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10 Addictive Xbox Games It’s IMPOSSIBLE To Stop Playing

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There are Xbox games we like and addictive Xbox games that it's impossible to stop playing. From endless rounds of Fortnite to a second life in Stardew Valley, these are 10 games no one can stop playing. Subscribe to the channel for great Xbox videos all week: https://goo.gl/pqXHjw Team Xbox On lives for Xbox - when we aren’t making videos, we’re glued to the screen. It’s fine, as long as someone opens a window occasionally. Join our Xbox experts Benny, Lydia, Graeme and Matthew for great Xbox content throughout the week, giving you the best access to the biggest games on Xbox. Want more of the team? Benny Twitter: https://twitter.com/BennyCentral Instagram: https://instagram.com/BennyCentral YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/BennyCentral Lydia Twitter: https://twitter.com/SquidGaming Instagram: https://instagram.com/SquidGame YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/SquidGame For all the latest news, follow Xbox UK on Twitter: https://twitter.com/xboxuk Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound
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Text Comments (446)
john Wilkerson (4 days ago)
Warframe? Fallout? Fifa? 2k? Madden? For Honor? Just cause? Rainbow six siege? Ark?
Addicted Bulbasaur (8 days ago)
Most of these are garbage and boring af, and I thought I was gonna go out and buy a fresh new game today but I guess not.. :(
Elmo the rapist 2.0 (12 days ago)
I hate fortnight
w8theboi one (14 days ago)
Bring back Minecraft Xbox edition!
Nathaniel Powalie (20 days ago)
I am starting to miss Lydia already. #TeamLydia
toptomcat 101 (26 days ago)
I love tekken 7
IamKaspian (1 month ago)
I've actually got 2 kids with bella goth hahaha i have no life
NerdyGeek64 (1 month ago)
this channel feels like ali-a...
RiverLilly 85 (1 month ago)
Scorpion mode (2 months ago)
Tekken 7 fortnite
gaming kid115 (2 months ago)
What happens to cod
Miguel Santos (2 months ago)
Fortnite is basically PUBG In cartoon mode with Minecraft elements
changito de changos (2 months ago)
Pubg and fortnite arent that addictive honestly i get bored after a long time of playing
eM Plasma (2 months ago)
Where’s destiny
G V (2 months ago)
LMAO, Xbox has no games.
paul ali-ali (2 months ago)
Minecraft fornite roblox
rindoue dragonus (2 months ago)
Incorrect, fortnite is garbage. I prefer pubg, cause fortnite was designed for kids with no skill in shooter games. Where as pubg actually takes skill to play!
John Doe (2 months ago)
Ain’t no way Lydia played 300 Stardew Valley hours. Those type games seem so weird and lonely
gaming with raahym (2 months ago)
The girls games were such bad
Dropdead 134 (3 months ago)
Cuphead is so addictive omg
Dropdead 134 (3 months ago)
Fortnite is addictive but not like cuphead
Dropdead 134 (3 months ago)
I definitely agree with 10 and 2
PS4 Pro (3 months ago)
I bet gta 5 is in this!
packlesswolf1 (3 months ago)
Man you British have the most beautiful women and friendly people. I wana live there!!!
Harrison Collier (3 months ago)
Peggle brings me back to the early days of Xbox 360
Rizky Hanifah (3 months ago)
My Game Favorite : 5.Sunset Overdrive 4.Yugi-Oh 3.GTA V 2.Final Fantasy XV 1.Portal Knights
Stone S (3 months ago)
I stop playing all Xbox games because the Xbox is total garbage. I'll never buy another Xbox as long as I live. I set my Xbox One on fire it was glorious.
I don't play fortnite
TheRed Giraffe (3 months ago)
First Name Last Name (3 months ago)
Where’s Skyrim!?
The 4th Horseman (3 months ago)
Consoles need more rpgs. Sick of these shooter games.
Ignacio doriga (3 months ago)
Yeah porn hub taken over my life too oh wait where talking about video games
Moustapha Nour (3 months ago)
Spirit Guide1214 (4 months ago)
This is the worst list I've ever seen. Most of the games listed are the cheapest and worst games available. 1 game was just farming. Seriously? That's the games my 80 year old mother plays.
JJ Goofs (4 months ago)
More like top 10 xbox games I havent played
Aljeane A (4 months ago)
Where is fallout 4?
The ore Lord (4 months ago)
Well I've stoped playing fortnite for month's because of season 4
The ore Lord (4 months ago)
And I stop playing cuphead for half a year I would have put rainbow six saige on here
Ranga (4 months ago)
she's ugly asf
Daniel Cottle (4 months ago)
Ranga likely out of your league, dipshit
KAU UTES (4 months ago)
Seriously this is the top ten addictive list for xbox... This is what i traded my ps4 for a xbox one x for... Man im starting to regret my decision... The last of us multiplayer was addictive as well as uncharted 4 multiplayer so on and so fourth... Man not to mention all there free to play multiplayer like load out, black light retribution, warframe, so on and so fourth... Come on Microsoft lets put my $540 console to work.
LegendaryBagel9 (4 months ago)
1- Fortnite
Scarborough33 (4 months ago)
fortnite is not addicting
Immortal H3artZ (4 months ago)
You forgot ark and elder scrolls online as another 2 life stealers
Kyle Lakowski (4 months ago)
Lots of garbage on this list lmao
Jake Ahyo (4 months ago)
Juraj Benak (4 months ago)
Not a single game I play! Horizon or Forza Motorsport are the ones I can't stop 😉😁
Cole ß (4 months ago)
Elder scrolls online is addicting af! still play it everyday for the last 3 yrs help me lol
Grumpy Gamer (4 months ago)
Is this list based on the fact that there is a lack of good games?
Laurence Clifford (4 months ago)
We can’t be friends, we don’t play the same games
Nathan Holtzclaw (4 months ago)
Never played any of them and I don’t ever intend to
Apex (4 months ago)
Where's Rainbow Six Siege???!!!!!!
JF Landry (4 months ago)
insta dislike cuz fornite is for stupid kid
Masterjakefinn (4 months ago)
Or you could play fortnite on PlayStation
Psycho J (4 months ago)
I'm suprise GTA online is not an addictive game
Love (4 months ago)
Just say 10 games that are addicting & impossible to stop playing. Only because fortnite is on PS4 & other games as while.
TopNotch Coopa (4 months ago)
Yeah I stopped playing Fortnite after 2 matches same with PUBG haha
Fortnite STW - yes. BR - no. MHW is the only one that’s actually addictive and not something you’ve been told to sell
mikenovotny97 (5 months ago)
Ark is the most addictive game lol
Nation Yeet (5 months ago)
Ark survival evovled
Coachz GAMING (5 months ago)
I hate fortnite rather play battleground s i play reddead redemption on xb1 x
pasha :] (5 months ago)
it would be nice if you didn't include games that literally everyone who owns an Xbox knows about like Fortnite and PUBG.
Likeabossofcake (5 months ago)
kyleplier (5 months ago)
Oh I stop playing fortnite almost 2 weeks ago. Not exactly my cup of tea I prefer PUBG. And H1Z1 King of the Kill is finally coming to PS4 with Pro support, so I'll be playing one of Player Unknowns oldest games.
ShadowBear (5 months ago)
Im addicteved to gta v
blottz (5 months ago)
Assassins creed origins
Duncan Richardson (5 months ago)
My most addictive game is Warframe
TOFU Elemental (5 months ago)
robo tube (5 months ago)
One more video is how I'm like with Xbox on but I can't stop watching
Steven Britt (5 months ago)
So i see monster Hunter World is on the list. But where are the other 9 games
pubg is my 1
Abhiram Naredla (5 months ago)
Far cry 5
Zahira Barreto (5 months ago)
viva piñata ? uhhhh yeah ...... no
Trevor Storm (5 months ago)
Fortnite is not addictive.... at least not to me....
Paden Wade (5 months ago)
Sea of Theives and Cities: Skylines
NotSweetland (5 months ago)
I’m sorry but these are not the most addictive games you got 2 correct and they’re both battle royals Monster hunter is arguable.. realistic list 10 Halo mcc 9 Skyrim se 8 Rainbow six siege 7 GTA v 6 Dark souls 5 Call of duty 4 Battlefield 3 Pubg 2 Fortnite 1 Ark survival evolved (don’t ever play this)
Bd Raidian (5 months ago)
My addicting Xbox games are: 1: gears of war 4(horde never gets boring) 2: skyrim (must make and play every combo possible) 3: magic duels 4: Project cars 2 5: PubG(when i need a break from the top 4) 6: thats it end of list....seriously (until state of decay 2 releases)
Jayseboy 03 (5 months ago)
What about The elder scrolls 5 Skyrim
Dropdead 134 (3 months ago)
Jayseboy 03 oh yeah that is addictive too lol
Max Pichelstorfer (5 months ago)
I LOVE cuphead like simt like fortnite
Lamp Camper (5 months ago)
God of war ? Oh u can't play it xD
OkirejH (5 months ago)
I love PUBG
Azharudien Mohamed (5 months ago)
Did they finally resolve the framerate issues
svenm sandity (5 months ago)
fortnight trash and where in the world is less then 2 million players the whole world remember when left 4 dead had 2 million players where were you then being a scrub at
Pelacaan Gaming (5 months ago)
I swear most of these games dident even originate first on the Xbox it was either on the pc or PS4 like monster hunter world and PUBG
Pelacaan Gaming (5 months ago)
Fortnite I sent an Xbox game it was made for pc first then PS4 Xbox was the last to get it
Zackary Fry (5 months ago)
I would add ark survival evolved to this list. When I first got it it's all I ever did. I racked up over 100 hours very quickly.
Ky (5 months ago)
Lydia knows who Okada is 😍 she just became my favorite all over again 🤗
DZ 34 (5 months ago)
Fortnite is mad Disney yo... Corny af
White Hyde (5 months ago)
Rebel Galaxy, Skyrim and Farming Simulator 17 should be there? Hmm ;)
Fortnight come on food games dnt control u f2f that game sucks
HeyThats Alex (5 months ago)
I like halo 2
Justignore me (5 months ago)
Skyrim with mods is my life
Chris Pieters (5 months ago)
Geometry wars 1-2
FGS SNIPE (6 months ago)
F1n M4cl34n (6 months ago)
I play absolutely none of these My most addictive game would for sure be titanfall 2
Michael Draughn (6 months ago)
Forgot Minecraft
Game Dave (6 months ago)
Forza horizon 3 is on my list
Rayos0006 (6 months ago)
Number one Roblox
GSTACK57 (6 months ago)
Fallout 4 and Slime Rancher should have been on here.
FlawlessPine483 Hamonn (6 months ago)
Tesla vs Lovecraft deserves a place on that list!! It's so addictive and fun, the hours pass by without notice when playing it.
Onlybob 579 (6 months ago)
Fortnite and PUBG? It’s a miracle that your soul hasn’t been torn in half yet.
wooJESATO (6 months ago)
My addictive game is Assassin's Creed Origins

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