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Halo 5: Guardians in 117 Seconds - Part Two | Xbox On

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Text Comments (26)
Jgroth (1 year ago)
I always wondered why Buck reminded me of Malcolm Reynolds.
HaloRingIndex (1 year ago)
i dont like locke so much the only one i like in orisis is buck from H3 ODST locke is stupid im my opinion he trys to bring down 117
Matthew Lynch (1 year ago)
It felt so good getting buck back
JTReviewsPlus (2 years ago)
This explains more than the actual game! Thank you!
manateedotcom (2 years ago)
First of all, Buck actually turned down being a Spartan after offered by Jun in Halo : Reach. Second, Master Chief (In my opinion) is overrated and lucky (For example, at the beginning of Halo : 4, the Elite just exasperated him instead of killing him. WTF. Third, who cares if you play as Spartan Locke and not Master Chief? It is just a game and it is not like it is a TPS or anything, it doesn't affect your gameplay at all (except for the gloves are a different color oh no).
Ralnix (2 years ago)
All I heard at the end was Jammie Dodgers Mmm.
TheImmortalAfro (2 years ago)
So Lock is just driven by emotions? Man. WEAK!!!! I thought this dude was important to the story. He's literally just some butt hurt guy who got lucky at a chance to get buff so he could fight master chief.
Carolyn Grum (2 years ago)
i think im team chief not leaving the man how saved earth like 40 times and one of the men that was the only thing standing in the way of the covenent
Holyman556 (2 years ago)
I'm sorry but why would anyone choose this guy over Cheif? Seems pointless to me...
Eben Matthews (2 years ago)
Thanks a lot for your help!
CajarotSynapse (2 years ago)
What a great-sounding lore!
Mask (2 years ago)
wait b-b-b-buck IS A SPARTAN!!!!!?????!!!!!???? HOW
BoxedTurtle (2 years ago)
Look up: Halo: New Blood, on Halo Follower. Listen, and learn.
Elijah Watson (2 years ago)
He was suggested to be a spartan often, but all Spartans before IV was child soldiers, he the book Halo New Blood he decided to join the Spartan IV
Big Ben (2 years ago)
I don't get this 117seconds format. It's just someone reading you a paragraph as fast as they can. Make it under 5minutes atleast.
P S (2 years ago)
WWWAAHHH I was a kid and UNSC was there and I got out alive by the skin of my pants due to their sacrifice. Must have been their fault. New whiney character backstory, already hate him prob wait for a used version of this game :(
DreamStepper (2 years ago)
+Phillip Sieloff Yeah strange that a 6 year old kid who barely survived and just lost his family wouldn't behave calm and rationally about the whole thing. /s
Moises Arias (2 years ago)
i was 117 like
Arturo Lemos (2 years ago)
Down vote, he went over by 5 seconds! Hey thanks for making these videos they were a ton of fun to watch :).
Will Dudleston (2 years ago)
Please make a halo movie but an actual Hollywood kind of film that is shown in cinemas as all the other movies have been great
TenthSgtSnipes (2 years ago)
So, in 122 seconds?
a tinyshow (2 years ago)
3:25 Who is counting? Me. Your contract has ceased, you've been made redundant and I hope you live the rest of you life away from the rest of civilisation.
lyle desborough (2 years ago)
Hi Xbox I won a contest on a livestream with Ellen and Lydia and won a code for BTTF by telltale but never received it. Thanks
lyle desborough (2 years ago)
Didn't try to be pushy. sorry
Mythic Pilot (2 years ago)
so he's another butthurt UNSC hater ,, interesting
Greedo (2 years ago)

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