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Switch eShop Downloads OFFICIALLY Tied To Your Account!!

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Nintendo has finally made eShop purchases tied to your Nintendo Account rather than specific hardware. Rejoice!! After the leaks/video yesterday showcasing the UI and eShop, we now know that Nintendo is placing more emphasis on account over system. It is still TBD what, if anything, will carry over from past purchases. Follow Us On Twitter: http://twitter.com/TheSwitchForce Follow Us on Instagram: http://instagram.com/SwitchForce
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eon star (1 year ago)
What if it's like the wii u and you're account can't be put on multiple (Wii U's) switches
colin3ds (1 year ago)
that's cool
Monkeyking (1 year ago)
... why is this shocking to people? they have had this for a while now
n21james1 (1 year ago)
Love all the videos!
Gricho (1 year ago)
This is only exciting if the account can be freely logged-in on another console or if the Virtual Console titles I bought on the 3ds/WiiU can be redownloaded on the Switch with no extra charge.
Denni Wintyr (1 year ago)
"If I got over to a friends place, & left my Switch at home" Kinda misses the entire point of the switch. But, there have been games tied to accounts in some sense, before. When I got a Wii U, any game that came out on the eShop that I'd bought on my Wii, was automatically discounted, because I was using the same account on both
david evans (1 year ago)
So if I bought Super Mario World on Wii U, I can get it for free on the Switch?
Poe Ghost (1 year ago)
Welcome to 2006, Nintendo. Glad to have you. \o/
Mallrat82 (1 year ago)
You CAN redownload your games on a different 3DS, but your account has to be linked specifically to said 3DS. The way they got around people sharing games is that they only allow your account to be tied to one 3DS at a time. So this isn't exactly news...
Vulpine Wonder TTCC (1 year ago)
Wait... does this mean that if one user purchases a game the other users won't be able to play it?? :( And what happens if u don't have an linked
Anders Kehlet (1 year ago)
No, it doesn't mean that.
WunderWaffle (1 year ago)
yes game share
WiiManElite (1 year ago)
THANK FUCKING GOD! Now there's only one problem remaining: Securing most, if not, all of the big 3rd party multi-platform games such as Battlefield 1, RE7, Watchdogs 2 (since they may not get GTA5/6), Kingdom Hearts 3, Marvel Vs. Capcom, Tekken, CoD: MWRemastered ONLY and even port some other decent Wii U games such as Smash Bros. or make a new one, THEN we'll talk business Nintendo. The battery and storage short coming can be remedied easily while the pricing is fair enough and expected around 250-300 anyway. Oh, how could I forget, ANNOUNCE METROID PRIME 4 AT 2017 E3 GODDAMN!
AbdallahSmash026#1Fan (1 year ago)
WiiManElite Thank fucking God? For a feature that has been on Nintendo consoles since 2012? People these days...
Anonymous Idea (1 year ago)
Hopefully this doesn't mean nintendo actually got thinking and know we have to find a new solution to certain parts of homebrew. NO, I am not what you think I am.
GretchenS (1 year ago)
"Just remember the Parental Controls are tied to the system, not an account" - that narrator from the parental controls anim. imagine your whole family shares an account. Imagine if the dad has the M rated games, while the kids can't access that game, and if you buy a family game (such as Mario Kart or Bomberman) you can get access to all of that
Aaron Argondizzo (1 year ago)
While everybody is happy I for the life of me can't remember my username with all my ambassador program games that I had on my 3ds
Odyssey Central (1 year ago)
How come my brother was able to download his games back for free on his 2DS when he broke his 3DS?
AbdallahSmash026#1Fan (1 year ago)
funnydude1562 Because the uploaded of this video is a complete moron. Your games have always been tied to your account, not system, for both 3DS and Wii U. Don't listen to what this guy and all the other people in the comments are saying
jfmthuglove (1 year ago)
Yes I cannot wait two more weeks we almost to the finish line🙄😃😃💯💯
BlueDan Imprianist (1 year ago)
"Now when you buy digital games, they are tied to your account, as opposed to the hardware which is how current Nintendo systems are handled: the Wii U and the 3DS if you buy a game on e-Shop, it's tied to that console specifically, not to the account. So I can't go log in to my account on my friend's 3DS and re-download the game, can't do that." The reason you can't re-download your game on your friend's 3DS is because you can't do the previous step, that is log in to your account, as long as your NNID is associated with another 3DS, not because your purchases aren't tied to your account. Since NNID was "ported" to the 3DS, every purchases done since then, or even before if you've made a system transfer with a source 3DS that had the NNID, are tied to your NNID. And eShop purchases on the Wii U were tied to your NNID from DAY ONE. The NNID can't be used on more than one Wii U and more than one 3DS at the same time, that's all. If for any reason you didn't have your Wii U or 3DS anymore and you acquired a new one, you could tie your old NNID to that new system and get to re-download all your previous purchases. I don't get why so many people spread misinformation about current Nintendo systems to point out that Nintendo's "finally" doing something right when it's already been the case for years. Or it's like they pretend the Wii U didn't exist at all, as well as everything that Nintendo did right with it (not saying it was perfect). It's like when people were making news about the eShop being available from day one on the Switch, as if it was some sort of surprise, but guess which Nintendo system already had that (from day one)? Yes, the Wii U! Well, I guess many people took a note from that hacker's page at CCC: "after all, it's just the Wii U".
Anders Kehlet (1 year ago)
+WiiManElite - Have you tried contacting Nintendo?
WiiManElite (1 year ago)
It is tied to account because I remember buying shit and tied my first Wii U system with my purchases. I changed that before I got the second one with MK8 and guess what? I signed back in the new system AFTER clearing my account off and it still won't let me re-download. It's not misinformation if you actually experience this bullshit.
Teckzus Feralupus (1 year ago)
I won't watch the any unboxing. I want to have the most legit and pure reaction when i get mine (probably 4 months from now :( )
Mike Henson (1 year ago)
I find it annoying he isn't connecting the eshop. I 100% understand why, he's afriaf of being blocked or banned or bricking his console, but so what? Risk it. if it goes wrong, get in touch the the supplier and get a replacement.
Nate J (1 year ago)
He needs a system update to access the eshop.
BlueDragon992 (1 year ago)
This makes me *a lot* more comfortable with purchasing digital copies of games on Nintendo consoles now!
killthechickens23 (1 year ago)
WiiManElite 32gb is internal, but you can opt to download your games to the micro sd. up to 2tb
WiiManElite (1 year ago)
But with only 32GB base storage, that makes it even harder to consider. They really should've opted for 64GB to ease some stressful similarities to Wii U.
Darius Batista (1 year ago)
moonlight (1 year ago)
this is a blessing
Aaron halo18 (1 year ago)
Yes only 14 days left.
clir Nip (1 year ago)
so does it means I can plat the zelda a link between worlds on the switch?
Rusbel De La Cruz (1 year ago)
+SwitchForce So if I have super smash bros I can play it on switch?
WiiManElite (1 year ago)
It's not compatible to 3DS or Wii U games because it's not utilizing Dual Screen setup. The tablet is the console itself so that DS feature is out.
SwitchForce (1 year ago)
ItzDecGaming (1 year ago)
so can i put all my wii u virtual console games on there? cuz my nintendo acc is linked to nintendo network
AbdallahSmash026#1Fan (1 year ago)
ItzDecGaming It shouldn't be much. The upgrade Fe to transfer Wii to Wii U was $1 so I can't imagine they would change that much
ItzDecGaming (1 year ago)
That's fine, aslong as i dont have to pay the full price of each game i own
AbdallahSmash026#1Fan (1 year ago)
ItzDecGaming No you'll most likely have to pay an upgrade fee
WiiManElite (1 year ago)
No. It's tied to that system regardless but the "upgrade" option is more than likely to appear just like your purchases transferred from Wii to Wii U years ago.
Mathew Zahedi (1 year ago)
So if you buy one game on another account and will it appear on all the other account on that system ???
AbdallahSmash026#1Fan (1 year ago)
Mathew Zahedi That's not what he said
NotTheRealOne (1 year ago)
so the games you have on 3ds and wii u you can transfer to switch or not like that?
AbdallahSmash026#1Fan (1 year ago)
NotTheRealOne No that's not what he said
GamingLegends (1 year ago)
So you have to change your user name for the switch, and create a different account?
Grandimations (1 year ago)
Kaden Wittig (1 year ago)
Grandimations (1 year ago)
...Never mind.😞
Pixel_ (1 year ago)
So I can play Pokémon Red from my 3DS on the Switch?
AbdallahSmash026#1Fan (1 year ago)
Pixel_ no that's not what he said
Chris Arrowood (1 year ago)
Well if the money on my eShop on Wii U and 3DS are linked along with certain purchases like DLC from smash I'm sure it'll cross over to the Switch, it's to easy to fix for them to skip it
xX-lion-Xx (1 year ago)
So it's basically like gameshare on PS4?
RedGeoBlaze (1 year ago)
no, It's like how the eshop worked on the 3ds
TicotazII (1 year ago)
game sharing possible ? (like un ps4) i wonder... lol
AbdallahSmash026#1Fan (1 year ago)
TicotazII Refresh me on what game sharing is. Because I'm pretty sure you could do it on Wii U and 3DS but remind me just so I can make sure
T.E.D. tech (1 year ago)
Better late than never
PappyMagee137 (1 year ago)
To little to late. Why is anyone applauding the fact that Nintendo is going offer a feature that has been a part of modern gaming for 2 console generations. Nintendo you can suck it 🍆!
AbdallahSmash026#1Fan (1 year ago)
PappyMagee137 Except this feature has been on both Wii U and 3DS. So you can suck one
cjallday1130 (1 year ago)
PappyMagee137 better late than never dude
Solotato (1 year ago)
PappyMagee137 Why is anyone applauding the PS4 Pro or Scorpio, they're overpriced PC's. Too little too late.
Shane Complains (1 year ago)
Why can't you guys show the video but talk about it??
This is great news! I have been waiting so long for this! Now we just need optional cloud saves, and we are set!
Missak Artinian (1 year ago)
Any chance that some of my Wii U library will show up on the Switch if the same game is available on the eshop? Assuming I sign in with the same account on the Switch.
ZacAttackk (1 year ago)
Oh yeah, I have Mario Kart DS purchased as a digital download on my Wii U. Hopefully at some point it could transfer to the switch!
Flash020201 (1 year ago)
The fact that this wasn't the case before disgusts me
Will B (1 year ago)
Just wondering if you knew if you can connect two left Joycons to a Switch, so you don't have to use the awkward right Joycon with the thumb stick in the middle for 2 player games.
Marvin Rfflr (1 year ago)
Will B I dont think so. Someone can correct me if I am wrong but I think if you want with a Cobtroller you have to press L and R so the system can see what Type of controller you use (pro, 2 joycons or just one with their little tiny L and R buttons)
Jonathan Dirks (1 year ago)
Did you know that xbox and playstation has been doing this for a while now.
AbdallahSmash026#1Fan (1 year ago)
Jonathan Dirks Nintendo has been doing this for a while now too, this guy is just a moron
Jonathan Dirks (1 year ago)
About twenty times.
Jonah Mordhaim (1 year ago)
Jonathan Dirks yes he said it
tgrujic1965 (1 year ago)
so, is this retroactive to the Wii U??????????
tgrujic1965 (1 year ago)
I authorized it!
Medachod (1 year ago)
Amazing stuff right here.
The Goose (1 year ago)
Yea but solid snake
Life As A Potato (1 year ago)
Odyssey Central (1 year ago)
The Goose arlo much :3 lets make this a meme
A (1 year ago)
The Goose ARLO
The Unfunny White Kid (1 year ago)
I really hope this becomes a meme
kingofthehills34 (1 year ago)
The Goose arlo reference... I got you
Speep Beep (1 year ago)
I got to play the switch at the defenders of the triforce Phoenix escape room
뿡뿡! ^__^ (1 year ago)
The only thing I care about is whether I can download 3DS games I purchased on the eShop to my Switch. I sold my 3ds but I want the games on the switch
Glocorn (1 year ago)
뿡뿡! ^__^ I don't think they're going to re release 3ds games on the switch. They don't want the switch to take sales from the 3ds.
Jamie Hake (1 year ago)
switch force , what ever happened to pikmin4? I remember hearing a long time ago it was almost done and we haven't heard anything about it , am I the only one who really wants this game?
WiiManElite (1 year ago)
Maybe at E3 they're gonna reveal it. But fuck that. WHERE'S MY METROID PRIME 4?!
Marvin Rfflr (1 year ago)
Jamie Hake just wait. It will come soon. Maybe on E3
ArriχGohan (1 year ago)
Haven't downloads been tied to a account anyway? It doesn't say that you are allowed to tie an account to another console at the same time. To me it seems like it's the same old. Nothing to be excited about. :3
Rui PTG (1 year ago)
sounds like you say "Switch Forza" at the very end lol
Jake ! (1 year ago)
can i bring my eshop games to the switch from 3ds wii u wii
Zauka055 (1 year ago)
only if they are on switch
OpinionsAreLikeUs (1 year ago)
This makes me VERY happy. As far as I can remember, the PS3 at least has always allowed this (or at least for as long as I have owned one), and as a father in a gaming household, this will be a godsend! We have 5 gamers in my house, and this has meant 5 3DS systems, and in some cases (like Animal Crossing), 5 copies of games... If it's true that you can link your own account to 8 Switch systems, I will be able to have my login on a Switch for every member of my family (should that happen, which it probably will eventually), so no repeat purchases!
Mr. Smithers (1 year ago)
Your digital purchases are tied to your account on both the Wii U and the 3DS. You *are* able to download your purchases on another console. The games are tied to the *account*, and the *account* is tied to only *one* system, so you have to associate that NNID to one console at a time, but you are perfectly allowed to redownload your content on another system.
AbdallahSmash026#1Fan (1 year ago)
+a dead account No, no, no. You just have to call Nintendo to log you out of your old account THEN you can sign in to your account on your new 3DS and redownload your games. Also, it's because Nintendo is a business corporation. They NEED to make money, which is why they charge you for your exact same games again and again
J-Squeezy (1 year ago)
a dead account One time I won cash playing skee ball
Mr. Smithers (1 year ago)
a dead account Oh, I'm sorry! It's because Nintendo is a business and they want to make money! They already sold it to you on one platform - now, if you want to play it on another console, you can buy it on another console - that *has* to be their attitude. They need to make money. Sony and Microsoft have very profitable businesses outside of gaming. For Nintendo, they absolutely have to make all their money just from selling games and hardware. I would say it's incredible that they aren't *more* sneaky by this point. I don't know how they stay in business. I mean, it's always been this way, why would it change now? I never heard anybody saying "I bought this gameboy game, and they have the same game on the NES, why can't I play it in my Nintendo?" It really is the same exact problem as that - the software isn't compatible. It takes time, effort and money to MAKE the software compatible with another platform, so you have to pay those engineers for their labor. It was the same with with Sony, you can't buy PS2 Classics on PS4, you had to re-buy almost everything you had on your PS3 even though they did give you some free content. The first two years of its library was PS3 ports, in fact, and I don't recall anybody complain about that. Why does Sony get away with all the same shit people throw shade at Nintendo for?
Mr. Smithers (1 year ago)
a dead account you're not right about that, i'm sorry but you're just not. we're telling you that it's NOT a system transfer. I sold my 3DS at a pawn shop and the guy didnt sign out of my account. three months later i bought a new 3ds, tried to sign in and it told me I had to sign out of the old 3DS first. I called Nintendo, they signed me out of the old 3DS. When I signed into the new 3DS, I was able to DOWNLOAD all the things I bought before I sold the 3DS, and all the things the person who had my 3DS bought on my account.
AbdallahSmash026#1Fan (1 year ago)
a dead account You don't, you need to sign into your NNID that was on your previous system, just like on PS and Xbox. Does nobody here have common sense?
yikes the volume of the video is a bit low.
Heart Puppet (1 year ago)
Thank god! Finally! Now if something ever happens to the console that has all of your purchases on it, they're not lost forever. Welcome to the digital future Nintendo:D
AbdallahSmash026#1Fan (1 year ago)
Heart Puppet If it's lost and your NNID is still tied to that system, you first need to contact Nintendo and have them unlink your NNID from that system, and then you can log in to it on your new system and redownload your games
Gricho (1 year ago)
Initially, games were tied to the the 3ds. After the NNID was introduced, all purchases were tied to the account. The problem is the account can only be tied to 1 wiiu and 1 3ds. Trying to connect it to multiple systems gives you an error. So even though your purchases are tied to the account, they are still effectively bound to the hardware unless you do a system transfer to move the account to a new system. In the case of a lost/stolen/damaged system. Apparently Nintendo Support is able to remotely disconnect the account from the system allowing you to connect your NNID to a new one and redownload your games. However, I can't seem to find anything alluding to that service on the official websites.
Heart Puppet (1 year ago)
So what happens if the wii u /3ds ,that has the account on it, is damaged or stolen?
AbdallahSmash026#1Fan (1 year ago)
Heart Puppet For the 3DS AND Wii U your purchases have always been tied to your account. It was only with the DSi and Wii which were tied to your system and even then that's because those systems didn't have accounts. So I don't know why it's so surprising that they brought back a feature that was already in the previous system.
Heart Puppet (1 year ago)
Shadow Wolf (1 year ago)
I think game shearing is cool but will I be able to buy old monster hunter games on switch eshop? Monster hunter is great for my 3ds but I want to play it on my tv as well without buying more then one system for gaming on the go and at home thx Nintendo for making the switch I can't wait to play it 😆😆😆😆😆
15 coals (1 year ago)
Shadow Wolf I'm glad they made this too.
Milk Shake (1 year ago)
Where else would the download be tied ffs.
AbdallahSmash026#1Fan (1 year ago)
RuDoe Ry No that's completely false, the 3DS games were all saved to your account, don't spread bullshit, you idiot
J-Squeezy (1 year ago)
Why don't you go and play on whatever you have and let us enjoy the Nintendo? I swear, you're on every Switch video trying to kill everyone's hype.
Bad Entertainer well its a good thing I've only ever had one 3ds....
Milk Shake (1 year ago)
+RuDoe Ry How do you not hate Nintendo for that
Milk Shake (1 year ago)
Thats a thing. Wtf nintendo have been playing you for that long.
AndrewUnknown (1 year ago)
Nahom (1 year ago)
Are there rumors about Super Mario Maker for the Nintendo Switch, Switchforce?
AbdallahSmash026#1Fan (1 year ago)
WiiManElite Wii U was a decent system but it sold like shit
WiiManElite (1 year ago)
Let's hope that it'll happen. I bet both versions sold like crap on WiiU (because the system is shit) and 3DS (because that version has no online level sharing which is retarded and eliminates the reason to buy it) so porting this to Switch and finally allow proper and timed downloads to be remaining for fans to enjoy.
AbdallahSmash026#1Fan (1 year ago)
IMDB can be edited by anyone, so that means jack shit.
Nahom (1 year ago)
Ok thanks
GabzAugusto (1 year ago)
Nahom Efrem some time ago a Mario Maker Deluxe was registered at IMDB a game the guy who does Mario's voice worked on, but no one seems to talk about it
Gustaf Abrahamsson (1 year ago)
Early 😻😻
Nahom (1 year ago)
5 days left
Nahom (1 year ago)
1MIKE (1 year ago)
14 days left
Life As A Potato (1 year ago)
ShiitakeWarrior (1 year ago)
I'll most likely be getting BoI on Switch, myself. (That'll make 6 systems I'll have that game on.)
CNM Baxter (1 year ago)
White Knight 5 afterbirth plus boi there you go
White Knight 5 (1 year ago)
Spacedflipper I don't need all the games at once but I need more than Zelda
Spacedflipper (1 year ago)
White Knight 5 Why do you need all the games at once? I've got the next year to play through and pay for that decent library as I comes rather than all at once
Law Trafalgar (1 year ago)
Lucas Frampton (1 year ago)
First lol
J-Squeezy (1 year ago)
ikr, it was never that serious.
Peter Vlahos (1 year ago)
Lucas Frampton Die
olli99sven49 (1 year ago)

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