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Top 12 Upcoming PS4 JRPG Games 2018/2019 Gameplay Montage (New PlayStation 4 JRPGs)

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In this video, we take a look at the Top 12 EPIC Upcoming PS4 JRPGs in 2018 and 2019. Which of these are you excited for? Comment your thoughts on the 12 Upcoming JRPG Games in 2018/2019 for PS4. These are the Top 12 Upcoming JRPGs for PS4 in 2018 + 2019. Keep in mind, these games are in no particular order. Support us with Humble Monthly! - http://bit.ly/2DkRJjl Subscribe here! - http://bit.ly/GameCrossSubscribe Follow us on Twitter! - http://bit.ly/1QYqnTp Support Us by Using this Amazon Link! - http://amzn.to/1eQsQy2 DRAGON QUEST XI Echoes of an Elusive Age Kingdom Hearts 3 Dark Souls Remastered GRANBLUE FANTASY PROJECT Re LINK Code Vein Final Fantasy 7 Remake Dragons Crown Pro Yakuza 6 The Song of Life Valkyria Chronicles 4 Lost Soul Aside Edge of Eternity The Legend of Heroes Trails of Cold Steel 3 (English Release) Credit for Outro Music- Deep Haze by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/...) Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-... Artist: http://incompetech.com/
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Text Comments (851)
Dinesh tudu (6 days ago)
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jay_615 (10 days ago)
lol get real ff7 wont be out until may or june of 2020
Der Zocky (19 days ago)
Does anyone know on which month Granblue could be released in Europe?
Lee Lockington (22 days ago)
Lost Soul Aside is a Chinese game I'm sure...
El Hijo (22 days ago)
Dark souls is a JRPG
Rohit Kumar (23 days ago)
Darksoul bahut ghatiya game h
Zupremo (27 days ago)
i guess putting inventory and stat mechanics in your game makes it RPG now.
Esteban Tedesco (1 month ago)
FFVII at least for 2028/2029
Goddess Shadow (1 month ago)
those last 2 games look interesting to play. o.o
TheMindofaGenius1 (1 month ago)
dude, Wedge's voice in English is WACK AS SHIT!!!!
柴崎芦花 (1 month ago)
Jōjirō Takajō (1 month ago)
Kingdom hearts 3 is what I was looking for in this video You earned a like
Tおしゃん (1 month ago)
pop (1 month ago)
the legend of the heroes is coming to the west?? uh i hope so but i dont think so :(
유민호 (1 month ago)
英雄伝説 閃の軌跡III came out in 2017....
Kikai Shinobu (1 month ago)
No clickbait, straight to the point, liked.
86Corvus (1 month ago)
Ill save you time watching, ALL TRASH. NOTHING GOOD. You are welcome
marsHm311oW (1 month ago)
In which universe is DS III a JRPG?
jamil quinto (2 months ago)
CG-1303 (2 months ago)
God eater 3 literally the most underrated jrpg coming out next year
Neal Clairet (2 months ago)
The remix of vanitas boss fight theme in kingdom hearts 3 trailer is beautiful
Noel (2 months ago)
Ni no kuni 2 is better then all :D
yume キャッチャー (2 months ago)
celinya lemarttiyano (2 months ago)
So excited 4 lost soul aside&ff 7 remake
りとぶき (2 months ago)
Khanh Tran (2 months ago)
How is Granblue Fantasy Project Re Link gonna be released 2018 when they will announce more details on Dec, 15 and 16 during the Re Link Fes 2018 in Chiba?
lonewulf44 (2 months ago)
Hyunz Tarou (2 months ago)
cold steel 3 just for china in 2019 no eta release for western =/
Sely (2 months ago)
What is the game on the thumbnail ?
Wimzor The Great (2 months ago)
Yakuza is not an rpg.
HipsterImage Studios (2 months ago)
almost all of these have been pushed back no surprise there since half of these games were supposed to be released years ago.
ctguitarguy (2 months ago)
Kingdom hearts 3 isnt a JRPG. In fact, a number these aren't even JRPGS, they are action games. FF& is becoming one too apparently. The only real JRPG I saw here was dragon quest.
Hunter biters (2 months ago)
JRPG >>> Dark Souls... What fuck?
ChEN AnDY (2 months ago)
dq11 just simply amazing.
멋진워니 (2 months ago)
Dragon Quest 11 is very good.
Mike Rousi (2 months ago)
Final Fantasy is indeed nothing but a fantasy.
ISS (2 months ago)
Edge of Eternity looks interesting. But the graphics though look bad. I'm most definitely looking forward to playing the remake version of Final Fantasy 7.
Luis Soto Marin (2 months ago)
Kingdom Hearts III YEAAAAAAAH!!!
Captain GEEK (2 months ago)
Somebody tag the thumbnail, plz?
Andrey SkyZerx (2 months ago)
Wait, wait, wait, guys! Why ToCS 3? You mean ToCS 4 right?
Andrey SkyZerx (2 months ago)
yes! and look at the title. "Top 12 Upcoming PS4 JRPG Games 2018/2019" ToCS4 2018 And english version of ToCS3 is not in 2018. Who said that?
merce six (2 months ago)
ToCS 3 released in 2017 Japanese Version (2018 in English Version). ToCS 4 is still underdevelopment I think it's coming fall 2018
DCs DISTORTEDCHAOS01 (2 months ago)
You forgot the greatest game that’s coming out in 2018 and That’s Tales of Vesperia :D
饗宴 (2 months ago)
The series of legend of heroes - I think they are too strangely self-evolved and too typical of JRPG to sell not only in Japan.
White Knight (2 months ago)
Holy shit. They turned sora into a furry... wtf
NoctisGamer (2 months ago)
Lost Soul Aside is not a Japanese Game is a Korean Game
smoker8946 (3 months ago)
Lost soul aside is not Japan it's perhaps China I'm hoping to see him very soon again.
YRPG Toolkit (3 months ago)
Kinda strange - but everywhere where I look Final Fantasy VII-2 lags as hell /= (maybe it's just the video)
andou mixal (3 months ago)
ShAdOwMaN (3 months ago)
Eagle Nebula (3 months ago)
Trunks get out of that game & get back to the DB world
Liam Morrison (3 months ago)
Ha, you think ff7 is coming out in 2018/2019? You do realize this is Nomura we're talking about here, right?
KEVIN SALINAS (3 months ago)
Wow all the video was trash fucking games for retarted
KEVIN SALINAS (3 months ago)
13:00 looks like ninja gayden 😂😂
現代アート (3 months ago)
Paul Woelke (3 months ago)
Dark Souls, Code Vein and Valkyria Chronicles aren't JRPGs, arguably neither is Yakuza 6. Also, Dark Souls is a remake. Also, Final Fantasy 7 won't be out before 2030. Also, Edge of Eternity looks really, really bad. Also, Trails doesn't have a Western release date yet. This looks grim. At least Trails is one of the better JRPG series around.
kou ko (3 months ago)
Xingrui Xu (3 months ago)
Emm... Lost soul aside is not a JRPG.
Big Smoke (3 months ago)
What's the thumbnail game?
佐藤オレンジ (3 months ago)
ドラクエ11は、仲間とかも見せてあげれば良かったのに、最初の方の紹介だけじゃ面白さが伝わらないだろ。 ネタバレ防止かな?
DamienYok (3 months ago)
I am so glad that you put dark souls remastered on the list. because some people tend to even think dark souls is western RPG cuz of the theme.
Yura Kochemirov (3 months ago)
PS4 огнь )
Locker (3 months ago)
Which is the game on the covet of the video?
shi slu (3 months ago)
paul slade (3 months ago)
What is the game in the thumb?
のあ高峯 (3 months ago)
I know this is for PS4, but I'm going to guess that less than half of these are going to come to PC. Much less on GoG and even less without DRM. That's my opinion.
Halberd King (3 months ago)
Lost Soul Aside, Kingdom Hearts 3 I won't can't wait.
Salvatore Scaletta (3 months ago)
I didn't know that Dark Souls is a Japan RPG! lol!
Z1pZ1p3r (3 months ago)
Lost soul aside looks like a mix between dmc and bayonetta.
Dark Gix (4 months ago)
mhh...i searched for days and got always the info that Trails of cold steel is not comming in eng :l but would be great if it comes. Granblue looks fine and i love valkyria chronicles. But is Edge of E. actually turn-based battle? Would be great.
Gin Geek (4 months ago)
Damn turn based games do they suck
Banjo Potato (4 months ago)
Hyped for Granblue. Sucks they didn’t show any trailers at e3
Th0r0 Shvener (4 months ago)
Where is Shining Resonance and Tales of Vesperia? WTF
meeu (4 months ago)
any news on granblue fantasy??
Infamoose (4 months ago)
I feel like the FFVII Remake's combat is a lot like Kingdom Heart's combat
Rome Dela Rosa (4 months ago)
Fuck i cant wait for granblue
seigen amakwa (4 months ago)
Code vein and lost aside look incredible
Nero Claudius (4 months ago)
Wtf legens of heroes 3 on ps4 yeashhhhhhh....i have the 1 and 2 on my psp ahh good ol days
Donya Fantasy (4 months ago)
nice !
Dana Al-kubaisi (4 months ago)
This like my childhood, i haven't played in years hope i am still good!
CidGuerreiro1234 (4 months ago)
Looking forward to Granblue Fantasy and Dragon's Crown.
Matheus Okajima (4 months ago)
Bom jogos, menos os com graficos de anime!
XxDeathcorpzxX (4 months ago)
These "minimaps" makes the game look linear. I dont like it personally.
Keaton Kitsune (4 months ago)
Valkyria, Dragon Quest, and... That's kinda it right now. I'd say FFVII remake if it weren't for the fact that the battle system looks boring as hell.
DarttheLegend (4 months ago)
There were 2 Jrpgs on here, the rest were mostly just hack and slash games.
Redru13 (4 months ago)
SymphoneonSymphonics (4 months ago)
can't wait for Edge of Eternity and Trails of Cold Steel 3 lol
Loxly 1407 (4 months ago)
i'd take a bullet just to play cold steel 3 and 4 in english, can't wait to see the cameos from the previous games characters. the graphic is not everyone's cup of tea but the story, writing, world building, and music are top notch. if you haven't got into the series yet, play the game now. you'll regret you didn't discover this game years ago
Federico Gutierrez (4 months ago)
FF VII Hahahaha!!
Tierza Chase (4 months ago)
Hold on hold on, trails 3 is coming this year/next year? You sure it's gonna be that soon?
Tetsou18 (4 months ago)
Crap! I gotta git me a PS4, son!
Mike2378 David333 (4 months ago)
Square enix take my money now pls i want that game
Melan P (4 months ago)
Dragon Quest XI looks like a 2004 game with 2012 graphics....
Don Gamiao (4 months ago)
Ff7 is a joke
B2K_ Scott (4 months ago)
Don Gamiao they announced the FF7 Remake in 2014... they announced KH3 in 2013, they take time and go through problems, all we can do is wait. Even if the ps5 comes out, so what? you can still play the ps4.
Don Gamiao (4 months ago)
B2K_ Scott how many years has it been when Square Enix first announced ff7?and its supposed to be a ps4 exclusive right?but know sony is developing the ps5 but still no ff7....are you still hyped about this fucking game? If you at are then good luck
B2K_ Scott (4 months ago)
Don Gamiao how so?
ogermage (4 months ago)
when Granblue Fantasy Project Re: Link comes
marxyouth (4 months ago)
For me, the ideal RPG would have this requirements. 1 Anime 2D in 3D environment 2 Romance with both homosexual and straight choices 3 good backstory, being Nordic inspired as default 4 Multiple endings 5 good fighting system.
Ali Almış (4 months ago)
Kingdom Hearts 3 is the best
NoticeMe Sen-Pie (4 months ago)
why is *Grancrest* isnt here? i mean its a hack n' slash JRPG but with armies ~anyway GranBlue, CodeVein & LegendoftheHeroes: ColdSteel 3 is a must! (for me, others are meh)
GameSlice (4 months ago)
good game
jisungtrash _ (4 months ago)
Where is Yakuza Kiwami 2?
123 Zhu (4 months ago)
trail of cold steel 3 is the worst among all these games.
Leonel Endruw (4 months ago)
there is it have monster inc is da bas 😂 on kingdom hearts , like it sumuca 😋

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