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The Walking Dead Game - Official Reveal Trailer (New FPS Zombie Game 2018)

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Overkill's The Walking Dead Game - Official Reveal Trailer (New FPS Zombie Game 2018) https://www.overkillsthewalkingdead.com/ OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead is a four player co-op action FPS on PS4, Xbox One & PC, where you and your friends fight the dead as well as the living. Set in The Walking Dead Universe, you and your group tries to survive in a post-apocalyptic Washington D.C. Each character has their own Special Abilities, Skill Trees, Squad Roles, Play Styles and Story Arcs, but teamwork is paramount. Get partnered with Empire Collective (like me): http://www.empirecollective.la SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/14hihfM Like my page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mathchief/ My email for business inquiries: mathieuofficial@hotmail.com My twitter: https://twitter.com/MathChief11
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Text Comments (7105)
Kirsten Edwards (1 hour ago)
God dang, the graphics are so realistic that my brain keeps on thinking it's real
LucIsz Moore (7 hours ago)
I love the contrast of Maya and Aidan’s trailers. One’s traumatised by the new world and the things she had to do in it whilst the other almost enjoys it in comparison to the monotony of every day life
YASSKAY (2 days ago)
Sasuke Uchiha (2 days ago)
If only he was Lee.......... :(
Sonny Bonacelli (3 days ago)
Are people here really so dumb they think these are ingame graphics LOL
AleciaPlaysRblx (3 days ago)
Kayne west??
Sandra Puspa (3 days ago)
Lee everet
MangoJuice PvP (4 days ago)
This game look real good
Balkanski yt master (5 days ago)
Balkanski yt master (5 days ago)
BTW that guy is surely a gamer cuz he knows how to do it
Porkyys (5 days ago)
I thought it was lee
Scenic (5 days ago)
1:28 its the black negan
The Swedish Gamer (5 days ago)
The return of lee
Nancy Urban (6 days ago)
So cool
Nancy Urban (6 days ago)
Wow cool game
Anthony urbanczyk (6 days ago)
When Lee and neegan combine
Harrison Woodward (7 days ago)
Who in the right mind would put there hood up, just decreases visual awareness and hearing
Elec Phoenix (7 days ago)
Yes let me honk a horn to see if any walkers are nearby to kill them for fun while risking my life in progress This game seems so interesting I am looking forward to it!
JJ ARTS (7 days ago)
To me the guy looks kinda like Kevin hart
LedgerLine (9 days ago)
You : Lee is back people! Me: Oh, its Kanye Aiden's Mom: Aiden pick up the phone! eh, guess we're wrong
Chezabeza (9 days ago)
this looks so real
Lhuana (10 days ago)
Sombra ‘ (10 days ago)
If you can’t play as michonne I have no care
Jaewon Han (10 days ago)
Black negan 1:26
Haroon Jutt (10 days ago)
Is this game coming to pc?
Shelly Mez (10 days ago)
I was thinking is this real or a game the graphics r incredible
Nibroc Zero (11 days ago)
Its black negan
Itachi Uchiha (11 days ago)
Clemitine stay calm AND LEE I THOUGHT U DIED...
Itachi Uchiha (11 days ago)
King Tristo (11 days ago)
But what's the gameplay look like. Don't reel me in with a beautiful trailer then have a shite game. I hope they do excellent on this.
Sarah Loveday (11 days ago)
Adian looks so familiar
Vũ Tony (11 days ago)
I missed Lee :(
Banpapot Werussawin (11 days ago)
Legendary melee weapon "Negan's bat"
Miguel flores (11 days ago)
Where’s clem
Los Bross (12 days ago)
es tepito
Prince Hasaan (12 days ago)
I want to play this game
Tankkill52 (12 days ago)
Wait what if it’s Lee’s brother maybe
lollipop princess (12 days ago)
If you ask me,He is not Lee.I think he is AJ
Familia Moreira (12 days ago)
PedroLucasYTB Ytb (12 days ago)
this game wow :D
Mr Chunz (12 days ago)
lee + negan
Эта графика... О Сатана, это попросту эстетический оргазм! Надеюсь, забава будет не ужаснее.
FAXON 92 (12 days ago)
Ya para que el juego sea una mierda con gráficos malos XD
Mrobull (12 days ago)
Oh dam
muhammet ates (12 days ago)
Mükemmell cıkar çıkmaz alıcam
Batuhan Dogan (12 days ago)
Static Gaming (12 days ago)
Why couldn’t it have been lee
Rahul Rathor (12 days ago)
Gus Jp (12 days ago)
Dude those graphics are next level ps5
Fabian 698 (12 days ago)
Is that AJ ?
apple jack (12 days ago)
Pewdiepie should play this when it comes out
Chrispy Wallop (12 days ago)
Everyone else is like "It's Lee" I'm just like... ... So that's what happened in D.C.
Michael Ayden (12 days ago)
Ken (13 days ago)
Meds here!
ABODY (13 days ago)
Wth is Lucille doing here? Maybe before Negan took it.
AbuBakar (13 days ago)
The black version of Negan
AbuBakar (13 days ago)
Another version of Lee 😭😭❤️😍
Blitz_ (13 days ago)
505games! Terraria creator!!
This looks so good! 🤯
shirosam kiosam (13 days ago)
Excelente tremendo juego me gustaría jugarlo
Savanna Merino (14 days ago)
There is one good thing about the zombie world, no more bosses 😆😆😆🤣🤣🤣
Anthony Otero (14 days ago)
What will this be played on?
Dimitar Ivanov (14 days ago)
I waitin for make this game
hindi dubbed movies (14 days ago)
GGMLG LAND TH (14 days ago)
This Walking dead game gonna be the best walking dead game?
Exertine Gaming (14 days ago)
No0 Name (14 days ago)
In reality people would either just walk past the police car and get ambush or actually use the car to lure the zombies then run away while peeing in their pants
luke ross (14 days ago)
I’ll hold of being excited till I see some actual gameplay
Weirdo Waterfall (14 days ago)
Albert Miller (15 days ago)
Stop teasing for one and two the gameplay better look like the graphics or I'll b highly disappointed
Post zombie apocalypse assassin with a baseball bat,I'm convinced.😁
son Goku Nunez (15 days ago)
What zombies.
Jean paul ramirez (15 days ago)
He would make noise to attack zombies I would be running America to China
Chief Zip (15 days ago)
Wow it looks so realistic
s aqif (16 days ago)
wow so cool movie
Alex Ng'ang'a (16 days ago)
the graphics are off-tha-chain!!!
ploy pilin (16 days ago)
richard dunn (17 days ago)
Sucks it's a four player coop. Needs to be multiplayer like Arma, with base building and everything Day Z was suppose to be.
DeAthbRinGeR1174 (17 days ago)
Its a black guy not Lee kek
Adam Fausey (18 days ago)
I wonder why everyone in Walking Dead kind of dresses the same way. The neutral-colored sweaters and scarves I mean. With all those malls around to loot, I'd think at least some people would be walking around in Gucci. Or at least a few zombies would...
TG Nabeel (18 days ago)
It is game or film
Ronaldo de oliveira (18 days ago)
Harshil Acharya (18 days ago)
Where is the lee my favt character
Harpreet Singh (19 days ago)
Home Himdad (19 days ago)
ankit jinwal (19 days ago)
Awsm graphics
Paco el shabo :v (19 days ago)
Estos niggas intentado remplazar a lee >:v
João Alvez (19 days ago)
Can I Wait
I hope pewds gonna play this awesome games
Andro Gamer (20 days ago)
Avee Player Master (20 days ago)
"The graphics are amazing!" Yea right.. This is a pre-rendered cutscene.
Avee Player Master (20 days ago)
I'm sure the story is going to be as terrible as the last FPS walking dead game, but with better graphics.
Jhinuk Chakraborty (20 days ago)
The ghaphics are awesome yaar It's so realistic
My Parrot (22 days ago)
1 Punch Man (23 days ago)
Vaun Edmonds (23 days ago)
I call BS Because there publishers are telltale and they are all ready making 7 Days To Die go Beta then release.
J M (24 days ago)
Just a theory He was the one who wrote “keep out “ that was seen at the hospital in the first episode of the TV series, as it’s written on the back of his bag
Funny Bunny (25 days ago)
What electronics can you play it on
Psycho Uchiha (25 days ago)
This game looks amazing. I haven't played a good epic in awhile..

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