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Jodorowsky's Dune - Trailer #1

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Watch this preview for the documentary chronicling the filmmaker's failed attempt to bring the science fiction novel to the big screen.
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scott leck (1 month ago)
I dont see why they dont give this a shot. This dudes vision was off the chart
Bryan Chu (2 months ago)
Come on Villeneuve you can do it I believe in you
LOLucas (2 months ago)
exurb1a brought me here
ross twemlow (2 months ago)
its probably the most important work of inspiration that enabled the finest visual feats of cinema to come to fruition, blade runner, alien, star wars, the matrix. probably the most influential piece of work ever in cinema history, this film is a must watch for sci fi and movie fans everywhere.
Phuk Yu (3 months ago)
As problematic as Lynch's film is, a Jodorowsky version would have been the cinematic equivalent of a brain-fried junky licking its own feces off its own fingers not even realizing what it's doing.
Mo The Hat Guy (4 months ago)
I would’ve loved to of seen this film made!
ggthewhale (7 months ago)
Villeneuve should let Jodorowsky be the emperor
Non Mutual Group (8 months ago)
Jodorowsky Is A Pure Genius.
corm1000 (11 months ago)
From what I understand, he wanted to have a robot in this version of Dune. Having a robot in Dune completely goes against almost everything Dune is supposed to be about.
Narmin Gahraman (11 months ago)
Billy Kringel (1 year ago)
A 16 hour film? I forget that episodic storytelling wasn't fully explored in the seventys. Maybe if he was born thirty years later, he would have been working for netlix.
SR Brant (1 year ago)
Sometimes I wonder if it was _never_ meant be made. What if the gods of filmmaking thought it to be so good that all of cinema should share its brilliance?
hopee changee (1 year ago)
Thank Shai Hulud that Jodorowsky's abomination was left to the desert to die.  May its passing cleanse the world.
SR Brant (1 year ago)
Forget the hand; put your _head_ inside the box.
Jon Kimberson (1 year ago)
So what's the story behind why it wasn't made
amarsatori (1 year ago)
+Jon Kimberson Jodorowsky's ideas can be found all over the place, especially in the sci-fi and fantasy genres. Desert scene storyboards were used for Tatooine in Star Wars. H. R. Giger, who had never worked on movies before, all of a sudden became a huge influence in Hollywood---a big example of that is his work in Ridley Scott's Alien. Perhaps the biggest effect was more generic---cinema became more daring and the idea of using a film's visual effects to convey feelings and atmosphere rather than just being a canvas for specific tangible objects became more widespread. Jodorowsky didn't start that, but he definitely opened the doors wide and Hollywood was willing to dabble with his revolutionary ideas in stuff even if it putting it all in one movie was too much for them.
Jon Kimberson (1 year ago)
+amarsatori what other movies did used his ideas
amarsatori (1 year ago)
Jon Kimberson Executive fuckery. Like the video says, studio producers were afraid of such a revolutionary and imaginative movie so it died due to lack of funding. Eventually though Hollywood used Jodorowsky's ideas and creations in many other movies, hence why it was so influential.
Jed Murphy (1 year ago)
Pity the actual movie starring sting was such a flop
Kiefer I (2 years ago)
Imagine what this movie would have been like if Klaus Kinski played a part in it.
Dunecigar (1 year ago)
I'm sure Klaus would have been cast at some point... if it had been filmed.
Kiefer I (2 years ago)
Well, Jodorowsky isn't dead yet. I still think this movie could really make some waves in the industry. Waves that desperately need to be made.
Jon Kimberson (1 year ago)
Kiefer I well why didn't they make it? What's the story behind it
Jordan Sanchez (2 years ago)
So can we start a petition? Because I'm badly wanting something different. Refreshing and new.
Una pena que no la hiciesen
hollandscottthomas (2 years ago)
STILL a travesty that they never made this. Seriously, watch this documentary, it's incredible.
Maria Barragan (1 year ago)
+hollandscottthomas u72gy....nlmlkbh.nuu6567554, nnnbb bbhunmkkjjpnuy;#5565yyyttnghi'.iiikojkj
Jon Kimberson (1 year ago)
+hollandscottthomas sounds interesting
hollandscottthomas (1 year ago)
+Jon Kimberson Short answer: too ambitious. It's seriously worth a watch though - every single person he recruited went on to be fundamental staff on scifi films such as Alien, Blade Runner, Star Wars, Terminator, Tron, The Fifth Element, The Abyss, Superman, Flash Gordon, Guardians of the Galaxy, Heavy Metal, Total Recall and more. PLUS it's one of the most inspirational documentaries ever made! Get on it!! :D
Jon Kimberson (1 year ago)
+hollandscottthomas well im looking for someone to sum it up in a paragraph.not for me to go buy the documentary and find the answer myself
hollandscottthomas (1 year ago)
+Jon Kimberson ...that's literally what this doco is about ;)
Милош Пиваш (2 years ago)
He should do an animated version of Dune. There's no limit with animation. Maybe even anime. Imagine Jodorowsky teaming up with Miyazaki. :O
Connor Lloyd (9 months ago)
No. No animated movie or Anime, it has to be live action. Think Doctor Strange visuals and some epic wide shots with costume/character design from the new Satr Wars trilogy and the feeling of the original Star Wars trilogy. (I know Star Wars may be a touchy subject) It would be excellent.
jmalmsten (1 year ago)
I agree that an Anime version based on the Jodorowsky work would be awesome (given the right production circumstances of course).... And I love Miyazakis work and Ghibli in general... But no... Ghibli is not the right studio for this project. This project needs a Madhouse or Studio 4C or Studio Khara or the likes... I'm just not sure Ghibli would really go for the Moebious/Giger designs.... But yeah. A big budget adaptation in anime form of Jodorowsky's take on Dune directed by Jodorowsky or someone equally... mad... Either as a TV-series or a series of films... That would be a dream combination I think.
Chauliodus (1 year ago)
More like Ryutaro Nakamura, the guy behing Lain and Ghost Hound.... except he died ;(
Javier Hurtado (1 year ago)
Miyazaki lacks the edge Moebius had, even though he was heavily inspired by him. Without Moebius you couldn't make this. Plus Giger is dead too.
Winterwacko Reborn (2 years ago)
It would never work out with him an Miyazaki.
P Clark (2 years ago)
What an adorable man!
This movie would've made us Dune readers very angry https://www.facebook.com/DuneInfo/photos/pb.104857709584873.-2207520000.1461047758./1025091034228198/?type=3&theater
Felipe de Oliveira (2 years ago)
2016. Why isn't this getting made yet?
will naylor (2 years ago)
Felipe Garay (2 years ago)
"i didnt read dune, but i have a friend who say me it was fantastic" ajajajaj
Jan Bittner (1 year ago)
Story of everyone I ever met
Muslims4Murica (2 years ago)
its a thin line between genius and insanity....Jodorowski straddled the fence.
Kinkou Kinkou (2 years ago)
all the large corporate bodies that work in the film industry plagiarized Jodorowsky's hard work as well as the casts! and made billions.... they are pathetic..... this is copyright theft of the highest degree. the largest box office grossing films in the last 40 years have striking resemblances to their work, this isn't coincidence... but structurally engineered
Irwin Borjas (2 years ago)
Lástima que esta película nunca se dió, sirvió para el nacimiento de otras películas como Star War
ENL ATH Xaind (2 years ago)
No Dali, no Wells, no Giger anymore... only Alejandro left... I wish he could have the chance to do that movie back then. It would really change the world.
Kemonokami (2 years ago)
+Agent Xaind And he's _really_ long in the tooth as well.
Fensterbaum (2 years ago)
Adding Leto's extensive torture to Herbert's original story... sounds like Harkonnen's retelling of the story.
Jan Bittner (1 year ago)
It would drive the point across
EvansdiAl (2 years ago)
Sandy Grungerson (3 years ago)
interesting how he gets the book so wrong.
Sandy Grungerson (1 year ago)
+Conor D uh...OK.
Conor D (1 year ago)
+Sandy Grungerson Your opinions lose all credibility from that one comment 11 months ago. Also where is the "nonsensical" stuff you talk about? Try not to forget that this is science fiction.
Jan Bittner (1 year ago)
Well, they were abstract, but that doesnt mean he would do that with Dune, I mean, Dune is an adaptation, so he would have to make it faithful to please people who read the book.
Sandy Grungerson (1 year ago)
+Jan Bittner Yes...but JoDo was more into being utterly non-sensical, then actually representing anything real. 
Jan Bittner (1 year ago)
I think it would work for Dune, you dont even need to add any visual nonsense, you can just stick to passages from the book, you have literally hundreds of moments which could look visualy interesting on the big screen.
Stephan Bruno (3 years ago)
They can do it now. Please do it now.
lionstanding (3 years ago)
Yesh....we live in The Age of The Castrate......The Age of the Defunct....Spineless......why doesn't someone take up the project in animation?!!!
Thorgal (2 years ago)
+lionstanding yep,definitely
Kemonokami (3 years ago)
I want to be Jodorowsky's successor.
Valerie Mosley (3 years ago)
this would have been horrible
kupamon (2 years ago)
+Valerie Mosley shut up!
Paddy Magenis (3 years ago)
Have George Lucas and Ridley Scott thanked Jodorowsky for his ideas in Dune yet? They obviously started taking full advantage of his film not being made. I smell a couple of copy cats.
Jarl Knudsen (1 month ago)
No one should ever thank that self-deluded hack.
Dovahkiff (1 year ago)
Paddy Magenis I wouldn't call Scott a copy cat since he has said many times that if it hadn't been for Dune he wouldn't have found Giger and that Alien wouldn't have been the same, if anything it's great that Jodorowsky had so much influence on sci-fi despite him not being able to make his film. Lucas on the other hand... Well he's a bit full of himself, and clearly he's not a great director/writer as we saw with his prequels. I don't know if I would call him a copy cat, he's just full of himself and doesn't care too admit that if it weren't for other great artists he couldn't have possibly created the masterpiece that was Star Wars.
Chazbot (3 years ago)
Udo Kier was cast as Piter de Vries. That would have been great. The greatest pervert actor since Peter Lorre.
Chazbot (3 years ago)
People knocking J's vision are missing the point. Yes, the movie would have been crazy, a travesty, a box-office bomb. But the passion and ambition that the production encompassed was so great that it acted like a great magic spell, and seeded a hundred wonderful projects. He's a madman and a wizard, and a true artist. And you can't kill an idea.
tripdefect87 (1 year ago)
Agreed, I felt totally filled with a fiery creativity after watching this for the first time. I even started writing a story inspired by Alejandro and various other European "dreamers"
Chazbot (2 years ago)
The second Dune book is pretty much all about the unbelievably powerful and prescient Paul trying to think his way out the mental trap of being a fearsome godhead and emperor. Nothing much else happens except for some very intricate political chicanery. There's no fighting and few spaceships.
Chazbot (2 years ago)
There was a sci-fi show but it was very glossy;  the CGI was plentiful and poor and I considered it poorly designed. So the Dune books are ready for another look. But I'm not sure the casual viewer would respond to how coldly they analyze the uses of power, or how damning they are of environmental abuse. You all know that Paul Atredes starts a galactic jihad, yes a JIHAD, that kills several billion people, and spend all his time fighting his murderous prophetic powers that push him relentlessly towards inhuman domination.
Tate Hildyard (2 years ago)
+Yuri PRIME Like I said. I see great potential   in this for a n HBO tv show. Even if they don't want to go the Jodorowski route, Dune would just make a great tv show in general.  And I mean a real tv show so don't bring up that sic-fi channel micro-budget miniseries.
N B. (3 years ago)
I would have loved to see the film. I'm all for trippy LSD visuals.
sea.drnkr (3 years ago)
We should have a dune remake With him as director Do it Do it for the spice
77Avadon77 (3 years ago)
Too me I thought it was a little crazy that the supporting artists weren't reading or recommended to read the books of Dune. That made me pause when so many of them said they hadn't read the books. I understand that this was Jdorowskys impression but to not make use of the books, the best research material there is, seems foolish and a little bit arrogant and eccentric. I understand the idea of interpretation but if you're going off of what little Jodorwsky's giving you about the story then you probably don't have a whole lot to go on. In the end the studios probably felt he was just too much of a risk, too preachy, to much spiritual ideologies that may or may not have worked and too massive of a scale. Maybe they simply thought Jodorwsky wasn't grounded enough to pull off such a big production given that his prior work was, well, lets just say not all that well received. Face it, when you have 20million dollars to spend you want to give it to the best guy who you feel delivers the least risk. This is commercial art and it's an investment. If you want to do art with no risk, buy yourself a handycam and make Dune in your backyard with your own money. I can at least see where the studios were coming from. Still I would have loved to see, whether this was a bang or a bust, Jordowsky's Dune on the big screen.
77Avadon77 (3 years ago)
I went into this not knowing what to expect. Half way through the film I thought these people are crazy, perhaps brilliant, perhaps foolish. Whether you agree with the art or not, you have to admit that Jordowsky's way of creation, his leadership, his fortitude and his artistic expression are truly inspirational. I wish I could see Jodorwskys dune, but not made back the, made today because I think the special effects he needed were really for this era and his imagination was so far ahead of it's time. His movie back then would have made a cool animation, but today it could be done as a motion picture.
I-hate-Google (3 years ago)
oh my god after watching this documentary - I'm so glad Jodorowsky didn't get the money to make Dune. It would have been a total psychedelic travesty. Let's patiently wait for somebody great to come forward with an idea that is worth Frank Herbert's masterpiece.
Manofiron norifonoM (3 years ago)
The water of life was some pretty trippy shit
Lord Vivec (3 years ago)
he did his best, and that's more than enough
Andrei Dru (3 years ago)
+I-hate-Google don't you think that David Lynch already butchered Frank Herbert's work?
Lord Vivec (3 years ago)
it would be interesting to ask the author himself. Anyway look up the videogame "dante's inferno", consider I'm Italian, what should I say about that? There's freedom of expression in arts, so (besides straight out plagiarism) everyone can make his own interpretations, and in fact it HAS to be so for arts to evolve and avoid stagnancy. When Michael Moore called his movie "Fahreneit 9/11" he didn't ask permission to Ray Bradbury, which got rightfully upset and IIRC he also sued him. That was plagiarism, this one here is free interpretation
Dan Slash (3 years ago)
Jodorowsky is pretty full of himself and he seems to be suffering from delusions of grandeur. But god I would have loved his adaptation of Dune.
ross twemlow (2 months ago)
confidence and arogance are very closely related but his enthusiasm for his projects leans more towards confidence than arrogance if you ask me. arrogance and confidence cannot exist on its own though, they are like ying and yang. the guy loved his work, it was his passion and it is infectious even to someone watching this documentary, imagine if he recruited you to be a part of his visionary works, how could you turn it down?
Non Mutual Group (8 months ago)
Be prepared To Live The Most Wonderful Experience Of Your Life/
Non Mutual Group (8 months ago)
Non Mutual Group (8 months ago)
Damn We Said The Same Thing.
Jesse Irvine (3 years ago)
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Mel Jones (3 years ago)
David Lean (3 years ago)
If only someone took a chance on the movie! I don't think his passion for the film is any different to any good director's passion for a project they know is going to be great. I think he's great, i he's such a colourful character! If only a studio executive had said, 'give him the money. So what if a few dim witted romantic comedies which are only ever star vehicles for performers who aren't good enough to be there anyway, don't get made!!' The only real mistake Jado made was letting all the studio executives in on what he wanted to do. He should of done a Kubrick, make out he was making a regular sci fi, then made a movie of depth that led to the sort of enlightenment he was hoping for. 
Jerome Fecto (3 years ago)
Ça l'aurait été un gros tas de merde. Croyez-moi, je suis le plus grand fan de Dune qu'il y a, le film de Linch est bon, l'imagerie et l'ambiance est parfaite. son défaut est d'être fait à partir d'un livre trop dur à transporter dans un format de 2 heures. 
A. Will (3 years ago)
If I'm interested in watching this and interested in reading Dune, Would it be a terrible thing for me to end up watching this first? Just wanted to know if its good just on its own as a documentary and if it would spoil a lot of the series. 
A. Will (2 years ago)
+Kemonokami haha actually ended up finishing book 1 already and yup, wasn't a problem. Thanks for the comment though.
Kemonokami (2 years ago)
+A. Will It won't.
bartoCreative (3 years ago)
For Those Who Search The Trailer's Soundtrack: . Source: https://www.facebook.com/myspacekraft/posts/10152856021117497 . What is the song title for what starts playing in Jodorowsky's Dune trailer at around 0:39/0:40 ? Was it ever released? Will it be part of the soundtrack ? Where can I buy or download it? I <3 it! SpacEKrafT the soundtrack for the film is in development and should be released sometime in 2015. a gate fold double LP is being considered as the release. the track you refer to should be on the soundtrack album. in the meantime you can hear all of the SpacEKrafT contributions to the film here. if you dig around on the site there are many other tracks that are in a similar soundscape. https://soundcloud.com/spacekraft/sets/featured-in-jodorowskys-dune ;)
yakovcs (3 years ago)
i felt that part of my past that never happened was stolen from me, after i watched this docu  ...  this movie could be the key to all the best Sci-Fi movies i like ... :(
Ryan Duty (3 years ago)
Freak Herbert's Dune is my favorite literary sci-fi series. Period. Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson's additions... not so much. Didn't necessarily understand the correlation of David Lynch's production as an interpretation of the original text , but it did inspire my thorough re-reading if said. Syfy Channel's miniseries was closer to my understanding of the books, but someone should have fired the costume director before production began. All that having been said: I think Jodorowsky's Dune would have negated any further productions and would have done so by blowing so many minds. Might have been the most amazing thing ever put on screen. Might have been the most confusing. I would love to have experienced it as Paul Muad'Dib did.
aLa Lo (3 years ago)
salvador dali as the emperor? what else do you want?
Jan Bittner (1 year ago)
Burning Giraffe.
mudguts24 (3 years ago)
I really need to find the music that was played on the part of the film where they show how Jod's Dune influenced other movies (starwars prometheus, etc) its awesome.....help please 
Jan Bittner (1 year ago)
No, it was composed by Kurt Stenzel
irwinisidro (3 years ago)
I think a lot of the music was original
M Brontë (3 years ago)
I'm not 100% sure, but I think it's the composer Vangelis.
its on netflix now, and i will say this, it probably would have been THE most intense, fucked up, bizzare, amazing movie ever that would have graced the screen. its a real shame that alot of the people involved with it are now dead. i would have went and seen it
Alex Ftoulis (3 years ago)
The most inspiring, mesmerizing, amazing, thrilling, motivating documentary and story EVER.
evilempireUK (3 years ago)
Never read the book or seen Lynch’s film but I would have liked to have seen it just for the visual aspect of the worlds and spacecraft’s and the talent attached to it that would have been amazing or bizarrely shit especially for a film in 75 that in any case is a film you have to watch.  
M Brontë (3 years ago)
I agree...the lynch one is ok, of course it looks dated now...they definitely built on his ideas.
I hated Lynch's vision of Dune, so this is very appealing.
HitchensImmortal (3 years ago)
+Humbertusmarius Fair enough. I'll go on record saying I quite enjoyed Lynch's vision but that aspect lacked the imagination to match.
+HitchensImmortal It wasn't so much the straying from the story, it was the design of the ships and props that bothered me.
HitchensImmortal (3 years ago)
If you hated it for straying from the books, you wouldn't have liked this.
Hal 9000 (3 years ago)
what about a kickstarter to allow jodorowsky to finish his possible masterpiece ? Okay, orson welles, dali, giger and others are dead today but he had a vision of the book who was so accurate in my opinion that he can still shoot the movie now. There are many talented person now too and finally he will be able to use today's special effects to achieve his movie. I don't understand why this ... thing whatever it would be (the greatest movie in history / or a really really bad adaptation) never had a chance to be achieved... I'm just saying : give it a try
William Harper (3 years ago)
He seems like he wanted to piggy back on the greatest sci fi series of all time, and then piss on it once it got him far enough. So glad they didnt make this movie. The guy is so self centered its incredible. The guy changes how and why Paul is born...decides Duke Leto should have no penis due to a dancing accident or some crap, and then kills Paul and has the planet fly around sprinkling good feelings around the universe...what a steaming pile of shit. Go ahead painfully hip craft beer sippers....tell me why this isnt shit. Also the opinion of the loser who teaches your film studies class means exactly zero. 
MetalSlugzMaster (2 years ago)
+MilesTeg87 True, I don't have any sources that directly state how Frank Herbert felt about the screenplay.  I apologize for making it sound concretely so.  There's clues however, to make a reasonable assumption.  Frank Pavich, who directed the documentary has stated on interviews that Herbert and Jodo had a good relationship in the preproduction, so I'm assuming he did his homework and researched these matters as well as consulted the people involved back then.  Herbert is on record as being thrilled with Lynch's results, as he wanted a different take on Dune than his original literary vision.  I doubt it would have been different with Jodorowsky.
MilesTeg87 (2 years ago)
+MetalSlugzMaster How do you know that he didn't have any problems with that? Have not found a single reliable source.
MetalSlugzMaster (3 years ago)
Frank Herbert had no problem with Jodorowsky's adaptation.  Not surprising, since Herbert himself was no stranger to writing about heavenly bodies having consciousness (Whipping Star, Dosadi Experiment).  I don't think there's anything wrong with a screenplay not adhering to the original books and Jodorowsky's would have been a visually fascinating trainwreck.  If you wouldn't have wanted to see it, fine.  I for one, would.
MilkyArmpit (3 years ago)
Daniel Mac (3 years ago)
I would have loved this to happen as he says maybe an animated version will be made one day but this guys mind is too real for the average bear!
yan008 (3 years ago)
MartyMonster (1 year ago)
They did give his the financial backing to make the film. The cinema companies in America were not going to distribute it enough for the movie to get a return on their investment.
Jan Bittner (1 year ago)
Why would it fail, 2001 a space odyssey was a universal success, so why wouldnt this.
Jan Bittner (1 year ago)
For instance Linches Dune
Paddy Magenis (1 year ago)
+yan008 as an audience member who cares if it makes money or not. There are plenty of great films out there that make little money and loose money. I don't get it when people comment on movies, so interested in whether or not it makes money, talking like it actually makes the movie better. You sound like some executive producer, their minds wrapped up in money.
Oberyn Martell (3 years ago)
man i wish they could get a desent budget and make a television show like game of throne ¸in movies it would be kinda dificult but with a seriese they have enough screen time
blacklordXV (3 years ago)
Es tan triste después de ver el documental... Como los sueños de este hombre de crear algo que cambiara las generaciones SIGUE VIVO después de todo lo que le negaron después de que le dieron la espalda...
shaft9000 (3 years ago)
I'd trade my memory of every sci-fi film in the last 30 years just to see AJ's Dune once on a shitty VHS transfer
Daniel Chapman (3 years ago)
With the popularity of the documentary, does it not make sense to make the film for real now? Sure, we don't have Dali and Welles anymore, why not replace them with Lynch (lol) and Jack Nicholson? Think about iiiiit
mediiskit (4 years ago)
well he is not a real director. if he was he could be make this film 
MARTIAN-X-TV (4 years ago)
This Cat is Bad..........Wow !
MerkinMuffly (4 years ago)
Looking at his storyboard for the movie, I'm convinced this would have been a colossal failure. Costumes and colors of actors were wild and outlandish, Harkonnen looked like some kind of overweight transvestite.  Some of the guys involved admitted they never even read the book.  Too artsy, would have been more like Rocky Horror than Herbert's Dune. 
MerkinMuffly (5 months ago)
But ... it wasn't.
HitchensImmortal (3 years ago)
Did you ever see the original drafts of the Star Wars canon? Equally ridiculous if not more. Once productions begins things start to settle like the flakes in a snow globe. It COULD have been revolutionary or it COULD have been the biggest financial disaster in film history. No one will ever know how that would have played out in 1975.
Snooperking (3 years ago)
+Sean Johnson Yeah it would still be really interesting to watch, its just I understand why they didn't give him funding but yeah it would've been cool if they made it anyways
Sean Johnson (3 years ago)
You don't know whether or not it would be good. It was never made, so you don't know.
evilempireUK (3 years ago)
+Snooperking I will need to watch the documentary again but I think he said in relation to the 20 hour length he would not compromise on the length that if he wanted to make it 20 hours he would make it 20 hours. I would have just like to see it for the visual aspect at the time that like Metropolis and Blade Runner (I know I'll get hate for that) have become cult classics mainly due to the visual look of the film and the world they created and the accompanying musical score rather than the story. Can't say I was impressed with who Jodorowsky's choose for Dunes musical score  that is a big part of any movie that Hollywood scores are usually good but no music tracks were  produced for the film so I guess we will never know how the final score would have turned out.    
Alun E W (4 years ago)
Whats the music?
bartoCreative (3 years ago)
Alun E W (4 years ago)
Whats the music?
Jan Bittner (1 year ago)
Kurt Stenzel- Parallel world
الجاهلية (4 years ago)
i'm glad he never made it. it would've been tackier than the sf channel one. lynch's dune is still the best.
SailorMarieBliss (4 years ago)
Can't wait to see this, thanks for posting!
Jernej Barbic (4 years ago)
When will somebody make Jodorowsky's version of Dune? This is a film waiting to be done. The other Dunes don't do it justice. I saw Lynch's Dune, it is good, but it is not the same. The fans want Jodorowsky's version. Why not make it now? Jodorowsky is still alive. We have amazing computer animation / visual effect capabilities today. With some work, you could even insert the actors of the 1970s, make them look younger and so on. Even the ones that passed away could be added to film. Would that not be a great challenge for visual effects today? Why not start with the concepts already done in 1970s by Jodorowsky and his team, and actually shoot the movie from there. Except do it even bigger and better, with today's visual effects. Hollywood, it's time to make this movie. The fans are waiting.
Fifield _kk (4 years ago)
i downloaded this, and it was very very and i mean very dull... they hardly ever show any pictures or videos from the movie or concept art..  it's just people talking... i don't understand why it has so many good ratings and quotes all over the cover art.
thecatbehemoth (4 years ago)
So it's a movie... about a movie that was never made? It could be fantastic?? Why don't they just make it and let us judge for ourselves?
Jan Bittner (1 year ago)
Because money doesnt grow on trees.
thecatbehemoth (4 years ago)
But you can hire actors to play them? I mean, you can hire an actor to play Dali who is playing the character, can't you? I mean I realize that probably the guy wanted to add Dali's own personality to the character Dali was to play, but that's what actors do, isn't it?
TheSkippShow (4 years ago)
Well you can't collaborate with pink floyd, Dali and a few others anymore..So yeahh
The Wart (4 years ago)
I watched the movie, and I would KILL to see the storyboard and script. It's not online, to my knowledge :(
Anthony Patterson (4 years ago)
does anyone know if this is getting a region B blu ray release? most titles only come out in America these day so annoying!
Tracy.3 (4 years ago)
This film should have been made. It would have changed the world.
SWECKHOFF (4 years ago)
His friend said Dune was fantastic. That was too funny.
Leo (4 years ago)
So wait... this is a movie about a movie that was not made? like a documentary?
Aurobindo Ghosh (4 years ago)
The best movie ever made. His dream will come true one day.
Ganimedes (4 years ago)
Really cool, the idea of an animated movie is not bad at all, i mean they can make the characters with the factions of Dalí and Wells and almost anyone, but it's sad that the executives are even more greedy and cowards than ever.
Ruben Eihwaz (4 years ago)
I always wanted Dune to get a good film adaptation. This would have been so good... Really makes me sad. 
Bruno Signori (4 years ago)
This documentary is about the dune (1984) movie? and the LSD part is the documentary, or the movie they didnt make? :S
Jan Bittner (1 year ago)
This movie wasnt made, the 1984 film was directed by Lynch.
codergames (4 years ago)
These people are delusional!
Tim Safiullin (4 years ago)
Only the LAZY one hadn't shot this idea.
kev3d (4 years ago)
Could have been incredible, could have been "Krull".   Funny thing about concept art; sometimes it looks amazing as a 2D drawing, but terrible on screen.  On the other hand, sometimes it works out even better than anticipated.    Who knows.  
Wayne_Bruce_79 (4 years ago)
does anyone know the name of the trailer music ??
bartoCreative (3 years ago)
+chitobeckham Your Welcome. ;)
Wayne_Bruce_79 (3 years ago)
thanks ¡¡
tobi2731 (4 years ago)
Salvador Dali as the Evil Emperror, hell yes
Jake Maringoni (4 years ago)
jeffrey gorey (4 years ago)
I love Dune, I love Pink Floyd and I love artsy- fartsy stuff. This movie was excellent and I wish he would have been able to make Dune. I hope someday somebody makes a good Dune movie or series of movies
Mickey Bitsko (4 years ago)
Mick Jagger?  Salvador Dali?  Give me a break.  It would have sucked ass. Now.....Orson Wells as Vladimir Harkonnen....I can see that.  
selbie (4 years ago)
Anyone who wants to see what this movie would have been like, just watch The Holy Mountain. Jodorowsky knows how to craft a story so well.
akunamatauta (4 years ago)
every movie by jodorowsky is amazing, to me this movie really would have been just as good as he claimed it was going to be
Moskva Kassiopeya (4 years ago)
Victor Grauer (4 years ago)
If you want to make a movie that's like an LSD trip, then you do NOT want to make a Hollywood type movie, especially a science fiction Hollywood type movie. I loved El Topo, so it's really depressing to learn that it's director was capable of falling so hard for something both so trivial and so overblown at the same time. As for all you Frank Herbert fans out there: grow up!
Jan Bittner (1 year ago)
Im a Dune fan, and Im not even offended by Jodorowskys Dune, but I dont think, that Dune can even work as a movie.
Jose Padrino (4 years ago)
...Amanda Lear, and Chris F. Foss...and Moebius...! FANTASTIC!!!

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