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ANOTHER BIGGER Nintendo Direct Coming Soon??

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Nintendo Switch just saw 14 new announcements in a Nintendo Direct Mini...could a Nintendo Direct MEGA be right around the corner? That's what we're discussing today, so let us know YOUR take in the comments down below! Follow Us On Twitter: http://twitter.com/TheSwitchForce Follow Us on Instagram: http://instagram.com/SwitchForce
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Christopher Bradley (5 months ago)
Nah, it'll be towards the end of March if anything. Kirby is their last big first party game coming out soon, they'll get the sales for that before announcing better stuff that people would not buy Kirby for.
Tomii 706 (6 months ago)
Smash raid is gonna get real
Keegan Woods (6 months ago)
I think it will be on March 3rd because that's the switches birthday
The Mighty Gamer22 (6 months ago)
More than a month later still no direct/announcements
Andrew MacGowan (6 months ago)
I scale Nintendo Directs in 3 categories 1) Mini - Generally filled with ports, dlc, and maybe one or two new original games 2) Normal Nintendo Direct - Maybe one or two ports but is littered with new original games and dlc 3) MEGA ULTRA PLUS Direct - Big Triple A Nintendo Series such as Mario, Zelda, Pokemon, Metroid, Animal Crossing are shown off in great detail with some surprises
Penguinsgalore (6 months ago)
I guess not cuz right now it's January 29 and still no direct :(
TheSwitchPost (7 months ago)
Wesley Joseph (7 months ago)
Crossing my fingers it’s an announcement of Twilight Princess and Wind Walker HD ports. Highly doubt it though.
Noah Meserve (7 months ago)
I'm just biding my time for a smash Bros...
YourPalHDee (7 months ago)
The direct mini was mostly third party, an actual Direct will be mostly first party. Yoshi, Pikmin, Metroid, Donkey Kong, potentially new IPs, unveiling of the online infrastructure, pay scheme and monthly subscription bonuses. I mean, it seems obvious to me that they were giving as little as possible in the mini direct and the only thing worth getting especially excited for to me was Dark Souls.
dorakador (7 months ago)
Skyward Sword HD needs to be announced!
subby pop Girl (7 months ago)
hiryule warriors looks cool but long time to go....
KaiX (7 months ago)
My $300 in eshop giftcards is ready
Blaque Link (7 months ago)
2018 is going to be an awful year to be a Nintendo fan. It's going to be just like fucking 2016. JUST SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT AND SHIT! To be fair Nintendo did bring their big guns:Mario and Zelda so them failing to deliver on the goods this year is actually logical to expect.
Bruce Wayne (7 months ago)
I think that there might be a follow up larger direct, to me it felt like the mini was just the leftover that they didn't have room for in this larger direct. This would make sense but, it's still a hard might.
BlackKoiRecords (7 months ago)
What the FUCK happened at 3:26 ? It itself needs to be a meme. Either dude is late af laughing at a "joke" or dude doesn't know how to laugh "laughing" at a "joke".
Henry Bruzeau (7 months ago)
I can only hope.
OmegaFire (7 months ago)
Not a nother nindies direct, those are borring. A third party only direct would be preferable.
Nick Escue (7 months ago)
Maybe they did the Mini Direct to calm peoples expectations then blow them away later
J.D .M (7 months ago)
I would bet there's another direct in this month. Probably January 31st (wouldn't bet on that, though xD). It just feels right. They are expecting to sell 20 or 30 million units more in 2018's fiscal year and if so, they'll need to keep momentum for the switch by announcing more games. With that being said, they'll have to talk about more games and can't keep all of the announcements for E3 plus, as one of you said, they haven't talked about Yoshi in this Direct Mini, didn't have anything on Wolfenstein which is a game already confirmed, and I know there are other games already confirmed, just can't remember at the moment.
Tony C. (7 months ago)
I want terraria on switch
Justin Magee (7 months ago)
It could go either way. i honestly figured we'd hear more about bayonetta 1 and 2, where's the definitive release date for wolfenstein 2 and the online service... where's YouTube, Netflix, web browser? But yeah for a mini that was a pretty content packed so yeah either is a possibility
MonsterKat (7 months ago)
I really want a hat in time! The devs were not correct that the switch couldnt handle it... yeah no.
FrasleyForwards (7 months ago)
iluvwanesworld (7 months ago)
All I want in the next direct is virtual console with GameCube games
ChaosInvoker (7 months ago)
I feel if there is a bigger Direct on the horizon, within a month - we would get announcements such as: Animal Crossing, New Super Mario Bros., Pikmin 4, Yoshi and a few 3rd party games and indie titles. They would leave bigger things like Metroid, Fire Emblem, Pokemon and Smash for E3 (though its too early to expect a new Smash game).
roughy762004 (7 months ago)
yup a bigger one is coming.
JaredIsLemons (7 months ago)
It's obvious that there will be.
Snifit Dee (7 months ago)
I'm just so fucking sick of people not unterstanding that the big titles will come in E3.
Fogmoz (7 months ago)
I don't think we're going to see anything major until March, when they could do a 1-year anniversary Direct.
Shibby (7 months ago)
There definitely could be a full Nintendo Direct coming up. Yeah we had quite a few titles announced, and Nintendo branded games, but there really was no wow factor or much of anything new. I think they're going to want to start the year off with something new and exciting, especially with a brand new console. I definitely think something new is coming out. They could announce some actual games instead of these port and little smartphone games.
Shadow 12 (7 months ago)
Just give me smash Nintendo, I just want ZeRo to come back
Oakenshield 311 (7 months ago)
Let’s hope so!! Expectations are so high right now.
superQuizzie (7 months ago)
Nah, I would think some of these announcements in the mini direct would have been reserved for more attention that they would have liked to give them in a larger direct. This is somewhat sufficient, and I wasn't super disappointed by the mini direct. I bet a bunch of people notice this just because they overhyped it for themselves and want more.
Gravi (7 months ago)
Oh jeez anything coukd happen \( ö )/
David Polzin (7 months ago)
Highly doubt we'll get another so quick, I'm thinking this tides us over til a direct in march.
DMS R6 (7 months ago)
Me before:I can’t wait for this direct! Smash, Pokémon, Metroid, Virtual Console, 5.0 update!! Nintendo:There’s a new fighter in Pokénn Tournament and tennis Me after:🤨😫😩
og87 (7 months ago)
Where is MORPHIES LAW!!! WHERE!! I want that game so bad. Splatoon is helping but i want that game bad!!
og87 (7 months ago)
I dont think well see one for a while tbf. I dont know why it was a mini and i wish they announced a game im excited for because none of them made me excited. Which is disappointing. Like luigis mansion/ gtav or something lIke smash. Smash 4 is hundred percent not coming. The next smash will be 5 and it will be next year around may.
Seallupus (7 months ago)
Type-Jay (7 months ago)
Im expecting another direct in march or april
Niko Davis (7 months ago)
Hopefully we still need to see smash on switch.
Lil tay fan boy (7 months ago)
I think another direct is coming with like cod and the other “on fire” stuff so like a direct with 3 party stuff
Andrue Finley (7 months ago)
Oh no there is so much to be afraid of. There is so much they can release and re-release. This mini direct blew our minds for how random these releases are. Like sure we had a feeling but they just dropped it on us with zero warning. They are literally going to resell all of the best games they have. It’s going to slowly roll back from Wii U to Wii and so forth. While releasing new games. They are giving us what we want. And my wallet never hurt so much in my life :(
Nintendo First (7 months ago)
There is no DAMN Sm4sh port coming! It'll be Sma5h.
Daniel Rosales (7 months ago)
I think they’re gonna have an other direct on the day of the launch of the switch
IBO (7 months ago)
yeah i can see a bigger direct coming sometime early March before Kirby comes out 100% for sure they will show Yoish & give date and Fire Emblem.
O.H. X-90 (7 months ago)
Oh no, I'm not falling for this trick again, this has got to be fake.
Cool1234 (7 months ago)
I'm thinking that we will get another direct with the main focus being the upcoming online service. We may still hear more about other games coming this year such as Yoshi and Fire emblem. We are getting another direct GARENTED! at least I hope so....
RadJacob (7 months ago)
As long as nothing new is announced soon, I'll have plenty of time to get the many Switch gems I missed.
Doritos Jam (7 months ago)
33 of january ;)
Ryan Meglino (7 months ago)
What if we got a game specific direct? Like super smash bros direct, or yoshi direct?
Keyon Ricketts (7 months ago)
More complaints...
Game God (7 months ago)
I can see another Direct in March!
KakaGridrider awx (7 months ago)
They should make a 55 minute direct video or something
Evoke Ink (7 months ago)
Subscribe to my channel for Nintendo switch gaming! 🎮
Ferosnow95 (7 months ago)
Seriously we need more third party stuff, fingers crossed for the next direct hopefully.
Joe Elder (7 months ago)
They need to announce online and virtual console to keep up with other systems.. give it to the loyal customers of fucking nintendo
Travis Janot (7 months ago)
If there is a major direct coming, it'll be centered around Switch Online, and games that will make full use of it.
M Craze (7 months ago)
Annoncing amiibo for Donkey Kong Country Returns Tropical Freeze ! I really want all the Kongs on my shelf as amiibo.
California (7 months ago)
They better release AC
Maria Rodriguez (7 months ago)
Next Direct could be about online paid features . As Payday 2 will be a February release that requires online functionality . Could be it the first Nintendo game that requires paid online to play ?
Maria Rodriguez (7 months ago)
Imagine if the next Direct is for the 3DS Detective Pikachu . People would get crazy ... from anger . LOL!
Fletcher Reed (7 months ago)
I don't think they'll have another Direct until April, knowing Nintendo.
Quincent Saiorus (7 months ago)
@SwitchForce Zack we all know for a fact games like Fire Emblem, Bayonetta 3, Metroid Prime 4, Travis Strikes Again No More Heroes, & Pokemon will ALL get their own Directs focused solely on them close to their release dates. Just like all of the heavy hitters, in 2017, did but of those aforementioned games, we know of two (FE NSW & Travis Strikes again) that have been slated for 2018 release. Now I can see those being held out for E3 but other 2018 slated games like Yoshi, as Geb mentioned, along with Project Octopath Traveler (which I could see it getting it's own Direct too), Pocket Rumble, Dragon Marked for Death, Runner 3, Wargroove, Wolfenstein 2, Blade Strangers, etc. heck even the DLC for XC2 for this month, The New Quest Pack, weren't even touched on let alone mentioned in this Direct mini. I can't see Nintendo holding out on those for E3 especially not Wolfenstein 2 or Yoshi (as it was shown at last year's E3) for that matter, so I think there will be another direct that will address many if not all of those titles. Not saying I'm dying for another one at all, just pointing out some factual things of note here that I noticed after this bit sized one is all but regardless of the time frame between this mini and the next full on direct, we will for sure be getting another one before E3. The only reason why I'm thinking or more so leaning towards the notion of it being true & happening sooner rather than later is mainly because of the Xenoblade Chronicles 2 DLC to drop this month & Wolfenstein 2. That way Nintendo can air out many of those known about and awaited IP's I mentioned and focus on the other minding blowing ones while we await the directs for ones we most certainly know will get their own dedicated directs later on in the year.
aura N (7 months ago)
We could actually get a 3ds focused direct!
Ray Cesmat (7 months ago)
I think the perception that there’s just no way that there could be another Direct coming comes from an improper way of viewing what they actually are. Nintendo has struck such gold with them because, to us, they feel like Christmas morning every few months, while in actuality what they are is, debatably, Nintendo’s most savvy marketing arm. They feel so good to us that the perception is that we just can’t get spoiled with another one so soon, but Nintendo doesn’t put them out to treat us, they put them out to advertise their upcoming releases, and even of what we know is coming in the near future, for a fact, they had multiple omissions and there’s just no reason for them to skip out on such cost-effective advertising. Like if you intend to insist there won’t be a direct in the near future, Lost Sphere will have come out either not having been featured in a direct or not having been in one in months, Bayo 1+2 will come out never having been in a single direct. That’s just not how they’ve worked historically at all, as was evidenced last year when Arms and Splatoon were completely unavoidable in directs even though they were wrung completely dry in only a few showings. I don’t necessarily think that this Direct is going to be the big reveal of one of the big games down the pipeline, but there’s a lot more left to talk about and it does them no good not to talk about it now as the year gears up.
The Grinch (7 months ago)
I don’t think there will be another direct till next month. I don’t know if this shows anything, but in 2017 we had a direct each month for 3 months, then none the fourth.
Noah Allan (7 months ago)
I think we may see some stuff about virtual console and smash bros as well as Metroid prime gameplay or footage. So there is definitely a lot for Nintendo to discuss and there will most likely be a direct. As well as I know there will be one.🤭
Joshua Davis (7 months ago)
I just want a new Luigi's Mansion, and I want it to be eldritch with waluigi as the cultist.
Brickman (7 months ago)
Yes, there will be another direct in Feb.
Davis609 (7 months ago)
People keep hoping they have another direct to announce Pokémon OR Metroid that's gonna happen!!! Stuff like that is are gonna happen at E3
SuberCake (7 months ago)
Maybe a big direct that only shows off pokemon. I can be hopeful
shadow6543 (7 months ago)
Can't wait for lying Emily Rogers to get BTFO
Jump On Everything (7 months ago)
The direct mini is the starter to keep you occupied until the main course (the full direct)
Purple Pen (7 months ago)
Purple Pen (7 months ago)
Purple Pen (7 months ago)
prodigiousPlayz (7 months ago)
the mini direct sucked i hated it
Jay Flannigan (7 months ago)
Fire Emblem announcement has to be soon!
Michael DeGraffenreid (7 months ago)
Nintendo’s 9 month earning Report for investors is January 31st. Exactly 20 days after the Mini Direct. A direct will be before that date to create confidence for their investors. Nintendo plans to sell 20 million this fiscal year. They will show more games in a proper Nintendo Direct.
Jonathan Escobar (7 months ago)
Tbh I feel like they might have another one because this Nintendo direct mini was just full of ports so I don’t think people are satisfied with that
Burp N (7 months ago)
The mini direct was horrendous and disappointment....
Burp N (7 months ago)
TheWatchDog 2 sorry for having an opinion
TheWatchDog 2 (7 months ago)
Burp N Just likes your existence
MeowCore (7 months ago)
The mini direct was garbage.
Ulysses Fouvry (7 months ago)
I think that there will be another direct. Lets look at the mini objectively ports ports ports, dlc dlc dlc, game already announced, new version of a game and only one 1 NEW GAME. I think thats a little disappointing for the firsr half of a year. ( Even though Dk is amazing)
John Mcgarvey (7 months ago)
Animal crossing. That’s all I want
Rythm (7 months ago)
Prediction: There will be a bigger direct in awhile showing bayonetta 1/2 and 3 xenoblade 2 dlc and other games not yet announced im 99% sure of that (it maybe shows some 3ds games too so it will be not switch only but a mixed Nintendo Direct) Ports coming i think: Wind Waker HD (with new outfits for link), Xenoblade Chronicles X DX (could be now or in the future) Games we will see: Pokemon Switch (short trailer showing they are working on it showing off some Pokemon and how the grafics will look), Madden, Sims 4 + DLCs (im not well informed with EA games but there could be more) Games we will see on E3: Smash new game announcement for late 2018/early 2019, Metroid Prime 4 Trailer (release 2019), Pokemon Switch gameplay release around christmas time 2018 Animal Crossing could be announced at a later date this year but the release is possible 2019 Since i predictet the Tropical Freeze Deluxe port right i just leave you what i think here
Ozzwald Boland (7 months ago)
People, stop yelling for Smash, pokemon ans metroid, we haven't had an animal crossing or pikmin in 5 YEARS!!!!!
Super Mario (7 months ago)
There will be another Nintendo direct. They haven't showed us Metroid Prime 4 yet. And if they announce SMASH then PlayStation and X-BOX will be as relevant as SEGA.
SolgaleoGaming (7 months ago)
If a a bigger direct comes out, these are my predictions: Mario maker port Nintendo switch online Ton of indies New game announcement (Not smash, perhaps pikmin?)
PikminFan 128 (7 months ago)
Sorry to burst your bubble buddy, but the chances of pikmin 4 being shown off are kinda slim.
Superstarzs Gaming (7 months ago)
It could be possible a big direct could happen on March 3rd because it is the 1st year anniversary of the Switch.
HylianForce (7 months ago)
Would you guys rather have a Smash 4 port in 2018 or a Smash 5 in 2019??
mackers _8 (7 months ago)
I reckon another big direct with no Game announcements but a large focus on Online Infasttucture OS Update and Virtual Console with Online update go live date. Big focus so everyone understands it whatever it maybe.
Badr Oyd (7 months ago)
There IS an other direct, because no 3DS title was shown !
Infinitea (7 months ago)
I don't think Pokemon is coming out this year. Think about it, the 3DS came out in 2011, the first Pokemon RPG to hit the 3DS was Pokemon X and Y which came in 2013. Unless they pull some miracle, I simply don't see it happening.
wasabi (7 months ago)
I wonder what they could possibly announce at the bigger Direct. If they show too much, that could defeat the entire purpose of the E3 Direct. So, I really think you guys shouldn't expect alot of footage on Pokémon or Metroid. Maybe it will go in-depth on Yoshi, Firmware 5.0 and Virtual Console/Online Service. All I'm saying, don't expect anything huge.
Matas Mazeika (7 months ago)
Ofc there will be a direct that's not the important question. What we should be asking ourselves is if it will be focusing on one game like kirby or mario tennis or if it will be a direct where they announces new games for the rest of the year. I personally think it's gonna be a game focus direct or indie games presention. If they give us the rest of the year now then they don't anything for E3.
Corvid76 (7 months ago)
Yoshi, Octopath, Smash, Virtual Console, Online service, Xenoblade DLC, GTA V, Fallout, upcoming Nindies. There's your bigger Direct.
Game Chef (7 months ago)
Uhh stop milking it. This content is getting so boring 😧
Platypus (7 months ago)
That forest level in Mario Tennis Aces looks stunning!

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