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PS4s Slow Network Speeds (And How To Make The Best Of It)

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The Playstation 4 has a software data cap, meaning the network speeds are capped at around 50 Mbps. Why is this? Is there anything we can do to fix it? Or at least make things better? PS4 Data Cap http://community.us.playstation.com/t5/PlayStation-General/Here-s-the-real-reason-the-PS4-connection-speeds-are-slow-And-it/td-p/43853818 Sony Acknowledging Network Slowdown (possibly data cap related) http://www.gamespot.com/articles/sony-investigating-slow-ps4-download-speeds/1100-6428457/ New Videos Every Monday, Wednesday & Friday! Live streams Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9PM EST Wulff Den T-Shirt Store: http://shrsl.com/?~8fv7 BustedTees: http://shrsl.com/?~9546 Twitter [Bob]: http://twitter.com/bobwulff Twitter [WulffDen]: http://twitter.com/thewulffden Instagram: http://instagram.com/thewulffden Facebook: http://facebook.com/wulffden Narrative Games: https://youtu.be/4YT2YsZPgk8?list=PLc3r8OvpITM7g8LLYnufVYlSaDg54fRgO Fantastic Four - What Happened?: https://youtu.be/p7goK0DlY7Y?list=PLc3r8OvpITM5eMn-_94M4Ipzx4xpiVgPl SUBSCRIBE TO US: http://www.youtube.com/user/WulffDen?sub_confirmation=1
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Text Comments (1405)
MisterMercy (15 hours ago)
My PS4 speeds have seemed off for a long time, though not as far back as this video. I'd say it hit the fan sometime early last year. I had been PC Gaming for the most part for the better part of 9 months prior to the noice in speeds, leaving my PS4 alone for that time so it went unnoticed for quite some time. However when I finally did come back to PS4, it was awful. A lot of the time, my connection wasn't even strong enough to connect with the PSN, let alone play any games online...and I don't have weak internet. I have 60 Mbps down and about 6 Mbps up. The only way I even managed to connect sometimes was a hardwire connection. I don't understand why it was so bad all of a sudden. Before I got my PC a few months prior, I mainly used PS4 and I managed to play with absolutely no hiccups, and my PC is hardwired, not even possessing a WiFi receiver so I doubt it has a part in all of this. Still to this day I have issues connecting to PSN, usually getting an error that says something along the lines of "Check your internet connection". If I hadn't already dumped so much money into it, I would just get rid of the damn thing. PC has been so much better
Palatzo (1 day ago)
They ought to be required to state that the console is single player only. For 90 percent of users, it is.
stop now (4 days ago)
Video help me out a lot thank you
Trey Johnson (13 days ago)
Fortnite connection sucks for me. Cod is great. My network is great. But PS4 is awful.
Lethal Holmes (14 days ago)
Ps4 is so slow and shit wish I got a fucking xbox
Bananabug 4 (21 days ago)
Is 455 kbps bad
UgandanPanzer (25 days ago)
Last time it was 11 mbps but this time after i update the software its 200 kbps
Sub Zeni (18 days ago)
UgandanPanzer Idk but ever since I got it in 2015 it was 37 mbps, now in 2018 it’s 400 kbps. *sony wtf*
mr magnatron (27 days ago)
This shit pisses me off. I have "good" internet according to at&t and I did the same test you did with your phone and my phone is saying so much more. Another issue is that I play ubisoft games, so im kinda shooting myself in the foot there with their potatoe servers
Cristian Samano (1 month ago)
My connection speed says 34.6 Mbps but I still go to 2 bars or lag sometimes
legodi (1 month ago)
Am i only one who his ps4 on internet conection test shows 5mb per second and when i download something its like 200kb anyone now how to fix it please😢
Josh games (1 month ago)
Nothing happend ....wtfffff
Joshua Patterson (1 month ago)
My xbox: 37.63mbs My ps4: 6.6mbs WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK SONY!!!
yahBOI Suburbz (2 months ago)
Hey the fixed it but for the ps4 pro only
Tsundere_squid (2 months ago)
I don't understand , I shared played with my friend so many times and then the next day I tried to share play and it said " slow connection "
fortnite Triehard (2 months ago)
Y did it just say can not find up address
derpy pug gaming (2 months ago)
I have good internet but i hate when i get on dbd and im trying to be a tocic nea and every killer have there internet at 600ms. Like shit fix your fucking internet
Mazel Wibawa (2 months ago)
my internet in my gaming systems nintendo 3ds: 4 bars ps4: around 5 mbps Switch: 4 bars Xbox: never had one
Big Hero (2 months ago)
I’m getting 1gbps , only in Romania 😂😂😂😂
Ryan Gaming (2 months ago)
It's say 120 mbps download stil het 1 mbps if I Download
ASeeR sultan (2 months ago)
Try every fkn thing i can do the best i got D 20 and U 5 i hate psn sys
Beast TV (2 months ago)
It keeps saying internet connection failed. I tried every other method in this video and still won't work.
Ruby Crelencia (2 months ago)
Wtf my mbps on my phone is 144 and in ps4 its 2mbps
Toxic Fuze (2 months ago)
Didn't work
jose velasquez (3 months ago)
what if your using wifi
daniel hernandez (3 months ago)
I fucking love you thank you so much
waalex11 (3 months ago)
You know what? An agent from my isp said that even PS4 Pro doesn't matter. Sure it's 5Ghz but. Upload speed is still 12mpbs max and 30mpbs download speed or some shit. But GeekSquad told me to do a speedtest from my cell on google and I got 22mpbs download, 11mpbs upload. My videotron package is 30mpbs download, 12 mpbs upload. But... ever since 4 weeks ago. My upload speed has been at the worse it's ever been. Sure I lagged a few times here and there in the months I had my PS4. Mostly recently but now... it's usually at 7mpbs or all the way to kpbs... For 4 days I've been calling playstation and videotron but... they never truly solved the issue. ... So I'm starting to think that GeekSquad is right and that the issue is my PS4 Slim itself... so maybe I should I don't know, bring it somewhere to get refurbished or get a new one cause wtf... I can't play online anymore. It fucking lags too much. SO! I'm wondering now, how the fuck I can manually put a better software data cap inside my PS4 damn it!
FluffyTuber (3 months ago)
i have 63mbps wtf why do my fifa lag like shit
God Jäger (3 months ago)
I cant even play online. Just did this and got 100kbps down and 10 kbps up more. Currently at 330kbps down and 50 kbps up but im getting 15mbps down and 7 mbps up on my phone. My modem says im getting 45mbps to my ps4. This is absolute bullshit.
Supply Drop (3 months ago)
It improved my download speed but not my upload speed. Anything else i could do?
_. ūėėñđåñķ-_- (3 months ago)
Easy? Then fux u to then🖕🏾
Flamez (3 months ago)
I always lag because there's like 50 devices on the wifi WHY 😂
Patrick Brand (4 months ago)
You give no reference to the numbers you're telling us to enter. My Ip has no 3 digit number in it.
Savet Samrith (4 months ago)
Another video gave all the same info except he told me to use the exact same IP as my PC. That worked for about 3 seconds then stopped. Then I found your video talking about just change my IP address to whatever high number, so I changed it to the 116 that you used. My 14gb SF5 update went from 12 hours to 23 minutes. It's been 13 minutes without automatically stopping so it's safe to say that your method definitely works. After years of dreading downloading on my PS4, it's finally on par with my XB1. Thanks for the video.
Ace Spade (4 months ago)
Everybody thinks they have bad connection I have fucking 45.5 kbps so fuck you
Scott Unwin (4 months ago)
Damn I can only use Wi-Fi.
Bailey Smith (4 months ago)
Sony takes away everything to even play the PS4 gamertag, connection speed, this sucks bull crap, I freaking hate Sony company and everything that they love
Little Steve (4 months ago)
I have 2 mbs /s Spent Me 48 hours to download a game
Shane O mac (4 months ago)
Wow mine got higher then yours thanks! It helped with additional info elsewhere I almost broke my ps4
Jumper_708 (4 months ago)
Mine is still the same
Cal Men (4 months ago)
FUCK this guy
Pacific_ Streeter (4 months ago)
Do you have anything on WiFi
spiffyaj321 (4 months ago)
You guys are lucky I have 200kbps. 1 like = +100kbps
Distraactz (5 months ago)
Does this also work if I Use WiFi not LAN Cable?
El Compa (5 months ago)
Yo, changing any of what you said on your video, will it make something different? Like ruin any of your stuff?
MPEX (5 months ago)
You will might aswell delete this video, it hasn’t helped anyone. So bad.
the realest goat (5 months ago)
nikon d3200 (5 months ago)
Is 18 mbps goid for online
LolWut (5 months ago)
Ok if anybody sees this and understands it please answer keeping in mind that I have NO IDEA what bandwidth or whatever is. I just want to be able to PLAY MY FUCKING "500+" GAMES!! So anyway, at first my ps now subscription was working fine and I finished a few games. Now, whenever I try to play a ps now game, it says I need to shut down whatever is eating up my bandwidth. I've tried, but I can't find what it wants me to shut down apparently. Why is this happening? What do I do?
EvNuYs NKB (5 months ago)
Lol i tried it and i couldnt connect so i went to connect i chose easy and it said my speed was 78 MBps
Jade Elizabeth (5 months ago)
I don’t understand. If the number is higher in KBPS then that’s good? Like 900 is good? Someone please explain this simple thing.
Jade Elizabeth (5 months ago)
Craig Thabks
Craig (5 months ago)
Jade Elizabeth Basically there are 1024 kilobytes (kbs) in a megabyte (Mbs) If your upload or download speed on your PS4 is shown in Kbs then this is very slow. Mine for example is 81.7 Mbs Download and 8.4 Mbs Upload with a wired connection on my PS4 (this speed obviously varies) The upload speed is the important one for gaming!!! Hope this helped in some way.
vSann (6 months ago)
Thanks this helped went from 4.3 to a11-18 speed on ps4
The cheeky Inquisitor (6 months ago)
My Download is 8.0 but my Upload is 232.9 Kbps, fuck.
Richard Morgan (6 months ago)
This guy aint seen the gym since the Nixon Administration
General Grievous (6 months ago)
Thanks this helped
Matthew Matheson (6 months ago)
i would cut my dick off for 2.8mb per second yall dont know the struggle
BlazeTheDaysAway (6 months ago)
I just had the same speeds 7.6mbps upload 758.9kbps is this good for gameing and is cause of upload speed my streams look terrible
GODDY 1 (6 months ago)
Tu finally an answer
amaclellan3 (6 months ago)
same inconsistent tests all the time on ps4 mac book and other devices work fine pisses me off
T.C. gamg (6 months ago)
sony basically fucked us how the fuck they expect is to play on line if are internet is so slow we cant even get in a fucking lobby
CC Montages (6 months ago)
It stuffed up my internet
I have 2.6 mbps I am fucking pissed
Owen Pryce (6 months ago)
My connection speed is 8.8 Kbps so I’ve ordered an Xbox one because it’s been like this for two weeks now and £40 a year for this is pathetic
Badboy DCX (6 months ago)
Didn't work connection failed :(
JustifiedGamerz (7 months ago)
This helped a little bit but I’m still pissed off about ps4 sucking. So much dick when it comes to download speed
Ravin Haniff (7 months ago)
ok guys i tried it step for step and ended getting my internet connection failing and refusing to come back on-before this i was getting around 553.56ghz .. and i just retried setting up the internet by easy and automatic choices on wi-fi(Since i wasnt connected to LAN cable) and it was restored, and i was reconnected( thankfully) and now im getting a higher download speed of 1.2 mgz ...Even though its slow compared to what others are used to.. lol its still better and i didnt managed to fuck my PS4 up frm ever being able to connect by wi-fi again..(Thank you god)
Dryden Bryson (7 months ago)
This worked great i was getting 60donwload and 30upload
Lukester Nation (7 months ago)
Youre a dumbass
Sinoo 2K (7 months ago)
It don’t work
CruZer0 (7 months ago)
I usally have 100mb/s but i only got 2.4 mbits/s which are only around 1-1.25 mb/s. And at Steam my Download Speed is around 10mb/s😥
Justin r (7 months ago)
Quantum Mechanic (7 months ago)
I have 100mb up and download internet I can't interact with players, can't add people as friends, it's either taking too long or frozen, takes ages to login to the store and make a purchase I can't say one good thing about it I just avoid psn altogether now unless I have to like system downloads etc. Just terrible terrible service.
Michael Myers (7 months ago)
Step 1.. Don't get Spectrum!
The_GreaT_W_ (7 months ago)
LordCrimiNal_ (7 months ago)
If it didnt work for u try this net mask
Roiice (7 months ago)
Had the same problem with having PS4 at 2.8 MBPS and 68 MBPS for computer and phone
lll Soviet d0ggo lll (7 months ago)
My fucking ps4 won't connect to my wifi even though I'd did exactly what did. BULLSHIT FUCK SONY, MAKE THEM BANKRUPT
THEBEST939 _GAMER_GIRL (8 months ago)
this not help :D
Ville Perem (8 months ago)
How to get fast connection you putt in a lan Cable My plus i got into Easy and now i have 89 mbps per second
Tim Zabriskie (8 months ago)
I subscribed as you were talking because you just sound cool as shit lol
TheWhiteCobra (8 months ago)
this actually failed my internet... dont work for some ppl like me
RyanPlays (8 months ago)
Wtf i have 120 mdbs here i am with 50
Captain Morgan (8 months ago)
Im at 2.4 mbps while my xbox is at 20. Right next to each other on the same wireless network
boy gamer i love clowns (8 months ago)
boy gamer i love clowns (8 months ago)
fuking lier
Ashley Adam (8 months ago)
Can add me on your facebook
Ashley Adam (8 months ago)
It not working at all
UnoriginalBeast (8 months ago)
I had 27.3 than when I tried this method it dropped down to 21.1.....
Skulldugs KSE (8 months ago)
Just got ps4. Did all this not long after turning it on. Had no change in speed. So gona try proxy if tht don't work ima sell it lol. Waste of money if this is what it's like
Noob_Tactics (8 months ago)
I press the button of like. Sorry dislike because almost broke my IP address :)
Yashuro (8 months ago)
You guys complaining about your PS4 speed, I'm just over here enjoying my 400kbps ;(
King Shoot (8 months ago)
wo tnx man i got 40.5mbps download and 2.0 mbps upload
Aaron_H_937 (8 months ago)
Eugene Ikoko-Bosalango (8 months ago)
So your just logging into a random person's Ip adress and primary, secondary DNS cool.
Sahem Says (8 months ago)
Hi just want to inform you that didnt change anything on my ps4 I still have 2.9mbs (Download) 500kbps (Upload) why sony why and then star wars battlefront 2 coming out I wont have good enough internet to play aaaaghhhhhh
Sage LH (8 months ago)
oh yeah
Sage LH (8 months ago)
i love u daddy
EpicWafflez (8 months ago)
120mb 8mb But i cant stream more than 3 minutes a msg shows on the screen sayibg "the connection interrupted" why? I use cable
Exzd (8 months ago)
Gary Sutton (8 months ago)
I can't connect to the WiFi :/
Legendary Army (9 months ago)
Plz sony fix it

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