlayStation Home. 🤗
Whôlf Houston (4 days ago)
Assassin's Creed is becoming a xxx crap 💩, if you know what I mean. NOT good👎🏻
Marty V (4 days ago)
name change? ... I don't care
Tomb Raider is overrated, it’s the game Xbots were hyping as an ‘exclusive’ on par with Spider-Man. 😂🤣 Xbots are hopelessly desperate.
Jesse Schulz (4 days ago)
i told you name changes would be free!
Trevor Hieb (4 days ago)
I really like that Ubisoft is throwing these remasters in with the season passes I personally never buy season passes but if all games would throw in remasters of previous titles I probably would
Karl Mueller (4 days ago)
About damn time
Jason Duhamel (4 days ago)
I like this channel but this guy talks way too fast
dragon soul sacrifice (4 days ago)
rip tomb raider lol
DRAKE (4 days ago)
Man I going to change my ID to Señor XXXL
bigmanolo26 (4 days ago)
I figured shadow of the tomb raider would go on sale already. Come blk Friday imma finding it for cheap
Demon Orb (3 days ago)
Flop of the tomb raider !
SCARlet_DRaKox13 (4 days ago)
Pffft I don't care about my name change.. I WANT TO CHANGE MY F ING REGION
daisx beohfox (4 days ago)
None of the list you mention was near the top of what i had on mine. Especially assassins greed.
Sen Howler (4 days ago)
Mentions changing terrible names. "Mast Der Bater" shows up on screen at that same moment.
Larry Medina (4 days ago)
Assasinscreed odysey is ruined by micro transactions dude, if u don't play all side missions it ruins all progressions.
Sir Galahad (4 days ago)
*Hellblade Senua's Sacrifice PS4 Physical Release December 4 2018!*
Karazu X (4 days ago)
Hmmm I never had AC game before and looks like I'll be getting Black Flag first and wait for deals for Origins and Odyssey.. Should I get it for my PS4 Pro or will it run just the same with Xbox One S? Thinking of adding AC games to my Xbox since I only have handful of games with that console. And yes, I'm not upgrading to X.
SeeFood Diet (3 days ago)
Yeah it’s a no brainer. Go for pro. If you had the X it would be a harder decision
Ofcourse the Pro will run AC game better than XBOX ONE S
Demon Orb (4 days ago)
Buy the ps4 version, they always perform slightly better than trashbox one 1080p vs 900p( maybe 2190p on the pro )
Getting you Triggered (4 days ago)
Still keeping my name🍺
Bryan Cooper (4 days ago)
Cool I have 1 account name I'd like to change. Sweet!
Sir Galahad (4 days ago)
*MediEvil Remastered!!!*
Drew Holmes (4 days ago)
Damn, I wish they’d bring back PlayStation Home
Gesu Loks' (3 days ago)
Is that where you could make your own character avatar and chill with other players? Cus it's been around, it's just under a different name now.
It was a cool place to meet some weird characters
Getting you Triggered (4 days ago)
Fr that sucked when they got rid of it. Met some cool ass mfuckers
Larry God (4 days ago)
We did it thank You.
Jeremy Seal (4 days ago)
I'm a diehard Playstation fan, but this is a joke. I'm happy name changes is here, but this should have been there from the start.
+Getting you Triggered i looked it up, that's the reason https://au.ign.com/articles/2014/11/14/heres-why-you-cant-change-your-psn-name-yet If you have a different reason, share it
Getting you Triggered (11 hours ago)
+Vergil the legendary dark slayer that is not the reason LOL nice story bruh
+Getting you Triggered they didn't allow it at the start because they didn't want people to grief in a game, change their name then do it again.... that's kinda a pathetic reason why they didn't allow it
Paul Lee (4 days ago)
Cry more..
dragon soul sacrifice (4 days ago)
wrath achehboune (4 days ago)
shadow of tomb raider still paying for the exclusivity of rise of tomb raider on xbox meaning it was a flop on ps platform guess bieng sony exclusive mean greatness in sales
Well, that game have competition with Spider-man on september
Nayyab Mughal (4 days ago)
Do t give a fuck about name change I want backwards compat
Ghost in The shell (4 days ago)
The microtransactions wont stop if you people keep buying assassins creed.
Cephas Humbles (4 days ago)
U definitely had me hyped of the title I thought u was gonna announce backwards ps3 compatible games or ps3 games library that can be bought digitally I could careless about nametag name change (PS your voice is annoying like that awkward stage of adolescent to teenage voice change but I still watch your channel for the best reliable source of Ps4 related news)...
Cephas Humbles (4 days ago)
+Bryan Cooper I rather be a dick that a pussy lol
Sir Galahad (4 days ago)
*Rule Of Rose Remake!!!*
Getting you Triggered (4 days ago)
No i already knew what he was going to talk about
Bryan Cooper (4 days ago)
So you've proven you're a Dickhead. Nice job 👍
Cephas Humbles (4 days ago)
+disguyngo yes but nothing really been done with that either which is a disappointment they started Ps2 but didn't really bring any real note worthy or blockbuster tittles besides GTA series which I feel it overatted(my opinion) what about those hidden gems like viewtiful Joe n Shinobi etc ps2 had so many hidden gems waist of potential...
Ghost in The shell (4 days ago)
I love that this many people had buyers remorse when it came to their psn name.
Eloy Lopez (4 days ago)
Hahaha I was 12 20 years ago
disguyngo (4 days ago)
Probably made their names when they were teenagers and are now grownups... maybe
spaceVulture42 (4 days ago)
Finally got and played Battlefield 1. Mostly based on your review (and the $5 and change price tag with a free premium upgrade). What a great single player campaign. I haven't even finished it and I can't even think of another FPS that I have become as invested in like this one. Thanks for the recommendation!
spaceVulture42 (3 days ago)
I played some. And as usual I die. A lot. But it's pretty fun. I'm just more into a good story FPS. Wish the campaign was longer.
Jason Howland (4 days ago)
Just wait till you get into the MP side of it
spaceVulture42 (4 days ago)
That's true, still well worth $5, and I thought it was a better story than any of the FarCrys.
bouchy85 (4 days ago)
spaceVulture42 just sucks the single player is only 5hrs long
Mic Dy (4 days ago)
assassin creed odyssey is a very average game + it crash and have bugs, i regret my purchase
demon masterX (4 days ago)
Tomb raider on sale already
demon masterX (3 days ago)
+tS Tuquan yeah i know that why is on sale
tS Tuquan (3 days ago)
demon masterX it didn’t sell well
Demon Orb (4 days ago)
!!! FLOP !!!
Chris Ozorio (4 days ago)
Psn we can finally. Change our names Nintendo: hold my beer Xbox : wow they grow up so fast
wrath achehboune (4 days ago)
xbox : we acquired 5 AA studios3 of them were making already mediocre exclusive for us now we will have a last of us hzd ghost of tsushima and god of war uncharted and spidermans........................................................ like games playstation :awe thats cute hes a retard
The Killer (4 days ago)
Name change is not a big deal dude. Not from a "what console had it first standaview". Of course it's good, but not to buy a console from
Tyonelawl (4 days ago)
I bet Asto Bot Rescue Mission will be Top 5 next month for PSVR :)
Marius Ritz (4 days ago)
Hi (Sorry for bad English)
Clouds_ Minds (4 days ago)
Finally we can change our names lol
Nelson Santos (4 days ago)
Great video as always Game cross to today like you put out daily
Jay Swing (4 days ago)
I’ve been changed my name last week
Jay Swing (4 days ago)
Yea dumb ass
demon masterX (4 days ago)
Your gamer tag that you see in game fool
Michael So (4 days ago)
I’m happy with my PSN name though.
tS Tuquan (3 days ago)
Michael So .. Then clearly it isn’t meant for you ...
Bryce Jones (4 days ago)
Michael So then don’t change it ?
Kronixio (4 days ago)
AC 3 remastered looks meh for a 2018 game
Power x DNC (4 days ago)
First ‼️
Robert Edwards (4 days ago)
I didn't even watch the video yet, but it better be the ability to add to watchlist on the webstore, and see it in the actual PS Store on the console, for cryin' out loud.
Gabe newell (4 days ago)
Steps. I'm sure they are working towards more PSN changes. Big one starting with this
Robert Edwards (4 days ago)
Ugh, it's not. Jesus.

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