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Battlefield 1 Unrealistic? Game Realism vs Game Fun

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Text Comments (8539)
The sports podcast (4 days ago)
They need to respect the veterans and they should not be sugarcoating it like this they should have trench warfare
Shellshock The face (1 month ago)
Exist64 (1 month ago)
I believe the way bf1 got WW1 is absolutely adequate. Even if it doesn't show in the gameplay, they still made sure that the setting felt authentic and atmospheric. I personally would always welcome a slightly stronger favor for realism over gameplay in all Battlefield games, but only slightly. The fact, that battlefield often seems relatively realistic to me, makes the game much more interesting and exciting to me.
Stephen McDonald (2 months ago)
But you have to admit, they did a great historical job with the battles. All of them are real and they even talk about the battle before and after the game which are all true. I thought the game was very fun and there is no way a video game can be 100% historical accurate even verdun isn’t 100%
BlankAmv (3 months ago)
Who cares it’s a fucking game
DOGGY DOODLE (3 months ago)
The only thing I have a problem is that the assault class, nearly all the weapons are full auto, and the rifles you can use don't have bayonets, but I shouldn't really moan just because what I want, that's why I'm saying this as my opinion.
naio piaio (3 months ago)
If u want an accurate ww1 game u can play VERDUN 1914-1918
shrek Pee pee (4 months ago)
And the tanks move way to dam fast!
Ryan Downie (5 months ago)
They hated him because he spoke the truth.
Alex 68 DT (5 months ago)
There is difference though WW1 actually happened and its a game based off of it what war was bf4 based on??? And yes I get that its meant for fun not realism just throwing it out there.
Xavier E. (5 months ago)
Authenticity vs Realistic
SaviorAssassin1996 (6 months ago)
I'd take fun over realism.
AtheistGunGamer22077 (6 months ago)
Make a realistic damage model this unrealistic bullshit is a joke.
MoVieClipS HD (6 months ago)
Battlefield 1 the tanks are so fast it must be slow because it such a heavy vehicle and the machines are not like today and the zeppelins are too low on the ground they are meant to be on the sky and the planes too
YourMainManStan (6 months ago)
I think that it is ok to have an unrealistic mind set, that's fine. But for people like me who want a realistic ww1 game they should make a game mode that is like Verdun but on a much larger scale. I think that would be good because you please everyone, thanks for reading my comment!
Still more realistic than cod WW2
someordinaryweaboo zdn (7 months ago)
Better to play battlefield project reality
Mini GameZ (8 months ago)
Actually it is pretty historically correct says 70% scientists and if it was 100% correct you would be in trenches most of the game because the new machine gun made it the no mans land and everyone stayed in trenches
Vreeking DalveDado (8 months ago)
"realistic"? yeah there were definitely dudes running around with AUTOMATIC rifles and holding MACHINE guns like its made out of plastic OUT OF THEIR TRENCHES .
LightBlueX (8 months ago)
I tink Battelfield 1 is a nice game ,but i think the Multiplayer havn't some of the flair from the First world war its a game how ol pepole run arround with MG or SMG . I tink i schoud have more semi Weppons in the game . The MP are overpowert nobody will play a semi wapon when he can have a MP without realy havy knockback i tink there schould spawn boxes on the map with some MP inside . When you have fun you schouldnt take a name how Battlefield 1 because was the first modern war and this game is a slap in my Face . I have Verdun its realistic but it dont't become very ads .
Who Cares? (8 months ago)
Lmao he killed jackfrags at 4:56
F.O.A.C ML (9 months ago)
I just want to point out some inaccuracies in this game (not hating it I enjoy it) -The Zeppelin: There’s no fucking way that Zeppelin can go that fucking low. Zeppelins should be higher than in the clouds to add support or go on enemy lines Sniping: Ok there’s no fucking way that you can get a headshot like a football field away or shoot a plane in mid air Too many automatic weapons: automatic weapons were only use in trench raids during WW1 and some city’s Tanks: I didn’t now that a tank can fly up in the air and back to the ground when your flipped over Planes: -I didn’t know you can jump off a plane and hijack another plane -I didn’t know you can glitch on the plane and throw Grenades at it -I didn’t know you can pick up your teammate and he somehow grabbed on without getting shredded Gore: Where’s the blood and gore I mean I’ve would’ve gave this game a 8 out of 10 if it added gore The whole game: The game plays itself like a WW2 shooter and you run and gun to adjectives pushing backwards and towards In WW1 they focus more on trench warfare than run and gun Gas: Ok there’s got to be more gas in the game because gas played a very huge role during the war Characters: .....Black German Soldiers....so....we can accept black German soldiers....in BF1.... but can’t accept black women Nazis in COD:WW2................. Tanks: they are going a bit fast because tanks during WW1 only gone by 4 miles per hour
End310 (9 months ago)
You talked about battlefield 4 alot
Christopher Vanoster (9 months ago)
When I heard about it being set in WW1, I thought it would be bolt-actions only, no automatic weapons except for special german sturmtrooper units and machine-gun crews
Copper Pumpkin (10 months ago)
I just wanted to see if the guns fire more realistically than call of duty
BoJibbidy (11 months ago)
One excuse I use to using random weapons in BF4 is I say that it’s NATO vs Russia vs China
Kongjie (11 months ago)
You hide the 10 minute mark well i mean 10:01 rly But ur content is great and well thought out so thats absolutely fine
KarnageExile (11 months ago)
Battlefield is a arcade shooter
KarnageExile (11 months ago)
Battlefield games are all unrealistic
Swift Panther (1 year ago)
I think personaly they need to honor the brave "men" (because believe it or not feminists deny it women weren't in WW1) of world war one, imagine you being ordered to go out of your only line of safety that's not even that safe and run into the depths of hell. this war is very underrated but in my opinion is the most interesting war of history.
- Russkiy - (1 year ago)
The game Verdun existing just dismantles your points as that game is insanely fun and is very realistic. In my opinion the main reason BF1 is the way it is, is because EA and Dice are trying to get as many players as possible from the overall market (therefore creating a casual game) rather than working on a game made for the fully devoted veterans of the series as they are a niche market and niche markets are bad in the eyes of big AAA publishers.
Supaa Dupaa (1 year ago)
And people are talking crap how COD WW2 is not realistic LOLLLLL
Eliad Buchnik (1 year ago)
it is all arcade Vs simulator idea
RedRiverChannel (1 year ago)
The whole battlefield franchise is far removed from realism, authenticity and strategic gameplay and it is supposed to be that way.. Therefore, expecting it to be otherwise is foolish. Therefore I wonder why this is even a discussion. What's next, asking if COD is realistic? The game on the market that comes most close to real military combat is ARMA III. While it's engine is outdated, there is no other game that capture realism in combat as arma. It simulate military operations very well.
Nova-99209 (1 year ago)
I hate how in the Call of Duty WW2 trailers people are saying “this is unnaccurate.” but then here they are saying who “cares about accuracy.”
Rick & Morty (1 year ago)
It's doesn't matter about the prototypes weapons and tanks they all were invented doesn't matter if they were prototypes or not they still are historic
ATONOMICAL (1 year ago)
The fact they can run bugs me. Every soldier was carrying at least 15KG of gear and that's why they'd almost always walk on no man's land.
12nooby12 (1 year ago)
fuck dice and battlefield 1
Just A Canuck (1 year ago)
BF3 and BF4 are FICTIONAL WARS, they can do whatever they want with them as they are made by them. But WW1 is a real war, that actually happened, so guess what, people wanted historical accuracy. There are so many things that dice could have done to make the game fun while also keeping the game realistic. The biggest thing to show to prove that a historically accurate WW1 game can be fun is Verdun. (which is a much better game)
morti271 (1 year ago)
The problem are not specific weapons like in BF4, but more the overall classes of weapons. If an American soldier uses an AK in BF4 it may be unrealistic, but it's not totally out of touch like all of the guys using automatic weapons in a WW1 game, where rarely anyone ever touched anything else but their bolt action rifles. This drastically changes the gameplay and destroys any WW1 atmosphere. BF1 basically feels like some random steampunk setting.
izgnarly (1 year ago)
lmao these guys said its more realistic than cod... its either it is realistic or not there is no in between
Dimitris Χ. (1 year ago)
For the guys who wants realism I recomment verdun. It has not battlefields 1 graphics and there is no single player campaing but its historicaly accurate on landscapes , weapon and battles. But be carefull keep your head down on this game you an die on a single rifle shot.
Kelpo Gaming (1 year ago)
Battlefield 1 is a WW2 game through and through
Wolfgang R (1 year ago)
Verdun is the only (fps) game that comes close to accuracy for WWI.
King Rage (1 year ago)
It won't be fun if it was to realistic
Mr Hitler Obama Kim (1 year ago)
You forgot the scar h in bf4 scar h is used by spec ops and bf4 multi is spec ops soilder usa us marine force recon russians spetnaz chinease spec ops so yeah us m4a1 m16a4 scar h russia ak 12 ak12u pkp pencheng china qbz 1 AR carbine and lmg bf4 accuracy
YourFriendlyKiller (1 year ago)
Omfg people look if bf1 was a "simulation" then it would REALSTIC. But its not. It is a game that wants to be fun and back then in ww1 they didn't have all the guns we see today. It was basically a rifle or a shotgun. But in bf1 they wanted it to be fun. So they added those un-realistic weapons to add variety into it. All war games do that to make it "FUN." So please stop raving about bf1 not be realistic because all dice wants to do is to make a game that has a little bit of realism into it but not make to realistic.
dʒeɪms (1 year ago)
the devs should embrace the restrictions of ww1 rather than blow them away because they arent creative enough to create a new style of gameplay. verdun (2014) did this really well where the gameplay is about capturing trenches and retreating to defences. when i look at bf1 it just looks so ridiculous, like you could be a german and be on the other side of the map behind enemy lines like wtf that would never happen in ww1..
Owen Crouwel (1 year ago)
I really want a triple A ww1 title that is like battlefield but more accurate. Or a game mode in bf1 where it is actually a trench warfare, waves game mode. operations feels very grindy and too much like cod. if they had a version that had a waves system where the battlefield can change and the attackers can be pushed back. more trenched fighting with many choke points. it would add something a lot of the player community are looking for from this game
mars jäätelö (1 year ago)
Verdun>Battlefield 1
naio piaio (3 months ago)
mars jäätelö yeaaaah :D
LeLo Corp. (1 year ago)
How times have changed since the CoD v. BF wars. 👴
Gage Strickland (1 year ago)
I don't quite care because I looks amazing and it gives that world war 2 rustic fell and I love it's me to be fun not completely realistic if it was realistic your gun would jam constantly and the game would just be awful I love it except when there's grenade spam but we all do it.
Amarillys913 (1 year ago)
I disagree with the "in modern BFs too there's prototype weapons" argument. Roleplay as a mercenary, problem solved. Want to use a RFB and a Unica alongside your Chinese bros ? You bought them before taking the plane to Lemonland to work under a contract for general ching chong. There you go. One line justify all the weapons represented in BF4. Helriegels or other proto-guns were NOT produced at all. Maybe one or two were around, but that's all. There's no justification whatsoever.
That Person (1 year ago)
i dont want a totally realistic game, but what these Arcade fanboys dont know is what we want is an Immersive game
The Lazy Mate (1 year ago)
I use infantry Snipers to make it feel like 1914
NitroCaliber (1 year ago)
In the Battlefield universe, mainly to fit BF2142, most of the stuff is a bit more advance, and some of the wars such as WW1 and WW2 take place a little bit longer.
Grey Bayles (1 year ago)
in the words of Skallagrim, theres a difference between realism and accuracy. Is battlefield one realistic? Yes, the things in the game theoretically could happen. However, they didnt, making it not historically accurate.
Kurt Smith (1 year ago)
"Battlefield 4 isn't historically accurate." Battlefield 4 takes place in 2020 and it's between three nuclear powers, there's no need for historical accuracy. But Battlefield 1, well, I'm sure it confused a lot of kids, even younger adults, schools don't teach history very well (not anymore at least), I know cause I've learned a lot more from the Internet and Wikipedia than I have in school.
Andrew Bellucci (1 year ago)
BF 1 has WW1 maps with WW1 weapons and WW1 esque soldiers but plays like previous Battlefield games and that's fine with me
Ryan Lutz (1 year ago)
2:35 They are still real guns though. The guns aren't some prototypes that were only made once.
Clover The Gun Nut (1 year ago)
Ryan Lutz Hellriegel, Selbstlader 1906, And the Cei-Rigottu were all barely produced so yes they did barely exist at this time.
Rob West (1 year ago)
the range on the shotguns are total bs. I get it up close...merciless but the range is total bs.
Steve Wil (1 year ago)
If battlefield 1 was realistic, it wouldn't be any fun. Next slide.
Hena pena (8 months ago)
Verdun is realistic and fun tho why wouldnt bf1 be?
Gabriel Streeter (1 year ago)
I understand the whole 'fun' and 'variety' thing but the problem is you got skilled players playing historically and using bolt-action while getting gunned down by huge swathes of automatic guns. Not only is it historically inaccurate in that sense but it punishes you for playing that way.
A Shoe (1 year ago)
it makes more sense in modern set games because you could just say its in the near future. ww3 hasnt happened yet anyway, so its fine to have prototype weapons being used in it because they might be used in real ww3. you cant do the same with ww1, it already happened.
A Shoe (1 year ago)
you can have realistic weapon stats and balance in the same game. you just pick a different gun model to fit the stats. its the reason i hate csgo. the 9mm from the p250 has more dmg than the 5.56 from the m4s. only at valve.
Awesome Sauce (1 year ago)
people if battlefield 1 got to realistic we would be whining you gotta admit
DarthKato (1 year ago)
Here would be a good compromise: Have the story mode be mostly historically accurate, and have the multiplayer be all ridiculous and shit. That way, we get the best of both worlds. Because, for me, the fact that they went and crazy with liberties in this game, is what kept me from getting it. I always wanted a WWI game, that really captured the feeling of being there. And this did not do that at all.
Future Marine (1 year ago)
thats why bfh does kinda better in weapon usage
Joseph (1 year ago)
just little research shows how wrong you are, only 20 tanks? Britain alone made more then 1,600 tanks and the very first deployment had around 60 mark V heavy tanks. this fuckin video has more historical innaccuracies then bf1
Clover The Gun Nut (1 year ago)
Joseph He's talking about the German A7V.
CascadiaSportsFan 33 (1 year ago)
Joseph Hes talking about the German Heavy Tank not the British Landship you dumbass
Charlie Wright (1 year ago)
The multiplayer I can forgive having some freedom but the campaign is so unrealistic - it's a joke.
Oliver Evans (1 year ago)
I agree, although I believe the majority of warfare included in battles is unrealistic. would you have town to town close combat during WW1? No, the majority was trench warfare and the same old tactics of going over the top into no mans land and achieving little in doing so. Battlefield 1 is a very hands on fast pace type of gameplay and if you really think about it, this kind of fast paced, mobile warfare didn't occur on an immense scale till WW2 when you saw the rise of faster tanks with better armaments, planes flying higher and faster than ever before and infantry more mobile in vehicles than ever. Yet the game claims all the time to be a great, realistic game which is almost a carbon copy of the war almost 100 years since it ended in 1918. This is a lie due to the massive inaccuracy of gameplay and fashion of warfare which you see within the game and casts a doubt whether the game is really all that it claims to be so much better. Although do take some consideration that this style of warfare may be hard to achieve and to an average battlefield player who knows nothing of the war may find it a massive annoyance and a bore. A game although not graphically the best as this game which captures WW1 more is Verdun which captivates more realism from the war than battlefield 1 by a long shot including things such as your player being killed for desertion if not attacking the main objective or retreating without order. To the average player of battlefield 1, I ask you one thing to question after this when you do go around claiming the games awesomeness and realism, is it what the war was? Was it exactly this style of warfare? Were encounters like the battles people fight in every match ever a thing? Keep that in mind when claiming the game to be as realistic as you believe it to be.
JanusSyndicate (1 year ago)
Read a book or watch a documentary, this game is nothing like WW1, sick of all these people who are now "Experts" cause they played this game.
Nova-99209 (1 year ago)
Clover The Gun Nut most automatic weapons were stationary not hip fire Rambo style.
Clover The Gun Nut (1 year ago)
JanusSyndicate Yeah lmao. The only automatics were emplaced weapons like emplaced machine guns. Most guns around were handguns and bolt action carbines/rifles.
christian sweden (1 year ago)
battlefield 1 is not a battlefield game its dosent feel like a battlefield game at all
Hammern28 (1 year ago)
Well, the looks of BF1, is cool. I would prefer a new WWII BF game, but I have come to truly dislike the chaotic gamestyle BF games has. Start at each side, run, take flag, run more, take new flag, run back, recapture flag, respawn next to enemy, die your ass off without getting chance to fire shot and so on, so on. Just feels chaotic to me.Then again, that is just my opinion:) And... still easy for people to use cheats in 2017. Ugh!
Nolans Gaming (1 year ago)
I don't care about realistic its fun af
hydroshock18 (1 year ago)
Clover The Gun Nut By realistic I'm referring to the destruction and bullet physics. Sure they may not be spot on, but it still puts some realism to the game. I know it's not really authentic
Clover The Gun Nut (1 year ago)
hydroshock18 BF1 is neither realistic, historically accurate, or authentic to WW1.
hydroshock18 (1 year ago)
Nolans Gaming Thank you... And people need to know that this game still has some realistic dynamics, at least more than most other shooters. If only people would 1) quit comparing this to games like Verdun and Arma, and 2) stop confusing realism with historical accuracy
COW BOY (1 year ago)
People enjoy playing historically accurate games,especially older gamers.
Nicolas Cage Boii (1 year ago)
Never did get battlefield fanboys. I mean I play battlefield more than Call of duty (easy when you don't play call of duty). But the one thing that irks me about the fanboys is whenever the fanboy kiddos start to bash call of duty. They always point out realism. But when you point out how unrealistic it is... They get mad and always go back to "if games were realistic they won't be fun" tl;dr Battlefield fanboys love to point out realism, but when proven otherwise they complain about it being boring.
BG (1 year ago)
They're not true BF fans. Battlefield was never about realism, it was about the game itself. It was about "battlefield". You play BF because you like the scale of warfare, not the authenticity of it. But you can't really blame the game for having an elitist fanbase. I mean, look at Arma, they have a pretty elitist fanbase as well although the game seems to draw a more mature audience.
Montenegro mapping (1 year ago)
this is one the big bess was actually a male tank but the one in the game they said it's a female but it has Canon the difference of male and female male have rockets and females have machine guns and the real big bess is a mark 4 but in the game it's a mark 5 that makes no sense
K Cz (1 year ago)
well not to nitpick but the Ak12 is actually officially adopted by the Russian military # ratnik program, its been issued to elite units however the ratnik program applied to up to 50,000 solders. SO while not standard issue , it may be new, but its very much indeed in vast enough service, and around in very relevant #s.
Apexwillh (1 year ago)
I really question the thought process of some the people in this comment section. Realism and the Battlefield franchise are not two concepts that really overlap very much. Though i do think a ww1 setting is probably where this is most visible seeing how slow the actual war was. This is why this game elicits such a loud response from the "muh realism" crowd, who when confronted by the argument that this Battlefield is a very arcady series can only responded "muh realism mutherfucer"
King NXT (1 year ago)
Bf1=Bf4 + ww1 skin, It is really uncool to see brittish zeppelins in France with a Iron cross. I thought this game would be the first game for m to buy from origins store but no. Just another bf3 reskin. I come from the Arma world so I know how it should be, slow n steady
Tom Leach (1 year ago)
so glad that model A 10 HE didnt make it into the final game lmao
Robins McIntosh (1 year ago)
What really makes me upset is the amount of shots it takes to kill someone. It should not take me shooting 2/3s of my magazine while getting 5 to 7 hit markers to kill someone. I was using the lewis gun and i literally just get hit markers and if i get lucky an assist counted as a kill. What guns are lethal ? seems like just the shotguns and bolt action rifles.
Robins McIntosh yea especially WITH the martini in real life that bullet could penetrate through someone's arm
Mocho Studios (1 year ago)
Who else found snopp dog
Ryan (1 year ago)
gun actually used during the war not a joke im a world war historian WW1 and WW2 SMLE bolt action rifle Gewer 43 bolt action sniper rifle M1903 bolt action rifle Mosin Nagant bolt action rifle
Clover The Gun Nut (1 year ago)
ReecePlaysGames Gewehr 43 is a semi auto rifle dude. You're thinking of the Gewehr 98.
Aguila701 (1 year ago)
Of course it is. Real life soldiers didn't regenerate health at will.
SNEEKY NINJA (1 year ago)
Its so real i love the game so much
N3rfe3d (1 year ago)
is so unrealistic, well bf4 and bf3 ain't really wars. so is OK to play around. ww1 did happen most of us know how it was like.
Joe Edz (1 year ago)
I'm live steaming Battlefield 1 tonight 8pm England time
SZEfdf Yudntknw (1 year ago)
dude put your cei-riggoti to auto
The ghost of Sparta (1 year ago)
You can't sew the game beeing too fast.The COD noobs give you the feeling of too much action.
Rewzel (1 year ago)
Battlefield 1 although is unrealistic it still gets the message across. War is Hell. They have to favor gameplay over historical accuracy or else they won't sell good, Although I thimk dice should have some realistic game mode where all classes get more bolt action or medic weapons and tanks can cut out or parachutes aren't as reliable. It would be a really good twist.
Shareeb Hashmi (1 year ago)
Didn't BF3 had it were the Russians had Ak's Americans M16 M1A4 etc...
Malfunctioning Goon (1 year ago)
Of course the game is unrealistic. Bolt action rifles and slow, stagnant infantry combat don't sell.
GUILTY SWORDZ (1 year ago)
Funny how you didn't bring up how Battlefield Hardline is realistic and very accurate vs the situations in reality and the most fun BF game, best Battlefield game ever made.
Alex Dinh (1 year ago)
Did you guys notice he killed onecheesymofo time 9:14
spankymwa (1 year ago)
lol no one's ever happy
Vaping Dragon (1 year ago)
Have people already forgotten this is suppose to be a videogame, And not a history lesson? Who the fuck cares about historical accuracy when you're playing an online Multiplayer game, where you kill players, gain xp and unlock weapons that almost never saw any use in the field. Morons, fucking morons.
Vaping Dragon (1 year ago)
We already have that, It's called "Battle Of Verdun". BF1 was never gonna be as realistic as people wanted it to be. Anyone who bought the game with that mindset is a fool.
PotbellyGhostBoy (1 year ago)
I agree with what he is saying. if any Battlefield game. or really any game at all was made to dead extreme realism. Then I don't think anyone would play them. like World War 1 was terrifying. Historically it's been one of the scariest wars of all time. if BF1 was made to be like that. There is no way in hell i would play this.
youtuberoyale (1 year ago)
You explained this very well. Thanks!

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