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ESCAPE FROM TARKOV - Official Beta Gameplay Trailer (Open World Tactical FPS Game) 2017

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ESCAPE FROM TARKOV - Official Beta Gameplay Trailer (Open World Tactical FPS Game) 2017 https://www.escapefromtarkov.com/preorder-page Like my page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mathchief/ SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/14hihfM Gaming News: http://bit.ly/1dpZsqd My twitter: https://twitter.com/MathChief11
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Text Comments (539)
Stuk Bazie (2 months ago)
whats the name of the song???
Aye Co Breeze (5 months ago)
I’m building a pc this year. I keep telling myself it’s not just for this game.
Stalker 2 )))
Alan C (8 months ago)
just a good piece of advice don't buy this game. The company from what myself and many others have experienced is ripping people off.
Prashant Shrestha (10 months ago)
Does anybody knows the background music?
FBI (10 months ago)
The door kicking looks pretty like cod nice animations and graphic,i hope my computer can download this
Sneaky Bacon Turtle (11 months ago)
Is it gonna be on ps4?
AdiusOmega (11 months ago)
Jesus, I have never seen so many pre-order packages for a game that is in beta. I understand that games are costly to make, but if you make a good game and it's fun and marketed well then it's going to make money. You think PUBG did shit like this? Barely, if not at all. I know they are different games but PUBG is one of the best selling games on the market right now, up there with AAA titles. This game looks very fun but I can just tell that behind the closed doors there are some scheming children who are looking to make as much money as they can with this.
Markoi Green (11 months ago)
Seems like enemies are spoongy :|
Autistic American 012479 (11 months ago)
What are the names of the music that's being played in this video ?
Twisted Films (11 months ago)
Reading the comments here, I can't help but feel a little disappointed. Nobody seems to know what the fuck they are talking about. "Is this PUBG for men?" NO OF COURSE IT FUCKING ISN'T, THE TWO GAMES CAN'T EVEN BE COMPARED, THEY ARE COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. "Another generic shooter" Read up on the official webpage or even better, play the game if you think this is "generic". "It's gonna be in beta forever" Over the course of two years, this game has gone from being announced, to hosting stress tests, to Pre-Alpha, to Closed Alpha, to Closed Beta and soon Open Beta. If you, for one second, think this is gonna stay in beta, you are as ignorant as you can be.
TheDiscipleofSlash (11 months ago)
What's the song playing in the trailer? I swear it's from another game.
Pedro Morales (11 months ago)
Procedure harsh average meter clearly interpret creation season.
Tauqeer Hussain (11 months ago)
Will this game have a story? Or is it just multiplayer?
Conshe Tumare (11 months ago)
nice another walking simulator
leon katsouginopoulos (11 months ago)
*laughs in masterace*
Jack Sheet (11 months ago)
so did ya fix the servers yet? cause thats kinda important if you wanted me to buy early!!
Bobby Chan (11 months ago)
no mutant :(
porkshank9 (11 months ago)
Lol keep the map I want my stash back :) fun game ty!
92Vucgy (11 months ago)
And peasants still play PUBG and think its cool while they're hiding and abusing Third person view.
amine mk (11 months ago)
Player unknown battlegrounds days are over
Drum Kombat (11 months ago)
LuchoSC47 (11 months ago)
Va salir en steam ?
Pidgeon Head36 (11 months ago)
its more legit if they put zombie survival mode
Jeremy Alexander (11 months ago)
LOL! This is supposed to be realistic? Maybe for limp dick Russians this is realistic. To anyone that's ever seen combat or fired an actual weapon, this is a kids game. No wonder the Russians can't breed enough to save themselves, they're too stupid.
Alexander Reiss (10 months ago)
and do you think the other FPS games are realistic? this is as ''realistic'' as a FPS can get without becoming a MilSim
Underlad (11 months ago)
"the game will be in beta forever" LMAO you should see how hard these guys work at this game. they arent h1z1 devs who go out for sushi when they should be working on their game
Gravediggaz1-800 aka BeDe (11 months ago)
Ничего не слышно по поводу портирования на консоли?
Hologramix 1 (11 months ago)
Sooo without sounding like a dick. What's this got that battlegrounds doesn't have? Apart from night time and a flash light?
Twisted Films (11 months ago)
http://www.escapefromtarkov.com/#about This, by the way, can be found by literally typing in "About Escape from Tarkov" in Google. "I`ve been following this game for a while" - Yeah totally, if you had, you wouldn`t have asked such a downright stupid question.
Hologramix 1 (11 months ago)
Twisted Films so all you could come up with is "it's not battle royal" pull your aunts jizz out your belly button and give me a list. I have been following the game for a while, it does look pretty but it just looks like a team death match with a big map..
Twisted Films (11 months ago)
Hologramix 1 You... this is a troll comment right? If you HONESTLY think this is ANYTHING even close to PUBG, go read up on the game on their official webpage. It's not even a Battle Royale game for fucks sake.
Leonard Gužiňák (11 months ago)
Hologramix 1 Stupid community playing arcades and expecting this to be like h1z1 etc.
Stormer248 (11 months ago)
Hopefully people will play it as it should be played. Nothing pisses me off more than people doing stupid shit in otherwise serious games (bunny-hopping, tea-bagging, quick-scoping, spamming emotes/weapon zoom). Is it too much to ask for a game where people just act how they would in a real combat situation?
Tidycats (11 months ago)
I really wish they went with the open world, like combine all the maps to make the open world for pvp raids only or something. After learning more about the game and how the levels work I became much less excited for it.
Vincent R (11 months ago)
When will it actually be open world though? currently its just teleporting from place to place simulator.
Jesper Lampe (11 months ago)
I got epilepsy from this, and still managed to type this.. please send help
ArielGamer 18 (11 months ago)
Is out for the ps4?
Fitzgerald Krox (11 months ago)
They still didn't fix the 1999 animations... This game would've been cool if not for the stupid "go out for the loot" concept.
Schweinedarl Hackschwarte (11 months ago)
this looks wonderfull except the grenade throwing WTF?
Deniz Ermolinz (11 months ago)
Only pc because its built on Unity, means nowhere it is possible to run it at least stable 30 fps.
Itzhak Nahaboo (11 months ago)
Fps modern military game. Where have seen that before???
Argon (11 months ago)
No matter how good the animations are or how realistic it is, you will still see people jumping around when it is released. This preview is like Rainbow Six Siege, they hired 'actors' to do serious stuff but in the end the gamers will just do random stuff like teabagging, or drawing boobs in the walls, or like what i have said, jumpin around. No one plays this serious mate.
Twisted Films (11 months ago)
Argon You obviously haven't played it. There is only one way to play this game, and that is seriously. Honesty, reading people's comments I get more and more angry, it's like nobody here bothers to do any research what so ever.
James Idahosa (11 months ago)
So much gun porn:)
gomatus1998c9 (11 months ago)
Yay, i wish they made a free version...
Younes Halim (11 months ago)
Soundtrack ???
Lorenzo Kleef (11 months ago)
This game for console ps4 Xbox pc
Aashish Singha (11 months ago)
- " if you love Guns You love Escape from tarkov "
Lector (11 months ago)
I wonder if Crouch, Prone , Vault or Sprint exists in this game. Looks kinda clunky and slow.
Sentoris (11 months ago)
actually you have a lot of control over your player character. By default you can change your movement speed with your mousewheel (faster=louder) in about different speeds. (So not just Walk/Jog/Sprint). While holding control you can adjust your crouching position in 12 different heights with your mouse as well. Lots of thing and lots of options
Brandon Maiorino (11 months ago)
So no recoil in beta?
The Sangson (11 months ago)
All those guns with their tons of impractical attachments (only an imbecile would use a flashlight in a scenario like that), and they still can't make an fps game where the red dot sight actually works the way it does in RL. The way they always depict it in video games, an RDS is entirely useless and actually inferior to iron sights.
aquarius (11 months ago)
it will be rampant with cheaters.
Dome (11 months ago)
Shame you have to pre-order the game to get into the beta.
Steven VERTNUM (11 months ago)
If only every system could have the same games (depression kicks in because I play console)
Panda Operator (11 months ago)
Three press checks damn, it must be a good game then
Pre-ordered Standard edition to get access to Beta -> Beta opens -> Can't get access to beta without upgrading to a higher version of the game for some reason (+30$) -_-
Busting Ores /w Ian (11 months ago)
Jean-Philippe Bettez then contact support. I have SE and can get in just fine
Redwingz Ftw (11 months ago)
The guy kicking down the door at 1:49 looks just as fucking stiff as the door.
Kevin (11 months ago)
You can make base's ?
lautaro fermandez (11 months ago)
and my key of beta??? im pay for the beta!!!
kushal rathore (11 months ago)
Wow... Tat graphics...
AllAmerican218 (11 months ago)
I saw maybe 3/1000 things they shot at
Gamer Guy (11 months ago)
this game is damn realistic(graphics wise)
Neo (11 months ago)
Love how it's actual gameplay, no prerendered gimmicks. I want this game so badly D:
Its Real Saint (11 months ago)
This a pc exclusive??
GalaxyTraveler (11 months ago)
can't *fucking* wait for this
MrJollyCat (11 months ago)
Oh boy does this look good.
II Nomad II (11 months ago)
Alessandro Oliveira (11 months ago)
ExploringAndMe (11 months ago)
looks cool
Ming HUANG (11 months ago)
If it's not fun, why bother
Racso (11 months ago)
Is this game Pay2win?
Corey Rooney (11 months ago)
From the trailer I was expecting something completely different. Watching the trailer, I gotta say, I'm let down. Looks like your regular first person shooter.
marc mcalpine (11 months ago)
I was more impressed with the reload animations smh
Yasi Faizi (11 months ago)
creating a game is really hard
Balsa (11 months ago)
I think those player animations need to get better in the final release.
Łukasz Nowacki (11 months ago)
For ps4?
Jack Finnegan (11 months ago)
Shit this isn't even out yet. Over a year ago I heard a bunch about it then when silent for awhile. I'd assumed it had released and the hype was gone. Guess I just missed it. I don't want it anyway but its got some great graphics.
maxtronic55 (11 months ago)
Gun play kind of looks clunky, but I haven't played the game, so I don't know to be honest !
Gani Aidarbekov (11 months ago)
Wanna hear sounds of shooting weapons not this shity music
Philippe Pleau (11 months ago)
just a first person shooter like any other...
Landone Armstrong (11 months ago)
Is this on steam?
Thicc Daddy (11 months ago)
Are there guns?
Oh wow, another fps 😒
Derpullies (11 months ago)
Will the full game be on console?
Илья Карелин (11 months ago)
Sarmad LeBagdadi (11 months ago)
По превью поразмыслил что трейлер Far cry 4
Drenamow (11 months ago)
Finally affordable
David Forrest (11 months ago)
I have been watching and learning everything about this game since the first cracks of it being announced it get more beautiful every single Tim rinse a new different video of it
Erik Helland (11 months ago)
AM project spending process shock associate late supply.
dont whatch this if you sick epilepsy
Adam Christian (11 months ago)
Choppy frame rates are putting me off this game big time. Otherwise looks great. Such a shame.
Adam Christian (11 months ago)
Hey if I'm wrong great. I'm back on board. But it's not Coming back from this to a smooth 60 fps. Game engine doesn't seem capable. Games don't go from choppy to smooth very often, this of course is just my experience. But it happens all the time.
Betacore A. (11 months ago)
Adam Christian it just went into beta state... why do people think they are already done with Performance
Animations from first person looks awesome, but from third looks very bad, especially when you reloading your hands are moving but head is just not moving, its look very bad so hope they gonna do something with that.
woube kebede (11 months ago)
Then it turns out the full game is free to play.
USBEN (11 months ago)
Sad it is just pvp .
Betacore A. (11 months ago)
USBEN its not
ThePurpleSheep (11 months ago)
I would leave the tree chopping to the forest or other games like that.
Yan Verenitskiy (11 months ago)
Lmao, it's Russian game?
Harvey Nash (11 months ago)
To those who have actually played the alpha, what is the damage model in this game? What game would you say it's most similar to?
Betacore A. (11 months ago)
Harvey Nash there is no similar game
Laurence P. Whittaker (11 months ago)
Eh, ill just stick with gay porn.
EndZiiel (11 months ago)
My main concern seeing it is a survival fps on PC... What anticheat they be running??
d0uble (11 months ago)
+question mark Lmao, that's the viruses on your PC
calliberjoe (11 months ago)
no it doesnt, your just a fucking idiot
Вали амеров!!!
JeSper (11 months ago)
Too much shooting, not enough features showed.
Sasha Kiselev (11 months ago)
Or you could play 1st person PUBG
Skipper (11 months ago)
Sasha Kiselev Facepalm
TheAsianSeals (11 months ago)
Player Unkwnown Cheeki Breeki
Top Drives (11 months ago)
This game may look cool, but believe me, it's an axe simulator. Every time there are many hardcore players, who just have the best gear possible and these game is really like "where the fuck" simulator 2017. So you start, loose all your gear because of 24/7 EoT players, who can see you from a mile away, kill you with 1 shot and then just run with an axe like an idiot because, again, no gear or weapons in stash. Wait for the full release.
d0uble (11 months ago)
Bring a pistol and a gamma container and those axe-men will stay away. It's so easy to kill them considering it's almost impossible to hit someone with an axe if they're moving in circles, with a pistol.
The Sangson (11 months ago)
LIke it's gonna be any different on full release.
Brian Schmoyer (11 months ago)
So the take-away is that you shoot guns.... a lot

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