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CRAZY JUSTICE | 6 Minutes GAMEPLAY Upcoming Nintendo Switch Games | 2018

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CRAZY JUSTICE is coming to Nintendo Switch in 2018. SwitchPlanet presents to you 6 minutes of it's gameplay. ◆ MUST WATCH ◆ (NEW!) Complete 35 New Switch Games For MARCH 2018 https://youtu.be/wQ_82b8_tdM 12 BIG SWITCH GAMES CONFIRMED 2018 http://youtu.be/lwPDh8yG_JQ - Follow Us - Twitter ⇒ https://www.twitter.com/SwitchPlanetOff
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Text Comments (291)
SwitchPlanet (8 months ago)
◆ NOW! ◆ (NEW!) COMPLETE 35 Switch Games For MARCH 2018 https://youtu.be/wQ_82b8_tdM
Second Son (6 months ago)
SwitchPlanet why is it not in the store?
Dark Rage (2 months ago)
Will it even be out?
MonsterKat (2 months ago)
The current game looks nothing like this and it’s only coming out on Steam for now.... what a joke
JUMPI PLAYS (3 months ago)
I'm getting star wars battle front vibes from the first map
ryan lopez (4 months ago)
would love to play but still haven’t seen a release date and was going to pre order and contribute to there kickstarter but they never answered:/?
Everyday Gamer (5 months ago)
It’s was supposed to be on switch June 13 what happened??
Danny Mottu (5 months ago)
Fortnite, is you??? Hahahaha 🤣 .... ok nope 🤭
CubeHooD ! (5 months ago)
Better be great, that's all I'm saying. Levels \ plenty of weapons / skins armor \ the whole 9 yards if I'm going to play
CubeHooD ! (5 months ago)
Needs blood in it and destructive like.. Red faction? :O
Little Jimmy (5 months ago)
I fell sad for switch.. Lots and lots of shitty games
John Caius Tinio (5 months ago)
It's ok
Cj Leader (5 months ago)
Woah Fortnite 2 looks lit
Icey Wizard (5 months ago)
So pay to win fortnite?
Ricky TakiTaki (5 months ago)
Eww it looks like a fortnite bootlag and the grafits look bad i dont want it
zyeptik (5 months ago)
Only one map? It looks small as well
zyeptik (5 months ago)
Basically fortnite
carlos daniel (6 months ago)
All the dumbass Nintendo kids acting like this is just as good as fortnite and will do, no you will just throw your money you dumbass. Ik because I did that with splatoon
chicken little 101 (6 months ago)
This is no good complete garbage and must have fortnite
Lucas Zurita (6 months ago)
How do,e this looks better than what they show now on their YouTube channel and twitter page xD ?
FoeBro4 (6 months ago)
How come no one points out... *This looks like trash* Sorry but someone had to say it
Lil P5ych0 (6 months ago)
This looks like its been slapped together with miscellaneous assets on the unreal engine.
Ruphii (6 months ago)
Is it just me or does the frame rate look really low?
AM20 (6 months ago)
i think this game has too many corners to hide and camp and 3rd person peak
IDrummer64 (6 months ago)
For now I prefer Fortnite
Oscar Maldonado (6 months ago)
Uchiha Gamer (6 months ago)
Fuck it seems we got the same ammo/whatever from battlefront
Dark Citizen (6 months ago)
I following news about this game since 2015, they improved nothing in the game overall. They just bragging about how serious developers they are, however no progress since 2015. No new levels, or any new gameplay, I doubt this will be ever released on PC or on any platform.
UhJayy (6 months ago)
O god fortnite better come Jeez this is actually killing me seeing this It dorsnt look all bad though but still, rip off or nor, i prefer fortnite pver any battle royale honestly
tommy skannal (6 months ago)
this seems way more fun then fortnite
JoKeS (6 months ago)
Im happy it runs at 60fps. Might pick up this and Payday w
Jovan Guido (6 months ago)
Seems interesting does anyone know when it's coming out
UnoriginalValol (6 months ago)
Btech Fortnite. Fortnite will come to switch so I don't see the need for this. Looks interesting though.
UnoriginalValol (6 months ago)
Retro Raijin yeah but it's on mobile so I'm pretty sure it will eventually come
Retro Raijin (6 months ago)
UnoriginalValol Fortnite coming to switch is purely speculation
Username (6 months ago)
You have my curiosity but you have yet to acquire my attention
MonsterKat (6 months ago)
Actually looks better than I expected
Second Son (6 months ago)
Why is it not in the store?
Pass The Jelly (6 months ago)
Nah this ain’t for the switch this is for pc and I just saw his mouse crosshairs 1:42
LilSmitty41 (6 months ago)
I like the Talent System or Item System of you will that you can put on your character before the game EVEN STARTS. That its self brings a whole new and different aspect to the game.
Darth Noyvaj (6 months ago)
Is it online
Nara play (6 months ago)
Siendo sincero no me agrada que copen ideas de otros juegos y con este no es la excepción supongamos que no es igual supongamls no me debería quejar porque acaba n de crearlo pero dejan un trecho muy pero muy grande entre fortnite y esta "cosa" al quitar modo de juego entretenido aquí lo están volviendo un cfdt cualquiera. Y otra cosa sin ofender este juego no podra competir contra un juego freetoplay es obvio
WesProductions (6 months ago)
This is trash.. This is a fortnite replacement since after this game, we already know fortnite isnt coming to switch.
a mexican more (6 months ago)
Mejor que pongan fortnite
Alex (6 months ago)
On dirait qui a une seule arme dans tout le jeux c'est nul moi j'aurais aimée que ce soit comme dans fortnite avec des armes que tu récupères
SolgaleoGaming (6 months ago)
Just looks like a mobile ripoff of fortnite
EmpireZ Creed (6 months ago)
Looks awesome
RO Y (6 months ago)
Oh wow it's a knock off of a knock off !
Jensen (6 months ago)
Ahhh? No thank you I rather keep playing splatoon 2 till fortnite gets out on the switch
callum Evans (6 months ago)
I hope the game will look better because the gameplay looks fun but the animations are not as good
Retro Funhouse (6 months ago)
Game looks terrible, I hope this is alpha footage or something earlier than that because this looks a bad f2p cash grab, except it's not even f2p.
Taye Hinds (6 months ago)
Ill play it until fornite comes. Once there is cross play
Goggles Inkling (6 months ago)
this game looks fun
RamenDaddy (6 months ago)
Nice. If Fortnite doesn’t come out in Switch I’d get this. I will still be playing fortnite though.
Coby Flame (6 months ago)
Nope,totally not à copy of fortnite...
itsdomin (6 months ago)
I actually like the design of this game. I love the cyberpunkish style to it, and it looks a lot more fast pasted than Fortnite and PUBG. The problem with Fortnite and PUBG is that it gets boring after 2 rounds because of how painfully slow they are. This one looks like you’re spending a lot less time running to the center or something for like at least 5 minutes straight. It also looks like it could be a lot more fair and balanced. We will have to wait and see. Maybe I’ll pick this up.
DoubleJTheG (6 months ago)
Its horrible
emit Demirel (6 months ago)
Son: DADDDDYYY!! I WANT FORTNITR Father: Ok son ! 5 mins later Father: This game?
Marth Smash ultimate (6 months ago)
Hell yeah getting this when out
Blood Moon (6 months ago)
Characters playable many?
NOT TODAY (7 months ago)
burgnut (7 months ago)
Just got crazy justice, where we droppin?
DragonFarts (7 months ago)
Finished in first place.....against bots. Wahoo.
Eneru (7 months ago)
will we get melee weponds? like samurai sword, axes, hammers? and will they be used similar to ninja gaiden?
Roxxi Gaming (7 months ago)
I would buy this game. But i hope the map is bigger. Im not sure if it is just the end game or not though because he was using a parachute at the begining.
Everything Danish (7 months ago)
Fortnite for Switch please
Mano Drill (7 months ago)
thats shit... totally...
JBL DU13 (7 months ago)
Est fortnite
Enzo_Word 7 (7 months ago)
on s'en fou on veut fortnite sa ses de la merde
Karmic Wheel (7 months ago)
Greetings Earthlings and Happy Monday! 👋👽 I bring coffee and pizza for everyone. Enjoy! 🍕 ☕
Cappy 22 (7 months ago)
.... take my money, and leave me be
MANUEL X (5 months ago)
Cappy 22 nah fam get fortnite
freeduke (7 months ago)
Not hype at all ! I’ll wait for a fornite port ! ;)
TheKINGKANE46 (7 months ago)
This is Crazy justice for fortnight not coming to switch
jhon (7 months ago)
lmao nintendo nibbas
Installity (7 months ago)
if fortnite is not going on the switch im going to the store and get a ps4 and break my switch
Installity (7 months ago)
yeah sure you found someone who bought a ps4 and broken their switch because of fortnite.
Installity (7 months ago)
you should shut the fuck up for not knowing that was a joke.
pixeloirde (7 months ago)
Best batle royale fortnite
Mianbao (7 months ago)
That ost is great
Zpinal X (7 months ago)
Doesn't look like a battleroyale, more like a deathmatch
Edward Real (5 months ago)
It has death match as well
RamenDaddy (6 months ago)
Zpinal X true
It looks more like SW: Battlefront than Battle Royale.
愛吉川 (7 months ago)
Epicdumpling 42 (7 months ago)
Not even not even close to being better than Fortnite and U have to pay for this game but Fortnite is better and free
jacob Rems (7 months ago)
no one is getting this game for the switch if its not free.
Field Medic (7 months ago)
Wow that looks like a garbage mobile fortnite ripoff
PLAYwithGregg (7 months ago)
Fortnite itself is garbage
Francisco Burgos (7 months ago)
hopefully there will be a couple of real time strategy games and simulators for the nintendo switch...
Glorious720p _ (7 months ago)
This game already looks more polished and feature complete than PUBG and fortnite
WButky (7 months ago)
Looks like it has neat ideas, but appears to lack polish. idk about you guys but something just looks imprecise about shooting and aiming, everything has a cheap look in general. Who knows though, it's obviously unfinished. Definitely gonna stay updated on this one.
Angel derp (6 months ago)
PLAYwithGregg actually contradicted since it was past tense
PLAYwithGregg (6 months ago)
P.S. Google" Contradict"
PLAYwithGregg (6 months ago)
Another reply? Troll, you've made the silly mistake, of thinking I give a crap, what you, or any other random internet troll/sheep, thinks. I give Zero shits. L8r
Angel derp (6 months ago)
PLAYwithGregg you just contradicted yourself in the stupidest way, how is fortnite not free other than save the world
PLAYwithGregg (6 months ago)
Angel derp Lol. A 90min movie ticket costs almost $15, so, that’s just nonsense. I played Fortnite on PS4, and PC. Its crap. It’s also not Free. It’s also not on Switch, so, it’s currently impossible to “Crush” this on Switch. I’ll take a $15 complete game, over a trendy sheeple Free IAP game, anyday.
顔面どうふ (7 months ago)
バナナ/banana! (7 months ago)
三橋隆世 パクリ多すぎw
49 Kyua (7 months ago)
愛吉川 (7 months ago)
クリスティーノジャスミンT それな 流石にSwitchじゃフォートナイトはレベルが高すぎでしょうね
Six1Eye (7 months ago)
Man this game better offer more for the £15 price cus what i seen so far is not worth it, fortnite is free does the same thing maybe better.
Cowthsky Gaming (7 months ago)
Eh the map seems small
Arafat Nuñez Feliz (7 months ago)
Amazing in switch and you can pre order for 15$
Gio 0397 (7 months ago)
I would like to give this a try but sadly I have a policy were I can't play game's that increase's my anger so i'll pass
Pray For The World (8 months ago)
I hope that there will not be a pc version because otherwise you will not have any chance against them if this game is cross play
PLAYwithGregg (7 months ago)
Why? Motion controls are superior
Chiron Smith (8 months ago)
Thanks for shedding light on this game I’m definitely going to pick it up!
SantiagoL.C 1409 (8 months ago)
it seems very good but the map seems pretty tiny
King Savage (6 months ago)
Joe Cromarty nothing will never be better than fortnite! NEVER!!
Pickle :D (6 months ago)
the map is 1.5 x 1.5 miles BTW
Anthony's Antics (7 months ago)
That’s what I like about it to be honest
Joe Cromarty (7 months ago)
SantiagoL.C 1409 I think that was just the end of the match. I hope it's much smaller than fortnite or PUBG though, walking around those maps with no one to fight gets really boring.
PowerShock X (8 months ago)
Fortnite meets cod
Fiete Arp (8 months ago)
Im so hyped😀
DigiVon Switch (8 months ago)
Looks Decent TBH
Anthony Rudd (8 months ago)
Fortnite clone.
Gabriel Rosalez (8 months ago)
This looks pretty solid! One problem I have though is the victory music. It doesn't really give a sense of accomplishment, it feels and sounds cheap and generic.
CubeHooD ! (5 months ago)
Gabriel Rosalez right after you get a hole in one
Gabriel Rosalez (5 months ago)
8bitskyliner Ohhh, gotcha!
8bitskyliner (5 months ago)
Gabriel Rosalez I'm pretty sure that music was video production for this trailer, not in game music.
Gabriel Rosalez (5 months ago)
8bitskyliner 1:14 Maybe this is more so along the lines of a victory cheer or chant. But I still standby what I said, it sounds cheap and bland.
8bitskyliner (5 months ago)
What victory music?
Hell Boy (8 months ago)
Why people is comparing this with fortnite ? Fortnite is a lot more OPEN and constructive/destructive . "Hallway" system is more Call of Duty or Gears of war like . Plus, revive/helping mate system makes the game A LOt more interesting !!
Pasi Pilz (8 months ago)
This looks amazing i want it :(
James Keith Tampus (8 months ago)
Looks like fortnite

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