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9 Tips We Wish We Knew Before Starting Rocket League on Nintendo Switch

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Rocket League is a pure barrel of fun and giggles, but it can be daunting for new players to enter into the fray when it's been out for so long on other systems. Check out our full site ■ http://www.nintendolife.com Like us on Facebook ■ https://www.facebook.com/nintendolife Follow us on Twitter ■ https://www.twitter.com/nintendolife
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Text Comments (226)
Ryan Simmons (2 days ago)
Field of view turned up would affect frame rate yeah?
Cat Nation (22 days ago)
What is the difference between NS and other platforms?
KxG3 Gaming (13 hours ago)
Cat Nation Pretty much nothing, other than a couple graphical differences. Same game, same everything.
Speedster 101 (1 month ago)
Ummm... :/ this doesn t help you like i can say that i got the skills im plat 2 and this doesn t help u i mean most of these
Oskar Olsson (1 month ago)
There were tutorials?
Sebastian Ramos (3 months ago)
I got scammed a werewolf pls help
Jake Ashmore (3 months ago)
Where did u get that helix painting I must have it
Pappy Peanuts (3 months ago)
Didn't expect real tips from a review channel. Respect. Edit:everything but the ball cam thing. Ball cam always on unless you dribbin or some shit.
Jesse Fernandes (3 months ago)
I knew all this stuff but it was nice to have you confirm them for me... thanks mate!
CHICKEN GOD (3 months ago)
One tip from a 2000 hour RL steam player, ROTATION IS KEY. If your m80 is out there attacking, stay close to your goal. It helps prevents counter attacks and counter shots ;)
Pinhead Larry (3 months ago)
Wanna hear a joke? Read more
TheCreepyRealms (4 months ago)
1:37 Team mate procedes to ignore the call
KREMIX (4 months ago)
I'm incredibly experienced on the pcand ps4, and on the joy cons it's almost impossible to play lol. To play this game properly, you NEED a controller. Driving and using the brake at %100 all the time is not ideal, (especially if you want to dribble)and the analog is harder to use, then a proper controller, so it's harder to make sharp turns. If you are thinking about playing the game seriously, then get a pro controller, or an adapter for the Wii u pro controller
TheHolyGiraffe (4 months ago)
I played on Xbox, I think I should be fine
Blake Simpson (4 months ago)
Can someone help me out? I can’t figure out how to trade items.
splatrr the noob (5 months ago)
Congratulate 1:58
splatrr the noob (5 months ago)
Plz subscribe
Jonathan Brill (5 months ago)
Keep ball camera on, much more useful
NinJaZ Creed (5 months ago)
I heard there’s going to be a update for rocket league in spring
cosmaticion (6 months ago)
the teamates i saw are tryhards stealing goald hitting teamates ball chasing
BolT Legend (6 months ago)
You know if you press X you can have your camera target the ball
IBooBoofellow 4362 (6 months ago)
Your video are so good and helpful, I’m only a beginner on rocket league and this will help a lot thanks
Monkeh King (6 months ago)
Rocket league is downloading on my Nintendo Switch rn and this popped in my recommendations. Guess I’ll watch while it downloads
Reaper Wolfs (6 months ago)
#1 tip is to disable cross platform play if you are a semi pro or less. If you keep it on, you will get destroyed by PC smurfing...
Lunarus (6 months ago)
I have over 800 hours in this game... These tips are not that great. Go watch a pro for good tips
The 3 triangle start, you always let the guy in the middle go. I make a goal on kickoff every time.
Logan Murray (6 months ago)
*after this vid, goes and sleeps with Rachel
Joshua Barnes (6 months ago)
How do I trade???????
TRUMOO (6 months ago)
Aren’t these more general tips for new RL players?
XlemondudecommentsX YEET (6 months ago)
If you guys want an amazing camera angle, search up the following - Squishy Muffinz camera settings. I use these myself and I'm level 50 on ps4. Trust me, this camera setting is lowkey amazing.
Alden Darbouze (6 months ago)
This man is really advocating not using ball cam? Get used to ball cam and learn when to turn it off, not when you're in goal wtf. Knowing where the ball is is like rocket league 101
BlurryFace Nick (6 months ago)
His ballcam advice is horrible
BlurryFace Nick (6 months ago)
BlurryFace Nick (6 months ago)
Don't give up, you'll keep getting better, it took me two years but now I'm diamond 3
George Pelletier (7 months ago)
That one person not through the toutirial is me
Junior _1k19 (7 months ago)
Somersult 😂😂😂 it's just a dodge mate.
Kenny Contreras (7 months ago)
Some of these earlier tips are so bad lol. If you want to get better at the game, watch other videos that aren't Switch-based. Ballcam and freecam should be used interchangeably, boosting is generally better than front-flipping if you've got it, because you maintain control which is important. Watch beginner guides from a few months ago for PC players and console players, you'll get better at the game way faster
Wizards Only (7 months ago)
Here is another tip don't watch nintendo switch tutorials watch Xbox ps4 or pc rocket league tutorials they have a lot more experience with rocket league. But for Zelda and odyssey this is the place
TheFlaming Red-Aislyn (7 months ago)
I've never been through the tutorials (Someone Help me)
TheConfidentialEnderman (7 months ago)
Don't feel bad Alex, I have nearly 700 hours on the game and I'm Lvl. 59, and I still barely use ballcam.
Genie Houdini (4 months ago)
TheConfidentialEnderman yea he's kinda right man. Your aerials and mental game will suffer without proficient use of ball cam and a little own cam.
Lunarus (6 months ago)
TheConfidentialEnderman how do u not use ball cam... If u don't u legit suck at this game
Fabio Sznicer (7 months ago)
Great video content! Apologies for the intrusion, I am excited to share with you the interesting place that are giving away load of free game keys. If you want to get one only make a search for " skypisgame " on google
Hai Cao (7 months ago)
Do use ball cam!!!
Hairy ToxicCow (7 months ago)
I find it funny when he says that in defence don't use "ball cam", I mean really I'm lvl 40 (Expert) and I never did that, and tell me how many proplayers do that? None of them. (Sorry butt hurt I hate it when someone tells tips about a game and that it's not even true...) but the rest of the video in kinda grate tho
Adam Truelove (7 months ago)
Omg, who made the gameplay video? Use ball cam for Christ's sake
Cosmos Knight (7 months ago)
I am pretty sure everyone who plays rocket league uses the ball cam
Felixmations (7 months ago)
I love how he stylized his car like Samuses spaceship
Teaplant (7 months ago)
something faster than flipping is a wave dash. here is a tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xk-XWaauhdA&t=2s also turn camera shake off
Cube Tollinchi (7 months ago)
Great tips thank you. Where did you get that Mario sombrero art would like to get one for a gift.
pmag (7 months ago)
So i agree with nearly everything in this video (over 700 hours on PC) the one I don’t agree with is turning ball cam off while in net. That can mess up how you perceive the ball and the direction that it’s coming. The only time you should turn off ball cam is if you are going to start dribbling, if you need to turn it off quickly to position yourself for boost, or when the ball is directly above you making it so you can’t see anything but the ball and the sky. You could also turn it off before taking an aerial shot but you don’t need to. I also personally don’t agree with the keybind changes since I play with default controls perfectly fine but it helps other people (like top tier pros) so I’m not going to say don’t listen to it. Also it’s a fucking dodge... not a somersault. It’s right in the tutorial for God’s sake. Also speaking of that, turn the dodge sensitivity up to .75 or higher so you don’t accidentally backflip so much once you learn about quick aerials. Also turn camera shake off. Camera shake is a huge distraction and you will play better without it.
Robbie and Jeff Games (7 months ago)
Thanks u the best this helped me so much keep it up
Kii Boy Vlogs (8 months ago)
How do you get the Samus gunship
pmag (7 months ago)
Play for more than 5 matches...
Kii Boy Vlogs (8 months ago)
I have the switch and didn’t get it
RyRy The Rhino (8 months ago)
I know this has nothing to do with the video, but for some reason the ad that popped up on this video was in Spanish
Eric Boston (8 months ago)
Vet here. Lol but great vid.
jonathan 22392 (8 months ago)
Why do you have to have 2 Nintendo accounts to play this in split screen??? This is very frustrating, please update so I don't have to make another Nintendo account. Then when online paid service starts I won't have to pay for my own account and my player 2 account that is why I think this issue needs fixed asap! Hope the developers sees this comment, anyone agree with me though?! [Switch Friend Code SW-3242-7039-3720]
Ben Riley (8 months ago)
Thx so much
smileyhead (8 months ago)
L is backwards 2401
Ender (8 months ago)
Is it possible to make a private match with Xbox/PC player?
Daniel Beltran (8 months ago)
Ender name and password and u give them the details
Ninetales Commander (8 months ago)
Me: I need to get this game! Wallet: Oh yeah!? Only when I say you can! Me: *Sniff*
Brian Preston (8 months ago)
i wish I knew it had lootcrate. lame
Brian Preston (8 months ago)
speedm222 still, the WAY they do lootcrate here is trash. $1 for a chance at 1 item, when their old method of DLC was 3-5 bucks for a couple cars, a few decals, and a rim or two. now? it can cost up to $30 for what would be a $4 dlc.
speedm222 (8 months ago)
Brian Preston It's only cosmetic bro, also you could trade your crates to a sucker who's willing to open them for the items you actually want
pokédude583 (8 months ago)
I still haven't played Rocket League yet. Also, how does the singleplaer fare compared to that of Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-powered Battle-cars?
pokédude583 u are the only person I’ve seen that knows the og of this game on ps3 but do answer ur question idk
BRADOS25Z STAR (8 months ago)
I'm getting this game on switch for my birthday so I have more things to do on my switch
mathiasmorqubus (8 months ago)
By the time i get Skyrim, I will have 23 Switch games but i cannot go after a Nintendo theme fucked up scorer game.
stitch_302 (8 months ago)
I just have 1 question what is a inventor and how do I get stuff in it I already have 2 things in there but I don't get why can you help?
Ryan Newby (8 months ago)
Top vid. So want this game on Switch but my wallet can’t take it at moment!! So much for no games on Switch!!
LightningismyQueen (8 months ago)
How do you control the speed of your car without the analog triggers?
GameCrawler (7 months ago)
Lightningismy Queen you just get used to it.
ibx_pigyo (8 months ago)
Tip to get gud: get friends to play with
MegaBigByte (8 months ago)
Another tip is to change the servers you use if you are suffering with lag. Im in the UK and found that it defaulted to EU and US servers. I only use the EU servers now and the ping is soooo much better.
Yuzu Aihara (8 months ago)
I've been in love with this game! When I checked the eshop 3 days ago, I saw Rocket League and flipped my poop. The next day, I went to eb games and bought a prepaid card. The first few games were amazing! And even now it still amazes me that the game that I've been wanting to play since it first came out is in the switch. Thank you Nintendo and Panic Button. The gameplay shown here made me go insane again! Your friend that was in the gameplay is amazing. The part where he/she hops up, then points the car up, then boosts, giving them more flight time vertically and can reach higher. That's amazing, I'll be using that tactic
BuddyEman (8 months ago)
Where the hell did you get that helix poster
HuDson Hipster (5 months ago)
EmanGamer its a canvas
Koopa Troopa Poopa (8 months ago)
Someone created it for him.
Fryzil852 (8 months ago)
great vid, thanks for the advice
ig21100 (8 months ago)
Where do you buy your wall art??? I want it!
Steven Brown (8 months ago)
For the love of everything holy, please get used to 'ball cam'. It was the biggest difference for me when trying to get better.
Adam Truelove (7 months ago)
I can't believe there are people who don't use it.
Timothy Gooding (8 months ago)
the graphics look so much better than I thought from the beta footage
TicotazII (8 months ago)
When I play with switch player ::: Nice shot... Great Pass... When I play with PC Player ::: Hey <username>...yeah?... You Suck!!
Ben Riley (8 months ago)
Pc’s are just a lot easier to control for a lot of people so pc players come across better.
Reynolds Kynaston (8 months ago)
$#%*! $#%*! $#%*! $#%*! $#%*! $#%*! $#%*! $#%*!
wosh (8 months ago)
TicotazII Nice Shot! Nice Shot! Nice Shot! Nice Shot! [chat has been disabled for 9 seconds]
Anostio (8 months ago)
Let's be honest the tutorials don't teach you *everything* that's "advanced."
Anostio (7 months ago)
Laze the Psyonix tutorials barely teach you anything, I'm just glad that custom training exists.
Laze (7 months ago)
True, if you think about it they only teach the basics of the truly advanced stuff.
xxPurpleKingxx 42 (8 months ago)
"Lots of Experience"
Cole Mische (8 months ago)
Can you play using one joy con, like a left or right one only?
Reynolds Kynaston (8 months ago)
It’s playable with the separate joycons but no way your doing any competitive matches with the separate joycons. It’s fun if your just playing with a friend though.
Cole Mische (8 months ago)
Dario Vargas Thank You! I've been contemplating buying this, but now that I know this I'm sold.
Dario Vargas (8 months ago)
Yes, you can
xQuiickPhantom (8 months ago)
Mate I’ve played this a hell load on Xbox and now I got switch and the new switch players are so cocky so I play bad for 30 seconds and they’ll keep saying “Great pass!” and “Thanks!” And then I play like I have a functioning brain stem and obliterate them into the abyss
Hogwrath (8 months ago)
A lot of these tips are bad for advanced players but OK for beginners
Cammy (8 months ago)
Hogwrath I'm just having a laugh. Good day. I apologise. Which no one in the history of youtube comments has ever done.... like ever.
Cammy (8 months ago)
Hogwrath I win. I am the winner. You lose.... Haha..... hahahahahaha.
Hogwrath (8 months ago)
wow a three year old knows how to spell congrats
Cammy (8 months ago)
Hogwrath you mean you're.
Hogwrath (8 months ago)
wow your like 3 and you spelled potatoes wrong. honestly i dont want to spend my time speaking to a 3 year old
EPS5000 (8 months ago)
I don’t understand the appeal of playing soccer with cars.
i dunno (24 days ago)
just a cool concept
Mitch Davies (5 months ago)
Honestly I thought the same thing until I played the game for the first time yesterday and became instantly hooked! I haven’t stopped playing 😂
Isaac jimenez (6 months ago)
Blaz3 Gam3r77 ikr
Pablo _ (6 months ago)
You must hate fun then
Mihai Stoica (7 months ago)
I never saw it as "soccer with cars" and have no interest in either of those things. It's the mechanics and physics of it, coupled with the fact that you're playing with and against other people. Every game, you encounter these weird and unexpected moments that make you laugh your ass off, and you're having fun weather you win or lose, weather you're good or bad. Despite all the randomness it very much promotes and rewards skill. After playing hundreds of hours it still blows my mind what some of the pros can do. I suggest you watch a couple pro games and if that doesn't get you going, than it's not for you.
DJ Tato (8 months ago)
Early accidentally lol
Morning Muntoast (8 months ago)
I’m an expert but I actually kind of helped me thxs 👌
TheTNTerminator (8 months ago)
Thought this was a GameSpot video for a second...
Aaron TerBerg (8 months ago)
Channel is ON POINT homie. Thank you for your service.
Joakim Hallgren (8 months ago)
People REALLY need to see this. As a player who's clocked 300 hours in the Steam version, playing with a fresh account on the Switch is pretty frustrating. They just keep chasing the ball. But of course, everybody else should see this as well, since people on Steam are also quite rubbish sometimes.
Dennis Deveaux (8 months ago)
I did that my first game online..... Oops
Ayoade (8 months ago)
Joakim Hallgren bang out ranked until you get really good players
Bluenose Bear (8 months ago)
To be honest, it shouldn't matter if you're new or not. Team sports 101: One man chases the ball, the others get into position.
Tiago Cardoso (8 months ago)
Thank you for all the Tips Alex. Another great video ;)
Noroc Trussy (8 months ago)
Lol Alex, soccer is already rubbish
Rocla Almonte (8 months ago)
Awesome men!!! Just waiting for the physical release, theyr taking their time 😅
Rocla Almonte (8 months ago)
Blaz3 Gam3r77 No way!! Thats the official time of release!?
Lumin Otryc (8 months ago)
Rocla Almonte lol you gotta wait 8 months
Francisco Lopez (8 months ago)
Is it out now?
Francisco Lopez (8 months ago)
Alright thank you
RevampedSpider (8 months ago)
Francisco Lopez Yes, but digital only.
ambrosiajam (8 months ago)
You can also turn off cross-platform play in the settings if you want to play with only switch noobs like yourself 😄
Reef B (14 days ago)
ambrosiajam ty lol
Penepleto (8 months ago)
Mark Maxfield Yeah totally, but it's more probable that you'll encounter more noobs within Switch players only since it's a new game there and many of us never played it before on other platforms (myself included)
Mark Maxfield (8 months ago)
there are noobs across all platforms
Victor Lupu (8 months ago)
That is good when you are still a beginner tgen once you get to veteran or pro you can switch to enabled
Lewis Burr (8 months ago)
ambrosiajam thanks for the advice
AVM3798 (8 months ago)
I had to look twice cuz I thought his shirt said “Nickelodeon”
Nintendo Switchy4 (4 days ago)
Well is it cuz his shirt was the exact same color of the nickelodeon logo?
Pinhead Larry (3 months ago)
Orcaryan YT same to you saying same
Orcaryan YT (5 months ago)
Happy Caius (8 months ago)
Based on my limited knowledge of playing rocket league at a friend's house. My best advice is to play the Rumble mode. Truly the only competitive mode in the whole game. Honestly though that is a really fun mode.
Happy Caius (8 months ago)
Personally I think it's more like Mario Kart's battle mode or something.
TheAgeOfDragons (8 months ago)
it's fun not the only competitve mode cause it mostly comes down to luck
ambrosiajam (8 months ago)
It feels a lot like smash Bros, love that mode
Henbush (8 months ago)
Hi Alex :3
Jonny 3902 (8 months ago)
Is the loot box system on Switch?
XlemondudecommentsX YEET (6 months ago)
You mean the crates? If so, yes you earn the crates playing online every few matches and you can buy the keys at the e shop. Hope this helps! :)
Dave Jansen (8 months ago)
Go to the Rocket League page on the eShop, then scroll down and you'll see 'DLC' and 'In-Game Items'. The unlock keys for boxes are under 'In-Game Items'.
Jonny 3902 (8 months ago)
Dave Jansen how do I access it?
Dave Jansen (8 months ago)
Alien Frequency (8 months ago)
That painting of Helix in the background is pretty damn cool.
TheNotoriousFerg (8 months ago)
It’s hilarious how bad most switch users are at rocket league
Person. (7 months ago)
Probably because at the time you posted this comment the game was out for a week and the controls were completely new so people had to practice to get better at the game. But, that's just my guess.
TheNotoriousFerg (8 months ago)
Egoitz Sanz I’ve been playing rocket league since it came out.
Anostio (8 months ago)
Egoitz Sanz let's be honest. Depending how good it is that's unlikely af lol.
Egoitz Sanz (8 months ago)
Bob bobinson I will play it this week for the first time too. Just enjoy your "pro" time. With that attitude I 't be surprised if most of Switch players are already better than you in a couple of months.
Ayoade (8 months ago)
You expect people to be good at a new game that most have never played? I’ve put about 100 hours in and I’m still not great. It takes time
Mishpãré Urśhjìlk (8 months ago)
Your skill is serverly limited by the fact that the switch doesn't have analogue triggers which is something that can vastly help you
GameCrawler (7 months ago)
That's a good point but it hasn't affected me really.
Peter Joll (8 months ago)
Analogue triggers allow you to control the degree of acceleration, whereas digital input only offers you two options, you're either accelerating or you're not.
EZIC (8 months ago)
Neither does keyboard, but still there are few pros that use keyboard and do really well with it. Also im high diamond with keyboard.
Jonny 3902 (8 months ago)
Mishpãré Urśhjìlk in what way?
Edgar Castellanos (8 months ago)
Thx for the tips homie!
speedm222 (8 months ago)
Extra trading tip by me: if you are not into really opening loot boxes but you really want some of the items in them (like the Jager car, Tachyon boost and Voltaic wheels), just stack up on free random drop items (loot boxes, rares, very rares, etc.), go to a trading site (my personal fav is Rocket League Garage, who also just added Switch offers), and make an offer listing your current items you want to trade and for what items. From personal experience I got most import cars by stacking up on accelerator boxes on PC. There will ALWAYS be someone who wants what you have and don't want (except if it's painted in Burnt Sienna, f*** that color). But don't count on asking for items like Pixel Fire and Takumi RX-T until Psyonix rereleases the Championship Crate series.
speedm222 (8 months ago)
Just compete and complete any online match for a chance to get and rarer than common item. There's an easy way to get all common items: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2wqzKfW7xL0 (In an hour you will have all common items using this method.) (Note: uncommon or rarer items are unlocked ONLY AFTER FINISHING ONLINE MATCHES, AND AT RANDOM.)
Jonny 3902 (8 months ago)
Sorry, I’m new to this if you can’t tell
Jonny 3902 (8 months ago)
speedm222 and how do I go about earning them?
speedm222 (8 months ago)
Psyonix said on reddit that they consider to bring back the CC series just for the sake of Switch players not being left without the items within them.
EZIC (8 months ago)
speedm222 the championship crate series was the first series of te crates that got removed while ago. So if you want items from those crates you should get them before they become more rare.
Justin p (8 months ago)
I'm horrible at this game lol
Dennis Deveaux (8 months ago)
Don't feel bad - I just did my first online match before doing all the tutorials, and I swear my team mates were laughing at the newbie running after the ball all the time. I even nearly scored on my own goal but luckily a teammate caught it in time. Staying offline until I at least do all the training and some single player matches
distrustful monkey (8 months ago)
Me too. Love it though - I'm just trying not to annoy to many people on line with my rubbishness while I learn! It took me 2 straight hours of offline matches against bots to start reliably hitting the ball towards the correct goal....
Ben Riley (8 months ago)
Ayoade (8 months ago)
Justin p it takes time
Space Smoke (8 months ago)
Meow Turtle (8 months ago)
SeventheGodtv screw little perp

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