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Power Up Your Nintendo Switch

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The best accessory to get for your Nintendo Switch! 13400 model: https://www.anker.com/products/variant/pre-order-powercore-13400-nintendo-switch-edition/A1241J11 20100 model: https://www.anker.com/products/variant/pre-order-powercore-20100-nintendo-switch-edition/A1275S11 💥💥💥Stuff I Use💥💥💥 Music Source: https://goo.gl/X3yZVS Camera: http://amzn.to/2AN6tbV Lens: http://amzn.to/2jMWdG9 Mic: http://amzn.to/2jNFwKF Game Capture: http://amzn.to/2jOQgsq ⚡️Social Network Things!⚡️ Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/kevinkenson Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/kevinkenson
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Kevin Kenson (4 months ago)
Here's a link for the Mario Switch stand I use in this video: https://amzn.to/2um9BWX
Jay Tumacder (3 months ago)
Hello Kevin, is the Anker 13400 Nintendo Switch Edition rechargeable by solar panels? The input is USC-C, so will a USB-C to USB cable work?
Jack Goodman (4 months ago)
The cool one idk there literally is no vid of him without a hat like y
Jack Messaros (4 months ago)
Thanks kev
Addrex (4 months ago)
da ugly 1 Bruno (4 months ago)
Kevin Kenson Shave the beard
Bought it for 45 on ebay😃
Jayshree Thakkar (8 days ago)
What brand of cord do you use with portable charger
MüsliManTV (10 days ago)
Where do I get that kind of chord? It's not a normal micro USB cable, so I don't know what to do
L (10 days ago)
How much battery can they charge though? whats a better buy, go with the cheaper smaller one or go big, will I be able to charge on the small one like from 0 to 100 twice? or just once or once and a half?
David Porter (13 days ago)
I need to buy a portable battery pack and if I go with an anker pack and not the branded anker pack will it brick? If I have to spend extra that’s fine. I’m also not sure about third party docking. I’m wanting to use the switch on my portable projector and leave my tv to my ps4 and Xbox so we can play at the same time. If I’m using the cords and hdmi the switch provides to a hdmi type c adapter that plugs into my projector will I be safe from bricking it?
BeardyNazz (16 days ago)
Liked how you used the sands if time
Patrick Wulfe (23 days ago)
I got a 10000 mah battery off amazon for like $12 that works great with the switch, I believe the company is called aibcon or something similar.
Rifan Nuari (25 days ago)
So, is it really safe to just use any kind of usb-c cable for the switch from a powerbank?
SamLikesPlayz (1 month ago)
Received the 20100 model today. A M A Z I N G. 3 hours of charge for a dozen phone charges and almost 3 switch charges?!!
PokeCuber (1 month ago)
Does this come with a usb-c to usb-c cable?
You can just the normal anker one for cheap that’s what I did and bought the 20100
Haywood Jablomy (1 month ago)
Pffft i bought a battey pack at beat by that gives me 3x battery for 40$. 70$?? Foh
haley Kautza (2 months ago)
Can u get joy cons cheaper than 60$
Rory Heffernan (2 months ago)
why do you always were a hat
Big B Swayn (2 months ago)
Just got mine today
Nice, but hard for me to pay for it. They cost of the 2100 is almost 1/3 of the price of a Nintendo switch unit
Ed sal (2 months ago)
0:52 https://i.imgur.com/RWQcVRs.png
PokeMaster22222 (3 months ago)
I prefer to use mine on my TV; larger screen and I can comfortably use my 8bitdo controller.
nowonmetube (3 months ago)
Unfortunately not 100% accurate. Even the companies themselves who provide a Quick Charge product says on the product page itself, that you shouldn't use it with devices that don't support Quick Charge. Basically I would be careful with variable Voltages. Even though PowerIQ from Anker seems safe?
Nirvana One (3 months ago)
The Switch Battery annoying? 🔥 🔥 🔥
Mario & Cappy (3 months ago)
I think it is too expensive, im just gonna stick with my other powerbanks.
Kali Takumi (3 months ago)
I actually found out that my third party phone charger has the exact same input and output as the switch charger so I've just been using that
Exposer333 (3 months ago)
Officially licensed by nintendo (200% the price) . what a fucking joke
Stanislav Shopov (3 months ago)
nintendo switch ... great idea ... SHIT GAMES .... I have it but will have to sell it
sayurasem (3 months ago)
Anker battery banks are comin up! They started at the bottom.
Kevin Tyson (3 months ago)
I think I am the only one that plays their switch almost exclusively docked. I love handhelds but I rather play my vita on the go then the switch.
Tom Lee (3 months ago)
Just used a bank that supports Power Delivery USB.
AlyssaB (3 months ago)
Where did you get your usb cable to use with the power bank? I can't find one anywhere that's licensed.
Chris Richfield (3 months ago)
i just play 2D indie games while on the go.
JanLIvny (3 months ago)
You should compare the regular to the switch edition (there is a 25 usd difference)
thePowerPlant (3 months ago)
If you can't play and charge at the same time then it's gonna be a pass.
Evan Jones (3 months ago)
I’m liking this and subscribing just becuase if that rewind editing near the beginning .never seen anyone fix something like that
Gereld The Cat (3 months ago)
When it said 43% I was like, "..Well that was kinda underwhelming.." XD
A ok (3 months ago)
please song name at 3:31
Paulo Landicho (3 months ago)
Does this come with a cable?
ossified RANDOMNESS (3 months ago)
I wish this was in the box.
Fatima Mousawi (3 months ago)
Love it 😍 so cool!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😋😋😋😋😋😋😋
Rodrick Dickerson (3 months ago)
The rewind was like tripping and right before you got the ground-- cartwheel 🤸🏾‍♂️🤸‍♂️🤸🏾‍♂️🤸‍♀️
Silk Test (3 months ago)
I'd use it in portable mode if it had longer battery life, only 3 hours when playing BOTW... no thanks
Captain Rex (3 months ago)
Holy shit look at that thumbnail
OhFuji (3 months ago)
And the best power banks for price these days are just banker ones, their small and mine gives my switch 9 hours of play time while playing a game, rather than 3 hours
OhFuji (3 months ago)
U could of made the video 5 secs long and just say "get a power bank and a cable"
VOid PAntEr (3 months ago)
Dock person ...true battery life kills the game
Xcel_Bulletz YT (4 months ago)
You can use the ac adapter the switch comes with it
David King Jr (4 months ago)
Assuming that it can charge switch up to 3 times, I can barely get a playtime of 4 hrs. Roughly same as 2ds xl or pita Vita would. So it's good enough for occasional outdoor gaming. But still...i think gba advance is king of all portables, it lasts almost 10 hr!!! on single charge. Obv it's old and can't be a daily driver for many. But in case u want to keep playing for eg in a long train journey where power outlet isn't anywhere near, this is the place to go.
FRESH KING3021 (4 months ago)
Ian Tsang (4 months ago)
Does the battery come with a cable?
Shadow (4 months ago)
whats the song at 3:16
Demétrius Daffara (4 months ago)
Great video as always! I love that iPhone wallpaper, can you share the link for it?
Dripp (4 months ago)
Do you have to use USB C to USB C or can you simply use a USB to C cable?
J K (4 months ago)
Oddly enough.. Where'd you get that cool, blue filing cabinet from?
Mew 685 (4 months ago)
You can youse a Samsung galixy s8 because I have one and I know
Lanza Panza (4 months ago)
Got mine at gamestop, if you want it, check with your local gstop
Timothy Tech (4 months ago)
Seek Jesus.
Mike (4 months ago)
this is so overpriced for what it is lol i bought a 22000mah battery pack 2-3 years ago that had 1 usb 2.0 and a usb 3.0, a flashlight plus a mini solar panel on top of it for around $45-$50 on amazon. still works 100% and charges my switch with no issues.
Craig Morgan (4 months ago)
I’m not buying that.. I’m taking my Nintendo USB cord and power block and plug it in a charging station..it’s charging station everywhere.. this nothing but a money grab..
Sonja M (4 months ago)
Awesome thanks!
Kimi.k Chen (4 months ago)
https://www.amazon.com/YOREPEK-Large-Travel-Backpack/dp/B07915TMW6 It's a good size in my YOREPEK backpack
Kimi.k Chen (4 months ago)
I bought this power bank for my new YOREPEK laptop backpack,https://www.amazon.com/YOREPEK-Large-Travel-Backpack/dp/B07915TMW6.it's a good size in bag
skippy 10 gaming (4 months ago)
Ben di (4 months ago)
2:35 Mario dancing and sonic
Ben di (4 months ago)
4:15 Mario dancing and sonic
Honour Hilaire (4 months ago)
Anker 26800 PD powerbank. More bang for the buck.
idk lol (4 months ago)
i’m using romoss powerbank for my nintendo switch
Simple Buddy (4 months ago)
You have the best contents imo! One of my fav youtubers...👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Martim Calado (4 months ago)
Man, you channel is amazing! Truly an inspiration! And I don't even own a Switch! ahah Congrats!
Chris Korol (4 months ago)
They need to make one of these tgings but with a slot on the back to hold the battery so its not just dangling there. Thsts my original idea please dont steal it lol.
Chris Korol (4 months ago)
Diggin the beard bro.
jim patterson (4 months ago)
Anker PowerCore+ 20100  is good for the switch right
BashSmash124 (4 months ago)
Does it work for new 2ds xl?
Bryan Pacheco (4 months ago)
🚫DO NOT PRE ORDER🚫 Theres no need to pre order, gamestop already has it in stock. I purshased mine at gamestop yesterday, they even have it om gamestop website for the same price!
glovedcop69 (4 months ago)
Portable Charger https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00X5RV14Y/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_1t1rBbK17KH0M
glovedcop69 (4 months ago)
USB C Battery Pack RAVPower 20100 Portable Charger with QC 3.0 Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0, 20100mAh Input & Output Type C Power Bank for Nintendo Switch, iPhone, 12-inch MacBook, Galaxy and More https://www.amazon.com/dp/B019IFIJW8/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_kr1rBbJ1CZTV7
SNOWo_0 (4 months ago)
Can you find a way to use a usb device and charge the switch while in hand held mode. Like charge the nintendo switch and us the magic ns
anfall28 (4 months ago)
Whats the phone in the video?
YoungCheasy (4 months ago)
Not worth it
REDWAR STUDIOS yt (4 months ago)
yoshi gamer (4 months ago)
Water cool a nintendo switch
fightnight14 (4 months ago)
I just bought the RavPower 26800 mah
wing slide (4 months ago)
Actually i had a 3rd party car charger for my switch and it bricked my switch
Booma Playz (4 months ago)
Sprained my ankle doing front flips... Like to heal my ankle
Joey Gonzalez (4 months ago)
Sonic's gettin jiggy with it
Aurelie Gedeon (4 months ago)
I think the real question here is can you play with your switch while charging it?
Bryan Hill (4 months ago)
Like that CupHead Tee
Matthew Stapleton (4 months ago)
those hands are all over the place , but great review
Gareth Sanders (4 months ago)
Wtf, I've never heard the word "fickle"
Abdulrahman Mustafa (4 months ago)
Why do you really love special effects?
boofruit (4 months ago)
But can you give me a good reason to upgrade from the previous 20100 version from anker in favor of this one?
Mike12mt (4 months ago)
As of the posting of this video, GameStop is selling both batteries. However, I refuse to give GameStop anymore of my money.
T Al (4 months ago)
That is odd because I am mostly charging my Nintendo Switch using my Samsung Type C cable for S8. Also I have anker power bank but not the same as the video, I think it would be ok to use it
Jayden Hamilton (4 months ago)
Price please.
Mark Grayson (4 months ago)
Its 70$ if you were wondering
GoldKing (4 months ago)
Sans kevin
Joel Miller (4 months ago)
iMuto 10000mAh Pocket Size Portable Charger Power Bank is only $20. Much better deal. Plus it’s on Amazon.
Joel Miller (4 months ago)
Splatoons 2 docked. Everything else, portable.
smackman17 (4 months ago)
That sonic T-pose at 3:40 tho
Tbro223 (4 months ago)
Whenever my parent see me using my switch in handheld they always tell me I’m gonna break my eyes and I’m gonna go blind mostly my relatives !!! 🤣🤣😂😂
Cykleo (4 months ago)
Beard is looking good, mate
Lloyd Stang (4 months ago)
Nice! I ordered one of these the very first day I could. Got the larger model, anxiously awaiting for it in the mail. I recently used my Wife’s Anker battery for a long plane ride that seemed to work great, excited to see how this one compares.

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