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Minecraft: Hunger Games w/Mitch! Game 300 - "The Legend Strikes Back"

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♦ My Minecraft Server Website: http://thenexusmc.com/shop ♦ Hey Doods! ♦♦♦ http://bit.ly/SubscribeToMyFridge ♦♦♦ Much Luv :) The THREE-HUNDREDTH Hunger Games of the marathon! Episode 100: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OXPyxgF9d6M Episode 200: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FiO1I64R8Ts Can't thank you Doods all enough for the ongoing support, patience, and understanding! Thanks for sticking with me and waiting for this episode to finally air! Sorry for the wait - Episode 400 airs in November and 500 in December :) Now let's break some records and smash 100,000 likes on this video! Power Moves Only... BOOM! In all serious I'd like to offer the only two words that I can and say "thank you" for tuning in day after day and watching my content! It is very, very much appreciated! Much luv :D Big thanks to Jerome for joining me in this epic adventure! Subscribe to him, link below! Jerome's Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/JeromeASF COUPONS ON THE NEXUS -- "D-LIFE" - $50 off Diamond Lifetime "NEXITE-LOVE" - 50% off Nexites "GOLD-DIGGER" - 50% off Gold Ranks Hope you enjoyed - and if you did please give the video a thumbs up! Much luv! ♦ Stalk me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/bajan_canadian ♦ Follow me on Instagram: http://instagram.com/bajancanadian ♦ Like Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/TheBajanCanadian ♦ Check out my T-Shirts: https://bajancanadian.spreadshirt.com/ Server Info -- The Nexus: http://thenexusmc.com/ IP: hub.thenexusmc.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheNexusMC "Hunger Games 300" Thumbnail -- Made by Fin: http://www.youtube.com/finsgraphics
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Text Comments (7526)
Nshoobs (18 days ago)
Dang miss this s content and this game/server :(
Diana Buffamanti (25 days ago)
Jesus it’s been 800 years
Dylan J (2 months ago)
I miss these good old days..
Samuel Goshgarian (2 months ago)
VEGETA O's just reminiscing on old hunga' games
Mabu_Ninja -101 (2 months ago)
Oh the nostalgia...
james borja (2 months ago)
bro you miss one diamond sword in the shop lute
ChippyChill (3 months ago)
rip nexus
Dad (4 months ago)
Im so glad this is still up and I can come back and watch my fav video, i miss these good old days and wish you guys would play again like this
TheMI5 (4 months ago)
Best part: 1:25:42
Larry Berghaus (6 months ago)
That was the good old days
Eth3re4LGames (6 months ago)
Ryan Hursh (6 months ago)
Ryan Hursh (6 months ago)
Noah G (7 months ago)
Watching this makes wanna play HG, but his server doesn't work anymore :/
JWP2 (7 months ago)
I miss this sort of content, watching this in 2018 may make me seem like I am still a kid but this makes me feel like one.
Block Head (9 months ago)
Anyone know a server like the nexus. Only thing i hate of many servers is that they have perks/kit which make it unfair for new players. Doesn't really matter if the server is 1.10+
Jordan (9 months ago)
Lucas Bargen (9 months ago)
I’ll watch one more episode before school
Ashton Campbell (9 months ago)
Tigerguy 101 (9 months ago)
Tigerguy 101 (9 months ago)
R.I.P hunger games 2013-2015 R.I.P the nexus
Jessica Wright (9 months ago)
Did I just listen to an ad??
USMonsters 13 (9 months ago)
I miss the old Bajan Canadian :( And what even happened to the nexus???
mania gaming (9 months ago)
USMonsters 13 people abused glitches to make them owners so had to shut it down because personal info was being leaked
Billitnt cnc (10 months ago)
You spick. Españish
The Gaming Artist (11 months ago)
Just went on 14 hour trip and watched episode 100-50 XDD
Braxten Johnson (11 months ago)
Who's watching in 2017??
Jill Rogers (11 months ago)
I said to my teacher one day I asked can we study the ancient bacca lifestyle I got expelled
lilcharger gaming9 (1 year ago)
anybody watching 2017???
Willow Meteli (1 year ago)
I said I think it's time to kill it
IM_ARCH (1 year ago)
man do i miss this server
alex farr (1 year ago)
Came back and watched it years later and it's still great
Double Birdy (1 year ago)
Why did u shut down the nexus 😭
mania gaming (9 months ago)
Double Birdy people abused glitches making them owners and info was being leaked
Cohen Turner (1 year ago)
<3 you Bajan Canadian
William Lodge (1 year ago)
Collin Yount (1 year ago)
I love your videos <3
Zane Baker (1 year ago)
Who Misses the old Hunger Games if u do leave a like
Skitz (1 year ago)
Start doing hunger games again
Travis Adams (1 year ago)
i want to play hunger games,sky wars,mony wars and bed wars with you mitch
Jell O (1 year ago)
man these were the good ole days
Big Gamer Austin! (1 year ago)
and you are the best and the pack
Big Gamer Austin! (1 year ago)
one of the people had one diamond that you should of killed instead you want all of that way to the top of the mountain but you got it before deathmatch
Morgan Phillips (1 year ago)
I watched the whole video! Your the best YouTube
Durandal (1 year ago)
you missed a diamond
USUCKlol (1 year ago)
If you hate when people ask for likes and agree with me reply to this comment!
Zachary Shapiro (1 year ago)
we're all witnesses of Mitch saying that
Zachary Shapiro (1 year ago)
i play the trumpet and I'm in seventh grade
Mia Castro (1 year ago)
minecrafts dead
Minus Productions (1 year ago)
I turned on notifications
Raegan Jae (1 year ago)
I'm watching this for the 500000th time and I think death would be a great potion 😂
Samauel Quinones (1 year ago)
hey can I get a free bajan Canadian hoodie please
Zehra Jaffery (1 year ago)
Samauel Quinones Nope.
WolfWarriorFTW ✓ (1 year ago)
Jerome: want a deep voice like mine? well your not gonna get it from mediocre'os that's for sure Me: You wanna deep voice, then go through puberty
Hayliers 02 (1 year ago)
51:44 thats how the song i cant feel my face became a thing XD
Owynne Wallace (1 year ago)
jerome suicide by sapling lol..............
Jathin Rajakumaran (1 year ago)
Jordi Smith (1 year ago)
I loved episode 100
jin wang (1 year ago)
hey bajan i a BIG BIG fan i am suggesting can you make a video when you like show us how to do the auto take things in the chest to your inventory in you next video and a vid that shows how to reserve a premium slot in sky bounds?????????????
Jeiry Rivas (1 year ago)
When Jerome said "elite gooooooooooooooooodddd" I'm like what? Then he said "eliltegod001 I'm like gooood
nintendo yoshi (1 year ago)
puddingninja is a dick for killing both of them
Ah the old days
IndonesiaPro Gaming (1 year ago)
nice bajan canadian
I Like Turtles (1 year ago)
47:13 oh my lord I died at why strainz reported him
Aaron MacDonald (1 year ago)
What's the intro song name?
Dax Bischof (2 years ago)
Rip Nexus
Jake Johnson (2 years ago)
ok please watch my videos and see what you think about it
Jake Johnson (2 years ago)
I am just starting to post videos
Jake Johnson (2 years ago)
jianqin hall (2 years ago)
When I watched the part when it says yo what's going on
Rory Wayman (2 years ago)
Chandler DeBarros (2 years ago)
I've watched the full thing so many times since 2014 lmao good times with less pixelmon
Sebastain Jaquez (2 years ago)
data face doh
Gdog Playz (2 years ago)
i love your vids but dude 10 ads -_- keep up thhe good work tho
DavidDaKilla Games (11 months ago)
10 ads in a 3 hour video that means its about 3 adds per hour That's Not Bad So Don't Get salty kiddo! :D Scmuck
Paul and Camille (2 years ago)
Who else still watches this in 2016 its such a good vid <3 for mitch
Zak mushahid (2 years ago)
not the loch ness bacca
joseph gaming 34 (2 years ago)
Mitch I love you!!!!!!!!!!
OVOXO 'TWOD (2 years ago)
My mum said one more video...xD
ImSpoondini (2 years ago)
30:15 lol
ImSpoondini (2 years ago)
Its Fredrick not greedy
ImSpoondini (2 years ago)
The end of the intro was scary...
Sean (2 years ago)
Mitch likes all his own videos
Ms. Directed Bros. (2 years ago)
Angela Dalton (2 years ago)
you are cool
dcesgaming (2 years ago)
1,774,059 views now.
Potter Head (2 years ago)
Potter Head (2 years ago)
Shield Crab (2 years ago)
I have not played minecraft in a long time
BlooBeatbox (2 years ago)
whos watching in 2016
Max Carroll (7 months ago)
BlooBeatbox 2018
DiamondLover 286 (1 year ago)
WolfWarriorFTW ✓ (1 year ago)
AnguishBeatbox I'm watching in 2017
ContemptForTheWeak (2 years ago)
Me. I like da song that they were humming and singing XD!! Boom boom boom boom boom I want you in my room!!
True Boss (2 years ago)
one bright day in the middle of the night two dead boys got up to fight back to back they faced each other drew there swords and shot each other a deaf police man heard the noise and came and shot them two dead boys if u don't believe me ask the blind man on the corner he saw it all.
Christian Smith (2 years ago)
You are cool mitch
Tigerguy 101 (2 years ago)
I laughed so hard at the part when Jerome kept getting bad sponsorships: "OH, MY GOD, POISON 3 AGAIN!!!"
Janie Dean (2 years ago)
watched all through
MemeStealer 96 (2 years ago)
im going to put both these on and see if i go def jerome 2014
MemeStealer 96 (2 years ago)
MemeStealer 96 (2 years ago)
1:14:30 he threw away a diamond
Raegan Jae (2 years ago)
Mitch speaking Canadian is to strong. My gawd I can't handle the Benja
Raegan Jae (2 years ago)
I had to watch these again. My gawd... the power moves are too strong... My gawd
Tommy-lee Harris (2 years ago)
Tommy-lee Harris (2 years ago)
Johnny Lawrence (2 years ago)
TG_Ghost (2 years ago)
Who's watching this in 2016?
finders 007 (1 year ago)
BlazeStreet mmmmm Mich you killed me
Star (2 years ago)
Daniel Chandler (2 years ago)
+The Gamer Dude me
KING PANCAKE (2 years ago)
Call diamond hoe Mr hoe

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