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Five Ways to Make Great Super Mario Maker Levels

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How to make Great Super Mario Maker levels; it's a tough challenge to fit it in one video! Our man Alex has had a go though so you should be able to pick up some solid tips for level creation by watching this vid. Of course if you have any tips of your own feel free to jot them down in the comments below! Check out our full site ■ http://www.nintendolife.com Like us on Facebook ■ https://www.facebook.com/nintendolife Follow us on Twitter ■ https://www.twitter.com/nintendolife
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The best way to Make Great Super Mario Maker Level is download Super Mario Bros X.
Ashley Tatro (1 month ago)
Yeah...............helpful (yes)
robloxcomedyskits101 (2 months ago)
Pardy (4 months ago)
Best tip: move to the geometry dash editor because it is way more powerful. It may be harder to learn / use, but it will be worth it. (Also geometry dash is only 2 dollars)
KawaiiGameZ (4 months ago)
For number two use Ceave Gaming for a billion ideas.
DarknessXxMaster (5 months ago)
That's what I try to do with Mario Maker - Keep it simple. I have to do test run after test run after test run. It's more of a Trial and Error thing. From the player's point of view, They like to follow things like Coins or Arrow Signs but some designers like to be cheeky and misleading. Coins and Arrows are not supposed to be so misleading that the player can't trust anything. I think the point of making a level is to guide the player to the end not find 1000 ways to kill them. xP I say this only because of the impossible courses that I've run into - Some troll courses with developer's exits!
Dimentive (6 months ago)
1:57 I’m pretty sure that all that has been done before. 😛
Dimentive (6 months ago)
0:14 It’s “Dos and don’ts,” not “Dos and do not dos,” Alex. 😛
Magic Minecraft (7 months ago)
the only participant is my little sister and shes NOT GOOD XD
The game pronounces it correctly, but somehow, players will say "mairio"
Vicky Lawrence (9 months ago)
Make a smb3 level
Dylan Moar (1 year ago)
It's easy don't make troll levels
WhinyDogFish (1 year ago)
Thx but I play super mario bros X but thanks anyway
Ben Grogan (1 year ago)
You should base you're level around a single type of mechanic so you don't always throw players off like if your making a tricky platforming level don't change it into a one screen puzzle halfway through
tech maker (1 year ago)
look at the best levels
AJ5025 (1 year ago)
I was too critical and the subscribe button hates me now.
Lol in troll levels they call invisible blocks "troll blocks" but kaizo levels they use them as barriers
Trash boat (1 year ago)
Umm all my levels are for experts at the game and everyone I know is a casual at the game. I can't get feedback
Julia The Shy Girl (1 year ago)
I'm Bad at Making Levels so This Video Is Really Helpful.
SwitchWare (1 year ago)
At the beginning you almost sounded like smg4
pikachufanboy _50 (1 year ago)
dont make trolls
last guest (1 year ago)
How about boo with a wing
KittenBot 24 (1 year ago)
Step 1. Become a popular YouTuber. Step 2. Make levels. Step 3. Tell your subscribers about it. Step 4. Watch the stars come flowing in
Jonah Abenhaim (1 year ago)
1. Don't Create too many auto levels
Rose McKnight (1 year ago)
I don't answer boo Mario maker
Cuz (1 year ago)
mix 10 (1 year ago)
muito bom
Kristopher Cons 2 (1 year ago)
No cheap crap like invisible blocjs
Grammar Nazi (1 year ago)
keep enemies to their relative areas, squids go in water, beetles are underground, and bowser is a boss. the enemies have a place and can be too difficult to defeat them.
Stevie Roder (1 year ago)
hey everyone I need help I'm a newbie to level making still made a few but not good. I wanna make a puzzle challange course using Mario Bros 3 world. can you guys help me? help would be appreciated. :)
Brazen Spy (1 year ago)
i made a SMM trilogy, 3 Juniors Trilogy The 3 Juniors The 3 Juniors Revenge The 3 Juniors Final if you want the codes plz ask
Brazen Spy (1 year ago)
2768-0000-02F1-FDF1 The 3 Juniors C304-0000-02F0-C1BA The 3 Juniors Revenge 6A1D-0000-02F5-65CF The 3 Juniors Final
Brazen Spy (1 year ago)
ok ill try
Modern Sonic (1 year ago)
Brazen Spy all
Brazen Spy (1 year ago)
which one?
Brazen Spy (1 year ago)
autumnfall1997 (1 year ago)
I'm so mad that 3ds one does not have sharing and I don't have a wii u
roblox gamer (1 year ago)
and I don't have a wii u
roblox gamer (1 year ago)
and I don't know how to upload the level yet
roblox gamer (1 year ago)
I have the 3ds one and made two Mario's revenge level that has goombas and koopatroopers and dry bones
Chain_ Killer2145 (1 year ago)
roblox gamer hi I have it on 3ds as well
Chicken Joystick (1 year ago)
roblox gamer Unfortunately, I don't have the 3DS version of Super Mario Maker. But, if you see some sort of ID code on your level, tell me what it says because it really helps me find your level.
roblox gamer (1 year ago)
I have one level on send with streetpass
Chicken Joystick (1 year ago)
roblox gamer yes
roblox gamer (1 year ago)
well theres send with streetpass
Progrovyle (1 year ago)
well i have 2 tips... use semi solids for decoration like in boo houses or in castles and use enemys that fit the theme of the level you're making
Progrovyle (1 year ago)
once i get this game my main enemys for my 1st level is goomba, koopa,hammer brother,a spiny,and pirahnas and some winged ones too and the boss would be a koopa with wings and 2 hammer bros around it and a pirahna plant on top of it...is that a good level enemy wise?
Ric Dweld (1 year ago)
Progrovyle did you get the game
Chicken Joystick (1 year ago)
Progrovyle no
marko hdi 177 (1 year ago)
You100286 555555
wames100 wames100 (2 years ago)
Introduce the repeated object at the start is a good tip
James Calder (2 years ago)
How do you get the weird mushroom that makes everything wavy?
Bowser Tube (2 years ago)
Try adding in amiibos to give the level more character or at least mystery costumes. I've gotten hundreds of people playing mine because of the mystery costumes/amiibo characters. Hope this can help you all. :)
Phoenix (2 years ago)
6. remember in Mario world and Mario u mode the spin jump exists. you can do a lot of fun stuff with it.
Ultra Gamer (2 years ago)
in 2:46 minites and seconds in to the video, the screen goes weird, how do you do that
Fr1endly Warr1or (2 years ago)
Try one of my many levels: 3066-0000-027C-D84A
Mr Guy (2 years ago)
But I have no friends
Dj S. (2 years ago)
I really liked this video! It helped a lot!
Dj S. (2 years ago)
I've got a tip, If you want to limit the amount of enemies and stuff then only use 12 items, I like to add 4 items also for some decoration in my levels.
Firestar Plays (2 years ago)
DO NOT make water levels.
Lord Chunko (2 years ago)
I am making a level with:3 giant Bowsers with wings,tons of fire plants with protection,litterally a moving targeted bullet bull group,lava right under your bare feet,flaming fishes litterally scaring you to death, and many more and I still like it XD
Vincent Zampillo (2 years ago)
Simple answer: Don't. The Wii U is getting discontinued soon.
Augustus Sinclair (2 years ago)
Is it bad that I look at Kaizo Mario for inspiration for my levels?
Toad R0XMK (2 years ago)
Nope! I love Kaizo levels.
Shy Guy Kid (2 years ago)
the important thing in level designing is organization
Zach Land (2 years ago)
Put a sideways spring on top of a chain chomp, its really cool!
The Zip Creator (2 years ago)
Don't listen to these for a Kaizo (Besides the enemy spamming, listen that one. Enemy spamming makes it not a Kaizo anymore.)
Jonathan Martin (2 years ago)
I just need to get my brothers to play them.
GodzillaGaming 2006 (2 years ago)
I've bean watching these how tops because it's my birthday next month and I'll be getting a wii u and super Mario maker
trevor meier (2 years ago)
I have a few good levels you could try 9D7F-0000-0213-1B2D, E001-0000-0214-1B7E, 900A-0000- 0084-A858
UnderratedDustox (2 years ago)
i made a super mario 64 level with bob-omb battle field, Tall, Tall mountian and mario over the rainbow, all in one course (0491-0000-01F5-E7BA)
carter wiliamson (2 years ago)
or Ester eggs
carter wiliamson (2 years ago)
add sekrits
The Hurrikain (2 years ago)
The number 1 rule for stages: INVISIBLE BLOCKS ARE FRUSTERATING WHEN JUMPING (leads to death)
Timi S (2 years ago)
There's a reason why i ask my bigger brother to play my levels 😜
Foxythefurryfox (2 years ago)
i make some super mario 64 levels like lethal lava land and Hazy maze cave and i think they are descent.
SlickNicky10 (2 years ago)
Tips: Try to avoid kaizo and other insane tricks in levels. Also avoid using troll doors/pipes, one way traps, kaizo blocks (jumping and hitting an invisible block), invisible block traps (drop into a gap with or without a powerup inside only to be trapped inside by invisible blocks), enemies killing you at the start of a level and having the player spawn over a pit requiring a frame perfect jump to succeed into your level.
WipeoutGamer 25 (2 years ago)
But what if they don't know what Mario is?
Stuntman1050 (2 years ago)
I've made a maze level and somehow it earns like a star and 20 plays a day. Somehow it's a great level. Also adding a small challenge to a level like a room full of enemies or an underground section that auto scrolls while avoiding walls, fire, and enemies are great ideas too.
whitz27 (2 years ago)
if you shake the clown car you get a fire clown car
Extryva (2 years ago)
Hello! I would be really happy if anyone here could play my level. I think I've followed these tips and I'm really proud of my level. It's unique, not to much monsters etc. But yeah I don't know if It's good or meh. The ID is 1A13-0000-019F-C0D5 Thank you!
Edmund Ellison (2 years ago)
tip:make a level that is FUN!!!!!
07creeper26 Gaming (2 years ago)
Do what u think the player would do
Michael Wilson (2 years ago)
Hello All I come to you with 3 levels varying in difficulty. I would love some feedback if anyone would like to play them if not no problem here are the 3 codes of the 3 levels and there names. Thank You. (Name of the map) 1. Easy: Super Mario Bros.3 1-1 (ID) 3F87-0000-018F-DD90 2. Normal: World 1-1 1-2 Hard Mode (ID) B3AE-0000-0175-E4B7 3: Hard: Fun World (ID)D7F4-0000-017A-0C5B I mostly make harder maps but i do enjoy the easier one but if these 3 are too easy look for the map named Deathtrap and enjoy that one. (Also Deathtrap is just a name there is no death at the spawn or really any traps just need good platforming really)
dainthus (2 years ago)
Don't spam the 'special effects'! Ya know, the fireworks, laughing, lightbulb, and other little things. They distract from the level! If your level is good, the effects will make it go unnoticed. If it's a bad level, you're just making it worse!
RockMC Logs (2 years ago)
#6 Don't make a f#cked up auto level that doesn't work half the time.
Brendan Reid (2 years ago)
my tip:add secrets into some of your levels.specifically:secret areas.
Tip 6: Don't be RubberRoss. I wish he was banned.
guyoflife (2 years ago)
+Goombalo10 The spring companion levels were good. They were challenging but fair
ur nan (2 years ago)
+BloxxyHow Yeah but those levels are sometimes thought out unlike rubberross who just adds a clusterfuck
Lionel gg (2 years ago)
+LuigiTheMaster JEG Gaming Look up Pit of Panga: U-Break on YouTube. Panga made it, and it's the hardest level on Super Mario Maker. It's absolutely insane.
Panga? Never heard of him.
Troy (2 years ago)
ur nan (2 years ago)
+Troy Knox Well meme'd
BootsOwen (2 years ago)
That level at the end... Is that a freaking remake of Touch Fuzzy, Get Dizzy?
HK-Xninja-24 (2 years ago)
to make a good level is in blind jumps put coins leading to where u want the player to go. Use signs and when put invisible blocks use then for good not for trolls
Riley Forbes (2 years ago)
a tip: if you have to make don't press anything/run levels, make them unique not just sitting on a block for 5 minutes
UrLife (2 years ago)
Tip: teach the player through gameplay. Start in a mostly safe environment or with an echoeing challenge dedicating to a past level and add an extra gimmick to it, develope that idea/those ideas, add moments of fun and catharsis or extra challenges and rewards, twist your ideas and offer a final challenge concluding your mechanic.
UrLife (2 years ago)
+Plasmaboy Woah, woah, WOAH! Let's not confuse the two things. Don't compare apples to pears. Sure, they're both meant for entertaining purposes, but that's where the similarities pretty much end. (Sometimes quality and enjoyability depend on each other too, by the way). Also, speaking about entertainment, you're asking what's wrong with trial and error. EVERYTHING. "Trial and error is the lowest form of challenge". A game is supposed to be fun, even when you're an adult playing a quick game of I spy with a friend. And dying over and over again is NOT FUN. True, you learn a little what to do by trial and error, but because you are dying over and over again, you're bound to give up before you can actually finish the stage. Also, in trial and error you are forced to do whatever is asked of you to do which limits you choices drastically. The definition of a game is "a competition based on skill, condition or luck". Super Mario Bros. is a game mostly based on luck rather than skill (although, luck is involved too, but balanced). You're supposed to make choices and be autonomic about what you're going to do. Example given, you are faced with four goombas. You can stomp on them, you can take them out with fireballs, you can run them over with a starman, you can jump over them, you can bypass them with the help of the bricks above your head etc. etc. Look at the number of choices you have here, contrary to a pit with a projectile in it where you have to die at least once before you find out and have to wait till the projectile activated itself to proceed... Obvious, isn't it? If you really want trial and error, you should have it while designing a level, not while playing it, unless you're a sadist. I know you think differently about this, and I apprecitiate it, but opiniond CAN be and sometimes ARE wrong. Besides, if you don't know how to use something, you can always ask it someone. Maybe you can ask the audience, or... maybe you should phone a friend. Or maybe fifty-fifty? :P
Plasmaboy (2 years ago)
Nope, I thought up a different analogy. Think about movies.. Kaizo is one of the genres, like horror. It's not for everyone, but you can't say it's bad. You can say you don't enjoy it, but you can't say the movie is terrible quality. Also, what's wrong with trial and error? You're slowly learning what to do. After all, even your math teacher tells you to use it when you don't know what to do. I don't get why people say kaizo isn't a well designed level. Because people put tons of time into making levels that are just hard. There's a difference between "really hard" and "annoying and not fun."
UrLife (2 years ago)
+Plasmaboy Again, no. In fact, Pit of Panga is just one of THOSE terribly designed levels. It's punishing, even for the most experienced players. And if it's punishing, you haven't succeeded, but FAILED as a designer. Maybe YOU find it fun; that doesn't mean others think the same, though. Good design also comes with helping your player. Look, I'm gonna give a dumb, but very effective example. A video game is just like school: you are the teacher and your player is your student/pupil. A teacher's job isn't dropping useless information at once, but helping you evolve to the person you are today and overcome the challenges set in your way. If those criteria aren't met, you have pretty much failed as a designer. And since Pit of Penga doesn't meet the standard criteria (and actually, doesn't even meet the two others you listed), it shouldn't be even considered a level, but just a lot of dead fish swimming in a pile of vomit, if you know what I mean. If you teach your player and help them evolve and make it fun at the same time, it's good design. If some criteria aren't met, it's considered mediocre design. But if a lot of those criteria aren't met (which pretty much means the others will fade away too), your level is terrible. Are you convinced now? :/
Plasmaboy (2 years ago)
"obscure puzzles" It's common knowledge if you take the time to practice. Especially in Mario Maker. Carl Sagan has these kinds of levels, and making a level like I don't know, Pit of Panga isn't well designed? What? If it's enjoyable to the player and isn't cheap, then you have succeeded as a level designer.
UrLife (2 years ago)
+Plasmaboy I'm sorry, no. It's just terrible. Just because it had obscure puzzles doesn't mean the design is automatically good. In fact, the game is based around trial and error principles that you can't predict unless you have played it ones (which was mentioned as one of the DON'Ts in this countdown). I'm not the only one with that opinion. Every designing expert will agree with me on that... and a hand-full of non-designers will do that also. Apparently only you seem to think otherwise. Just judging by the first world I see the designer wanted to punish players and jus did "something". :/
Vincent Dijkhuis (2 years ago)
dont do trolls or random Things no one wants 100 spineys in one time of a level. play it with a friend. Think of its Fun and your friend allsow
brother? YT (2 years ago)
thank you this really helped me☺☺
Stephen Wilson (2 years ago)
less is more is wrong... in a way... he was saying it the wrong way you need more than just 2-4 different enemies maybe 3-5 or 6 if you're feeling cheeky that is my tip :) hope it helps mario maker's out there!
Demon519 (2 years ago)
Was that last level supposed to be "Touch Fuzzy, Get Dizzy" from Yoshi's Island?
Dynasty Lobster (2 years ago)
how do you ask for mariomaker features (ya know , askin nintendo)
Two Face Brotherhood (2 years ago)
Your a person who helps everyone to make great levels. That's good!
Memeist (2 years ago)
6. Add check points
HosyPlayz YT (2 years ago)
my brother isnt that good at playing the game so i cant tell if my levels are to hard or he is just.. well... bad at it
KrispyKrabby (2 years ago)
Something you could do, is make musical levels. Because this is apparantly Mario Paint 2...
Mistergamer9892 (3 years ago)
Mr. Zonian (3 years ago)
I like the bullet bill cannon wall crushers, that's something I should include in a level!
Mistergamer9892 (3 years ago)
I'm going to add my own 5 here as I've been seeing really a few things within my plays recently.. *1) AVOID USING INVISIBLE BLOCK TRAPS AND JUMPSCARE THWOMPS* These are the main cause of skipping and mass murders everywhere on the planet. I cannot stress enough how many times I was playing a really good well-thought-out platforming stage when it gets ruined by an invisible block trap. A "Jumpscare" Thwomp is what I define as a Thwomp that is just offscreen enough to still fall down on you when you're underneath it. Only on the rarest occasions will a jumpscare Thwomp actually be a nice addition. If you're going to put one, at least put a hint such as coins or a sound effect. Unless you're making a troll/kaizo level, avoid invisible block traps at all costs. *2) Because you know how to beat your course does not mean others will also know.* The only rule is that you have to beat your course prior to uploading to prove that it's beatable. Try playing it as if you were pylaying it for your first time and you have no idea what to do. Try adding some hints to signify what to do. *3) REPEATED TEST RUNNING IS CRUCIAL* When you just finished a segment, test run it to see what can be improved on. Then again, then again, and even do it all the way from the beginning. Try running it at different speeds and paces to see how others might feel about it. And always ask yourself "What can I do to make this more legitimate and/or enjoyable?". *4) Put some thought in your stage's name* As from points 1 and 2, signify what your course is and add some hints on how to beat it. Any expert Mario enthusiast will know what to expect if they see "Kaizo" in the title. *5) Add something in the form of 1-ups* Think of the difference between playing your level online or in 100 Mario Mode. Online, you have infinite Marios and have nothing to worry about, thus nullifying the purpose of 1-ups. But think about when someone plays it in 100 Mario Mode. Put in 3 1-ups somewhere or make 7 trapped enemies somewhere at the end to make people feel more relieved and confident in the next level. Hell, it might even get you a star or 2. As a bonus, I'll throw in an extra. *6) Springs... Just............ Ugh.* Yes, these can be fun from your POV, but refer back to point 2. No one likes a room full of springs bouncing everywhere making it near impossible to finish. Worse if you add enemies. Maybe a small segment or room is fine, but that's highly debatable.
Random WEirDneZ (2 years ago)
+Mistergamer9892 replying for the lack of read more
RockMC Logs (2 years ago)
+Mistergamer9892 I use invisible blocks but only before a Boss Battle, like in the other Mario games
ItalianScoop (3 years ago)
create levels based around certain items or enemies
Lisa Warner (3 years ago)
Haha awesome! :D
color phone (3 years ago)
use semi solid platforms as back rounds
color phone backgrounds*
KentoGS (3 years ago)
How was that moving platform was at 1:43 0.o?!!!!
Catherine Maas (3 years ago)
Just Bullet Bill launchers on a track...O.o
Naitor5 (3 years ago)
Focus on making fun yet challenging levels, rather than hard, almost unbeatable levels
Ender Shane (3 years ago)
You should avoid random amiibo. It is very confusing and annoying.
Goro Akechi (2 years ago)
Fasalado 001 (3 years ago)
Thanks for the tips! Im getting The game in 5 days!

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