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Elite: Dangerous doesn't care about you - and that's why it's great

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Johnny reckons Elite: Dangerous is one of the best role playing experiences he's had in ages, but how can that be when the game tries to hard to convince you you're a nobody? Subscribe to Eurogamer - http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=eurogamer For the latest video game reviews, news and analysis, check out http://www.eurogamer.net and don't forget to follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/eurogamer
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Text Comments (181)
ChessArmyCommander (20 days ago)
You get to be a narcissistic spaceship commander who doesn't give a rat's ass about anybody else!
BLUE_beep BLUE_beep (2 months ago)
Dam right they don't care ...) Assassination mission = can’t find them can’t do. Pirate Missions = can’t find them can’t do. Salvage Mission = can’t pick up them can’t do. Trade = All allowable trade below fuel cost profit = can’t do. Discovery = Never get a cent Upgrade ship = Weapons disappear without mention = can’t do 1 hour on YouTube for every half hour play… Finding out what queer steps are required for the simplest thing. MENUs half by mouse half by keyboard never a reason why we use the awkward keyboard controls when obviously they know how to program a mouse ( HALF THE TIME )
Ken Doyle (3 months ago)
I'm going to have to give this a go. I'll also keep my eye out for Fading Suns too
Billkwando (5 months ago)
Bad Yahtzee imitation does great review. :)
Billkwando (5 months ago)
The actual Yahtzee: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aLzW0dl87JY (mostly kidding, btw)
Mike Parts (6 months ago)
The game is shit dont waste your money... It was good now it sucks so hard you will be bored af. The only way to play for profit is play in solo play or private group because if you play in open play you will get fked by everyone higher level than you.... aka u spend a month saving up for a decent ship like an ASP explorer and then going into open play and losing it within hours over and over till you have no insurance money left to get it back so you have to go back to playing on your own and start again.... FCK THAT!!!! Save your money for star citizen
Dave Ristoro (6 months ago)
Fuck Star Citizen, it's vaporware. Check out the SC refunds subreddit and get your money back Elite is amazing, even if it has its flaws, and you sound like a fucking noob No offense like.
Eric Dempsey (7 months ago)
I am so stuck on this game. I enjoy the daylights out of it....and I am not sure exactly why. Is it that I can paddle around at my own pace ? Is it also because I role play a mindset ? All the jobs and adventure of discovery ? Or all the above. ? All I know is it is finely done for me...enjoyable. Good video...well expressed and fair. Peace all...til its gone.
Fabrício Reis (8 months ago)
Hahahahahaha great vid! Welcome to the club where ppl are unimportant, poor and whose ships are rubish! You earned your self a like and a sub, keep it up! Hahaha
António André (9 months ago)
you get a like just for being a fellow roleplayer, and for referencing an RPG other than D&D and on top of that one that i know. kudos
Cristi Neagu (9 months ago)
The pinnacle of roleplay in ED has to be the Fuel Rats.
Nadia G. (10 months ago)
I drop people in the space when they won't pay me because I deny all their demands. FUCK RICH PEOPLE
HotaruZoku (10 months ago)
And this is Anarchy. Coming up with your own life.
Dark Leige Of Chaos (10 months ago)
HOLY SHIT! I'm gonna make mine a descendent of my character in Mount and Blade Warband who inexplicably has the same last name despite my Warband Character being a woman!
Dear Mr Chiodini, You sound a bit like the English comedian David Mitchell.
Hoschi0913 (11 months ago)
simple solution.......dont like it, dont play it !.........done
The Pilot (11 months ago)
I love the Cut-throat nature of this game, especially when you do eventually get a really expensive ship, if it explodes you lose a lot of money. It makes combat a lot more exciting
Creed x Ender (11 months ago)
Also, the fact that people call you space vermin until you pledge allegiance to a faction is interesting. Gives you an idea of just how you change to people when you give them a name they know.
Creed x Ender (11 months ago)
It doesn't care . . . until you do the space equivalent of accidentally smacking someone in the face while chasing a bounty. Then they don't give a shit about your safety, just the fact that you actually did something illegal.
Andrew Silverman (11 months ago)
1:57 Speak for yourself pessimist. Great video though :D
thatsnumberwang100 (11 months ago)
12 tones of slaves? ... Was he insured?
robuyasu (11 months ago)
Elite Dangerous Smuggling: You: "hello i would like to dock at your space station plz" Space Station: "ok but whats that banging sound and screaming in your cargo?" Slaves: *MMMPHMPPHHHHHMHMHMH* You: "oh its just malfunctioning" Space Station: "oh ok"
StoneyWan KenRollme (1 year ago)
'Im not the dragonborne, im a slightly doughy man who still cant drive' Well hello, most relatable quote ive ever heard on youtube 😂
Stormer248 (1 year ago)
I like to imagine my character being the Caladri mercenary I played in Dust 514. On my final match before the game was shut down, we were attacking a Gallente installment, one that was researching an unknown technology. The battle was playing out in our favour, that is until a Gallente operative called in an orbital strike from allied eve online players, which landed directly upon the installment objective. This triggered an event that warped all combatants out of New Eden and back to the Milky Way galaxy where we found ourselves floating amongst the wreckage of a recent conflict. Most of the mercenaries died in minutes, while a select few of us took control of the disabled vipers, cobras, and sidewinders floating around. One by one the other lucky mercenaries managed to repair their vessels and take off into the stars, but I was left alone, my hijacked sidewinder too damaged to repair without external assistance. That is where the first Tutorial of Elite begins. It's pretty cool too because the default pilot in Elite almost looks relatively similar to a Caldari dropsuit. Caldari dropsuit https://psmedia.playstation.com/is/image/psmedia/Dust514_FeaturedImage?$TwoColumn_Legacy$
Kieran Husbands (1 year ago)
They plan on adding a lot more to the game which is promising like walking around your ship and the station which i can not wait for!
aquakingman (1 year ago)
lol I'm a bus driver
Axel Foley (1 year ago)
IOW it's a game for losers with no life. And they think I'm gonna purchase this trash? Even No Man's Sky has got more character than this.
Henry Monroy (1 year ago)
I absolutely LOVE you narrative! Well done! =)
Paulo Lameiras (1 year ago)
Have been playing this game for a week on PS4 and i'm completly hooked. What an amazing experience!
ChessArmyCommander (20 days ago)
Just make sure you watch at least two of the tutorials which are in the game's start menu. About how to fly and control the ships and how to dock with a station or a base. Then play and don't give up. . Its hard at first. But after you learn how to play its a blast!
Stylie473 Joker (20 days ago)
ChessArmyCommander thx man i'm buying it tomorrow 😊
ChessArmyCommander (20 days ago)
I just played it for the first time. Its awesome. The devs are continuing working hard on it.
Stylie473 Joker (22 days ago)
How is the game in 2018 would you still recommenc it pls
The Ethical Pixel (1 year ago)
just not true. i fly every now & then in our galaxy and speaking of which if you think nyc traffic is bad you aint seen nothing yet, flying through the big dipper makes time square feel like a freeway.
Myrkur (1 year ago)
stop calling this game eurotruck simulator that's not saying anything about what the game is you looking at 15 percent of the entire game
Dave Dave (1 year ago)
2:00 you don't know my life
SavageSalad (1 year ago)
I was a failed federation pilot that got an honorable discharge from the federal navy. I used all of my savings to purchase a used sidewinder and worked my way up from there. My main mission is to obtain a sol permit to get back to Earth.
Art Ringsen (1 year ago)
Yeah but Frontier doesn't care about us either, and that's not great.
Silas Lancashire (1 year ago)
Oi oi my name is Silas!!!
Adam Ewan Keachie (1 year ago)
Hmmm, well I role-play a mercenary who wants to do the right thing but if it pays to be evil I'd be damned not to. Born on a backwater planet, only way to get money was to do some business with people you'd rather forget,the second a scrap ship was ready he jumped the gun and went out to try and redeem himself for what he caused in the past.
TehFocus (1 year ago)
Passangers are counted in heads, slaves in tonnes. Empirist for life.
Arnav Chatterjee (1 year ago)
I role play as a humble trader who is saving up to explore the galaxy
SwiftProgrammer (1 year ago)
Arnav Chatterjee lol I did that now I'm a multi millionaire
aa311 (1 year ago)
Best way to make money early on is by getting to a Navigation Beacon and kill the wanted ships. in less then 2 hours you can get a better ship. than the sidewinder. but would stick with it until i can afford a cobra mk iii or the viper mk iii. cobra is the best one of the two in my opinion but if you want to dogfight you cant go wrong with the viper.
Wasteland DV (1 year ago)
I'm rich! lol And I have a decent ship and my combat rating is Dangerous. So those are rookie numbers you need to step up your game. lol Also Go Hudson! For the Federation!
a1919akelbo (1 year ago)
One thing I have to say: STOP HAULING. I bounty hunt and every single one of my friends that I've coaxed in bounty hunting all say the same thing: "wow this beats hauling to shit"
alphamoonman (1 year ago)
Quote "when the game tries to hard to convince you you're a nobody?" I love this hook for a description. I always felt like E:D was too much like real life and bringing up this question and concept makes you think that, just like in real life, you have to stand on the soap box and yell out that you're somebody and how that somebody is making change worth the title.
Reece Spencer (1 year ago)
While I kind of flitted between morals at the start I feel like I have settled into a "character" now and while it isn't a character I've given a name and background, I find that I've settled into a True Neutral type of character who is willing to do most things if it means a payout, that said there are a few things I won't do, things like mass murder civilians and trade slaves. I find Elite's moral system great because there isn't one, it immerses you in the game enough that it doesn't need one because merely saying "You're about to trade some slaves" is enough to make you feel bad.
Tyranicus Gladius (1 year ago)
In case you're interested 12 tons of humans is about 190-200 people.
Nadia G. (10 months ago)
josh herbert (1 year ago)
patttiat 7mil roughly
josh herbert (1 year ago)
TangoNation if it makes you feel better I do 558 tons at a time.....who needs ethics and moral code when you have money
soddof (1 year ago)
Tyranicus Gladius I believe the Elite idea was that 1 person takes a "tons worth" of cargo space.
Steve Ross (1 year ago)
Cool vid. A bit outdated now, perhaps you should revisit Elite:Dangerous in 2017 lots of changes have happened. Pen & Paper RPG. We need MORE of this in today's hi-tech detached gaming community. I miss my Warhammer Fantasy, D&D 3rd Ed & Call of Cthulhu pen and paper adventures. :(
Steve Ross (1 year ago)
+diceman199 Might take a look at D&D 5th ed if the old rpg group gets back together, thanks for that. CoC yep! Never split the party... and always carry some dynamite!
diceman199 (1 year ago)
Have a look at the D&D 5th edition....so much easier and better put together than 3rd ed was. not played CoC for a while but it taught an important rule....never, ever, ever split the party...and also don't go swimming in loch ness at night (no particular reason)
The Lavian (1 year ago)
Perfect synopsis - and that's why I love playing too!
BurningChrome (1 year ago)
Shot down my first pirate ship last night. With the stock ship and it's little pea shooter lasers that you only get about three or four shots before they need to recharge, and you have to manually aim them. It would be the equivalency of a 20 mm cannon on a fighter plane. I was hauling some plutonium containers and kept getting interdicted by pirates. But I ws able to jump to hyperspace and escape them cuz my ships not set up for combat right now, so the best course of action is to just run. Or so I thought. Well, this time my shields got shot down to nothing so I decided to go out fighting. Out maneuvered this guy and put some shots on him, when suddenly some Federation security ships showed up and joined in. We shot him out of space and I pocketed a 16,000 credit bounty, which is a very good amount at my level. Probably the single greatest moment of my gaming career! Fuckin' seriously, man. I'm Han Fuckin' Solo! Yippy kai yay, mutha'fucka'!
Hans Yolo (1 month ago)
You’re not Hans Solo, but I’m Hans Yolo...
Derp Herp (3 months ago)
As long as you have the report crimes against you option turned on system Authority vessels will always come to your help it may take a while but they will
MusicIs l0v (7 months ago)
Meanwhile, I got 32,000 CR for delivering 2 beers to Kini 😂
Yagerfly (1 year ago)
BurningChrome you ain't Han Solo. You're the one collecting bountys.
Quantum (1 year ago)
welcome to team luck. i pulled a 100k bounty outta my ass while in a viper with almost stock gear
Danny Rafferty (1 year ago)
I agree with the role playing premise. it's why my mate hated the game. said there wasn't enough to do in the game, before even doing everything there was. the flying of the ship and the long process of getting anywhere coupled with the fact that he wasn't the starlord from guardians of the galaxy after ten hours of play infuriated him enough to leave me on my lonesome. I on the other hand love the sheer magnitude and futility of it all. built my character around my broken xbox controller. I may be Cmdr mutesquash to other players in the game, but in my head I'm commander Automan, a biomechanical biped that is scouring the galaxy for the prupose of it's creation without realising it's creating a purpose for itself in the process. It's been through numerous debugging processes for it's bad steering and language computation (had a tracking issue with my xbox controller that meant i couldn't fly a straight line without the nose trying to point down - subsequently replaced this with a controller from a friend where I can't get decent party chat without being cut every five minutes.). I am currently trying to upgrade my communication skills and find forms of intelligent and friendly life in the galaxy (in order to do so my automaton has reasoned that the best chance of success lies in community events. It has since found enough friends to wing up with and has learned the meaning of "Banter,".)
RealiableCandy4 (1 year ago)
Slave trafficking is how I feel important in Elite. Every time I'm down I say to myself, "At least I'm not as worthless as these slaves in my cargo."
Mr.Avarice (10 months ago)
RealiableCandy4 well technicaly they are worth a lot of money and you are worth 0 sooo.....
thatsnumberwang100 (11 months ago)
Space slaver humour, I love it!
The Gaming Trucker (1 year ago)
Sandra Day The canisters are hibernation pods that also supplies them with their nutritional needs
Sandra Day (1 year ago)
And you are getting the slaves good work and food improving their lot in life. Otherwise they would just starve to death in a canister... who is worse the guy who feeds a slave or the guy who lets slaves die in a canister?
Cretaal (2 years ago)
Roleplaying does make this a LOT better. Personally, I play as Commander Leifr Ericson (Leif to some), a character inspired by my fantasy RPG character. In other games, he's a norse explorer type inspired by lord of the rings. He despises interacting with other humans due to their unpredictability and cruelty, and as a result he detests slavers. Upon seeing a cargo hull full of slaves, I will do my best to pirate the ship of its "livestock" and obliterate the slaver so I can save them by taking them to the Empire. Even if Leifr hates the Empire (it's an anti-roman thing) and sides with the Federation, he will still transport slaves through hostile space in order to give them better lives as slaves. I would take them to federal stations, only they don't take slaves and offer no rehabilitation. The only option there is selling them to a black market so another slaver can buy them. I remember coming across a couple of shipwrecks on planetary surfaces. I usually save the escape pods and the pilots, but in 3 cases I decided it was best to enact justice on them rather than bring them in. In one case they carried narcotics, and I was not about to save drug dealers who were likely involved with the Kumo crew, the other time I found slaves as cargo, the third time was when I saw they were carrying weaponry through peaceful systems and it just didn't set well to save them. In all cases, I decided it was best to execute the pods since I wouldn't see these people saved but I wouldn't toture them by letting them suffocate or die of dehydration/starvation. Playing as this character gives me a lot of fun stuff to do since the game really does expect you to set your own goals past becoming Elite. On top of that, Leifr loves to lay waste to the wicked. If interdicted by imperials, he'll fight back, but he won't chase them down if he doesn't have to. Kumo crew and Pirates are a different story, and he will go out of his way to delete them from existence for their crimes against humanity. He's even traveled to Archon space just to see how many pirates he can obliterate before having to come back.
Cretaal (2 years ago)
Having a cause and motive dictated by your own moral compass does definitely add a lot of different layers to the game. I would personally like to extend my gratitude to the Fuel Rats for their creating the goal of helping us stranded fools who pushed our FSD to the limit and ran out of fuel.
Traumglanz (2 years ago)
Not even 50k views? It sounds a little bit like eurogamer itself became a lot more insignificant in the recent years, are the writers poor too and their cars rubbish? ;-) Nice reflection elite btw. The views are shame. You should have gotten so much more for this work.
Christopher Blair (2 years ago)
Role playing is what really makes this game (and subsequently why a lot of people just don't comprehend the game I feel). If you go into it with the mindset of, "I'm going to grind and get all the best stuff," you're going to have a bad time since there's not really any endgame waiting for you. If you go into it to just muck around and pretend to be a space captain, there's a lot of fun to be had. It provides a playground to live out all of those dreams.
DonToke808 (2 years ago)
This was so funny
Joshua Denny (2 years ago)
Where can I find the social hub and online community to connect with other players and learn more about the social, political and economic stat of the Elite Dangerous servers?
Blaueswunder (2 years ago)
MR. Nice Gaius :D I LOVE BATTLESTAR GALACTICA AND ELITE:DANGEROUS!! I've seen a photo witch a NPC called Thara Crayce that was cool :
Rachid Alhourani (2 years ago)
Cool video (: That was a buttload of info in 5 minutes, cool! I still can't decide if this is the right space-sim for me. Eve left me heartbroken and very cynical about space mmorgp's
Peter Rojas (3 years ago)
When I get the game I'm gunna become a slave trafficer
Keln (3 years ago)
Epic review :D
Ra Senché (3 years ago)
this is what i like to call on point XD
Toshiro Mifune (3 years ago)
thank you for this review sir, i will start posting this instead of arguing with relentless cunts that complain that elite has no rats in the tavern cellar, dragons, achievements blinking on your screen or even space nazis, even youtubers seem to be unable to comprehend it and their usual excuse for not even presenting it as a release is "well you have to get into it and i make videos for games that i jump right into them" instead of being truthful and admitting that they are too damn stupid to realize the scope and the freedom this game offers. i am really really tired of games that present you as the true born hero, traveling around in the map killing everything with X X SQUARE TRIANGLE combos, the same old fucking spells and wait for it....WAIT FOR IT....SEX SCENES WITH BI/GAY/STRAIGHT options because, THAT'S WHAT WE REALLY NEEDED as consumers. thank you again :)
Chris Fortune (3 years ago)
AS a massive Elite Dangerous fan this is about the most honest review I have ever seen. Awesome, just awesome.
Dazza Howard (3 years ago)
Doesn't it care I just bought the game though?  I feel so disappointed......lol
Atrum Angelus (3 years ago)
Brilliant review! I earned my first few ships by smuggling slaves and tea. No qualms.  Always had a cup of tea on hand while doing it, too.
thatsnumberwang100 (11 months ago)
Atrum Angelus but was your tea served by a slave?
Hadyn Lander (3 years ago)
This is by far the most entertaining review/opinion piece I've seen on the game. Thanks!
quantum6 (3 years ago)
Yeah well incase you lame oh game reviews didn't realize THERE'S MORE TO ELITE THAN TRADING!
johnbumstacker (3 years ago)
Brilliant review, very funny.
CreepshowandGore (3 years ago)
Just bought the game today... I'm scared
Peanut Turner (3 years ago)
4:11 "My housemate Jimmy bloody loved slaving!" If YouTube had been around in the 17th century... Seriously though, I agree with this video. I bought E:D at the stupidly expensive £50 Alpha/Beta access price simply so I could have something cool to play on my Oculus Rift DK2, but have only really played it three or four times, even with my flightstick/throttle setup. I told myself I'd go back to it once it got a proper release with fun missions and maybe a campaign or story of some sort, but it doesn't look like that's going to happen anytime soon... 
BigBadBeef (3 years ago)
I really hate conventional MMO's, the constanting whaling about how you're the galaxy's, planets' town's or whatever's only hope... and then a queue forms up behind you, hundreds of people waiting to be told the same thing. In Elite, they give you a run-down rustbucket, some charity money and a boot up your ass out of the space station you start in - the equivalent of "get the fuck out of here and get yourself a job you bum". This is about as close to a simulation as it can get. If we were to ever monetize space, this is what it would be like! Oh, and, I've no problem trafficking slaves whatsoever - "no more room? stack all them' motherfuckers up! I don't care if a few of them choke, i get paid per tonne not per survivors!"
vincentpol (3 years ago)
Sounds like it's plagued by the same problems of all space games. This genre was great when it was still textbased. You basically had the same control over your ship as you have over your nation in a modern Civilization. Then developers started adding more detail, animations (and the delays they bring with them), etc. Now these space travel games are very small micromanagement games, which is just a fancy word for chores. 
Tabish Syed (3 years ago)
I tried premium beta, it sucked. Waste of $150.  Luckily I was able to sell my account for $150 so it's all good. 
H Koizumi (3 years ago)
Exactly!!! This video explains it quite well. This pretty much goes against the grain of pop culture and dares to ask you to make your own story. I made myself a quite reputation by trading slaves. I single handedly cause the economy in that system to revolt because of the famine and civil unrest. I then went legit and started new life as a miner. I made good profit until pirates stole my goods. That lead me to become a bounty hunter for vengeance. I once chased a pirate to next star system where there was a galactic war was happening. I believe it was a pvp area. Shooting down that pirate while being fired by some else and escaping after defeating that pirate was awesome lol.
You understand it lol
Adam Gilpin (3 years ago)
it's a giant sandbox game with a few toys that you can use if you like. A bit like a trip to the beach ED is exactly what you make of it and just like when we were kids (or roleplaying any other genre for those of us who've been down that road) a little imagination and you are CMDR *insert name here*
MagicAccent (3 years ago)
I have a rather poor and unreliable connection which tends to drop and sometimes is so slow I can hardly even load up my mail.. Will I still be able to play in "single player"-online mode? Will I be kicked out of the game the moment my connection drops? Anybody? :/
Toumal Rakesh (3 years ago)
If you do a server transaction such as docking or buying goods, and your connection is dead at that time, then yes it will drop you back to the menu. Otherwise, the bandwidth requirements for this game's online universe thing are really low. I played it on GSM EDGE in solo mode.
Dahong Shen (3 years ago)
subscribing. what a sense of humour and reference to great knowledge
MrDragonfyr (3 years ago)
Great video. Loved the addition of a bit of RP lol. A little heads up guys, if you want to earn a LOT of credits fast... check my channel! Not bothered if you subscribe or whatnot, just go watch the video about earning credits! Good luck Commanders :) 
Platinum Swords (3 years ago)
O.K. I gotta get this game!
Dom Y (3 years ago)
An excellent video. As a fan of Euro Truck 2, I should probably consider this game. Love your debate on virtual human, virtual slavery! 
Sam Smith (3 years ago)
Welcome back! I really enjoy your videos and look forward to hearing many more! This one doesn't disappoint.
Johannes Mesdag (3 years ago)
Such a cool review 😄
azietheone (3 years ago)
Best. Review. EVER! When I'm not at home playing Elite Dangerous, I'm here at work. Watching videos of Elite Dangerous. Because I love loving a game that doesn't give a flying rats ass about me! :D
M Nabavi (3 years ago)
I role play a divorced, middle aged, out of shape space truck driver. His favorite activities include watching porn clips during supercruise, running away from pirates, and parking. He absolutely loves parking his ship!
Ciarán Uí Néill (3 years ago)
+Reza Nabavi  You are the reason I love youtube.
Patrick Jensen (3 years ago)
+b0rg9 Lol epic. Any gaming platform that let's you watch porn while playing a game is supperior. 
b0rg9 (3 years ago)
+Patrick Jensen Multi-screen setup (also, you need a third screen for your Excel spreadsheet w/ lucrative trade routes noted).  After that you have all you need -- log sheets, driver's seat and netflix/porn
Patrick Jensen (3 years ago)
What so you have Elite windowed so you can watch porn while it is on auto-pilot?
HirXeBomb (3 years ago)
I don't like roleplaying and no I am not going to roleplay in this game instead will use my real name and my irl background story ;-)  If you don't like space trucking you can just be an evil pirate, thief, bounty hunter or even an explorer and travel 100.000 light years and beyond. There is more to come like new ships, planetary landing etc. Nice video man I agree the game is epic.
JohnSmith FakeName (3 years ago)
Elite dangerous... where you realize that your ship is worth as much as you.  If you trespass your shot. If you do something illegal your shot. You start out in the universe with pocket money and a fast space suit (I do not consider the starter sidewinder to be a ship). You can gain money via exploring, fighting, and trading.  Even if you become the elite of the elite, the universe won't care.
911zhenxiang (3 years ago)
Great analysis! The truth is playing ED is like playing lego or playmobil as a child: There is no limit - you are the one who decides what you are gonna do next! :-)
Prithu (3 years ago)
This is almost like a propaganda video... Might as well sit a in dark room and imagine you are playing a game. Best video game ever.
DemonGroover (3 years ago)
Not so poor that you can afford a Cobra though.
Richard Ashley (3 years ago)
FADING SUNS!  Woot woot!  You still play?
aLmAnZio (2 years ago)
+Eurogamer Hey, hold on... Did you just... respond to a comment?! Nice!
Richard Ashley (3 years ago)
Make it spectacular!  May the Pancreator have mercy on your souls!
Eurogamer (3 years ago)
+Richard Ashley Hello! The last session of our Fading Suns campaign (which began in 2012) is tonight. I was reminded of this conversation thinking about it this morning and thought I'd mention it. (Johnny)
Richard Ashley (3 years ago)
Glad to hear it!  Always good to meet more players.  I helped out with their new version and did my own Savage Worlds hack.  Played in a 10 year campaign.  sigh. the good old days.
Johnny Chiodini (3 years ago)
We're nearing the end of a two year campaign but yes, for the time being! 
mr8I7 (3 years ago)
I'm sure this would have been fabulous as a pre teen oik bouncing off the walls type with a positive outlook and creative mind. But sadly I like so many others am just a jaded and sullen creature who's experience in this game would probably be as boring and tedious as the real life it mirrors...
ollie clark (3 years ago)
Hey, you're me. :-) But in Elite, I'm an over achieving rookie combat pilot with a fortune amassed from trading rare goods over hundreds of light years.
Imperator SV (3 years ago)
Glad to be enjoying content by Johnny again, Well done sir
Angel Stewart (3 years ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5QWqzRYU0gU#t=124 "Basically playing a version of Euro Truck Simulator"...very true. So to make this game fun, you are imagining role playing as though you were in an offline Pen and Paper game. Except in this case, you aren't roleplaying to or with anyone. You are roleplaying with yourself. Why is this celebrated as something to be proud of in a 2014 computer space simulator with broadband available nearly everywhere? It just looks incredibly boring. And persons are going out of their way to find some purpose for playing this title... :-\ What has Elite Dangerous brought to the genre? A billion randomly snapped together star systems and planets? Amber cockpit lighting? Manual docking and hyper travel? Flying one by one to a "canister" to collect cargo? It baffles and disappoints me that Elite Dangerous supposedly represents the pinnacle of my hobby as far as space sims go, and that it is so celebrated. 
thatsnumberwang100 (11 months ago)
Can you change the lighting away from amber?
Toshiro Mifune (3 years ago)
+Angel Stewart i role play with my group or wingmen all the time what are you talking about? that'swhat this game is all about, ROLES, that's why it is not meant for single -player like star citizen does.
Reginaldesq (3 years ago)
+Methesda I do have a laugh when people call this a space sim.  ITS NOT A SIM.  its science fiction.  
HirXeBomb (3 years ago)
I totally disagree with you Angel, you can compair any game with another game nowadays but Elite is much more then a version of Euro Truck sim. I invite you to join us and play Elite yourself for a while you will see why there is much love for this game and if that still doesn't convince you, fair enough, we will still be playing :)
Aaron Becerra (3 years ago)
+Angel Stewart Ah Freelancer. I loved those characters, but alas, the story ended so abruptly.
Melvin Brennan (3 years ago)
"...and my ship is RUBBISH...."  lol; good video.  ED is game of the year, because I can be me,very much reflective of the sensibility reflected in the video...I'm not a white protag hero divine...I'm a hard worker visionary, and this is the setting for me.
Zornbringer (3 years ago)
another review that completely ignores the exploration "profession". yes, exploration is actually a game mechanic. yes, you can earn money with exploration. there's also mining. nice video though. haven't seen anyone approach elite from this perspective.
John Cusick (3 years ago)
i get so fed up playing ED. but i eventually go back to it for some more... then get annoyed with it again. im forever getting fined or interdicted for not much. im not good at trading. i mainly do missions which do not pay much or hunt wanted ships. recently i was made hostile and was shot on site by the federation for some reason. frontier recomended i start fresh which i eventually did. took me two days to get a viper again
onbekende telefoon (9 months ago)
John Cusick kudo's for sticking through though!
Jens Hölderle (3 years ago)
Fading Suns! You mentioned Fading Suns! One of the best tabletop RPGs there is! This just blew me away. Especially when I consider, that the tabletop roleplaying game was based on a PC space strategy game from 1996. Now it serves as an inspiration for players playing a completely different space simulation. This just makes me happy.
JCRocky5 (3 years ago)
Get this on consoles! We need a good space flight sim/shooter. Last good one was on the DC, Starlancer.
samiroskol (8 months ago)
HirXeBomb LOL I know this was 2 years ago but your extremely daft.
Johnny Boy (11 months ago)
HirXeBomb, you were saying?
PACKBACK (1 year ago)
I love it. three years later and they are eating their words LOL
StarGrassEater (1 year ago)
HirXeBomb jokes on you its out on xbox one and ps4
PACKBACK (1 year ago)
your wish has been granted
Solaris (3 years ago)
bit autistic
Avioto (3 years ago)
HE LOVED SLAVING! haha only in videogames xD
Toshiro Mifune (3 years ago)
+xx1simon1xx heheh same here, never done it after the times i needed, instead i do the missions of freeing slaves without a reward to make up for my wrongdoings.
FloatingBacon (3 years ago)
+Avioto well you can make some serious cash :/ i did it a few times, but then i actualy felt guilty about it, its weird how a game that lacks any kind of moral system except for "legal" and "illegal" can make you think so much about things that are realy not in the game at all...
Space Game Junkie (3 years ago)
Grönvik (3 years ago)
Fading Suns! Hell yeah! ^^
asher taz (3 years ago)
So... is your character a descendant of Titus Pullo too? http://www.imdb.com/character/ch0027721/?ref_=tt_cl_t2 If not, food for thought. Your lineage could span more thousands of years!
Johnny Chiodini (3 years ago)
Confession: I pinched the surname from Titus Pullo when making my Fading Suns character years ago. 

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