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HYRULE WARRIORS Definitive Edition New Debut Trailer ( Nintendo Switch )

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The New Debut Trailer of Hyrule Warriors Definitive Edition . Enjoy and Please subscribe and like to support me
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Text Comments (230)
Keke-La'Praline (7 months ago)
Trop hâte ! !
computernerd1101 (8 months ago)
Shut up and take my money!
Sesshomarudevil (8 months ago)
anyone else kinda hate linkle?
Colin Mahoney (8 months ago)
I'm surprised they didn't show any HD content from Legends
SSDARKPIT (8 months ago)
DAMNIT Nintendo just add Vaati already, if you won't then at least make him an alternate color for Toon Link.
Michael Patrick (8 months ago)
Ah oh prepared to be nerfed, Young Link.
Ben Drowned (8 months ago)
Beatiful 😍❤
Morgan Hofmann (8 months ago)
wow thanks now I gotta learn japanese
RėdHood (8 months ago)
Anera Chrono (8 months ago)
Why isn't the happy mask salesman playable?!
Kieran Orchard (8 months ago)
Timor Horamorti omg yeah that'd be lit
JF (8 months ago)
Roses are blue and Violets too I came for the thumbnail so did you
I came because i wanted to see if there is a release date already.
Shy Boy (8 months ago)
El juego deberia llamarse legend of zelda link harem :v
illuminaxin (8 months ago)
Hal Musgrove (8 months ago)
Well now I feel stupid for spending so much on dlc :/
I want that 😍😳
Devilish Chap (8 months ago)
Breath of the wild dlc so we can play as da champions? Plz??
Jaekization (8 months ago)
If they add the champions I’ll get this again. If not, I’ll just wait till it’s dirt cheap.
Abbygal Darkend (8 months ago)
when you accidentally click on this in your recommended but don't regret it, third time buying this AWESOME game!!!
Link the Hero of Hyrule (8 months ago)
Can't wait to spend my money
Android 21 (8 months ago)
But my WiiU characters lvl.. 😭
f8. Doggo (8 months ago)
What music
DEESH'S Vids (8 months ago)
Yay they have linkle
Dorieke Beek (8 months ago)
Is the 3ds version of this game also going to be updated? If so, I would be very very happy :D
Kayden 21 (8 months ago)
Dorieke Beek But they are slowly killing it off and if you can’t realize that then you are blind.
Dorieke Beek (8 months ago)
Well, they are still making 3ds games
Kayden 21 (8 months ago)
Dorieke Beek why the hell would they update the 3ds version? The 3ds is dying and the switch is Nintendo’s new console.
El Luigismasher (8 months ago)
Do you reallly think I'll buy this game a third time? If so, you're completley rigth
Nintendolympics (8 months ago)
Well, I wasted 30-50 bucks on the Wii U.
Lenny Walko (8 months ago)
Ils devraient rajouter les prodiges et la sa serait parfait
Sketch :D (8 months ago)
Is it sad that I owned all the other versions and I’m gonna preorder this one
Hubblebub Lumbubwub (8 months ago)
Ethan Lam (8 months ago)
My favorite waifu is Ganondorf Look at that lustrous hair...
Kieran Orchard (8 months ago)
Ethan Lam ikr
Le Daishouri Feet Grill (8 months ago)
Mah boi link
Christopher Graham (8 months ago)
When fire emblem warriors was first announced because it was a trailer at first, I was like this it another hyrule warriors great just what we needed and then this😤
iMYX (8 months ago)
You dont need to actually see cyas boobies to know all shes good for was an assfucking.
WolfBoy (8 months ago)
Cant Wait To Play As Skull Kid :^
James Elles (8 months ago)
All the dlc plus new stuff. Must buy imo.
Benny Games (8 months ago)
I will buy it...A THIRD TIME. Hope the Champions from botw are in there too that would be awesome
disney girl963 (8 months ago)
Never played this game never had a Wii u and didn't jknow the 3ds version was real
DJWOLF2701 (8 months ago)
They better give the dlc to the wii u as well
Well…the WiiU has all the characters if you take the codes from the 3ds version. I suppose though, that the Switch version has a way better co-op player version than the WiiU had.
Kayden 21 (8 months ago)
DJWOLF2701 why the hell would they add things to the Wii U version when it’s 2018?
liamt44 (8 months ago)
they did. about 2 years ago.
Tyler Monaghan (8 months ago)
They added two new costumes one for link one for Zeld
Cam (8 months ago)
Never played the Wii U version so looking forward to this.
Elvis Ciao (8 months ago)
I would buy it if there was a new exclusive character
Wata Senia (8 months ago)
Really feel like it was a missed opportunity, they should have made the breath of the wild champions (urbosa, daruk, mipha, and revali) into playable characters... and Sidon too
TKG gaming (8 months ago)
it could still happen, but i can only really see urbosa and revali being characters, and maybe sideon
Purple Diamond (8 months ago)
Leonardo Miyabi they didn’t show it in the trailer, but I can bet you that we will get a breath of the wild DLC for the fairly obvious reason of making more money that way, selling the game whole price and giving new wanted and loved characters (Not only from Botw but from some other zelda too) for an extra price
Chill Starry (8 months ago)
EyeOfTheOwler (8 months ago)
Every time you think it's over, they just make it again but better
Spider Riszer (8 months ago)
With linkile it’s common sense why use a bow and arrow when you can use a crossbow
iMYX (8 months ago)
15$ Says 3DS version is still better...
iMYX (8 months ago)
kayden davis What doesent make any sence to you?
Kayden 21 (8 months ago)
iMYX that doesn’t even make any sense...
iMYX (8 months ago)
equinn56 Is that all?
equinn56 (8 months ago)
iMYX I heard it has all the exclusives and DLCs of the Wii U and 3DS versions plus the Breath of the Wild outfits
Tomas Escudero (8 months ago)
I play on 3ds but want this for new switch physics
Em & M (8 months ago)
We gotta at least have Urbosa.. maybe a mipha outfit for Ruto?
Cherryzerd (8 months ago)
And Revali! Mipha and Daruk can be costumes, but Revali and Urbosa don’t really have characters they could be a costume for.
Jason Vue (8 months ago)
You'd best believe I'm playing Young Link 24/7. Fuking OP
ChiefMedicPururu (8 months ago)
Who the fuck is this fairy with Link?
bored human (8 months ago)
Coming soon Hyrule warriors super mega extra definitive edition +
LPFan (8 months ago)
you forgot a legends
super koopa 64 (8 months ago)
Featuring dante from the devil may cry series
Nintenbro (8 months ago)
h a r u c h a n (8 months ago)
bored human & Knuckles
Lara A.R.M.Y (8 months ago)
Juju wink waker (8 months ago)
Sophia _Gamer 1934 (8 months ago)
So awesome even I never play this game I will buy it if I have Nintendo switch or 3ds and nice graphics and you added some new outfits on link and Zelda as well.
HawkeyeNinja (8 months ago)
this is a perfect chance to make the champions playable. nintendo pls
Spider Riszer (8 months ago)
OW HELL Yes I did talk to that skin for the other playable Zora and Goran But Rivali and urboss should get there own characters
Ah, the GOOD Warriors game involving a Nintendo IP
Chris - X (8 months ago)
The biggest middle finger in terms of finance Fuck you wii u owners
chris chandler (8 months ago)
This settles it, games don't need anything but good graphics to be a great game
Danny D (8 months ago)
chris chandler your sarcasm is pretty narrow minded and stupid. This game has great gameplay and story. Not just good graphics.
nyanJAC The Evil Hoppip (8 months ago)
I wish they would just make a sequel with new characters like oh i dont know... the four champions? the rest of the six oot sages? and maybe linkle could be the main character? Please?
Kayden 21 (8 months ago)
LPFan keep in mind this is a spin off zelda game there will be no character development.
LPFan (8 months ago)
characterdevelopment is always an option
Kayden 21 (8 months ago)
LPFan but why? Link and Zelda make much better for main characters than linkle. Why do you want the game to be worse?
LPFan (8 months ago)
actually,it makes perfect sence.if nintendo wont change their canon for it(and they wont),she wouldnt get the chance to become the maincharacter again. and seriously,its not like its the first time oc-mainchar happens in a nintendofranchise,as in fire emblem warriors,there suddenly were two new maincharacters that had no reason to be there because the story of that game is crap.in this case,we already have context(she already helped save the world once) and the storybasis of hyrule warriors is good enough to flesh out her character and adventures out in the future
Kayden 21 (8 months ago)
LPFan because linkle is just a gender bent character that serves no importance in the zelda universe. If it were a big character like impa or something I could understand but linkle makes no sense. Imagine if they made a female mario and then just made her the main character instead of mario.
Benjadude (8 months ago)
Nintendo, you're really going to make me buy this game a THIRD TIME?!?!?! Fine.
Link2006155 (8 months ago)
Benjadude no objections here LOL
HexGamez (8 months ago)
Yo so hyped
Nick S (8 months ago)
Not gonna be worth a third purchase tbh >_>
Kayden 21 (8 months ago)
Nick S they don’t expect you to buy it three times idiot
HalfAssJack (8 months ago)
Way to make everything ive done feel pointless and all the dlc I bought a waste of money Nintendo...
LPFan (8 months ago)
well,its less crazy than twilight princess.the wii can play two versions,the wiiu can play two versions(even all three when using hacks),but neither of the systems in this example can play more than its own hyrule warriors,so there is a point to it
HalfAssJack (8 months ago)
Danny D. Uh wow... That was never my point. To rage if such a immaturity and the jump to conclusions you're a hypocrite. ._.
Danny D (8 months ago)
knightofpwn yes because getting your feelings hurt and feeling worthless like an emo faggot is totally Nintendo's fault and just because of that they should refrain from letting millions of new players who have never played the game get it now. Miyamoto is such a biggot lol. Grow the fuck up child.
Master Zexus (8 months ago)
knightofpwn I understand what you're saying, but what I said can be very well true. Heck, I have a friend who got the switch as their first Nintendo console and they actually want to try Hyrule Warriors. So, it works out in the end. They're porting games for people who missed them or if you wish to buy it again. I'm not saying you have to, besides, if you have the WiiU version. Doesn't really matter too much.
HalfAssJack (8 months ago)
Master Zexus these are not slipping Nintendo concerns theirselves with. Of anything it just a even more extreme way of making money then makeing Ultimate Edition for the same system.
Shabayum (8 months ago)
Ok, but will it have fairy nukes?
JF (8 months ago)
Shabayum yes
Terry Valentine (8 months ago)
The tedious grinding in this game heavily influences my decision to not but this game again.
Hubblebub Lumbubwub (8 months ago)
TwilightDragon Then isn't working and learning in real life a better way to acomplish something?
shrimpZZZ (8 months ago)
That’s why I love this game bc in the end I feel like I accomplished something
Danny D (8 months ago)
Terry Valentine true it is a chore.. but.. Hyrule warriors! Ugh I love this game.
Pasi Pilz (8 months ago)
Omg nice graphics! I buy it ❤️
Zelda Princess of Hyrule (8 months ago)
I love it 😍
Top Doge1999 (8 months ago)
Zelda Princess of Hyrule That's because you and your various ancestors & descendants are in the game. :)
Charles Ruckle (8 months ago)
I want characters from botw in this as well. Like the champions, Revali, Daruk, Mipha, Urbosa, Riju, Teba, Yunobo, Sidon and more. Like the monk in Champion's ballad, seriously who wouldn't want that guy?! And maybe even master kohga, Kass(Possibly. He's played in some important roles though.) And a lot more.
Charles Ruckle (8 months ago)
kayden davis well I mean. A lot of people want them in it. And besides, we barely see half of what the champions are capable of. Hell all we saw mipha do was swim up a waterfall. What about her fighting skills? I wanna see how she handles her trident and how the champions fight as well. And I do want to see that monk in it. He's fucking awesome!
Kayden 21 (8 months ago)
Charles Ruckle yes there can when you add a bunch of breath of the wild characters the size of half the roster.
Charles Ruckle (8 months ago)
kayden davis way too many?! There can never be too many
Kayden 21 (8 months ago)
Charles Ruckle that would be way too many characters.
LPFan (8 months ago)
if there is no dlc,we are fucked xD the best thing about the last two games was playing the basegame until the first dlc comes out and then its party hard because new chars
TIsaacs (8 months ago)
Man, the Champions from Breath of the Wild would make for excellent playable characters in this game.
LPFan (8 months ago)
lets cross fingers that they will add dlc
Purple Diamond (8 months ago)
Knowing how BOTW was a hit, you can be sure they’ll add a Botw dlc to hyrule warriors. Prime reason : Money
Cherryzerd (8 months ago)
Yeah, we seriously need an archer character, and Revali is already perfect for this game.
TIsaacs (8 months ago)
Or a Daruk skin for Darunia, perhaps?
Dilan (8 months ago)
I'm staying with my wii u version and 3ds one... I already have all the dlc in hyrule Warriors legends
LPFan (8 months ago)
yeah,it will
Shabayum (8 months ago)
Big question, will this version have the fairies?
PooDoo DrillDick (8 months ago)
GD Niprin yeah this is just a catch up. never got 3ds so im getting it
quake puff (8 months ago)
all these Wii u ports but no smash
Danny D (8 months ago)
quake puff soon
Japanese Janitor (8 months ago)
quake puff thank god
Leon Johnson11141820 (8 months ago)
I will always love you Hyrule warriors have the game on my 3ds 😍
LPFan (8 months ago)
i mean hyrule warriors.i cant remember being able to put my wiiu-save on the 3ds
Danny D (8 months ago)
LPFan yes it did lmao
LPFan (8 months ago)
well,why would it allow cross save tho? it didnt do that before,it wont do it now
Leon Johnson11141820 (8 months ago)
Danny D. Yeah cross save would be nice or you would have to play the game over again!
Danny D (8 months ago)
Epic Don same. But definitely upgrading to this version. I hope it allows cross save
Jarman97 (8 months ago)
It's a great deal if you haven't already played the Wii U or 3DS versions.
Joey Rosas (8 months ago)
Jarman97 well I played the 3ds version but it looked like shit and was missing some characters so this one is still pretty interesting to invest in
Jarman97 (8 months ago)
+Pokemon Dude Alex It's a lot of fun.
Pokémon Dude (8 months ago)
Jarman97 I don’t have either and will be buying this.
Alex Perez (8 months ago)
Jarman97 no your right it was haha.
Jarman97 (8 months ago)
+Alex Perez Not to be rude, but that sounds like a waste of money.
Quinn Fletcher (8 months ago)
Just add the Champions from Breath of the Wild and we are good to go.
Samuel Lopez (7 months ago)
Quinn Fletcher YES that would be awesome DLC!!!!!
TeeJay (8 months ago)
Quinn Fletcher Urbosa would make a fantastic fighter. Lightning element, of course
Charles Ruckle (8 months ago)
*sigh* am I the only one about to make a spongebob reference here? Oh well, I'll just do it. *IIIIIIIIII NNNEEEEEEEEEDDDDDDD IIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!*
AJ The RPG gamer (8 months ago)
Dammit i barley just got the 3ds version
NINTENDOLANDS 64 (8 months ago)
Did I️t say the release date
If its 22.3 in Japan its probably around 20.4 or something in the Western world. At least i hope so :D
h a r u c h a n (8 months ago)
NINTENDOLANDS 64 March 22nd, for Japan at least
Mood (8 months ago)
Kieran Orchard (8 months ago)
MrPimpachu16 I think its from monsters inc
Cherryzerd (8 months ago)
JF (8 months ago)
MrPimpachu16 i
Logan The Lil-Beast (8 months ago)
So help me what?
Bumblebean (8 months ago)
Was that Marin and the windfish?
Aurelien Benoit (8 months ago)
That's old dlc dude
Spider Riszer (8 months ago)
thecplman1 (8 months ago)
Yes. They are in the game, too.
Elena Sallee (8 months ago)
Thanks to this game, Agitha's more scarier...
Top Doge1999 (8 months ago)
Cherryzerd You sounded kind of aggressive.
Cherryzerd (8 months ago)
Top Doge Okay, why does fixing a mistake count as something you need to defend someone from?
Top Doge1999 (8 months ago)
Cherryzerd I didn't find it rude, I'm just defending doggos on the interwebs.
Cherryzerd (8 months ago)
Top Doge Okay. I apologize for correcting an error. Honestly, why do people take fixing mistakes as rude?
Top Doge1999 (8 months ago)
Cherryzerd Leave the doggo alone she has a point.
LucLeader Gaming (8 months ago)
Maybe a new weapon or something to sweeten the deal? Cause I have all of that on my 3DS version...
Top Doge1999 (8 months ago)
Danny D. Don't forget about being able to play a good version of HW on the go because Legends was bad. That combined with everything you said makes it worth buying again.
Weirdo (8 months ago)
It's not worth the price for me because I'm not into button mashers, lmao. Also telling someone to kill themselves is a bit extreme don't you think? It's a vidya gaem after all.
Danny D (8 months ago)
Some people are mentally retarded. It isn't just two botw skins. Ultimately better graphics, character switch, stable and good multiplayer. All dlc from before in one super cheap package plus the never before seen in hd graphics exclusive 3ds extra content. There's a lot on this edition. And it is way worth the price tag. If you're still not satisfied kill yourself. Next thing you know you'll want the game for free.
signerleo snyder (8 months ago)
I do for oen and I you get paly wind waker and linke story in hd   with good  I hated the shtiy 3ds grpahcis
signerleo snyder (8 months ago)
wiiu gprahcis no it  better grpahci then wiiu   thee bwe side by side vison  downs o it get bettwr grpahcis then wiiu
Ryan (8 months ago)
I'd get this game if I had money to burn, only cause of Impa
Denios (9 months ago)
this gets me so pumped, i'm buying this game a third time
iMYX (8 months ago)
Jaylon Jackson Why whats new? Not enough for me.
Jaylon Jackson (8 months ago)
I'm more excited for this than I am fire emblem warriors
iMYX (8 months ago)
Denios Well... I can tell you its not as annoying as fire emblem Fredric: "Tis that all?" God danm gave me a hurnia.
Lara A.R.M.Y (8 months ago)
Denios me too 😂
Shibuyah-kun (8 months ago)
Same here! I honestly squealed like crazy when this was revealed--I honestly adore Hyrule Warriors, partially because it was my very first Warriors game, but also because I'm a really big Zelda fan. 8D I have no problems with triple-dipping for this game, especially since the Switch is honestly my favorite gaming system thus far; I love my PS4, and Steam, but, on-the-go gaming has always been more enjoyable for me.
Star Boy (9 months ago)
The sky changed from clear to Cloudy. 0:37
Star Boy (9 months ago)
Preston Garvey I thought it'll be Hyrule Warriors Legend because the sky changes a lot on that version and not the Wii U version.
Preston Garvey (9 months ago)
It's because the video transitioned into Impa's Victory outro.
Champion Link (9 months ago)
Abagail Cure (8 months ago)
Lɩͷ Sʜαиα シャナ林 ღ It's a reference to the old Zelda commercial lmao
"Nice graphics" and has the same graphics as the WiiU version lol.
TIsaacs (8 months ago)
You mean you haven't played it yet? We can play it on my Nintendo Switch!
Denios (8 months ago)
yeah i already played it on 3DS but now i'll be able to actually see something <3
Samuel Lopez (8 months ago)
Champion Link same here I played only the Wii u version so I know I will enjoy it plus I am a HUGE Zelda fan

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