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Octopath Traveler: The Battle System

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Octopath Traveler comes out for the Nintendo Switch on Friday. I've been playing it a *lot*. I LOVE the battle system. Here's me spending 13 minutes to tell you about the battle system as we frame-by-frame our way through a two-minute battle.
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chocograph (3 days ago)
I didn't get it. Please definitely explain it again.
B M (4 days ago)
when you find a new job, equipped right away, it makes better any build and can carry more weapons
B M (4 days ago)
almost all enemies with the same sprite have the same debilities, as example in here you can see 3 lizards but one don't said the same debilities as the other 2, so check that out
B M (4 days ago)
the tactics that i have is break shield first and then hit it with the BP to make more damage, if you use your BP when they have a shield the damage decrease a lot, i use attacks all to break all shields and then use the single foe attacks (those make more damage)
B M (4 days ago)
not necessary, if the shield is higher it doesn't mean that it hits harder, it just mean it has more heal point
AirMaxPenny (5 days ago)
matthi321 (8 days ago)
looks pretty bad
Revz8bit (9 days ago)
it's odd that every enemy in the game is called "Vulnerable"
UglyhoodRAT (9 days ago)
guys the game is boring and there is no interaction between characters it's all cluster fuckband main story is generic.
Bjorn Andurson (9 days ago)
This game's got nothing on KNACK 2 BA-BEEE! OOOOOUUUH~
itiro tanaka (9 days ago)
Atelier Sophie
Luke W (9 days ago)
Tim i know you read these comments please compare this game’s combat to cinco paus thank you
Matheus Arleson (9 days ago)
I see your plan. Let's see how much you get on that d20
Mr. Vacca (9 days ago)
I can’t WAIT for this game’s release tomorrow!!!! It’s going to keep me busy summer long.
Matthew Miranda (10 days ago)
Very helpful.
Kevin Broderick (10 days ago)
I could watch a Tim Rogers video about any topic.
Rajin90 (10 days ago)
8:20 You would've gained the second BP anyway if you had casted any unboosted spell instead of defending. You wasted a good amount of damage here. It didn't really matter in this specific case, because as you said it's a low level battle. But if it weren't one, that damage could have mattered.
Kotaku (10 days ago)
yeah, i knew i didn't need that extra damage because i was keeping track of how many times all of the enemies had been hit. also casting an unboosted spell would have been a waste of SP! also, i had a checklist of things i wanted to do in my "untouched" battle and one of them was "demonstrate stalling for a BP" lol
Swe Kiwi (10 days ago)
Excellent break down of the battlesystem of Octopath. I like the guesswork of the weaknesses.
sheamus (10 days ago)
looks like a fun switch game, still haven't picked up a switch though.
SkitBit Production (9 days ago)
sheamus awesome piece of hardware
ViRrOorR (10 days ago)
the graphics annoy me. why have pixel sprites without natural movement mixed with kind of realistic background and effects. how this is a triple a game baffles me
ViRrOorR (8 days ago)
SkitBit Production its just been overhyped by the nostalgia fans its gonna be forgotten like every other wanna be oldschool finalfantasy copy rpg out there.
ViRrOorR (8 days ago)
phatboy5015 mixing in real time graphics with pixels takes me out of it completely it just doesnt work. Like what kind of world is it supposed to take place in. It cant be both good and bad graphics. Also the whole colorscheme is so mundane and lifeless with very little colour. Nothing looks alive in this game. Ive seen way better pixelgraphics than this.
phatboy5015 (9 days ago)
Have you actually played the 3 hour demo? I think think the characters and graphics are great. I like how they mixed 2D with things like real time shadows and lighting effects.
SkitBit Production (9 days ago)
ViRrOorR that's your opinion and I respect that but I completely disagree and it got high ratings from many sites in both America and Japan
ViRrOorR (9 days ago)
SkitBit Production so far it looks and seems veeery bland and dissapointing both story and gameplaywise. It lacks character. The graphics are veery offputting and boring as hell
Darian Hopkins (10 days ago)
Do a video on skills secondary skills.
Marco Cammarota (10 days ago)
Tim. Fuck yes. As always.
Trevor Warren (10 days ago)
TIM. I would ask if I should buy this but about the time you SMOKED baddie #1 I received an email from Amazon saying it shipped. This is where I would put a shrug emoji here if I knew how.
ddnnqq (10 days ago)
hell yeah
Jin Sun (10 days ago)
Trials in the sky - simplified edition
Gugelhupf (10 days ago)
STOP letting this guy make videos for Kotaku. BRING BACK MIKE FAHEY AND SNACKTAKU
Gugelhupf (9 days ago)
oh no! Glad to hear he just got out!
Jack Lechner (9 days ago)
Was it the snacks? :(
Rhyme Wilder (10 days ago)
dude Mike Fahey has been in hospital for the past few months and literally just got out.
blueshoals (10 days ago)
He's the best part of Kotaku.
jmt1000 (10 days ago)
Why? He's funny and I like his sexy voice and I say that as a heterosexual man. Also, I'd rather hear something from someone who's into the game and Tim is REALLY into Japanese RPGs.
123456 (10 days ago)
THAT'S A 3:49
afkCORPS (10 days ago)
lets hope he got some flex tape around ;P
Quinn Burner (10 days ago)
thanks tim
Jakob Dorof (10 days ago)
thanks quinn
Naphaster Jones (10 days ago)
I enjoyed what I played of both demo's, but was disappointed to see that all the character path's converged in this manner -- or at all really. Olberic's demo from last year was very fun playing through solo; especially considering how difficult it was compared to most other RPGs (both western & japanese). It reminded me of the challenge of Dragon Quest 1, with added depth considering that you had to manage skill points to strike multiple enemies at once given the massive amount of damage they do, while also conserving SP for future battles. Too bad the original demo had multiple save states throughout, and it seems as though they've kept it in the more recent demo. Primrose's recruitment system felt as though you were improvising party builds based on what was immediately around you. If they would've incorporated Labryinth of Touhou's TP system, it could have been something great. The game still looks interesting, and I hope the boss battles - and the 'long game' of regular encounters - stay engaging as you say they do. Especially considering that Octopath Traveler successfully combines SMT: Nocturne's Press-Turn system with Bravely Default's Brave/Default mechanic. I haven't had the opportunity to play Four Heroes of Light, so I don't know what if anything they may have taken from there. Hopefully Atlus will take the shield point system from this game, the Co-op system from SMT: Strange Journey, and incorporate them into Shin Megami Tensei V. Looking forward to the video review tim! (if you are reviewing it that is)
Lamar Alexander (10 days ago)
Just got my notification that the game is being sent from Amazon.  I may have to call in sick on Monday for a long weekend.
HazeySB (10 days ago)
Less than 4 more hours!
Matthew Labenz (10 days ago)
It's like Bravely Default and Child of Light put together! Neat!
Sista Jinx Thomas (4 days ago)
Maria Rodriguez I miss those games, hopefully SaGa Scarlet grace gets localized.
Maria Rodriguez (9 days ago)
No ! Is a SaGa series son . Most people won't know this . Because the ones that play the closest . SaGa Fronteir and Romancing SaGa were never popular games . Which ware a very hardcore and difficult series .
Jin Sun (10 days ago)
Matthew Labenz more like a simplified version of trials in the sky series.
Crimson 7 (10 days ago)
Cant wait til friday... kinda hoping Amazon accidentally send it early
Revz8bit (9 days ago)
Crimson 7 from my experience, you can count on 1 or 2 days late
D.Cipher (10 days ago)
this explanation is longer than an episode of captain tsubasa
TheSkaOreo (10 days ago)
Not gonna lie: I’m digging your smokey voice. “Oooh yeah, baby. I’m gonna show you some rpg mechanics.”
Gamma Relay (6 days ago)
Pigpug Pigpug (10 days ago)
Found my new way to hit on women.
Reliken (10 days ago)
Tim Rogers content is why I subscribe to Kotaku dot com
ToastedKitten (10 days ago)
this isn't bookworm adventures deluxe, but I'll settle for it.
Jason McCreary (10 days ago)
heck yeah (fist message opportunity; Im taking it.)
Kotaku (10 days ago)
thanks for the comment buddy
Maducrutz Lillywhite (10 days ago)

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