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all augmented reality training completed
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taner raven (1 year ago)
sweet suit!
De Day (3 years ago)
can someone please kindly shed the light for me how to glide upwards? i cant, i cant FUCKING glide upwards. i keep failing at part 4. HOW TO GLIDE UPWARDS? i tried pressing W, moving my mouse forwards, to no avail, i only glide DOWNWARDS. PLEASE HELP.
* stare (3 years ago)
crash dive then let go of the space bar (but keep pressing W and time the way you unpress the spacebar) then keep your nose up using the mouse
Deathculture (4 years ago)
why o the augmented reality training voice on your sound clearer than mine ?   also where did you get that suit ?and how did you go through the tunnel like that? strange
James Sigmon (1 year ago)
* stare the one in jokers fun house place
* stare (4 years ago)
master volume is at max and usually i max the voice option if there is any (these were taken by fraps and i tweaked the audio a little it took more memory but it was worth it because it produced louder voices)....which tunnel by the way? the first one (it glitched but thankfully it went through) or the one in the river (i barely made it through the end of the tunnel (i touched the green bat icon) and it succeeded even if i fell on the river)
MCJay2daSun (4 years ago)
Where do u get the smaller bat wings from?
James Sigmon (1 year ago)
* stare it's not just pre order its game of the year as well and it's a skin
* stare (4 years ago)
its a pre-order thing before....
ajay karthi (4 years ago)
he is flying
JumperSC (5 years ago)
This should be called Aggravated Reality Training -______-
David Lepine (5 years ago)
HOW do you slow down you glid elike that?? like..float upwards ....???
* stare (5 years ago)
time your glide climb to not hit below the height of the fence (use that fence below to gauge your climb) fun fact: I used the mouse and keyboard for all these training....you can imagine all those fun moments where I had to do it over and over again
Spawnfreak (6 years ago)
Does the Batman Beyond skin work better for this?

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