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10 Gamers Banned For DUMB Reasons

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Most bans in gaming are warranted, but some are completely unintentional or...really stupid. Here are our favorite examples. Subscribe for more: http://youtube.com/gameranxtv http://segmentnext.com/2015/07/15/hacked-items-in-dark-souls-2-pc-version-can-still-get-your-account-banned/ https://gamerant.com/battlefield-1-players-banned-too-good/ https://www.reddit.com/r/forhonor/comments/5vd6yi/i_got_banned_even_though_i_dont_even_own_for_honor/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WvK6xE-Bgh8 http://gtaforums.com/topic/793632-next-level-hacking-in-online-screens/ https://www.polygon.com/2017/2/22/14698354/club-penguin-ban-speedruns http://kotaku.com/bioware-is-sorry-they-accidentally-banned-all-those-swt-509627331 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PXrIdCyzZwI
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Text Comments (16560)
gameranx (11 months ago)
Have any of you ever been banned for a dumb reason? .....AAAAND I just called Widowmaker "Black Widow" FFFFS I need coffee
Logical Juan (20 hours ago)
Same thing, really.
rebeljake 16 (19 days ago)
gameranx I got banned from Star Wars battlefront 2 for getting 100+ kills a match 6 times in a row
Dank Memes (1 month ago)
gameranx why u do this I’m a widow main that’s meen u dank memer pls stop bully me
Chao (1 month ago)
I have not but I YouTuber has. His Name is Mrflimfam (somewhere along those lines) he got banned from Roblox by one word "yes". That was word he got banned
Smooth _E (2 months ago)
#dumb reasons
William Vasiladiotis (10 minutes ago)
Yet nobody ever seems to get VAC banned on l4d2 anymore...
iGPU Chip Gaming (2 hours ago)
I almost got banned by a hacker in tf2 he set his name as me I noticed I was being kicked the. I look at kill feed I see me as sniper killing all the other team I say in playing as scout the vote ban failed they started a vote ban on the guy that was me he switches his name to rice gum he ended up banned
bruceonline (4 hours ago)
Guild Wars 2, bought items from a vendor with currency A, sold item at a different vendor for currency B, PermaBanned.
Jasper Candy sweet (9 hours ago)
6:46 BLACK WINDOW. Really???
Jessy Tremblay (9 hours ago)
I got banned on xbox one for not saving an ally with my finka boost amd then he tk'd me and then he trash talked me so I replyed amd I got banned
Legear45 _ (10 hours ago)
I got banned for typing hi, apparently sum dipshit thought it was "abusive" language FFS
Greenpuggie (10 hours ago)
6:46 "black widow"? xD
Frozen Dino (10 hours ago)
heres a story, i did not get banned but its about a guy who should get banned, i was watching my brother playing rainbow six seige and what happened was he was in a match with somebody who was a vigil, and that vigil, is as salty as the pink lake, he wanted the MVP SO BAD that the vigil killed all his team mates including my brother, but i mean, he got what he deserved and died
Mohammed Argaw (10 hours ago)
I was killed on gta 5 with a sudden explosion five times continuously
Toxiic Playz (11 hours ago)
I got vac banned on cs go with 15 knives for wiping a team
The Griever007 (11 hours ago)
6:40 How do you fuck that up?
NootPlaysStuff :/ (11 hours ago)
6:46 black widow??? XD widow maker
Peter Vlieg (13 hours ago)
Leauge of legends For Using a Stream Overlay well rip $1567
NOO NOPE (13 hours ago)
i feel cheaters should be punished more severly say community service for 100 hours etc. I know it wont happen because it be almost impossible to 100% prove said person was the 1 behind keyboard at that time. but still i can dream. sad how many shitters cheat.... i blame the parents.
ThisShit (14 hours ago)
One streamer from my country was baned from twitch bcs he does galon of Milk chalange @herdyn
Titans 101 (14 hours ago)
one time I was banned from a Minecraft server after getting a pet chicken I was running down some stairs jumping a bit as well and all of a sudden poof fly hack ban out of no where.
Commissar Gamza (15 hours ago)
I had my wow account hacked back in 2008, I didn't even know until my friends sent me texts asking me why I wouldn't reply to their whispers lol. I called Blizzard gave them my info and managed to recover the account. 1 week later the account was banned for botting lmao. I tried to get a hold of them and tell them I had just recovered this account and they basically told me "aww poor you"
Static Raizore (16 hours ago)
It´s Widowmaker, not "Black Widow" TRIGGERED 6:44
Nicolas (16 hours ago)
Polo (16 hours ago)
arsh singh is trash at fortnite
Gabryel Mason (16 hours ago)
I got banned of Tf2 for 3 days because I had "used hacking tools", but the kid who reported me made a whole server banned, cause they were all better than him. There was also time I was banned of roblox for Saying "eh"
Captain X Gaming (17 hours ago)
i Have been banned in World Of Tank Blitz for 5 days because of "inccorect modification" wich is weird cuz you cant hack that game. but after 5 days of getting banned for that stupid reason i got free premium account for 7 days . welp lmao
Animalboy59 Vlogs (17 hours ago)
i got banned from pubg for life because someone was using my account and hacking Note:the guy was using every possible hack and stream sniping sooooooo....i tried to reason with them but they had definitive proof of it
LazyWolf (18 hours ago)
98% of LoL bans are for dumb reasons
xX8Bit- RaptorXx (19 hours ago)
OfEnSiVe ITeM: yEs P.s From Albert/ Flamingo
Kazuya Yuza (19 hours ago)
I'm a simple man, I hear PUBG, I downvote.
Riechard Cifrik (20 hours ago)
I got banned for a dumb reason, So i was playing fortnite for like a week or so, not even so much a day, then one time i jumped out the bus, picked up a green tactical shotgun and then my WHOLE COMPUTER GOT PERM-BANNED, that happened in season 1 or 2
Valkbg (20 hours ago)
From this I gather never to play OW. Got it thanks
SkyCoon (20 hours ago)
I was banned from Xbox live without even getting to know the reason, me and my friends swear to each other all the time equally as much and I was banned and they were never banned How tho?
Rain Lol (22 hours ago)
I remember getting banned on minecraft because I had a skin that was too sexy
Spectrum 13 (1 day ago)
so on the final one you kill a youtuber you are banned so then whats the point
Spectrum 13 (1 day ago)
in tf2 if you are a new player you are banned if you wear a hated hat you are kicked and once i was banned from a sever for saying 2 guys geting kills in the spawn room wile spinig are hacking and got 30 people banning me on a sever where there was 5 people on my team
mohmar2010 (1 day ago)
I almost got banned from bo2 because of an xp server i was trying to avoid
Nathan Biddle (1 day ago)
Yeah, telling the truth on Facebook, block straight up
Jeditye (1 day ago)
One ps4 someone was being toxic af on rainbow making group chats and spamming in them I replied fuck off and received a 1 week ban
ImpHax0r (1 day ago)
Nobody ever got "banned" from Pokémon for having their team sheet wrong. Not even disqualified from the tournament. There were a very few cases where players had to remove one of their Pokémon from the team for the competition, which was in fact a very harsh and questionable penalty, but it derives from an approach used at the Pokémon Trading Card Game for years. You should have rather listed the guy who got permabanned from Pokémon for inappropriate behavior (leaving poop in a hotel corridor) outside of the actual tournament. That's both more hilarious and controversial. ;)
ImpHax0r (1 day ago)
What about the guy who got banned from LoL for playing Singed support (while honestly playing to win and having a game plan)?
Ellert00 (1 day ago)
Why is this video written like it's an impromtu conversation. A lot of "and like", "I'm serious" and other unnecessary fluff added to sentences. Really detracts from the enjoyability of watching this video.
Jonathan Laig (1 day ago)
Fortnite once stream snipin cause I knew immidiately that was him phone infront of me and on twich his channel. He shot the guy in front I got hit I knew it was him so I used stream to kill him he knew it was me cause of my name is same on twitch and fortnite so as sorry I dropped all my 2k bits to him
PAUL morton (1 day ago)
I had created an account for one game then when i opened it up it said you are banned for 7 days for cheating quickest ban even
Dvcd Dgsr (1 day ago)
I got banner in snow fight.io for being too good
Fick AK (1 day ago)
back in my minecraft days i got banned from a server for being too good at hunger games
jake machado (1 day ago)
once i got banned in tf2 (remember that?) for being friendly to the other team as heavy and giving enemy's sandviches for health, and i got vote kicked by my team. being kicked doesnt really mean anything because you can just instantly join another game but still kind of funny
Sly_Fox 626 (1 day ago)
Black widow wow I didn’t know the avengers were in orverwatch
Black widow?
rony fajjour (1 day ago)
Dark souls have the best story line u should see it guys rly great and cool
Ibnu Malik (1 day ago)
being banned because of getting scammed is the most annoying thing ever
TR UZ (2 days ago)
Yup I was banned from the cyber cafe next to me just go being too good
Danko Panko (2 days ago)
csgo,got banned for good quickscopes
Commander Ungarr (2 days ago)
I was once banned for just playing the game normally i was in a factions server on MC i got my faction up like 1 mill in worth in like one week of me farming mobs they said I had reach hacks for some odd reason i had never touched any thing in the pvp side of things
Vela Edvardsson (2 days ago)
I got 30 days banned from WarThunder's chatrooms. Here's the full story: So there was a Moderator for a while, not really sure if he's still around or not since I just don't sit in chat rooms anymore. Anyway, he couldn't be arsed to do his job properly at all. It really seemed like anyone he didn't like - whether it was something they said or if they played better than him - would get banned for the flimsiest of reasons. I loaded into a jet match long ago (before the Ho 229 got BR dropped to 7.0 or below) and it was a mixed battle on Norway. I ended up killing his MiG 15 in my uptiered 229 (because Russian bias) and all he said in the ALL chat was "lol okay then". I had the Squadron chat open by default so when the battle finished and I tabbed over to the General Chat to see what everyone was talking about, I see him in there spouting off about how the other Mods need to help him crack down on cheaters slipping through the cracks because one just killed him in a game. I naturally pipe in, simply saying "I'm playing on PS4, I literally can't cheat. But I'm reporting you to the Mod board for foul language and name shaming in the Gen Chat." I SWIFTLY got set to READONLY in all chatrooms (which is the ban for non WT players) and for the next 30 days, anytime I would boot up the game, I would get a lovely little message: "You have been banned for: 30 days. Reason: Foul language, Bad Sportsmanship, Use of Exploits Moderator's comment: Any and all abuse of Gaijin's developer or moderator staff is strictly prohibited. I hope he got caught abusing the Ban Hammer and got hardbanned from ever playing WT again.
Lucas Jura (2 days ago)
Ragzuz (2 days ago)
i once got banned in cs source in a zombie game where i was using the scout the weak bolt action sniper riffle when i did 8 headshots in a row and instantly killed them i laughed soo hard i got a vac ban from that server rofl xd that is just dumb if you can buy the weapon you should not be banned for using it xd if its too op just remove it from that server so it cant be used xd
Ainsley (2 days ago)
All the little forced laughs between speaking make these videos hard to watch ngl..
Ismael Santiago (2 days ago)
What about dunkey?
TheUncagedRage0 (2 days ago)
I got banned for apoarently threatening some 12 year old in Gta. The ban was on Xbox though. It was a terrorist complaint but then one of his friends stated the kid thought i threatened to "Throw his ass in the shower then to the oven." In other words. Auschwitz. I honestly have no idea where that would of came from.
TheMemory (2 days ago)
My god damn life
Isaac Karr (2 days ago)
In a mmo we would get spam flagged people using the banning system as a cheat.
David Daivdson (2 days ago)
Ghost recon phantoms, I eventually got a permanent for having the name "DiggerNick" "TheBiggerDigggerNick" and finally "SnalAex" Thankfully another GM saw it in a more humorous light, unbanned me and gave me a bunch of in game premium currency "for the trouble I had to endure" though o dod have to change my name finally to "MediocreName". I think I still have the emails if anyone's interested.
Sniper Suhas (2 days ago)
Believe me or not I got banned from San Andreas multiplayer Just cause I ran over a guy
Shadow Stalker (2 days ago)
i was banned for prices in my shop being to high and i was perm banned in the server that was not nice for fair
Spy_Man (2 days ago)
I got banned on a minecraft server for cheating... that i actually wasnt lol
Juckris (2 days ago)
Banend from MMO for no reason. yeah boi
Darth Je5us (3 days ago)
I got banned from fortnite for just playing the damn game.
Andrew Schuepfer (3 days ago)
I once got banned from MW2 because the lobby it put me in was hacked and i couldn't back out of it. It reset prestige and locked weapons. Then found out i was unable to get them unless i picked it up from a dead person who was using it.
Transformers2Fan1 (3 days ago)
Not a game really but some people tried to get me banned on various social media accounts because I wasn't willing to sext them, and told them I'd block them if they kept the demands up. The kicker? THEY TURNED OUT TO BE MINORS
Transformers2Fan1 (3 days ago)
That #1 is basically "I'm a streamer and I got killed which is cheating!!!"
yango mango (3 days ago)
ik this is a year old video but on gmod i got banned for defence of myself this dude spawn killed me he thought i would get mad but at the time i didnt know how to use voice chat and i kept calm and told him please stop through the chat system i called a admin and i said what happend and he said no he was spawn killing me and thats enough to get a admin to ban me for a year speech 100.
Bandit11 (3 days ago)
I got banned from a game because a cheater was on my team
ShadowZepplin (3 days ago)
I got chat banned for 7 days on crossout for saying "Obama" in chat
dark wolf (3 days ago)
I got banned on club penguin for saying "hello"
CRINGE MASTERS (3 days ago)
I was banned from a gmod server for "reason" according to the admin.
Virginia Elliott (3 days ago)
banned from club penguin for saying hi
Viking 2121 (3 days ago)
Yeah, I got banned for a week from Battlefield One, I haven't played in months and come back and did ok, and then the next game I was in a lobby full of people who didn't know how to aim and take down air planes, I was 2nd on my team with a little over 50 kills and around 20 deaths, I get banned after trying to join another server. I just had a good round. I'm not banned anymore but I don't like that system, spent over $150 bucks on the games content and get banned? Screw that....
CasualGreekGamer (3 days ago)
the one with gta v was one of the reasons i was banned too i mean when modders freeze you and drop millions on you (and others of course) in seconds you can't do anything to avoid it
ShadowGamer542 (3 days ago)
someone gave me a powerful pistol infite ammo one show into head always head even when i shot body
Maxel (4 days ago)
welp... I got banned for i think it was 30 days in GTA Online for picking up 15 2000$ bags. A few weeks later i got money drops from a modder where i got like 50.000.000$ and i didnt get banned. Then i got money from a friend who was a modder too. He gave me like 750.000.000$ and again... i didnt get banned from that. What is this?!
TerenceGaming890 (4 days ago)
I got a temporary ban from Roblox when I told a guy 'you dumb white people' after he had said a dozen insults against black people XD
The Irellephant (4 days ago)
black widow...lmao
lineseyaether (4 days ago)
honestly stream sniping. well poor sportsmanship and rude should be allowed if you broadcast your location that's your problem now targeted harassment and following someone from game to game using. stream as a weapon, well that's just another form of target harassment which shouldn't be allowed anyway
The gaming sniper (4 days ago)
I don't know if it's true or not but one of my friends told me that the best Torbjörn player got banned for playing as Torbjörn to much.
Shadow (4 days ago)
My 3DS got banned for somereason for like 2 seconds, I got the message one day when I was gonna play some MK7 online, and it said the the system had be deactivated by Nintendo. I then got out of the game back in, and everything was fine. No idea what happened there.
Biohazard Zombie (4 days ago)
Is it weird I want to watch that gta5 video anyone with me
Krynn Firelight (4 days ago)
Clash Royale I got band from 2v2 because my wifi kept cutting out and it said I was being rude .(24 hours )
Comp Wiz2007 (4 days ago)
Use to rent servers, use to admin said servers...   Got many people banned through Punkbuster with screenshot proof..  One well know gamer decided to come to our backwater server, turned on his Hack, poor FOOL thought he wouldn't be noticed. I let him run a little over an hour and several matches.  Submitted concrete proof, said player was banned by PB, said player contested and was able to get his ban lifted..  2 months later caught again and has not competed since..  F#CKTARDS cheat.
GUILLERMO LEAL (4 days ago)
LUL n4, the gta one happened to me, but i leaved the lobby and rockstar dint ban me :)
SuperPenguinZ (4 days ago)
I got banned on COD:WW" for having everything unlocked with 38 days locked on to the account guess I was moving to fast I had a KDA of 3.14 and apparently that's hacking?
Cl0udx (4 days ago)
I got banned on cs:go perma ban played it 3.8 hours total some years back for no reason support refused to explain me for what i got ban sad
WVGamer (4 days ago)
I got banned from cs:go for trolling, how unfair is that?
Asma Hasmalaria (4 days ago)
Well, not really a ban, but I was kicked off or time-banned from servers in mw1 on a regular basis because fuck you. Also I got disqualified from an irl card game tournament because my decklist (which was hand-written) was not clear enough, the refs were debating if there was a "2" or a "3" on the list... yeah...
N_MAN TV (4 days ago)
Umm... The Overwatch Charakter's Name is NOT Black Widow. The Char's named Widowmaker
Creeperandcat IPad (5 days ago)
Hahaha yes I have and I’m happy in ROBLOX I told everybody to report me and I got banned so lol it worked
PixlPenguin (5 days ago)
I got permabanned from a gmod server for telling the owner his loading music was red neck trash
Nathaniel Bathgate (5 days ago)
i got banned from skype with an account i had JUST MADE
crispypeach7 (5 days ago)
was banned for hacking. smh trying too hard
Jordan Viknar (5 days ago)
Now, the game that could fill this list with himself : *ROBLOX*
ALPHA_sh (1 day ago)
actually you can get away with literally anything on roblox, youd be suprised how unmoderated it is.
Beat Box (5 days ago)
Yea in Minecraft on mineplex pretty scary amiright?
Louzsy (5 days ago)
I got banned from a discord for saying ecchi gg
Supermonkey3128 (5 days ago)
My brother got banned from forza horizon 3 for using glitches he found. I know that’s not a dumb reason

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