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Top 15 BIG NEW PS4 Games Coming in AUGUST 2018

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In this video, we take a look at the BIG PS4 Games Coming in August 2018. Which of these titles are you interested in? Comment your thoughts on EVERY BIG PS4 Game Coming in August 2018! These are the NEW PS4 Games Coming in August 2018. Keep in mind, these games are in no particular order. Support us with Humble Monthly! - http://bit.ly/2DkRJjl Subscribe here! - http://bit.ly/GameCrossSubscribe Follow us on Twitter! - http://bit.ly/1QYqnTp Support Us by Using this Amazon Link! - http://amzn.to/1eQsQy2 Games present in this countdown- Overcooked 2 – August 7 Dead Cells – August 7 We Happy Few – August 10 Phantom Doctrine – August 14 Death’s Gambit – August 14 The Walking Dead: The Final Season Ep 1 – August 14 Shenmue 1 & 2 – August 21 Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor Martyr – August 23 Little Dragons Cafe - August 24 Blade Strangers - August 28 Yakuza Kiwami 2 – August 28 Strange Brigade – August 28 Firewall: Zero Hour – August 28 Divinity: Original Sin 2 – August 31 Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker – August 31 Credit for Outro Music- Deep Haze by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/...) Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-... Artist: http://incompetech.com/
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Text Comments (113)
Peruvianbean 1 (1 month ago)
Have watched 3 of your videos now and i gotta say great content! Subscribed!
Sam Ksa (2 months ago)
more like psn 1 remastered
TheStateofruin (2 months ago)
Shenmue, yakuza and divinity 👍
Music Of ThemeParks (2 months ago)
where is f1 2018....
Max Power (3 months ago)
What is this...? 15 Games who doesnt interest anyone?! 15 shit games
ryan derksen (3 months ago)
Idk about games that are coming out but there are games that I want to see. I would like to see a music game like guitar hero. As a matter of fact there was a Final Fantasy themed game on the 3ds called Theater Rhythm and I would love to see a port or a similar game. I would like to see another Little Big Planet game. It would be pretty sweet in 3d. Theres so many games like I think they need to make more rpgs for the psvr. I think it would be awesome if they brought back Shadow Heart 1, 2,3, and Koudelka and put is in a bundle pack and added some mini games. I would love to see another Raving Rabids game. I had so much fun with RRR TV Party.
watfordsoldier69 (3 months ago)
All of them look shite
Fkhalfblood (3 months ago)
take that back, one game is worth it and thats Yakuza Kiwani 2.
"Carl, Caaaaaaaarl. Purge the xenos in the name of the God Emperor"
mrwn Sidani (3 months ago)
Waw a cooking game how excitinggg
Fkhalfblood (3 months ago)
its a great family game especially to play with kids.
Rob Juujuu (3 months ago)
Not only was there not 1 single good game in this video there wasn't even an ok game, all DOG SHIT.
dustpal (3 months ago)
Can you add captions when announcing a title?
TheWarHero 121 (3 months ago)
Non of these really caught my eye welp.
PHOENIX GAMING (3 months ago)
And u call that "big games"
david lehan (3 months ago)
No wonder no 1 talking about it looks pants
david lehan (3 months ago)
Nowt 4 me this month but September October going to need a lot of money
Jammin G (3 months ago)
Nothing but pure garbage. ALL of it! Nobody tries to come up with something original. It's all rehashed crap from 20 years ago. Does the gaming world NEED another zombie game? Oh wait, I got it, we need another first person shooter right? Or how about a 2d scrolling game. That's never been done before huh? You act like any of this is some kind groundbreaking discovery. It's NOT. IT'S ALL CRAP! upload a video when you've got something nobody has seen before.
zhyar Jaff (3 months ago)
I cant believe people actually play thus shitty games 😂
The Amazing Spider-Man (3 months ago)
Yakuza Kiwami 2 is the only game I care about in August
Aaron93 Bowman (3 months ago)
not a fan of the jrpg and side scrollers( with exceptions of coarse)
Read023 (3 months ago)
that narrator's voice....
Zero Waffles (3 months ago)
Haven't bought a game in months finally getting naruto
TheName IsElliott (3 months ago)
Kiwami 2 and the strange brigade
Allen (3 months ago)
Yaku only. I watch The Last of Us from online. Most listed aren't my type. Waiting for Dragon Quest 11. To bad the 2 game pair listed isn't remade.
explorersoftheland (3 months ago)
why does phathom doctorine remind me of rockstars cancelled game agent
Jef Duf (3 months ago)
To make things short, no cool games coming in august..
Ayverze (3 months ago)
Shitty list in my oppinion
blahh Slahh (3 months ago)
Games are getting shittier
Jason Duhamel (3 months ago)
We Happy Few is all I care about. The rest is garbage
Keand Brown (3 months ago)
2D games and Ps5 is on the way...
Thats Sora (3 months ago)
Kholke Holkepolke (3 months ago)
I'm looking forward to Dead Cells, Phantom Doctrine, Death's Gambit, Warhamer Inquisitor Martyr, and Strange Brigade.. :D
Operation Lemon Ostrich (3 months ago)
Hopefully Inquisitor:Martyr won't be delayed again...
PS1 Master-class (4 months ago)
This is actually the first month of releases across all platforms I'm not looking for a Day 1 purchase. This month had Octopat Traveler, and Jurassic World Evolution. So I'm good on new gen games until Spider-Man.
PS1 Master-class (4 months ago)
I take that back... I just hadn't got to Divinity: Original Sin II yet. I want that FOR SURE.
Kevin Armitage (4 months ago)
what a dip shit review!!
MiLo L. (4 months ago)
People are ignorant, Season 3 was pretty damn great.
joanna marie Gasgas (4 months ago)
I am Francis magalona from Philippines the father of rapper legend and awesome you known as me better than demon Eminem
N bison (4 months ago)
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DrugStar1136 (4 months ago)
Resurrected Cylon (4 months ago)
I'd love to see on PS4 / PS5: G-Police for PSVR. Prince of Persia Alien Isolation for PSVR Soul Reaver 3 Metal Gear Solid 1-4 remastered Classic Doom 1, 2, Final, 3, and the new Doom remade for PSVR for new IPs I'd like to see: an RPG set in Ron D Moore's Battlestar Galactica universe, in which a new epic story is told. The basis for a sequel series perhaps. a PSVR game set in the Matrix universe. Something that will blow people's minds. a Transformers game set in a city on Cybertron, a GTA meets Transformers game. hardware: new motion controllers for PSVR, similar in design to the ones used for Occulus. the PS5 should support 2.5 inch 15 mm internal hard drives, which means internal storage could be 4tb +, coupled with a 4tb + external drive. support for 360 degree photos and videos so that people can create their own VR experiences. Maybe this is already possible?
I am thinking of the 1st PlayStation 5 game and how it looks like
Ser Josh (4 months ago)
I'm getting we happy few, Madden 19, the walking dead final season, Yakuza kiwami 2 and NARUTO TO BORUTO! can't wait for that ;)
Jiafei (4 months ago)
over cooked looks hella fun, but i have no friends to play with lol (forever alone)
wolf wing (4 months ago)
ummmm yeah divinity origfinal sin was a shitty game in way of no hand holding, it doesn't hand hold you so much it doesn't tell yu that to finish the main quest you have to then go do a shit ton of side quests....wasted 3 hours trying to figure out why I couldn't do what the main quest wanted as I like to focus on main story then do side stuff.
vegadog30 (3 months ago)
Maybe 2 will have some generalized map markers but it got great ratings I’m sold.
wolf wing (3 months ago)
was really insane when I found the part that related to the main quest I was on and it was like part 6 and kept back tracking to realize just how many steps were between what I had done which was like part 2 each was like 45 minutes long and a ton of quests and stuff done.
wolf wing (3 months ago)
I might try playing it some time, it's just the level of no clue what to do next was a bit much :> Least in the day and age where most games will at least handhold you enough to say in the main quest, "Help out around town to gain trust." or something like that, don't usually expect side quests to be required.
vegadog30 (3 months ago)
wolf wing I didn’t finish first one either got frustrated had bunch of other games to play so I lost interest. Will definitely get two though.
Khalid Bolah (4 months ago)
Sorry to say this but I can’t help but feel that most of these games won’t get the attention they need since everyone and their mom is hyped for season 5 of fortnite and the game in general, its very disheartening as a game dev to create a masterpiece yet no one cares.
DrugStar1136 (4 months ago)
You mean the mainstream people? They aren't as much as you think. The real hardcore fans will be getting these games and they will sell as they should, and some might even break millions.
jrreogreugerugregreger (4 months ago)
Bring on September. I've got multiple games pre-ordered from that month alone.
jrreogreugerugregreger (3 months ago)
Spiderman, Dragon Quest and NBA 2k19. I'm a sucker for the 2k games. AC Odyssey and RDR 2 coming up after that. What a great year for games.
Joe Kerr (3 months ago)
jrreogreugerugregreger What you got pre-ordered so far?
Stuart Smith (3 months ago)
Jiafei (4 months ago)
i already pre ordered dragon quest, but apparently they are out of spiderman lol i think imma pass on tomb raider, just finished uncharted 4 recently and tomb raider didn't look that impressive tbh. I have to look into spyro, didn't grow up playing it so....but we will see
Karl Mueller (4 months ago)
Well so many good games in this month of August dead cells shinmue yakuze
Larry Lumpkin (4 months ago)
Your channel has great content and is very well presented, thanks mate!
Tyler Outland (4 months ago)
Only game I care about in August is the Walking dead the final season by telltale games
PikachuchuTrain (4 months ago)
Already pre-ordered the collector's edition of Strange Brigade, and are looking forward to Divinity: Original Sin 2. Played it a bit on PC, but my computer can't really handle it. Little Dragon Café looks fun, too. Not much else for me this month, though.
Charles Davis (4 months ago)
Strange brigade looks interesting.
therooster333 (4 months ago)
Is it to much trouble for you to tell us if it's English voice over or not when you review the Damn games for people?
Unicorns and Compliments (4 months ago)
just ordered a signature edition dead cells for my switch...60 bucks 😅
ShotGunPill (4 months ago)
I want stranger brigade,Kiwami 2, the walking dead and shenmue 1 & 2
mwahahahahaha-guy (4 months ago)
ofc the game am most anticipating is at the very end of the month
jack harrington (4 months ago)
Madden 19 is the game I want to get for August that's it 🏈👍💰.
mwahahahahaha-guy (4 months ago)
Ryan Guldner (4 months ago)
Madden and thats it
codeman7780 (4 months ago)
Little Dragon's Cafe sounds pretty cute :D
One_Punch_Man (4 months ago)
Already pre ordered dead cells, can’t wait to die over and over
Unicorns and Compliments (4 months ago)
One_Punch_Man kust spent 60 bucks on a special edition physical copy...
Sir Galahad (4 months ago)
*Yakuza Kiwami 2 is the only one that I'm interested in*
Haydropro (4 months ago)
Your video's are great. Keep up the good work.
Hawkeye 1982 (4 months ago)
Strange brigade looks awful
Vick KnewZeus (4 months ago)
Great list
Marcus Mcmillon (4 months ago)
I saw the thumbnail and thought, "Is that a cybernetic Rick Grimes?"
Hulk Panda (4 months ago)
Bulela Tyelela (4 months ago)
We Happy Few(Finally!!!!) and Dead Cells
Gabriel Garcia (4 months ago)
Your videos are very informative thank you
Eric Jacobs (4 months ago)
All those other games are s***
Unicorns and Compliments (4 months ago)
Eric Jacobs lololol dead cells is better than any shooter ever made. Once you grow up a little and actually play video games not just A game you'll understand
Eric Jacobs (4 months ago)
Sell your crazy strange Brigade is going to be fun
Unicorns and Compliments (4 months ago)
Eric Jacobs a 12 year old would think that...
zintwentyTwo (4 months ago)
August is Kiwami 2..
Love your videos too
JETJOOBOY (4 months ago)
Shemue... Yay... Everything else.. Shit... although. I already own Shenmue 1&2 on Dc
JETJOOBOY (4 months ago)
Deliberately using less pixels is not "Old Skool", it is wank
kurd gamer (4 months ago)
Like good games
kurd gamer (4 months ago)
Subiscribe me pleas
We happy few looks pretty cool I think it’s cot a really cool vibe
oday sati (4 months ago)
Love your videos
longdickhelicopter (4 months ago)
Hawkeye 1982 (4 months ago)
GameCross How does divinity original sin 2 differ from the first one?
GameCross (4 months ago)
kurd gamer (4 months ago)
oday sati subiscribe
kurd gamer (4 months ago)
oday sati sub my
Matthew Murray (4 months ago)
kurd gamer (4 months ago)
Matthew Murray sub my
GGianPlays (4 months ago)
kurd gamer (4 months ago)
JETJOOBOY (4 months ago)
kurd gamer garbage
JETJOOBOY (4 months ago)
GGianPlays Anyone done anything original in the last 5 years? Apart from Tearaway
kurd gamer (4 months ago)
Sub my
GGianPlays (4 months ago)
Adrian Corzo (4 months ago)

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