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Top 12 FREE PS4 Games You Can Download and Play NOW (Best FREE TO PLAY PlayStation 4 Games) - Part 1

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This is PART 1 of a series covering the best FREE TO PLAY games on the ps4! In this video, we take a look at the Top 12 BEST FREE PS4 Games You Can Play NOW! Which of these have you played? Comment your thoughts on the 12 Best Free To Play PS4 Games. These are the Top 12 Must Try Free to Play PlayStation 4 Games So Far. Keep in mind, these games are in no particular order. Support us with Humble Monthly! - http://bit.ly/2DkRJjl Subscribe here! - http://bit.ly/GameCrossSubscribe Follow us on Twitter! - http://bit.ly/1QYqnTp Support Us by Using this Amazon Link! - http://amzn.to/1eQsQy2 Warframe Final Fantasy XIV - (Players can access all content up to level 35) Gwent The Witcher Card Game Neverwinter TERA Planetside 2 Smite Dreadnought Fortnite Battle Royale Paladins Armored Warfare Brawlhalla Credit for Outro Music- Deep Haze by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/...) Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-... Artist: http://incompetech.com/
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Text Comments (149)
Most of these games are ripoffs
Henkaan (8 days ago)
Neverwinter or TERA?
Animez4u (12 days ago)
How did you forget fortnite though??? 😂
Jyuubi Wolf (18 days ago)
RIP paragon
Kitsusagi (19 days ago)
You can't have any multplayer games because you need psplus and that costs money, so none of these games except ffxiv which doesn't require it but ffxiv is nowhere near ftp, even with a trial, you still have to buy the game and after that you then have to pay a subscription fee.
Juan Fernandez (19 days ago)
gender pull phase install tackle grass highlight God forgive.
Zeke Blane (19 days ago)
Ff14 seriously? Counting trials now oh guess we might as well count every single demo now oh hell at that point let's count beta's. Oh hey guys we can get ff14 15 dissidia and mhw for free.
ArmoredNinjaCat (20 days ago)
Wait!!! FFXIV is free?
Do you kno da wae (20 days ago)
What should I get? Xbox one s or the ps4?
Do you kno da wae (19 days ago)
MegaPlayDoe Ok thank you
MegaPlayDoe (19 days ago)
Malcolm (20 days ago)
I couldn't play Tera on the PC ... the text is too damn small.
GORO911 (20 days ago)
Planetside 2 is the most enjoyable Fps game ever made. coming from someone who hates fps games. but Planetside2 is something else
honorbound12 (20 days ago)
FF xiv isn't free you have to pay for membership and it's so expensive for the boring gameplay
Ser Josh (20 days ago)
I've played all them :)
Drangleic Lord (20 days ago)
ah Tera isnt in the store yet ?
Der Kellerwärter (20 days ago)
Warframe isnt free
Zero Noctis (20 days ago)
Its clear that ether you never played it or you are trolling.
King-Of-Ruin (20 days ago)
Der Kellerwärter dafuq
zielaszka (20 days ago)
Damn, Tera looks pretty cool
avg joe gaming (20 days ago)
Dreadnought paladins and armored warfare. Where's world of tanks???
Kaleb Hancock (20 days ago)
I'm on Ps4 and when I download planetsie it says closed beta and won't let me play online why
Chris Griffin (20 days ago)
Kaleb Hancock ah...funny
bulavo (20 days ago)
Gwent is really cool
Ryan Delgado (20 days ago)
Question..is ffmmo free as in no subscription or is it free to download with no subscription?
idonotmakevidsyet (21 days ago)
Warframe still underrated
Mikazuki Haru (21 days ago)
Final Fantasy 14 can't really be referred to as free it is only on trial
Ismail Lubis (21 days ago)
Ffxiv.. Free? Full game with expansion atm $60 and monthly for $20 and they release $60 expansion every 2 years.... Sure....
PRO JaiRU (21 days ago)
ff 14 its not really free to play, sorry....
BTM1105 (21 days ago)
WARFRAME #1 and i think i speak for everyone here
Android SXS (21 days ago)
This video was basically to show the only real "good"free to play game on ps4 is tera lol
Jyuubi Wolf (18 days ago)
As a first time player of tera...it's ass
Zero Noctis (20 days ago)
Tera is generic useless crap compared to Warframe.
idonotmakevidsyet (21 days ago)
Android SXS *cough* Warframe *cough*
Faint Karma (21 days ago)
So many games supported by lootboxes... so many games about to be out of business.
Ashflow Ramza (21 days ago)
FFXIV is free??? :O
fishlip 1 (21 days ago)
FFXIV costs money ik bc i pay the membership
Boom Daddy Cool (21 days ago)
Anybody still play DC universe online?
ArdMhicNasca (21 days ago)
Hi, Orcs must die unchained!! is a great game too.
Zakura Blade (21 days ago)
ff14 is hardly a free game
Stahl Seuche (20 days ago)
Tera is better than FFXIV? 👌
BrownTown86 (20 days ago)
Yoshi P. said something along the lines of, "I'll let the game die a slow, miserable death before it goes F2P."
honorbound12 (20 days ago)
Dabuu if you want free get tera the pay parts of the game are mostly cosmetic, it's one of the best mmorpgs if not the the best on console it's far better that NW or FF
honorbound12 (20 days ago)
Dabuu subscription or you cut out the vast majority of the game free is just a little demo
GRand (20 days ago)
Rightfully so too. If FF 14 ever goes totally free, I will most likely stop playing. The community will be absolutely destroyed (The mandatory subscription fee weeds out the disrespectful 10 year old brats), as well as the overall quality of the game.
A2 (21 days ago)
Let It Die?
LIQUID LIQUID (21 days ago)
And you didn't mention that FFXIV takes like 3hours to get into the game tf man
Chris Kelley (21 days ago)
Tera isn't free, yet. Might be tomorrow though.
tobias pup (21 days ago)
Also TERA isn't free UNTIL sometime tomorrow, so saying its free today makes it a lie.
Chillary_ Binton (21 days ago)
Can anyone with forza 3 gameshare it to me my tag Only7570 ill return favor
Enzo Oliveira (21 days ago)
TERA TOMORROW,i'll be back my loli 😭😭 just wait
Enzo Oliveira (20 days ago)
THE D but first go watch your big muscle boi holding a greatsword with two hands with no tshirt 😂
THE D (20 days ago)
no just no you pedos get out of her we don't want your taint
Monomio (21 days ago)
I feel you 😔😔😔
Elias _ (21 days ago)
95% of the comments: FFXIV IS NOT FREEEEEEEEEEE
smokehead 69 (21 days ago)
Since when is ffXIV free?
isl swerve (21 days ago)
smokehead 69 free trial up to lvl 30
Elias _ (21 days ago)
Warframe is pretty guud guys
Aspret 315 (21 days ago)
Dude stop using these thumbnails you already used them, go ahead recolor some other game
ValiantHeart (21 days ago)
FFXIV is not free to play. There is a small trial and a few free login periods but it is definitely not a free game lol.
BrownTown86 (20 days ago)
If by countless hours you mean about 40 then you, sure. COUNTLESS XD
Ismail Lubis (21 days ago)
isl swerve lol getting to lvl 30 is like 3 hrs...
Zakura Blade (21 days ago)
isl swerve There's nothing HARD to understand ABOUT THAT lol but that's still not a free to play game that's a demo. And if you don't understand that then there's nothing more for me to say. Have a wonderful day
isl swerve (21 days ago)
Zakura Blade yes but it's free up to lvl 30 then if u like it u pay for it whts hard to understand abt tht.. I tried the free trial... I loved it now I'm on FFXIV Lamia Server..
Zakura Blade (21 days ago)
isl swerve And you have to pay to do that and that's not free. Besides have you ever played it? I have for 5 years and there is no point to sit around at lvl 30 all day if you don't plan to progress past 50 then your wasting time.
honeytos28 (21 days ago)
honeytos28 (21 days ago)
Elias _ HAHA
Elias _ (21 days ago)
honeytos28 alright, but just wait....
honeytos28 (21 days ago)
Elias _ (21 days ago)
honeytos28 just wait
absolute _animeTV (21 days ago)
I sub to him for this lmfao wtf smh
Where's "Let it Die" on the list????
Is that game fun
Joe Vanfleet (21 days ago)
OtakuDante's Gaming Inferno This just part one.
Xyberninja (21 days ago)
ff 14 is NOT free. jackasses
Snipegames (21 days ago)
What game is in the thumbnail?
isl swerve (21 days ago)
Snipegames come to Lamia server I'm always in Limsa lominsa lower deck.. Kaladin Stormbless
GameCross (21 days ago)
Final Fantasy XIV
Narin Soogrim (21 days ago)
Final Fantasy XIV isn't free to play....
Narin Soogrim (21 days ago)
ohhh ok
Sir Xela (21 days ago)
Narin Soogrim read the description.
Miguiko The Last (21 days ago)
Is Tera even out yet?
isl swerve (21 days ago)
Founders pack $30
Elias _ (21 days ago)
The Dank Zombie Soul im in europe and played it just now
The Dank Zombie Soul (21 days ago)
Tera is FTP tomorrow its just people who bought founder pack got a week head start to play right away.
Xxzero4760xX 7 (21 days ago)
FF14 is not free does this youtube channel know anything about games?
Xxzero4760xX 7 (21 days ago)
The game is still not free whether or not u need to dlc up til lvl 35
Xxzero4760xX 7 (21 days ago)
What am I supposed to to be looking at?
christian (21 days ago)
christian (21 days ago)
Xxzero4760xX 7 read despcrition
Crimson Fox (21 days ago)
Is Tera available on psn yet, I could not find it.
Elias _ (21 days ago)
Crimson Fox already out in europe :P
Crimson Fox (21 days ago)
The Dank Zombie Soul Thank you.
The Dank Zombie Soul (21 days ago)
Monte Raid (21 days ago)
I like your channel but dude seriously you upload the same shit everyday cant you find a new thing to post, your channel is about three things ps plus. free games. sales on psn, rinse and repeat
Monte Raid (20 days ago)
matthew how is that relevant to my comment . next time when I see someone lets say comedian make the same old joke I should shut up and become comedian myself !!!!! does that make any sense to you?
Deathknigh (20 days ago)
Well I think the point of the channel is to inform rather than entertain. Like what deals you can find without have to look everywhere
honorbound12 (20 days ago)
Monte Raid that's what the channel is about ?
Sir Xela (20 days ago)
MrXelium it's not really critical thinking considering the fact that there are tons of other gaming channels that cover other things & Games Cross coveres what it covers (PS4 game sales, PSN updates, Free PS4 Games & upcoming PS4 games). Imagine telling the Game Theorist Channel they need to make videos about other things besides game theories, culture shock & the science of games cause it's just "rinse & repeat", sounds pretty stupid.
MrXelium (20 days ago)
@Monte Raid On You Tube you aren't allowed to have any critical thinking. You must swallow content and shut up. Or else, you have a horde of 15 year-old busting your nuts. I for one, agree.
Isidorodavid Doro (21 days ago)
Paladins is dying on the PS4?
isl swerve (21 days ago)
KadiboudaCZ - Streams And More lol I was thinking about ffxiv Paladin class sorry
isl swerve (21 days ago)
Isidorodavid Doro theres actually a party finder u can use.. or do expert roulette :-)
isl swerve (21 days ago)
No they're not
Isidorodavid Doro (21 days ago)
KadiboudaCZ - Streams And More like bro many players are leaving there are better games to play out there besides the matchmaking is terrible you are always playing with noob players,i can't find many matches there are almost no players
Isidorodavid Doro yeah, basically getting worse with every update.
Matthew Barban (21 days ago)
How is xiv ftp?
Matthew Barban (21 days ago)
GameCross then it still isn't ftp because you pay for the extra lvl and then what about the monthly sub on console?
GameCross (21 days ago)
Mentioned this in the description. http://www.pushsquare.com/news/2017/03/final_fantasy_xiv_online_is_now_totally_free_to_play_until_level_35
shizuwolf (21 days ago)
And where’s Let It Die?
GameCross (21 days ago)
This is Part 1, it may be included in the next part of this series.
HECTOR HERN (21 days ago)
Nice game is awesone x7 nice work and good job my friend like for ya x6🎊
Alex Summer (21 days ago)
Final fantasy 14 is not free
isl swerve (21 days ago)
Alex Summer free trial up to lvl 30 sir
GameCross (21 days ago)
Mentioned this in the description. http://www.pushsquare.com/news/2017/03/final_fantasy_xiv_online_is_now_totally_free_to_play_until_level_35
Henrique Silverio (21 days ago)
Aiiii que delícia caraaa 🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊
Isidorodavid Doro (21 days ago)
Henrique Silverio mano kkkk
WAR (21 days ago)
That cash grab final fantasy is free?
shizuwolf (21 days ago)
FF14 isn’t free
Zakura Blade (21 days ago)
GameCross that's still not free free to play means you can actually play the whole game and lol lvl 35 is hardly the whole game plus you can't even join guilds etc so yeah this should not be on your list.
tobias pup (21 days ago)
That brings you to a demo of the game. The game isn't free at all
jose garcia (21 days ago)
Is only free intil lvl 35 not the whole game the concept of free to play is the entire game not a portion they but that now because playing for 14 days wasn't enough but after you get lvl 35 need to pay the subscription
Lansford Sinclair (21 days ago)
yea its not free
Bigcashmoney12 (21 days ago)
I'm on my ps4 now. It isn't free...
Stephen Fox (21 days ago)
I have a huge i mean huge cock
Karmic Wheel (21 days ago)
Greetings Earthlings and Happy Monday! 👋👽 I bring thin crust pizza and cookies for everyone. Enjoy! 🍕 🍪
Karmic Wheel lmao
Zara Maldonado (21 days ago)
Isidorodavid Doro (21 days ago)
Zara Maldonado hi

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