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TOP 20 RPG Games Of All Time ( PSP )

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Here Top 20 of Bests RPG games of PSP . please SUBSCRIBE to support me also leave comment to share your thoughts
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Text Comments (64)
Fábio Graça (2 days ago)
Faltaram jogos melhores como: FF type-0 Nayuta no kiseki
Dope King (3 days ago)
Bruh where the hell is Crisis Core?
wenksification (7 days ago)
Best rpg for the psp is final fantasy type 0/agito. Hands down best looking game with rts.
lesangpro (9 days ago)
Dude, where the heck is kingdom hearts bbs?
Mister Shoulders (13 days ago)
Persona sucks
ERG Apollo (15 days ago)
anyone notice how when Persona 1 isd shown the gameplay for it is SHin Megami Tensei 1
Dead Kenny (17 days ago)
thanks guy
clovis vetranio (27 days ago)
Final fantasy III Dragoneers Aria Brave Story New Travelers Hexyz Force 👍👍👍
lnsflare1 (29 days ago)
I figure that stuff like Final Fantasy Tactics, Jeanne D'Arc, Valkyria Chronicles 2, and Disgaea 1-2 would be in their own list, but I'm kind of surprised that Ys: Oath in Felghana and Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Core didn't make this one.
heber garmendia (1 month ago)
1.- Y's Seven 0:00 2.- Star Ocean First Departure 1:00 3.- Final Fantasy IV The Complete Collection 1:45 4.- Lunar Silver Star Harmony 2:30 5.- Valkyrie Profile Lenneth 3:15 6.- Shin Megami Tensei Persona 3 Portable 4:00 7.- PoPoLoCrois 4:45 8.- Monster Kingdom Jewel Summoner 5:30 9.- The Legend of Heroes Trails on the sky 6:15 10.-Half Minute Hero 7:00 11.-Crimson Gem Saga 7:45 12.-Phantasy Star Portable 2 8:30 13.-Dungeon Maker II The Hidden War 9:15 14.-Star Ocean Second Evolution 9:55 15.-Dungeon Siege Throne of Agony 10:40 16.-Shin Megami Tensei Persona 11:25 17.-Tales of the World Radiant Mythology 12:13 18.-ClaDun This is an RPG 12:55 19.-Shin Megami Tensei Persona 2 Innocent Sin 13:40 20.-Ape Quest 14:25
diamond kane (16 days ago)
heber garmendia not all hero's wear cap's
neko12tenshi (1 month ago)
I wanted to play tales of the world: radiant mythology 3... Unfortunately i cant find a full english patched... Yet. Is there a full english patched of TotW:RM3 out there?
neko12tenshi (11 days ago)
It's an opinion Calm your ass down. Aye.. Its the one im currently playing, and i kinda found the story interesting.. But its really unfortunate that i cant understand a single word... Not even the synopsis were translated lolol
neko12tenshi There is one but the story are not fully translate, only items, weapons, and etc. Search tales of mythology 3 english patch on nico blog.
Arya (1 month ago)
4:43 song ?
Aleksander Gullanger (1 month ago)
Immortal toothpaste
V V (1 month ago)
I'm looking for a rpg on the psp that has an interesting, original and mature story (no high school). Any suggestions? Thanks a lot
Zero no Kiseki english patch is also great. The mc is a detective in crossbell.
azoth775 (10 days ago)
Hexyz Force is a really good one.
leyitah2 (23 days ago)
Final fantasy 7 crisis core
lnsflare1 (29 days ago)
Seconding Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky FC and SC, and I also nominate Ys 7. Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep definitely has an original story, and arguably had the best use of Disney characters in the entire series. Valkyrie Profile is also a great choice, as is Phantasy Star 4 pin the Megadrive/Genesis collection. If you don't mind tactical RPGs, you may also want to look into Final Fantasy Tactics and Jeanne D'Arc.
Spacefrisian (1 month ago)
Get the Sega Megadrive Collection, it has the Phantasy Star games on them (and several other rpgs)
Ary Yohansson (2 months ago)
The thumbnail is the only not listed its saigo no Yakusoku no monogatari. A really good jrpg
stale (1 month ago)
Ary Yohansson doesnt appear to be available in english, how did you play it?
zion rios smith (2 months ago)
LOL puts SMT 1 for Persona 1
zion rios smith (2 months ago)
AquaLady 420 know what?
AquaLady 420 (2 months ago)
zion rios smith I guess you dont know
Katherine Macedoreyes (2 months ago)
Ys seven
Katherine Macedoreyes (2 months ago)
Lol top 20
gunawan gunawan santoso (3 months ago)
Anyone please tell me a game PSX(PS1) or PS2 and PSP and Wii game cube game adventure not like RPG always One turn for action and attack but moving character like Ys Seven for PSP and Final fantasy XII for PS2,game with 3 or almost 5 character action together and The character face picture If can like anime or animation
Fredy L (1 month ago)
Tales of series.. such as tales of abyss, symphonia, eternia..
Weirdizo (2 months ago)
Its Japan only but fun if you like said series the characters are from, Heroes Phantasia. Its a crossover game with anime characters haha
John M (2 months ago)
and Radiata Stories PS2 ^^
gunawan gunawan santoso (2 months ago)
thank you sir i just look in youtube look good game ^^
John M (2 months ago)
star ocean : till the end of time PS2
France Diane Mapuyan (3 months ago)
p3p will always be the best for me
lnsflare1 (29 days ago)
lilith cthulhu Well, your certainly entitled to your opinion, but I don't see how the XBox 360 beats out Persona 3 Portable as the best RPG available on the Playstation Portable.
lilith cthulhu (1 month ago)
Xbox 360 ist besser.
sleight sloth (3 months ago)
France Diane Mapuyan owh..okeh..
France Diane Mapuyan (3 months ago)
sleight sloth persona 3 portable
sleight sloth (3 months ago)
France Diane Mapuyan p3p?
bass wolf (3 months ago)
Dude where final fantasy tactics the war of the lion could easly beat most of them
Venra (1 month ago)
The are no tactical rpg on this list so probably those got different list
AquaLady 420 (2 months ago)
finessntr09 vice versa
finessntr09 (2 months ago)
Garbage! Tactical games are for retards who can't beat action rpgs
Tr Anime Girl (2 months ago)
I can't find my old game and i forgot the name i search it a week now but i can't find it! 😭 there was a man with blonde hair and a moon sign on his head i think and the graphic was so good. Please guys when you know that game write it! 😭
Tr Anime Girl (2 months ago)
Omg i found it i had to look better oml 😂 it was Phantasy Portable 😂
Tr Anime Girl (2 months ago)
Base Revolt no
Base Revolt (2 months ago)
Tr Anime Girl Naruto
Rajah (3 months ago)
The persona games was actually smt 1
lnsflare1 (29 days ago)
I though that was the case.
FFXII KD (2 months ago)
yes, this is 1st SMT for mobile not persona 1
Shin Tensei (3 months ago)
im very happy SMT games are here
Nameless Gamer (3 months ago)
NC games
YouR Triggered (4 months ago)
i identify as first

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