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TOP 12 New WAR Games 2018 & 2019 / PC / PS4 / XBOXONE

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These are 12 War games upcoming for 2018 & 2019. Gameslist: 00:05 UBoat 01:28 Victory at Sea Pacific 02:15 Sudden Strike 4 European Battlefields 03:43 Iron Harvest 05:32 Total War Three Kingdoms 07:43 Age of Empires 4 09:08 11-11 Memories Untold 10:21 Enlisted 10:44 Post Scriptum 11:31 Insurgency Sandstorm 12:55 World War 3 14:43 Battlefield V
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Text Comments (200)
Wulfi (3 days ago)
PostScriptum is fucking nice thenks for that i got that game cuz of that video and hell yeah that game is awsome
Charging Rhino (4 days ago)
These are rt strategy games none allow the player to actually play just command.
joshua brooks (5 days ago)
Not gonna lie the more total war shows off 3 kingdoms the more deeply dissappointed i get. Its the same poorly optimized glitchy lack depth crud since attilla
Will I Am (7 days ago)
Lol u put the new BF in here. What a Joke. It is a SHIT STAIN on the BF franchise. BF1942 takes a hot dump all over it.
ken berby (12 days ago)
fuck battlefield
koff41 (12 days ago)
This game is for youngster that are gonna be tomorrows cannonfodder for the NWO and elite.
btsimonsen (16 days ago)
Why is there English music playing in a German submarine? Im so confused
Lennart Brandes (15 days ago)
Watch 'Das Boot'
Mr Paulie Fenners76 (19 days ago)
I don't like the need to have expendalble heroes in RTS games. It ruins the reality of it all. I completed Age of Empires by making them go vegetarian. Poor B'stards. It was pure evil but it had to be done. !!<(")>
Dark of the knight (23 days ago)
I thought is Xbone?
NoNemS NoNemS (24 days ago)
Sudden strike ??? Not possible 😳😳
Kenny Key (25 days ago)
Are any more age of empires being released on PlayStation?
trancecod (26 days ago)
https://youtu.be/5YN6DLkFuGg?t=858 I forgot about those airplanes :D
Gilang Tube (27 days ago)
where the fucking bannerlord???
Onii Chan (1 month ago)
Post scriptum, battlefield vagina could learn a thing or two from that game
crap with an opinion (1 month ago)
age of mother fucking empires 4, if no one here knows what that game is......... LOOK IT UP ON STEAM AND GET EVERY SINGLE ONE!
Ben K (1 month ago)
The future looks poorly rendered. What crap
Ice Bong (1 month ago)
Total War can suck my dick and balls for not making Medival 3 , Go fuck your self you Total War Rats , go suck some chinese and japanese dicks
Ice Bong (1 month ago)
I want Theatre of War 2 :(
Li Julius (1 month ago)
Three kingdoms in Chinese history!
Vincent Cusumano (1 month ago)
like being a woman in a combat role wasn't a handicap enough. they had to remove her arm 2? jesus!
cmacdhon (1 month ago)
Looking forward to World War Trump (III).
Blink Mike (1 month ago)
God damn it, i will have to sell my kidney again for GPU
miedzianowskik (1 month ago)
AGE OF EMPIRES IV Hail to an old friend cumming back... played all series with all extends.
Daniel Lümmel (2 months ago)
everything looked bad im sad now
Rui Costa (2 months ago)
8:20 Portugal!
Am Na (2 months ago)
is there any games that trailer shittier than gameplay ?
Charlie Theroux (2 months ago)
Got damn, Battlefield V looks AMAZING!
Tyler Campbell (2 months ago)
Total War games are my favorite. Also WW3 and Battlefield V look like fun. Especially WW3
Mike Snow (2 months ago)
U boat looks interesting, a game with actual creativity.
Leon Yule (2 months ago)
Why was the ww3 trailer music the one out off the clone wars movie
ryanllts (2 months ago)
still waiting for mount and blade. the only and true war game.
André Gideback (2 months ago)
S..o COOL and awesome game!
ExTreme OwNeD (2 months ago)
age of empire :x
nicklas tauru (2 months ago)
a bit too many world war games tbh, it does say 12 war games yes but does that mean 11 modern / world war kinda games and 1 not`? there should be more war games like a race vs another race or whatever,
Romeo Games (2 months ago)
WORLD WAR 3 :O :O :O :O :O
Romeo Games (2 months ago)
Iron Harvest looks so good.
airanator1212 (2 months ago)
What are people’s opinion on sudden strike 4? I want to get it on Xbox but it seems too simplified.
pabucci pomperlini (2 months ago)
Iron Harvest looks like a replica of Rise of Legends.
Gergely Boros (2 months ago)
ww3- is this battlefield 4 ?
Jessé De Castro Silva (2 months ago)
best game war 2018 .. Far Cry 5 Download; https://shon.xyz/wAuIW in my opinion the best
ItzYoBoiSatan (2 months ago)
One day bannerlord will be released too....one day
Lachausis (2 months ago)
You can already tell WW3 is influenced by russian cunts. They have ww2 fetish so much they dream about going too berlin all over again. Filthy savages.
Romani ite domum (2 months ago)
6:22 You're hitting your own troops you monster!
Pekka Rastas (2 months ago)
The dude is carrying a state of the art SCAR and a 60 year old rocket launcher.
alganhar1 (2 months ago)
Some of the older systems are still issued as bunker or strongpoint busters, a job they still excell at. Why use an expensive ATGM against a fortified position in a house, or a machinegun position, or a concrete bunker when an old RPG or similar will do the trick just as well, and in a smaller package?
Winaska (2 months ago)
i laughed when they said "we're gonna charge these heavy cavalry into these spear infantry..." so the last decade and more of games were wrong...? haha
NotzriFey4447 (8 days ago)
Winaska lol
Nilbog (14 days ago)
It'd be a poor choice about 90% of the time, though.
Puma (2 months ago)
if the spear infantry is not prepared and receives a charge of cavalry it will do a massive amount of damage so "we're gonna charge these heavy cavalry into these spear infantry..." is not totally wrong
Royston E. Smythe (3 months ago)
We need a new world war so they can make some new games that are not WWII.
honbi123 hai (3 months ago)
battlefield V will be a legent
rob v (3 months ago)
World War 3 comes at PS4?
DemoWomble (3 months ago)
Did Charles Dance(aka Ttywin Lannister) voice that in Age of Empires IV? It sounds exactly like him.
j supermiller (3 months ago)
Last 3 only ones good
Nic Schweigert (3 months ago)
First half is RTS crap
Eggplant Leecher (2 months ago)
Nic Schweigert how come rts is crap?
metro 2035 top
Huynh Nhut Vinh (3 months ago)
NOOO, Three kingdoms only in PC ?? NOOOO PS4 pleaseeeee
dstbb dstbb (3 months ago)
adding a women in battlefield V is an outrage of all dead in this war
Will I Am (7 days ago)
How many Wamen on DDay again? Hb the battle of Midway? Throughout the war you may find specs of women such as French resistance or in the Soviet Army as Snipers or even the all female soviet division which didn't last long. HOWEVER! Most women were nurses, NOT COMBAT MEDICS, Nurses or Working in Munitions factories or building vehicles for the war effort as well as mothers. They played a significant role in the war, without their sacrifice I don't believe the allies could've won as well as they did.  Would not be able to wield as much manpower, men in Factories instead of the frontline. But LYING about their contribution belittles what they did as well as disrespects that cannon fodder known as the frontline soldier. Both my grandfathers served to fight the Japanese. Fuck all you leftist pussies who are cool with it. There is artistic license, I don't expect 100% accuracy. As well as the parameters of a game (Respawns and Fall Damage) mean its not exactly a simulation. But when you are pushing an agenda (Adding women in a game where they were not, "our take on WWII". Then go fuck yourself.
Will I Am (7 days ago)
The Left like to babble on about representation. If that was actually applied to this game. They wouldn't even make 1 player in 100. As a percentage, there were a fuck tonne more men than wamen
DJBlueBird (8 days ago)
Matsab Americans and woman are two different things. There are not the same thing. Or gender. allies wasn’t the people who had woman that worked. The Soviet Union and Germany. Also had woman for work. Meaning they would equal the woman that worked for the allies. So like I said, not helpful. Just kept the war going. What major and crucial event that they help lead to?
Matsab (9 days ago)
+DJBlueBird 'or even helped at all in the war'. shows how little you know. thousands of women worked in manufacturing, allowing the allies to continue the fight. without the ammo, vehicles and other commodities produced in factories largely by women, the war effort would have ended long before we stood a chance of winning. I would personally say that we owe more to the women of britain at the time than we do to the americans, who until pearl harbor were quite happy to sit back and ally with whoever won.
DJBlueBird (24 days ago)
Matsab we do know they weren’t the main reason or even helped at all in the war. Useless so how about u stfu. Whore
Tech Master (3 months ago)
What about totally accurate battle simulator?
MK Ultra (2 months ago)
Tech Master then be a general and find it out yourself
Axel Baude (3 months ago)
Jawohl jawoooohl jaaawohl jawohl jawohl jawooohl jawohl jawohl? Jawohl!
Nobody XD (3 months ago)
Iron harvest has to come real
Bithynian (3 months ago)
Just wow, BF is off the rails travelling faster than the speed of crap. The rest is amazing.
Griffalo 1992 (3 months ago)
I'm still holding onto hope that Bannerlord will release this year
herre verhagen (25 days ago)
MK Ultra (2 months ago)
Jesus... I forgot about that one...
Itorca (2 months ago)
Bannerlord will be the one
Sergej Govorcin (3 months ago)
Battlefield fortnite?
jonathan morissette (3 months ago)
i cant wait to see age of empire 4 i was born in age of empire 1 era and this game was the best
jonathan morissette (3 months ago)
why make victory at sea pacific we already have world of warship come on why cant you regroup with those company who already made a great game and help make it better noooo they have to make theyr own stupid and same shit
Evan Kussmaul (3 months ago)
Where is mount and blade bannerlord?
Hubris (2 months ago)
its to be continued...
LatviesiLV (3 months ago)
oh its in 2040 or maybe 2100
Antonis pol (3 months ago)
Musix (3 months ago)
Why can’t someone just make a telltale WW2 game... it would be awesome.
Frost Wolf (4 months ago)
super sexi senpai (4 months ago)
world war 3 looks so good
Plazma (4 months ago)
Battlefield V... maybe EA should start make sci-fi films, because games start suck pretty well.
szabolcs kis (4 months ago)
Gotta love how Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord is not in this list. We just dont know when it will be released...
DazBochiz (4 months ago)
WW3 - Russia invades misc NATO countries and fucks up the ground, then gets blown out of existence by US air force, seems about right
Red Orchestra (4 months ago)
P.S. is my kind of game
Anatomical X (4 months ago)
and the total war game, We are just going to charge these CALVARY units into Readied SPEARMEN...
Allister Forest (4 months ago)
developers are rarely good at their own games. Watching the Dev lets plays of HOI4 is just painful
Anatomical X (4 months ago)
man some of these games look like garbage like"Sudden Strike" and "War in the pacific"
ken berby (12 days ago)
sudden strike is actually pretty fun and challenging
Techoman (2 months ago)
"Suddden Strike" is more like a "Blitzkrieg" expansion.
Brandon (4 months ago)
Battlefield: Vagina is a fantasy game not a war game.
joshua brooks (5 days ago)
+stannis baratheon "alternative history" i swear to go SJW Liberals fucking piss me off. I dont really care about changing reality in the multiplayer for battle royale purposes but for fuck sake their desire to "alternate history" because of their "feelings", is absolutely pathetic!!! God this country makes me sick sometimes.
stannis baratheon (12 days ago)
no its alternative history game
Chika Takami (1 month ago)
Brandon Even Fantasy Games can be War Games... Especially RTS Ones.
torres056 (1 month ago)
lol, ar you seriously?
Maverick Caroffino (2 months ago)
Fat and little boy could kill all of us E. Z.
Solve Everything (4 months ago)
how come all the soldiers are equally tall...
Johnny Peaches (4 months ago)
no Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord?
JesusHentaiChrist Ye (5 days ago)
Is there a release date?
Foun's World (2 months ago)
You are an idiot.
Vandrall (2 months ago)
same song like star citizen
SerElbass (3 months ago)
It'll be release in 2065. I'm saving money to buy my grandkids PCs to play it.
Matthew Vorndran (3 months ago)
Ya it should come out either end of 2018 or early 2019
buddy bolden (4 months ago)
Ayt im fucking HYPED for aoe4 and dark harvest. I think they will both bring some freshness to the industry of rts games. Also im kinda intrigued by that II-II memories reborn looks interesting
81ackman (4 months ago)
Stop putting bitches in the games, unless they are whores.
Lounthar OmaniaC (4 months ago)
AOE 4 !!!! <3
HappyHusbandn Wife (4 months ago)
RIP wallet
WhatsOperaDoc (4 months ago)
Just what has always been missing in submarine simulators. Cooking.
skleja01 (4 months ago)
WhatsOperaDoc jawohl
Liantuang Hawlhang (4 months ago)
I cant wait for Insurgency Sandstorm
Radim Skála (4 months ago)
This is shit
Wheres Hell Let Loose?
TOFKAS01 (4 months ago)
0:20 More a Let-people-say-"Jawohl"-simulator than a U-Boat-sim....
domitien Kanz (4 months ago)
Someone knows the epic/trap music (World War 3)
Isak Tranz (4 months ago)
Random Commenter (4 months ago)
I wish sudden strike had realistic physics
Mikkel Pedersen (17 days ago)
go find sudden strike II
Banakiong (4 months ago)
bf V is not crap is just the women thing everybody hating about right? i mean i not saing bf is not good or bad it just because the women everybody hate it? im no english k
Pe goe (29 days ago)
Loose Seal I don't know in what safe space you are living, but many of the Trump supporters seem very normal, while when the Left loses they go crazy and want second election, as with Brexit, when Obama won no right-wing activists no violation of property nothing, but when it is vice-versa there goes ANTIFA which destroys everything on their sight, the BlackLivesMatter, they destroy many things too, and if unlucky Feminists will come and destroy some things, or come with the "Slut walks"" holy that shit is so fun to watch and kind of sad, to see how many degenerates there are. Also sorry snowflake, but in both WW 1 and 2 the everybody on the battlefield were men, except for WW 2 when the women were able at some point to be pilots, still not many women, of course the women also served in some way in the military (not many tho) they were nurses and caring for the soldiers. Also when things aren't going well usually the Left is going crazy and starts to destroy things, some are property of blacks, some of asians, but it doesn't matter for them much.
ShitHappens 68 (2 months ago)
Pluto I feel like they could've approached it differently. Such as including the night witches, soviet women, and resistance movements in the campaign, but not potraying it as them being front lines
Nobody XD (2 months ago)
Pluto Bomber??? You mean antiair unit with Old Planes And they are the only one real "known" female unit....
Pluto (2 months ago)
Dude... Women Did fight in WW2.. a well known example are the "Night Witches".. a Soviet Bomber squadron consisting of Women
Petrut Marius (3 months ago)
We all know it wouldn't have been like this, had women been able to do something else than giving birth and being cheap punchbags.
THE GAMING WORLD (4 months ago)
watch top 5 games of 2018 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c6kzeE6o6R8
White Rook (4 months ago)
Sweet, tyvm
Robin (4 months ago)
World War 3 looks craaazy !
Sander Reynders (4 months ago)
crazy boring, it looked like battlefield 4 without destructable terrain :/
Potato King Gaming (4 months ago)
ww3 looks top notch
Wally1967 (4 months ago)
BF V is crap.
Allister Forest (2 months ago)
Brandon Korner that's funny because most of the people who fought and died in WWII would be right wing extremist by todays standards.
Brandon Korner (2 months ago)
Interestingly, the only ones trying to make Battlefield V political seem to be right wingers or "MRAs"
Folkvar (3 months ago)
No it's not just a video game, it's a gross distortion of history and that's its intention as you know full well left wing excrement.
DBGaming (3 months ago)
Wally1967 is that it
Allister Forest (4 months ago)
Loose Seal Literally 99.99999% of all the people who fought and died in WWII were men and now I have to constantly hear the high pitch screams of dying women. Go fuck yourself
The bearded guy (4 months ago)
Battlefield V has gone Sjw trying to rewrite history lol
Aulerius (24 days ago)
+Loose Seal Matriarchy is worse, that's pretty much why the Royak Family doesn't have any power no more.
EMEGLEN (24 days ago)
Why? It doesn't claim to be historically accurate, besides, it is no different than any other game that you play to enjoy, i.e. FICTION fuckface
Shendu (25 days ago)
Ban Battlefield V
EMEGLEN (28 days ago)
So you'd want the game to adhere to reality and your sense of
Tao of Jester (2 months ago)
Mr Lothbrok Winston Q Sorry mate but there are women that were paratroopers. Several dropped into France to wage a covert war. So while the lady in the game might not exist, there are women that did what she did. But if having a woman in a video game based off of real life makes you think SJW, what do you think about men running around taking multiple gunshot wounds and healing in a few minutes? Or women in RPGs that wear bikini armor because horny men need to see nearly naked women to enjoy a game?
Felipe Oliveira (4 months ago)
o mesmo vídeo de age of Empires 4 quando sai outro tríler sobre ele
Joao Silva (4 months ago)
Diogo Antonio (4 months ago)
Queros Age of empires IV
The seventh sin (4 months ago)
The concept of most of these games is amazing

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