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Was Sephiroth REALLY Evil? (Final Fantasy VII Analysis)

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Text Comments (481)
Swordfish T (3 months ago)
He is like magneto. Human are all enimy.
Utopia Lord (3 months ago)
Sephiroth it’s evil he was influenced by the goddess and virus Jenova.
alexis florlal (3 months ago)
You forgot about genesis and angeal...
Ricky Quattrocchi (4 months ago)
i dont blame Stereortot for bec Evil
asteg's world (4 months ago)
i keep forgetting shin ra is a power company and could u imagine how different ff7 would be if they just told sephiroth his moms name was like....rebecca
The Earls Renegade (5 months ago)
Why did they send Sephiroth to the very place Jenova was?
Alexander Afxendiou (5 months ago)
No sepheroth is not evil most just dogmatize and are immature to what a real savior is out of fear dogma and ignorance to true information and evolution and Spiritual development meaning billions are not in there last incarnation meaning the only way for a BEING who is not in there last incarnation to be in there last incarnation to ascend into what you call Heaven is to die and reincarnate over and over again until it has acquired enough soul growth and evolution and intelligence and experience to a evolutionary satisfaction and the whole world is polluted meaning counterproductive to physical energetic spiritual health thus spiritual growth then you have the 21st century way of life GLOBAL obesity physical unhealthy life style GMOs fluoride DOGMA global retardism and standard STUPIDITY backwards evolution LIFE STYLES let ALONE how country's are always in war division and imperialism and deception mentality so how do you save all that by cleansing it all appropriately sepheroth is a great Savior but a real non dogmatic savior most would never see that he is the hero
terminator6267 (5 months ago)
*_Evil is only a Point of View._*
Delia Adam (5 months ago)
I realy cried although I know he is not dead
Hector Arroyo (6 months ago)
If this was really Sephiroth's doing, then why when he and Cloud first meet in the game Sephiroth doesn't remember him. I know i would remember the guy who killed me!!!
Trilha Vital (6 months ago)
No!!!! Shinra was the real evil. Just like in the first movie blade runner movie. The replicants were not the evil. The evil ones were the corporation who created them.
Peter Wenzel (6 months ago)
I don't think Sephiroth was ever evil at first, I think Genesis was the one responsible for Sephiroth's road to madness. He told him about the two Jenova Projects Project G and Project S. Genesis explained to him that Project Jenova S, used the cells of countless experiments to create the most perfect monster aka him. He doesn't believe it at first, but he returns to the Shinra Manor basement and reads old Shrina Documents and slowly pieces together the truth to his existence.
TJ Suydam (7 months ago)
I dont really view him as evil, more of a victim of Shinra's genetic experiments and then corrupted by the Jenova cells.
Mike Lucas (7 months ago)
Nope he was just Mama's boy
Elldy Carl (7 months ago)
More like a fallen hero to me, btw he is my fav character in final fantasy series
Adam Bozym (8 months ago)
Sephiroth did nothing wrong.
Rick Rouse (8 months ago)
The original intent of Sephiroth creation was to create a Cetra who can communicate with the planet and find the promise land which is full of near limitless mako energy. When Sephiroth was a child it was clear he is unable to communicate with the planet but they discovered his superhuman abilities and instead decided to use Sephiroth as the ultimate soldier and Shinra hero as recruitment and public relations propaganda. It worked spectacularly well and Sephiroth became Shinras ultimate weapon and asset. Sephiroth died when he fell into the life stream of the planet but because Sepiroth was a hybrid of Jenova the planet could not absorb his soul and Sephiroth maintained his consciousness. Sephirtoh was able to access all the memories and knowledge of the life stream and learned all truths and history. He learned the truth that Jenova was not a Cetra like he thought but a powerful alien life form that travels the Universe to find life and devour it to become stronger. Sephiroth decided he will pick up after Jenova. He made his decision because he had all the facts, he was no longer confused or being deceived. He sided with Jenova. It's because Jenova was the closest thing he had to a mother, a family, to belonging to something bigger then himself. With his powers granted to him by Jenova and his powerful will Sephiroth began to use the life stream for his own purposes. His original body was drifted to the northern crater to be made anew and even more powerful. His plan was to summon meteor and cause such a huge wound to the planet that the planet will summon all of it's life stream in one place and Sepiroth will be able to absorb all of it and reform his new body complete with all the power and knowledge of the planet inside of him inside his very being. From there with his godly powers to destroy and create he will create a new world in his image and likeness. What that world would have been is any ones guess. I think he would have created a race of people like himself hungry to devour all knowledge and power in the Universe and he would be at the head of it all, he would feed on the Universe. Sephiroth for his strengths and near perfectionism has made his decision, he gave into his hatred. Sephiroth was both blessed and cursed at birth. He is a tragic character. On the outside if you haven't walked in his shoes, lived his live you would think you would want to be like him, he is like a superman figure, a greek god. The reality is he was broken on the inside, lost and alone, never truly loved, no one ever knew the real man behind the mask. They call him a momma's boy and they're correct. He longed to be loved and cherished as a mother would to a child, like any child would want. That longing was his greatest strength and weakness it was the catalyst for him to become either the greatest hero or villain. It's such a shame if he only knew about Lucrecia Crescent his real mother, it would have healed him. He would have rescued his mother from the crystal cave and he would have reunited with the only person that ever loved him. Maybe in an alternate Universe this would have happened. Sephiroth really is one of the greatest villains ever made.
Rick Rouse (7 months ago)
If Jenova is sentient is not clear but I believe she was. She was a shape shifter and would assume the form of the people she wants to consume. This tells us that she was not all powerful because she needed to deceive her victims to ambush them. It also tells us she must have been intelligent, able to speak and act like her victims to fool them. IMO she was an intelligent sentient parasite. Jenova was dead so obviously she couldn't love Sephiroth but would she if she was alive? I would say no because if she was capable of love she couldn't bring herself to destroy entire planets. She would have acted out of a selfish love to have Sephiroth as a ally but no genuine love. It's true whatever misguided devotion Sephiroth had for Jenova it died with him in the lifestream. Once he learned the truth about all things Jenova just became a means to an end. He still talks about Jenova as a mother figure but it's just acknowledgement of his ancestry, he has no love or devotion for the being Jenova.
Eric Rhodes (7 months ago)
Sephiroth used Jenova as his avatar to acquire the Black Materia in order to buy time for his new body to be fully restored. Similar to how Zemus controlled Golbez to resurrect the giant in FF4. Jenova had no sentience of it's own and was driven by pure instinct. It did not 'love' Sephiroth it merely tolerated him because it's cells were in his body. And once Sephiroth discovered the truth about Jenova and concocted his new plan in the lifestream, his devotion to the creature ended and it merely became a tool in his master plan.
mahtab Amiri (8 months ago)
No sephiroth was never evil he was just lost and lonely and i love him with all of my soul😢😢😢❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💔💔💖💖💞
Jeremy Manuel (9 months ago)
You do spend a majority of the game chasing Jenova and not Sephiroth. However, Cloud gives the actual Sephiroth the black materia and he summons meteor to destroy all life on Gaia. Thats some evil shit regardless of his upbringing.
ECKVue19 (9 months ago)
Hes a liberal
Cloud 7k (10 months ago)
Plus you are putting alot of critical thinking into a set story. Jenova was dead. Sephiroth used his own will to control her body and enact chaos on the globe.
Cloud 7k (10 months ago)
I mean he spent 5 years suckling the lifestream so he could become strong enough to rule the world. After his plot was foiled by Cloud and the team. He creates and controls clones of himself to reclaim jenova so he could be resurrected from the life stream. He then plans to rule a planet like his mother did long ago. Which his mother was very evil as she traveled to the planet in order to mass genocide the cetra. Sephiroth then wants to walk that same path. I would say yeah. Pretty fucking evil.
TheUniprime1 (7 months ago)
Cloud 7k finally someone who has common sense
JamesMDavis1 (10 months ago)
Sephiroth was really evil. He wanted to use Meteor to damage the planet more and use the power of Mako to make himself the only being left to conquer the universe. Him killing Aeris was proof of that.
CoOlGaMiNg GuY (10 months ago)
Because in crisis core they go to nibelhiem with that shinra sephiroth and zack meet monsters and the middle is jenova because sephiroth now knew that he was an alien not a human because when he is not born jenova created an experiment to create like a human being but in the truth he was an alien but I did not know if jenova was an experiment too.....
Freda Te'o (11 months ago)
So true thanks!!!!
Deion Greenaway (11 months ago)
Yes iam😒👿
rusty Shackleferd (11 months ago)
72hrs straight? Where'd that come from?
Kim Sanderhoff (11 months ago)
What do you mean he's been dead all this time? He didn't lock himself up in the crater until late in the game.
Jared Thomas (1 year ago)
I love this discussion , but i'd like to add something that wasn't said even though this topic was 3 years ago. Sephiroth isn't Hogo's son , but Vincent's. This guy did not have an easy upbringing.
Chann223 (1 year ago)
As the Emperor said, "A hero, toyed with by fate."
Luke Gilmore (1 year ago)
Just to note. He was never dead. He was asleep, his power could enable him from fatal situations. He truly is the most power being! He can return time after time. But he was asleep in the northern crater, not dead. And also he was evil. Because truly he used his will and power to manipulate even jenova, he could have returned any time he wanted but he used cloud and Jehova. He is a true evil genius super human.
TiFFerzZehNiNjA (1 year ago)
No. He had an emotional breakdown x'D
storytellermich (1 year ago)
Like the vid, but my fan theory: Sephiroth was a "chimera." He was experimented on while a fetus, so when he developed, he held the DNA of Hojo, Lucretia AND Jenova. It would explain his silver appearance and why he's so feminine looking. He looks like Jenova. He's an alien, in both body and soul. So he couldn't have been absorbed in the Life Stream. He was harmful to it. In Advent Children, he turned into a disease and infected people, when they died, they're life force harmed the Life Stream. (I gotta bugger of, will continue this thought later)
storytellermich (1 year ago)
Okay, maybe not "I'm going to murder everything I see" mad, but he was already a sociopath and losing his mind. Add this bit to the whole "alien mindset" theory. He was transitioning to his alien self. And that's it, he will no longer relate any human being ever again. No redemption for him. He has become Shiva, the destroyer of worlds.(Had to, lol)
storytellermich (1 year ago)
(back from wherever I buggered off to) As I saying...he's a creature the planet hasn't had before. Part human, part alien. I imagine Jenova to be like the alien from "The Thing." It mutates people and animals, their consciousnesses forming a hive mind (Actually, while I'm on the topic of Jenova....I get a huge Lovecraftian horror vibe from this game. Cosmic entities, experiments gone wrong, people going insane...it just screams Lovecraft!). This is how he was able to influence others. Jenova was a hive mind type of creature and Sephiroth was spliced with it. I see it as...before the Nibelheim incident, he was thinking like a sociopath(red flags galore), then had a psychotic episode(not sleeping, losing his shit), and then after being thrown into the reactor and floating around in the Life Stream, his mindset turned alien. Yeah, he still had some grudges, but he was aiming real high. He didn't just want to kill the people he hated, he wanted to take the life of an entire planet and go play cosmonaut. That's some alien overlord shit right there. ALSO...Sephiroth, when discovering the experiments in Nibelheim, said that he always felt different from the "other children." So he couldn't have had a completely isolated life. Someone was raising him and having him socialize with human beings. Nobody ever really asks who the hell that is. It's not Hojo, during the reveal he says something like "Imagine if he knew."(I can't remember, it's been awhile since I played). All we get is "raised by Shinra." Could just be Shinra employees who adopted him. But, where'd they go? Did Shinra put bullets in their brains? Did they bail out on Sephiroth after he became a killing machine? Who are they? And I think the idea that he was raised by people who may have pretend to care about him only to just disappear kinda makes the impact of Angeal/Genesis abandoning Shinra extra jarring to his psyche. And would have added more to his "MY LIFE IS A LIE!" moment after learning of his birth. Like, imagine you found out who thought were your parents weren't, they just took the role. That's a heavy shit. It would drive someone mad.
Alan Saion (1 year ago)
He is, totally evil. The only nobility he retained in his fall was that before cloud threw him into the mako, he thought jenova was an ancient, himself their last descendant, and humans those who betrayed jenova and him. That wasn't true, but at that point he was convinced he was the chosen one meant to restore the glory of the ancients. After his fall into the mako, he learned what jenova really was, and learned of his ability to influence jenova cells and anything with them, and *he* transformed jenova - long since brain dead - into his image, to go about inciting the apocalypse and becoming a god. He goes from hero to fallen hero to villain. By the time of Advent Children, he has no good in him at all - he continues to exist in the lifestream as a kind of corruption (like during 7 but stronger) even after Aerith purges the world of geostigma, effectively making him divine in nature, if not the all powerful god he nearly became at the end of 7.
RedSky1335 (1 year ago)
Great video. Two small points of contention though: Did Sephiroth really die after being tossed into the Lifestream? Or was he just in stasis, like Lucretia and Jenova? One of Jenova's greatest powers is immortality and the ability to remain in some kind of stasis for thousands of years- likely to avoid boredom while moving from planet to planet! Sephiroth likely inherited this trait, the Lifestream couldn't break his will and absorb him so he began to manipulate Jenova's cells with his mind from the crater. #2, yes, Sephiroth was evil. Just because a bunch of bad stuff was done to you, doesn't justify doing bad things to innocent people. And being insane doesn't make you less evil- Charles Manson, for example, is completely insane. He viewed his actions and those of his followers as righteous, but he was wrong.
Steven Wright (1 year ago)
wow just wow your not going after jenova hell an she dont shape shift... they were clones just like the three in advent children moron
Steven Wright (1 year ago)
are u stupid? I bet u are man Zack fought back.... but defeated
Steven Wright (1 year ago)
smh... he was lied to misguided get over it he was a true legend masamune was his long sword.... And he is still the strongest bad guy in the ff series... An Zack met sephiroth in the wutai war
Scott Yi (1 year ago)
he is literally a fallen angel
Vampires Crypt (1 year ago)
he is not normal evil he is anime-evil :))) thats a difference :/
Jack Gray (4 months ago)
Vampires Crypt so anime evil is just animated evil?
CatArena (1 year ago)
The one thing id like them to keep in the remake is Sephiroths back story. If they didn't make it so damn tragic hed still be cool but he wouldn't be anywhere near as iconic as he is. Crisis core added in more to the betrayal factor as you find out hat he had two friends like himself that end up turning on shinra and even Sephiroth himself. It showed that there was more wearing his mental state down leading up to the incident which makes his downfall even more credible. But honestly dude, the guy killed SO many people! Yes, he is evil. He may not have always been evil but he is now.
Janishi Zitexion (1 year ago)
The Jenova cells in Sephiroth caused him to loose his fucking mind, or so they say. Some people say it brought out the feelings that were already there.
trollol (1 year ago)
He needs his own game / story before the main story where we get to play as him .
Jack Gray (4 months ago)
dontcallmedude I think you can play as him in one of the Dissidia games. But I agree he needs a game where he is the focus.
Fanthom27 (1 year ago)
A teenager with a very long sword?
TheLegacyHero (1 year ago)
Let me answer this definitively: Yes.
merrynightwanderer (1 year ago)
It's too bad this isn't actually "canonical" anymore-- it makes perfect sense if you just look at the original FF7 game, but the spinoffs seemed intent on making him a one-dimensional DBZ villain whose "powerful will" overcame Jenova's and who just wants to destroy the world for some reason, even though this completely negates every bit dramatic motivation he acquires in Nibelheim. He's much more compelling as a puppeted creation whose powerful composure belies the fact he's totally delusional. Your version of the character is much better!
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Freedomm1987 (1 year ago)
Klomissionsführer Rüdiger Lmao. This is the funniest thing I've read in some time. Not because I agree with any damn thing you say, but the sheer outrageousness of it all.
Was saying all of that really necessary? Did you really have nothing better to do?
GreyWolfLeaderTW (1 year ago)
To be honest, Shinra *IS* the government for much of the planet Gaia FF7 is set on. A government is defined as the legal authority/system that enforces laws over a territory and its inhabitants. Since Shinra runs the police force of Midgar and other towns and cities, they are the closest thing to a central government in the story.
Havoc (1 year ago)
for me, sephiroth was the protagonist and cloud and his pack were the antagonists.
TheUniprime1 (7 months ago)
Havoc how that doesn't make any sense
Sephirot (/sfɪˈroʊt/, /ˈsfɪroʊt/; Hebrew: סְפִירוֹת‎‎ Səphîrôṯ), meaning emanations, are the 10 attributes/emanations in Kabbalah, through which Ein Sof (The Infinite) reveals himself and continuously creates both the Spiritual realm physical realm and the chain of higher metaphysical realms
Orcaluv26 (1 year ago)
I saw this video and I thought it would be interesting. After watching it, it messed me up more than it should've
Jon-Mark W (1 year ago)
You explained this wonderfully @DreamcastGuy
DJ KaNeck (1 year ago)
Hojo still owes me $2.00!
Chris Lawyer (1 year ago)
Sorry, but much or your analysis is just wrong. What you're saying is fair up to Nibelheim, but after his fall into the Lifestream you're mistaken. It's true that physical beings you chase throughout the game are Jenova's remnants, but they are under Sephiroth's complete control. The creators have confirmed this. In your video, you're basically attributing everything they did and the Meteor plan to Jenova, but it was all Sephiroth. You also make the statement that no one could tell where Sephiroth ends and Jenova begins. Again that's not correct. The creators have said that Sephiroth's will is the dominant will. Jenova has no say. Sephiroth is in control. Before Nibelheim, Sephiroth was probably a legitimately good guy. He likely did some bad things in the war, but he believed he was fighting on the right side. He was seen as a hero, and at least from the standpoint of the people he served, he deserved that label. After Nibelheim, Sephiroth is clearly a villain, and he is evil. He's just not a 1-D "evil for no good reason" villain. You might argue that while he thought he was a descendant of the Cetra he was acting out of a sense of justice/vengeance moreso than evil. The problem with that, is that even after he found out the truth, he didn't change. He kept on with it, so you can probably compare him to someone like Anakin Skywalker. He was a legitimately good guy at some point, but for reason, he fell from grace and eventually became an unabashed bad guy.
ANlevant (1 year ago)
Dude!!! you just BLEW! MY! MIND!
TriNut (1 year ago)
I wouldn't call him truly evil, more like a neutral evil.
MegaMustafa1234 (1 year ago)
It's PTSD not PSTD
Laindwell Rainrix (1 year ago)
FFVII Remake? We all know the story ends... Why not FFVII Sephiroth's Rise and Fall....We all want to play Sephiroth from level 1- 99...
Justin Alon (7 months ago)
Or a sequel to Dirge of Cerberus where he, Genesis, Weiss, and the rest of party go out to save the world from some unknown threat. What could come in that sequel has him discovering who his real mother was and try to atone for crimes done for the sake of lies.
Zweihander Gaming (11 months ago)
It wouldn't surprise me if square enix made a sephiroth dlc to that extent
Justin Pedini (1 year ago)
Sephiroth was dead for years?? can you elaborate?
Justin Pedini (1 year ago)
really wow ok i didnt fully grasp that...interesting been so long but glad to know
Natalia Harvey (1 year ago)
After Sephiroth burning Nibelheim he went to the mako reactor where his "mother" was (she ain't his real mother tho) but he believed she is since Hojo had told him that since Sephiroth was a kid. Anyway Zack went to the mako reactor and fought Sephiroth, but he didn't beat him, then Cloud came and caught Sephiroth off guard and stabbed him with the giant buster sword, Sephiroth then fell unconscious for a minute or so, then he got up and cut his "mother's" head, and he stabbed Cloud, then Cloud picked Sephiroth up with the masamune and threw Sephiroth into the lifestream that is under the mako reactor.That's when Sephiroth died as his whole body had dissolved, though while he's physically dead, but his will was too strong, and the lifestream wasn't able to absorb his spirit due to his sturdy will.He then created a shell or a crystal that is connected to the flow of the spiritual energy of the lifestream so he can re-construct his physical body. And that was five years prior the events of FF7.So, he's been dead for five years.
Cahrl Chu (1 year ago)
How will you know the past of the story if you played final fantasy 7 first :o.... is there a game before final fantasy 7?...
Sabrina Beaudoin (1 year ago)
<3 Sephiroth <3
Natalia Harvey (1 year ago)
you mean PTSD?
Rich Lastres (5 months ago)
Natalia Harvey thankkkkkkkk you lol
thewriter197 (1 year ago)
good story
Anakin Skywalker (1 year ago)
i'd fuck Jenova she is hot af
Joshua Streat (1 year ago)
+Natalia Harvey JENOVA Reunion...
Natalia Harvey (1 year ago)
She got no head tho. XD
fusiontoa18 (1 year ago)
ikr dem charming eye niples hnngg
Josh Miguel (1 year ago)
Is the bringer of life the gift of the goddess
xpoe0013 (1 year ago)
Good job. Really interesting
Grey Fox (1 year ago)
cloud killing Sephiroth was total bullshit. nice analysis.
Kyle Darger (1 year ago)
Stopped watching because you can't even say his name correctly
Skank Hunt (1 year ago)
Kyle Darger siphoroth ? SIPHOROTH?? . SOUND IT OUT YA MONKEY. that's what I said 5 seconds in
Rom The Space Knight (1 year ago)
He still killed Aris so Forget him.
darkservantofheaven (1 year ago)
I always interpreted that while it is inedeed Jenova's body in sephiroth's form...I always felt that sephiroth was controlling her/it....directing it, speaking through it. His true body may have been crystallized at the northern crater, but he was able to do all of this from beyond the grave. Thats how powerful he became when he and jenova merged.... I could be wrong. nice video on one of my favorite villains in gaming
Lillian Distelrath (1 year ago)
it bothers me how he says sephiroth
CloudStrife 275 (11 months ago)
Lillian Distelrath ikr
silvia boi (1 year ago)
so in kh2 we're obviously fighting jenova too right????? i didnt play ffvii :p
Zero Dragoon (1 year ago)
I thought Sephiroth's will controlled Jenova's body? Also in CC when you fight him his eyes went from normal to like...reptile-ish and then he stops blinking..
Diego Gonzalez Gomez (1 year ago)
Man from Nantucket (1 year ago)
It's PTSD, not PSTD. Otherwise good vid
Uriel Nes (1 year ago)
You will see soon enough.
theuglyhairmonster2 (2 years ago)
PSTD... wow.
LakrimaProject (2 years ago)
Great subject, this shows how video games has already reach what other kinds of art do. We can discuss and analyze Sephiroth character just as character of Kurtz form Heart of Darkness. Ask for true nature of thinkgs like in Lem's Solaris. Im really happy that creativity of Sakaguchi and Nojima gave us that many questions <3
Brandon Remaly (2 years ago)
"his strength is unrivalled" 😑 have you ever played before crisis or read the comics? in the events of before crisis sephiroth was beaten to a pulp and left in a comatose state by members of the rogue group the ravens a rogue faction of SOLDIER
Parisa Maleky (1 year ago)
that is a fan made comic (doujinshi manga).there isnt any offical manga for any ff series. in Before Crisis he was also portrayed as an overpowered entityand he killed a lot of avalanche members and even faced the leader elfe and let her to live and she and her group retreat immediately (sorry for bad english)
malibutaa (1 year ago)
That's bullshit. I have played and beaten Before Crisis. No such thing happens in that game. Sephiroth faced the leader of Avalanche/Ravens and allowed her to live. Even in Before Crisis he was portrayed as an overpowered entity.
Brandon Remaly (1 year ago)
+Peach Carmel sure thing
Peach Carmel (1 year ago)
cool, thanks. 😃
Brandon Remaly (1 year ago)
+Peach Carmel yes it's in English and hold on lemme find my other phone and see if it's still saved in there if not I'll have to ask my buddy
EvoSchecter (2 years ago)
wait... How did sephiroth die? how has he been dead for years?
Hollie Kabler (1 year ago)
Nr Shocks actually in last order he jumped into the lifestream after injuring cloud
PhoenixHelix (1 year ago)
Given his bond to Jenova, he was most likely, like Jenova herself/itself, was biologically alive but incapacitated in the physical manner, however through sheer mental willpower, has the ability to manipulate the cells of Jenova, scattered across the planet in the bodies of SOLDIER warriors and the like, utilizing her ability to transform into his own image and use the likes of Cloud to bring what he needs; the Black Materia of Meteor in order to fulfill his plan.
Nr Shocks (1 year ago)
when he was tossed into the lifestream by cloud
zidane vents (2 years ago)
y'all missing professor gast he was the closest friend to sepiroth. it almost cry over gast
John Johnson (1 year ago)
We dont consider fanfic stories as a canon, sorry.
zidane vents (2 years ago)
+Evelyn L. yo Evelyn some of these people don't know what they talking about
Yoko the Neko (2 years ago)
something tells me that lucrecia is the villain because she chooses hojo over vincent and then gives birth to sephiroth who was about to destroy the planet
zidane vents (2 years ago)
Why talk about final fantasy 7 if you ain't played neither of them. Df fuck outta here
Yoko the Neko (2 years ago)
+zidane vents nope
zidane vents (2 years ago)
+Evelyn L. I'm going have ask you to delete your YouTube account and never about final fantasy 7 ever AGAIN!.. everything you say now is weak... goodbye
zidane vents (2 years ago)
+Evelyn L. So you never played crisis core or final fantasy 7?
zidane vents (2 years ago)
+Evelyn L. the Intel not a cut scene it's hidden throughout the levels. tell you alot about hojo, Vincent when he was Turk why he left Turks. Vincent wife
Requiemslove (2 years ago)
Yes he was. The baby called Sephiroth, born to Lucretia and Hojo and fused with Jenova cells, may have been created for a purpose. He was created as the perfect human soldier. Yet in his child years, in his teenage years, whenever he began to kill...I find it VERY hard to believe his head never questioned the morality, or the reason at least, for such violence. He is the one who continued to follow Shinras decree, when anyone with an ounce of morality would shy away from it. By that alone, he is evil. As for Nibilheim. Well first of all he would not have been tired after 3 days and nights. He is NOT a normal person. Such time is trivial to him. What sent him over the edge is what he found out. Yet again, it was his choice to do what he did, and to the people he did it to. Every villager he cuts down, he KNOWS what he is doing. The long and short of it is. He was most certainly an evil man.
Requiemslove (2 years ago)
+Evelyn L. The same can be said about your comments. Or anyone's comments or opinions anywhere. He went to the Nibilheim reactor, charged with fixing it. That is no opinion. That is FF7 canon. Which by the way is FACT. Cold hard fact. As you say. An assumption you make from that fact is he knew the purpose of the reactors. And he knew what the Lifestream is. He shows that for certain AFTER he goes crazy. But to say he did not know until after Nibilheim about that...Is a weak argument. The only argument that can be made is maybe he did not fully understand the significance of what Shinra was taking...which frankly again, is a weak argument to make.
zidane vents (2 years ago)
+Evelyn L. yes kefka parents beat him everyday force to be a court mage for the empire! that on ff6 too
zidane vents (2 years ago)
+Evelyn L. sethiroth only kill people that's a great to him. like aerth, shinra
Requiemslove (2 years ago)
+Danger Dash  It is human nature to be neutral. What happens next, is up to us, and what message we take from everything that influences us. In the end, it is personal choice. Evil, like good, is a concept imprinted upon us as we grow. Some of us just go bad no matter the start we have. Some of us go good despite the start we have. And some of us simply do not change from what we perceive as "normal".Whether that is good or bad/evil. +Evelyn L.  You say he only turned after Nibilheim. The truth is though, all he knows, is Shinra. A company whose business was taking the lifeblood of the planet. The lifestream is the energy, and vibrancy of the planet, made up from the spirits of those who are dead. Shinras very beginning was evil. And it never changed during the crises. If the orders he follows are given by ones who seek dominance and to assert their will upon the world, against everyone else's wishes, that means the one who carries out that will is an EXTENSION of that will, and by association, in Shinra and Sephiroths case. Bad/evil. Sephiroth may have known no different, yet only because he was not allowed to or given the chance to know any different.
Danger Dash (2 years ago)
+Requiemslove Have you considered that evil IS human nature? As much as we fight against it, we seem to gravitate to it pretty naturally.
Blooper Tanooki (2 years ago)
I don't wanna sound like a party pooper cuz I love FF and videogames overall, but damn, it is incredible how many theories and analysis arise from the psyche of a fictional character. I kinda wish people were that comprehensive with real people with real issues. Anyways, amazing video :)
Mims Zanadunstedt (2 years ago)
whats with the grammar nazis below, didnt they ever hear of regional dialect? I bet they are a bunch of entitled fat white nerds
Terrance Hooker (2 years ago)
actually just to clear this up, sephiroth was fully in control. he never fused with the lifestream due to jenova cells and basically over powerd jenovas Will from lifestream and began using her body as a vessel, taking his image. yes he is technically dead but as long as hosts posses jenova cells he can always come back. and jenova can regenerate constantly since she can't be accepted into lifestream.
GamRGirlz Unite (2 years ago)
Did this video even have to be made? Some times I question the legitimacy of the FF7 fanbase *shakes head*
Lassard Ascot (2 years ago)
Beautiful annalysis. This is how I've always seen Sephiroth from the very first time I played the game, yet its so hard to make others realize the implications of what has happened to him mentally given how he was raised. They get too caught up in the idea that he's "evil" rather than realizing the man has truly suffered at ShinRa's hands. Sephiroth was made to be what he is, by people who were truly evil. In many ways he is as much a victim as any of the other characters, and everything he ends up doing in the midst of his madness seems to reflect what was done to him first.
zidane vents (2 years ago)
Play crisis core this is no good analysis.
John Johnson (1 year ago)
Its just a fanservice game! Don't ask everyone to give it so much justice. Btw Angeal and Genesis are worst characters Nomura ever created
John Johnson (1 year ago)
I couldnt agree more mate! Sometimes I feel that CC fanboys give me a cancer really.
LakrimaProject (1 year ago)
So you did not know! Btw try to remember now all licence belongs to S-E, not Squaresoft. And yeah, we talk about Squaresoft game, did you even played FF7? Or just DC and wanted to enter the discussion? Coz now u talk about game that is not even out yet, a game that is created by different development team. Game that most proppably wil try to tie with other games made by S-E, mostly for cash grab. I must say when I see such money-pig like you it feels like their strategy to sell as mutch merchendise as possible maybe works. There are ppl who are to dumb to notcie smth is wrong and just buy stuff like good doggie that anything put into cup.
zidane vents (1 year ago)
Or do you watch the walkthrough from other ppl lmao
zidane vents (1 year ago)
My last comment to you ff7 remake they putting elements some plots from crisis core and dirge of Cerberus to the game.That why they said story will change. Till this day ppl don't know who Genesis or angeal even is. Have you played ff7? Seems not
Feed me to the Floor (2 years ago)
Love most of the effort, but several things are either left out or completely misunderstood/ wrong. Obviously you show Crisis Core footage which is why I don't understand why you didn't throw in a lot of information that is critical to his humanity. He had a life (somewhat) and friends; Genesis and Angeal, even getting along with Zack. He coped with his bizarre lifestyle, and had a purpose as a 1st class soldier and all that they stood for. He grew up understanding the biology of monsters and how they were created. Then his life was thrown upside down, as he learned he himself was barely different from the monsters he slaughtered. The revelation screwed him up big time, and he grew to hate Shrina and the planet that was his biological enemy by nature. You had some good points but you missed out on what really makes him a great villain; the fact that he was on Shinra's side, but the audacity of their crimes against him since birth made him snap.
Jayesper (2 years ago)
It'd be something if they made an FF where you ended up being the bad guys and killed the good guy. (BoF III is sorta like that where you're not on a quest to save the world.)
The Red Mage (2 years ago)
Ugggggh, his name is not Siferoth. And you can't say that it's either or pronunciation, one is right and one is wrong.
Kevin Trembley (1 year ago)
i was going to comment on that too lol
D H (2 years ago)
As a long time fan of FF7, I found these points quite interesting. However, one should consider the definition of "evil". If you define an evil person as one who willingly and knowingly fulfills his own wishes at the expense of the well-being of others, then Sephiroth is evil. It does not matter how he came to be that way. Your point about PTSD and insanity due to sleep deprivation is a good observation, but I don't think it was intended as part of the story. I think Sephiroth really just decided that humans suck (and understandably so considering his experiences), and he just wanted to kill them all and become a "god" in the process.
LakrimaProject (2 years ago)
Yeah but it not so black/white here, Sephiroth is not a real human, he is alien-human genetic hybrid, it is almost sure that he from young age know that ppl around him are different or to be more correct he is different. He was able to live with humans, to work with them propably thanks to JENOVA ability to pretend what he realy is. So does man who kill pigs is evil? If he dont do it just for pleasure but that is his job? Does you realy think he felt pitty on them? Do you feel bad when you kill a fly?
Marilyn Newman (2 years ago)
Of course he wasn't evil. He was trying to destroy Shinra before it destroyed the world. Cloud, the dunning-Kruger archetype, was trying to save them, so they could go on destroying the world. What an idiot! Of course, our sweet Sephy, did go a little off the rails when he decided to recreate the world. I don't think he's powerful enough to do THAT.
Marilyn Newman (2 years ago)
+Evelyn L. I didn't say they were bad, I said stupid. I also said Sephy was crazy, just not stupid. Shinra decided to not give him his meds, because they thought it would save them money. WRONG!
anh dinh lam duc (2 years ago)
are you sure he is not powerful enough i think you forget about a certain giant rock
anh dinh lam duc (2 years ago)
are you sure he is not powerful enough i think you forget about a certain giant rock
anh dinh lam duc (2 years ago)
are you sure he is not powerful enough i think you forget about a certain giant rock
Celena Morris (2 years ago)
No duhhhhh. Not even a question
Connor C (2 years ago)
Very few Final Fantasy villains work with the intention of revising their origins and reviewing them as less than pure evil. The only one I can even think of is Kuja because he does get a short sense of redemption in his storyline. And you do understand that Zidane thinks maybe things would be different if he was the angel of death and not Kuja. Whereas other villains like Kefka- power mad, mentally snapped, doesn't care about human life and takes delight in pain and death. Ultimecia- a super powerful sorceress from the distant future who has gone crazy over the fear of dying and wants to wipe all of existence out to live perpetually. We don't know what Kefka's childhood was or Ultimecia's, we know something in them is snapped and warped and then accept them for their actions which are evil. I would say Sephiroth fits into this mold as well because he is also extremely powerful, something in him has snapped due to experimentation and he concluded to destroy the planet and ascend to a god like state (which is a lot of the FF villains end goals in some way, shape or form). Admittedly Sephiroth was bred for destruction, a weaponised alien/human hybrid- but just because he was made for that doesn't detract from his status as a villain or as something evil because he did what he was made for. Also, it says in the game a number of times that Sephiroth is more in control than Jenova. He is in Cloud's head the whole time even able to control him and the last battle is with him. not an arm of Jenova or a clone just the power of Sephiroth himself in Cloud's head and I always took that defeat as a symbolic end of his strangle hold on Cloud's psyche. I think Jenova represents an ancient, maybe even uncontrollable volatile evil that is supernatural. Hojo represents a more human level of evil trying to play god and pursue power and destruction. While Sephiroth is both. He is otherworldly and superhuman in his abilities, with the arrogance and need for control of man with the chaotic energy of an extraterrestrial calamity.
LakrimaProject (2 years ago)
good analiss, only thing good to add is we should see Sephroth as a evolution of JENOVA, even as a hybrid it is clear that his alien nature take a upper hand with an addition of human selfawere. I think it was clear in game that by his connection to Cloud player was able to sympatize with him just to know he is not pure evil force like his mother but neverthelss he was a enemy, enemy of every human, of Gaia and as sutch he must be stoped.
Benjamin Jonathan (2 years ago)
Very informative great job. However, you're pronouncing Sephiroth's name incorrectly.
Jari Paananen (2 years ago)
no no sephiroth is not evil he got hojo dna and jenova dna thats why he calls jenova is him mother because he now that because he is a clone thats why he is anger and anger

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