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RE LEGEND Kickstarter New Official Trailer ( Upcoming RPG Simulation/Farming Game )

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The New Official Trailer of Re: Legend . Enjoy and Please subscribe and like to support me
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Text Comments (33)
Stella Purple (2 days ago)
Anything for Mac users?
Dark Arisha (11 days ago)
Rune factory live on in this game :)
lune moon (11 months ago)
I really hoped they would move away from the Facebook graphics and bring on a new rune factory :(
TyeMaiShuPLEASE (11 months ago)
silver espeon (11 months ago)
I have to point this out, the player gives a heart shaped food to EMILIA, so... I Love Emilia......I'll leave now
Juan Urdaneta (11 months ago)
A better version of rune factory, interesting
The Boone (11 months ago)
It's no Stardew Valley but it looks damn good.
LeDubKitty (4 months ago)
The Boone that’s because it ISNT stardew valley, it’s not meant to be stardew valley.
Juan (11 months ago)
Joseph De La Rosa (11 months ago)
Ps4 release at all?
Kyle Riley (11 months ago)
Looks awesome! Hope to see it on the switch soon
Genjimaru X (11 months ago)
And here I though Fantasy Life 2 was on Smartphones!!! (Sarcasm). For real though this is the same stuff over and over again! I hope the story is epic and the combat is like DMC fast or I'm not interested...
Genjimaru X (11 months ago)
their are some fast chibi-ish games like FFCC: Echoes in time and Dragon Nest. I'm just bored the slew of slow Rune Factory like games. The combat in those Rune-ish like Fantasy Life are painfully easy. With this many casual games even casual players might get sick of them.... your right though that kind of speed is a stretch for the way it looks...
KetchupOrMayo? (11 months ago)
Lol wtf.. does it look like a DMC game?. You made me spill my drink hahaa.
One less lonely memer (11 months ago)
Abdulrahman Bin Fahad (11 months ago)
Any idea when this is coming out?
Angel Gonzalez (11 months ago)
this is why I'm fucking broke... ramen noodles and koolaid ftw!!
Daniel Quinones (11 months ago)
Instant buy, I love my nintendo switch:-)
NightNeon (11 months ago)
if it will come out on switch, i will buy it no matter how much it cost
knt hyn (11 months ago)
This will come to switch, just don't know when because it's originally made for pc and still in development. They showed the trailer for funding purpose. I gotta admit that this game looks fun to play on switch.
NightNeon (11 months ago)
we should maybe not go over that price i am sold under 100$
Bastian Vega Ríos (11 months ago)
Red Neon 10000.00$ I DONT CARE!!!! :V
Matt Lewis (11 months ago)
Looks cool. Hopefully the harvesting/picking items animation can be sped up a little more though. Will be looking out for this game!
Tattorack (11 months ago)
Hmm... A nice Runefactory esque game to look out for on the Switch.
Rizky M D (11 months ago)
more like fantasy life
Antoine Lessard (11 months ago)
wow this the best game of the century
Dziecko Majnkrafta (11 months ago)
Antoine Lessard haha
A Gamer (11 months ago)
Voidrick (11 months ago)
This looks like a Stardew Valley wannabe, but tbh I think it's at least worth checking out.
LeDubKitty (4 months ago)
Whenever people call games “trying to be stardew valley” as if stardew valley is somehow original. I honestly saw this and immediately thought of windwaker.
Rizky M D (11 months ago)
fantasy life 3ds
Voidrick (11 months ago)
kaliskonig Oh yeah I forgot, Stardew Valley was inspired by Harvest Moon, and it's not the only game of it's type.
kaliskonig (11 months ago)
Looks more like Harvest moon, FL, and Rune Factory.

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