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Top 10 Best HD FPS Games For Android & iOS 2017!(High Graphics)

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The top 10 android and ios FPS First person shooter games until 2016, including new android and ios game releases and all time list of all the FPS games on android & ios. We have picked up all the First person shooter games of android & ios , rated them and sorted them out. We also have made quick live review on each game. Hey guys we are back with a new top 10 on android & ios games of 2016/2017.We have included the best 10 games for FPS gamers plus one upcoming game Do you agree with this list? Let us know in the comment down below. #1 Modern Combat 5 #2 N.O.V.A. 3 Freedom Edition #3 Suicide Squad #4 Modern Strike Online #5 Brothers in Arms® 3 Sons of War #6 Critical Ops #7 Gunjack 2 End of Shift #8 Bullet Force #9 Z Buster #10 Sniper Fury The Beach Follow Us On Instagram https://www.instagram.com/android_tools/ Like Our Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/androidtoolsbd/ Follow On Twitter https://twitter.com/susanjit9 -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Top 17 Best Offline Ultra HD Android & iOS Games 2017! #3" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GThe2QtqTdo -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Text Comments (98)
BoltZy (10 months ago)
Bro critical ops is not a Android or Ios game its a pc game
klik droid (10 months ago)
Modern combat 5 is the best fps game ever
Legendary BlueLow (11 months ago)
Dude Heroes of Warfare is the best fps
Legendary BlueLow (11 months ago)
I had the bullet force
TronRider (11 months ago)
floatinurboat - Spirit of Things [NCS Release] that is the song throughout the video
TronRider (11 months ago)
what are all of the songs?
Ghost ranger W (1 year ago)
I don't like bullet force it sucks
Ninogame 63 (1 year ago)
Suicide squad no.3? That the worst FPS I ever played
Jordan Gardenhire (5 months ago)
Ninogame 63 yea true
Neon Doge (1 year ago)
BAI 3 is not a fps
Yap Jason (1 year ago)
Nova 3 cannot be downloaded from play store now. T-T
Ash Greninja (1 year ago)
Critical ops is not in ios or android u stupid yt channel
MR_zanahoria YT (1 year ago)
se me hace familiar esa intro
Kakashi Hatake1337 (1 year ago)
did anyone else think bullet force was battlefield 4
Shubham Khurana (1 year ago)
Please make a video on How to download Overwatch or please give the link of the game
Shubham Khurana (1 year ago)
Stunned Rock But you can go to You Tube channel Technical Hindi and you will be able to see
Khurana's Technical this game can't be downloaded on mobiles
Shubham Khurana (1 year ago)
Stunned Rock what do yo mean by serious
Khurana's Technical are you serious?
Sparks Clarity (1 year ago)
uhm what song did you use in this video??
Only Sonu (1 year ago)
Song osm Ncs 😂😂
Tomislav 12345 (1 year ago)
try deadheads, its should be top10
Android Tools (1 year ago)
+Tomislav 12345 i will try in my next fps video. 🙂
Alpha Pie (1 year ago)
Gunjack 2 only available on google vr :(
Script Skitty (1 year ago)
No. Modern Combat 5 is trash
Script Skitty well your officially the bitchiest modafuker in da world nigga
Script Skitty (1 year ago)
A good FPS does not require money to be good. Take example Modern call of duty games. Those didn't need money to get good. Obviously you just don't know the difference still so get the fuck off my comments.
Script Skitty (1 year ago)
Actually no. I'm saying the truth. You're using opinion. Don't comment if you don't understand shit between fact and opinion because it just shows you're just a 12 year old numbskull
Script Skitty (1 year ago)
LOL oh really. Is that all you can come up with after I said a pay2win game is trash? I don't even need to insult you. You're making a fool out of yourself
Asfahan Ahmed (1 year ago)
What is game on this video,s thumbnail ?? I really want to know
iiSynthii (10 months ago)
Usman ishfaq Modern combat 5
Centurion (1 year ago)
Usman ishfaq modern combat 5
tom brady12# (1 year ago)
Skipper 64 (1 year ago)
I like pussies Im taling over the whole comments!!!!! I like pussies you read it wrong Dirty mind Guy
AvianPrime (1 year ago)
You had Tribes: Ascend in the thumbnail. _What the fuck did i expect from a dubstep-obsessed clickbaiter like you?_
Rio Ackerman (1 year ago)
Lol Brother in arms 3 not fps games
Android Tools (1 year ago)
Rio Ackerman 😭
Ugly Guy (1 year ago)
No one 4 u boi/gurl (1 year ago)
Ugly Guy shuthefuckupuretard:)
Gaming Productions (1 year ago)
Ugly Guy (1 year ago)
Android Tools (1 year ago)
Color Black THANKYOU 😂
Ugly Guy (1 year ago)
Arvin Leroy (1 year ago)
brothers in arms is a third person shooter (TPS) not a first person shooter (FPS)
Santino Tagle (1 year ago)
I mean fuck u
Santino Tagle (1 year ago)
Suck u
Native Tube (1 year ago)
Santino Tagle shut up bitch
Yura Titarenko (1 year ago)
DIRECT BaNaNa (11 months ago)
Yura Titarenko first person shooter
Cryptinotic /: (1 year ago)
Respawnables Mann you can't fucking miss it
Burak Trop (1 year ago)
video song? pls
Meep View (1 year ago)
I Like this Video 4 Modern strike online😘😘😘😘
Why was the thumbnail Tribes Assend?
rahul pradeepr (1 year ago)
ramesh chandra (1 year ago)
sniper fury beach is online game or not
Nguyễn Đức Hào (1 year ago)
hay. game nao chi cung tai ve duoc ung dung con khong nang nua
Mr.Rhanz (1 year ago)
lol mc5 is pure dead and pay2win and brothers and arms aint fps dumbass
Mr Gamer tips (1 year ago)
dude I am your 1st subscriber answer me
Android Tools (1 year ago)
+chika dinga Thank You :)
Jimin _256 (1 year ago)
Android Tools (1 year ago)
+kimkniko Soliman :P
FTB (1 year ago)
what is the last dubstep song? I can't find it
scrub (1 year ago)
Arnold Tio (1 year ago)
keren keren gan ,saya juga punya info ni kumpulan game android terpopuler kunjungi situs http://kicktekno.com/kumpulan-game-android-terpopuler-gratis-di-play-store/
Badar Munir (1 year ago)
fuck you bullet force should b 1no there is no better multiplayer game exists in play store
Badar Munir From now on your crazy like my fucking dog he jumps onto rooftops and jumps onto the ones with the house claws on face
Czen Sthapit (1 year ago)
Yung Neil xi
FairPlay (1 year ago)
Jaagup Alviste C-ops is full of haxor
Jaagup Alviste (1 year ago)
C ops is best bullet force p2w
HaZe C- ops (1 year ago)
BraveAndBold ‘ (1 year ago)
Intro song please?
Android Tools (1 year ago)
+RCXD Power give me your email
BraveAndBold ‘ (1 year ago)
Android Tools useless link
Android Tools (1 year ago)
+RCXD Power here is link http://www.technicoz.com/how-to-download-intro-templates/
Ayden Toh (1 year ago)
Your intro is way to long
Android Tools (1 year ago)
+Ayden Toh we are really sorry for that,our recent intro is about 10s,u can chack it out.please subscribe for me.
OCR CHAMPION (1 year ago)
Can't find modern strike online on AppStore
Android Tools (1 year ago)
+OCR CHAMPION iOS version cooming soon.maybe next month
Dusko Bjelajac (1 year ago)
numbers 1,2,3,4 and 8 are totally pay2win and overhyped... Critical Ops is free, not pay2win and needs to be on 1 place, other games that I mentioned shouldn't be here...
Hero A (1 year ago)
Dusko Bjelajac True. You only uses money to buy skin or change your name.
Son Goli (1 year ago)
Do you even know what p2w is
Dusko Bjelajac (1 year ago)
oh, another gameloft fan
Son Goli (1 year ago)
Dusko Bjelajac Are you retarded
ImJustBlaze (1 year ago)
Nice top ten but bullet force should be first
Pro_lui2 (1 year ago)
ImJustBlaze nope
Nobody OFF (1 year ago)
Nah I disagree think that MC5 should be first but I think bullet force should be secco do or something but great video!!!!
Android Tools (1 year ago)
+KiritoHM thanks for your info.
Android Tools (1 year ago)
thanks for your comment :)

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