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Skaven nukes and plagues: 11 things we learned about Total War: Warhammer 2

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Rich got to start a Total War: Warhammer II campaign as the Skaven. Here are 11 things (not 13, sadly) he noticed. If you're after our Skaven race guide, click here: https://www.pcgamesn.com/total-war-warhammer-ii/total-war-warhammer-2-skaven-guide ► Subscribe here: https://www.youtube.com/user/PCGamesN ◄ Visit us at: https://www.pcgamesn.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PCGamesNetwork Twitter: https://twitter.com/PCGamesN
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Text Comments (40)
I think Amazons are also a possible army for TW:W 2. After all Norsca made it into the game despite their lack of army list. CA can make up their unit roster from some of the hints given in the lore.
Nasmr (1 year ago)
So if you have warhammer total war and you get both campaign maps is it one massive seemless map or do I have to go from one to the other via loading screens?
Nasmr (1 year ago)
Mirko V happy with that
Mirco V (1 year ago)
Nasmr, It is ONE map. So no loading screen
Shōgun (1 year ago)
I hope the WH1 races get a fancy intro for the combined map.
Mirco V (1 year ago)
Sanada, Would be nice, but that won't happen. They will never "waste" time working on the old races when there is DLC to make.
Storeslem (1 year ago)
total warhammer will be sp epic when all games and dlc are done
Pappy Tron (1 year ago)
W'soran is a proper badass, for those who don't know.
Bouvard C. (1 year ago)
i love gobos, i love rats, i love lizards, I CANT WAIT TO FEAST ON THE UMANS AN POINTY EARS!
Tomorrow We Live (1 year ago)
Oh, I wouldn't mind 'subbing' to you at all ;)
bigopzooka (1 year ago)
Hmm not the whole of the Southlands is included, the eastern part where Lahmia is located is missing. Basically all terrain beyond the worlds edge mountains in the Southlands...
bigopzooka (1 year ago)
True but they squashed the space behind the mountains (west->east) into a really tight space so we have it but not in the size it should be. Also the piece we are missing in the north of the Southlands is quite an important space to the Tomb Kings/Vampire Counts (Lahmia). Still is was to be expected we would be missing some things. We might indeed get them with the combined map :)
Loc Dog (1 year ago)
Well we actually have a that part of the WEM that went throught the Southlands (there are where Karar Zorn is located) and we have acsess to the small part of territory that are beyond that part of the WEM to the East. The lacking part, i assume, will be available when we get the Combined Campaign cause that's where the maps will be moulded together.
bigopzooka (1 year ago)
In the Southlands the worlds edge mountains continue... And behind them the other half of the continent is located which CA left out in the map for WH2
Loc Dog (1 year ago)
There are Dark Land beyond the World Edge Mountains not Southlands...
Rook013 (1 year ago)
Fucking Skaven
Diavolo (1 year ago)
This makes me super excited to get the game
Lilli Fred (1 year ago)
You're a beatiful lad, no question. But there was no single reason to switch to your facecam that often.
DavidtheDuke (1 year ago)
this guy should be the next Bond by the way he sits
Josh Shacklock (1 year ago)
Bit weird to have Tomb Kings territory ingame but just...not have it as tomb-kings till later when releasing DLC. Why not just y'know...wait....and make the tomb kings before release?
Josh Shacklock (1 year ago)
Not really, Bretonnia was already in the game in their territory as were Skraelings/Vargs, beastmen dident have a location persay and wood elves territory was impassable mountain before they added them in. This would seem different and more blatent a cheap move.
Loc Dog (1 year ago)
We all be missed (no, not really).
Peter G (1 year ago)
They do the same stuff with the first total war and dlcs its all just a big overpriced money scam but Warhammer fans will buy it regardless. Some throw out the theory that buying a dlc army is like buying your own army set in tabletop Warhammer so it's justified but it's really not. Not getting this game
Kazaanh (1 year ago)
Vampire Coast could be also a DLC race-pack.
NotAnotherRoach (1 year ago)
I literally laughed out loud with you turning over those two blank pages! haha
TomeOfBattle (1 year ago)
PCGamesN Thanks for the info!
Grey-Seer Thanquol (1 year ago)
his reference is the stuff of legends *cough skavens cough*
PCGamesN (1 year ago)
Thanks dude! Glad that landed :-)
Orest Paja (1 year ago)
New Thing : Asterix and Obelisk are avavaible as lords for 250$!!! Pre- Order NOW !!!
Loc Dog (1 year ago)
Fo you tlaking about Gotrek & Felix? Gimme a double!
Rance Clear (1 year ago)
Very nice video, impressed.
Quingu89 (1 year ago)
Settra rules! Holy smokes... hold on Necrarhs are in the game, and W'soran at that? Daaaayum!
Aidan Morley (1 year ago)
Todbringer didn't get a unique model and skills until after the Beastmen came out. I just hope they don't try to make buying a DLC race I might not be interested in actually playing a requirement for using one lord in multiplayer this time.
Loc Dog (1 year ago)
So it's just a generic Vampire Lord that called W'soran? Nothing like a Red Duke or Boris Todbringer which atleast has a few unique skills and models?
PCGamesN (1 year ago)
Yep! Just a Vampire sub-faction with W'Soran as a generic leader right now, but here's hoping they get fleshed out in the future. - Rich
Daniel Carlotta-Jones (1 year ago)
Should have been 13 things...
Unnamed Shadow (1 year ago)
lets keep this comment with the current amount of likes. It fits!
Grey-Seer Thanquol (1 year ago)
Skaaaaaaaaaven!!!!!!!!!! best race ever! RING THE BELLS 13 TIMES!
Tanall (1 year ago)
Not only that, but in their release trailer the screaming bell tolls 13 times.
PCGamesN (1 year ago)
Yeah that would've been cool. Here's a twelfth, though: the Skaven were the thirteenth race to be announced across both games. I really hope CA did that deliberately. - Rich

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