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How To Beat All 9 Valkyries in God of War

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Here's a guide on how to defeat all of the VERY HARD Valkyries in God of War, including the Queen Valkyrie. Subscribe to GR+ here: http://goo.gl/cnjsn1
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pills andpalmtress (1 day ago)
Greg Jones (2 days ago)
I just stayed on their asses and use EPIC and LEGENDARY sockets
facundo141 (3 days ago)
in the first and second playthrough i did it before actually ending the game. the first time i was playing on normal and it took me a while to defeat the queen, although the other valkiries were easy. on the second playthrough i was playing on give me god of war mode and it took A LONG TIME, you really need to dodge literally everything, but blocking might be better because contering an attack will reward you with damage delt. the best way to beat the queen is to spam everything youve got, for example: 1. find an opening 2.use a runic attack while you use the wolfs runnic summon, the wolfs will damage and stun the boss, giving you enough time to hit her o use another runic attack, the blessings of the frost was key to deffeating her, after a while of hitting her youll have your runic attacks and summon back up again and youll be able to stun lock her again, repeat until she dies
theknight123 -4 (4 days ago)
They are saying that this shit is hard how about u try the defiled chalice in bloodborne
arcengal (4 days ago)
Of course, Sigrun not only doesn't scream "Valhalla!" when going for the big slam attack, but she's also got a unique combo string into it that if you aren't aware of what's happening, you'll get nailed during recovery frames from the roll you just did. She's pretty bad ass. Your main hopes: get better gear, or git gud.
izaias fonseca (4 days ago)
God mode is the way to play those axe swings do to much health lol you gotta do the real challange or it dont count
Charles Parrish (5 days ago)
These valkyries ain't no joke fam. When they wake up, I almost shit on myself. (Pun intended)
CARL WongTW (5 days ago)
Well I'm level 6 with maxed upgraded Tyr's armor set, but still die in a few hits, WTF??!! Got my ass whopped a hundred times by one of the Valkyrie. . . Closest was until 1 last hit and she used a long range attack and Kratos dropped again . . . . Only beaten 2 so far . . DAM YOU
Monkeybro384 (6 days ago)
Killed all of them on the hardest difficulty rocking a solid level 4 ac
Souvagya Rout (6 days ago)
Okay so i had this glitch While in spartan rage the valkyrie was airborne and i punched her making jer fall out of a pit and she lost all her health but i didnt get any reward -_- and am stuck in the arena
Slow Motion (7 days ago)
Love your video thanks for the tips
Armando levario (10 days ago)
How do you evade the flash ? It seems impossible to evade and takes a chunk of life off
Yassin Hani (11 days ago)
These are ******* op they have moves that cannot be dodged that’s sooo stupid
TheGreatNorwie (11 days ago)
i beat the muspelheim valkyre before all the others. i thought all of them was going to be as difficult as her but she was the hardest to beat.
jackie knoff (11 days ago)
I beat them all including the queen and this was before I knew how to put my enchantments in the sockets of my armor and weapons. Lol, I didn't figure out how to do it until I beat the entire game along with niphilhim and musphelheim lol it was an absolute son of a bitch. Lol
john boss (12 days ago)
They should just be called cunts
allen33and88 (12 days ago)
Yep they're bitches lol. The first one is a joke right after you get the chisel. Fully up graded realm shift/frenzy/blessing is the best option i found to deal a huge chunk of damage before they get their bearings and become complete assholes to beat.. I took on cara my first run at the game at like lvl 3. She owned me for hours
Sad Gamer (13 days ago)
I actually defeated the queen in 45min after like 10 tries but the one how drove me nuts is the one who spawns draugr , I defeated her in 3 hours after like 40 tries or something ... they really did a good work on this game
Quincey Ferguson (13 days ago)
Im bout to beat the valks rn thanks
Naïve 47 (13 days ago)
What i did was to use all my runic attacks on it then use the talisman that lets you refresh all runic attack then i use them all again ;)
jackson sing (13 days ago)
This video is more like a dark souls guide
Jose Arancillo III (14 days ago)
The rune stone winged of the chosen makes ur dodge more longer really helps a lot in dodging "Valhala!"
Sergio Morales (16 days ago)
What is this a world championship fight or a great video game?😆
Chet Maxwell (16 days ago)
OMG I've been on this one for 2 hours now. Beat one other & it took me 2 hours. Hopefully blocking instead of dodging will help me lol
Twitch Battleground (16 days ago)
I killed 1 of them. So hard than the final boss.
banankaka larson (17 days ago)
This video really helped me killing a valkyrie so thanks
Fawx Artt (17 days ago)
I h8 these kinds of vidz. Let the players be creative and do it themselves ffs.
Manoj Varughese (17 days ago)
just dealing with sigrun now after I had stopped playing back in April end with story completion. Oh man didn't know this was so fun until having beat all the 8 a couple of days back//
Victor Malone (18 days ago)
The voiceover sounds so enthusiastic.
b00kface (18 days ago)
I prefer berserk, first as soon as near Valkyrie hit axe light and heavy runic then blade heavy and light runic...use Atreus heavy damage runic attack in the beginning...then unlock rage beat em up by that time axe cool down will be completed..use talisman to make timing to attack for 2nd round runic and repeat steps...you might die in between use stone and rage should be full again immediate use rage which will increase health...use talisman again to make timing use 3rd round ..and so on..last Valkyrie needs more tries...to get the timing correct..for last I used talisman in the beginning to align correctly for runic. Don’t forget to evade and block also never stop throwing Atreus arrow u should use rage before dying to get maximum benefit.
Josh A (19 days ago)
This game is frustrating hard lol
Metalsnake (19 days ago)
I remember when Medusa was a pain in the ass until i learned how to roll.
Christian Nunes (21 days ago)
I killed 3 as a lvl 4
Henry Meregildo (21 days ago)
You could also counter attack on gold attacks with the shield
that fit Asian (22 days ago)
Ive got the platinum. Runes r ur bff
ABOOD 990 (22 days ago)
Why they are so dangerous 😥🤕 I can't beat hem
Sean Costa (23 days ago)
I havnt plaed the gane in weeks and ran into one and it fucked
kevn123xxx (23 days ago)
you can beat them starting lvl3. but i play on normal mode. harder modes may need more lvls
Ethan Adamowoch (23 days ago)
Im gonna break this 6:00 min vid to 2 seconds get good. All jokes aside i wish i new these tips before hand. I hade to learn the hard way
Psycho Dog100 (24 days ago)
-Get blades of chaos -get and upgrade Valkyrie amour(best chest armour and gauntlet you can find) -make sure you have full rage -Use your special abilities and rage just before the Valkyrie awakes -use your xp and upgrade you special attacks -use Atreus much as possible, he is more helpful then you think, he can stop some Valkyrie heavy attacks. -pick best socket gems mostly that increase your defence. -play easy mode unless you want a challenge coz there is no trophy for hard mode. You can defeat a Valkyrie in 2mins if you follow this. There is one valkyrie which will summon enemies which is tricky to fight. Ps. Platinum is one of the easiest to get in this game.
Siraj Johnson (24 days ago)
I only think the fire valyrie in the other realm and the last one is hard those two took me more then ten tries i was soo annoyied the other ones i beat in one try
manumons100 (24 days ago)
These aren’t tips these are obvious shit to do. Like “don’t forget if you want to damage press square”
manumons100 (24 days ago)
I beat all of them on GOW mode
ZoZo Jones (25 days ago)
im at the queen, omg
David Spencer (25 days ago)
I'm level 8, defeated all but the queen. She is as hard as nails
Rich Feliz (28 days ago)
That’s how Vikings strip their brides before sexytime
xxx (28 days ago)
Fucking barely
Abul Quamer (28 days ago)
I killed 2 Valkyries in midgard that's about it.. The rest proving to be God of kratos lol beating my a*** like crazy
kickbuttme (29 days ago)
get max gear. set the game to easiest mode. XD hahaha
Streamin North (29 days ago)
The tip about locking on helped a lot, this may sound stupid, but I didn't know how to intentionally to that, and I can't tell you how many times I had to dodge without seeing the valkyrie because she dashed behind me and I couldn't turn around fast enough
jeries mee (29 days ago)
Play on easy, there done.
Derek Hershey (29 days ago)
Sigrun on Hard is hard AF. Took me 25 tries. I'm a Dark Souls vet, and she is as formidable on Hard as a tough Souls boss.
Jason Soundarajah (1 month ago)
I got slapped
Xpert Gamer4627 (1 month ago)
First of all if your skilled enough parry gold attacks
Ihate allthethings (1 month ago)
Bloodborne was easier than this bullshit
Spideydave (1 month ago)
I really appreciate this.
Max Sims (1 month ago)
This was less than unhelpful.
The Normal Driver (1 month ago)
I’ve been stuck on the same Valkyrie for 3 days... granted I’m only level 5 but I get to her last health bar nearly every time and I just fuck it up
Philly Scorpio (1 month ago)
I'm actually doing this now... I've jus beat the game...i have 5 more Valkeries to find & destroy!
Faisal Ghazzawi (1 month ago)
cmooon shes playing that shit on easy level Here are some better tips: 1- Turning to face away from Valkyries during the blind attack will avoid the attack completely. (you can shoot her while she's in the air but its much more risky) 2- Take the berserker stone specially if you have max rage bars. You can instantly use your rage and in case you didn't know, rage starts restoring your HP as you use it. (total HP return can sometimes exceed resurrection stone) 3- The Valkyrie wing block can be broken with either the shield guard break (L1 L1) or Runic abilities (L1+R1 or L1+R2). 4- Take your time to understand their move sets. There are certain combos that Valkyries will use, memorize the sequence, be patient and deal your damage accordingly. Once all the Valkyries are dead, you get to fight the queen. Trust me that shit really really hurts. Took me more than 20 tries...
awychoi (1 month ago)
The gold attacks can be easily parried and give you a couple of secs to put in a few punches. Use it wisely.
DMC86X (1 month ago)
I love this fucking game. 😍
вы делаете гайды будто протекать валькирий на норме? А на сложном либо Боге отчего никто гайдов не делают? Тоже мне хардкорщики.
Hesham Al Omary (1 month ago)
I have killed all of them
Ellyjah Goodson (1 month ago)
I beat 1 at a low level i thin maybe 3 or 4 the one that was under thamurs corpse but i went after the one in the mountain near where atreus screwed up that lift thingy and she assfucked me pretty bad and im at like level 5 rn with the chaos blades at lvl 3. My old stratedgy of evade alot and attack at key moments didnt work again lol
Pro Gamer (1 month ago)
So the most difficult enemies in Gow are these valkyries whom are basically female gender! But women got nothing good lolololol
Neon Ghost (1 month ago)
I thought I was the only one who face this problem lol. For me, what I did, I turn the difficulty to easy but even though easy, I died at least 3 or 4 times before I killed her.
meme cream (1 month ago)
My first valkyrie was Kara, I fought her when I was level 4. She beat my ass so many times. After I beat her, I waited until I was level 6 to fight the rest, and then proceeded to beat every one of the valkyrie in one try. Then I fought the queen and... I got FUCKED BAD. I didn't expect her to be so hard.
mosa skd (1 month ago)
And spartan rage when you attack you get health and double damge to the valkyrie
Lex Snow (1 month ago)
Im lvl4 and im at the first one and im on hard mode so i cant get hit at all and do minimal damage... she is nearly imposssible... lol
Genius Gaming (1 month ago)
Are they all equal in strength? The one near Freya’s place was super easy.
Mark Jansen Dator (1 month ago)
I suggest you learn the valks move first. Im level 4 and beaten two valks, 5 my 3rd. Never used ressurection stones. But damn! I was so stressed out and took me so many tries and hours to defeat one. This game is solid.
kenneth83DK (1 month ago)
Sooo basicly shield roll and spam square, what a wonderful and complex fighting system.
valdr22 (1 month ago)
I've killed 7 so far about to kill my 8th
mads mar (1 month ago)
When i fought the valkyries they were REALLY easy...even the queen...it scares me
Andy O'tam (1 month ago)
The most overpowered enemies anyone could face
deziboy5150 (1 month ago)
I'm on the queen battle and she is hella hard. I'm pushin level 8 but she still beats my ass
da69boylarry1 (1 month ago)
Well broke my tv trying so I don't think I can play for awhile but thx anyway
Fadeel Mailbox (1 month ago)
Where is lenneth?
MALR7 (1 month ago)
I killed the first at level 3
Mr Greenlight (1 month ago)
Its sooo fucking hard i raged so hard
Francisco Mendieta (1 month ago)
Kill 8, down to the last one...she is a BITCH to kill tho. lol
Master Shockz (1 month ago)
Thanks to these god damn valkeries i need a new controller
Daniel Alexandre (1 month ago)
i'm at lvl 4 and i already beat 3 ... so much frustration along the way! ahahah
MrRottweiler72 (1 month ago)
Love the accent
Johnny Tee (1 month ago)
Worse than Cat Woman
kurt kelley (1 month ago)
Light all the torches on the realm towers and you can get an item that deals extra damage to all valkyries
S.D Reviews (1 month ago)
Step 1. Beat the game first. Step 2. Get Valkyrie's Bane, it's a MUST. Step 3. Max out your weapons, and the BOY. Step 4. Get the legendary armor set from Nifilheim! Step 5. Obtain the most powerful rune abilities you can get your sweaty hands on! Step 6. Start killing the lesser Valkyries! Step 7. Fight the Valkyrie Queen over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over (yell at your screen) and over and over and over and over and then FINALLY KILL HER!!! Final Step. Dance, and then wait for the DLC like the rest of us. Also.. I disagree with the 4th tip. I'd much rather be able to activate spartan's rage, do a good chunk of damage, regenerate health, and be able to pick up health stone that the boy finds for me, then regenerate a bit of health, only to lose it seconds later... Could be my play style though, so to each their own.
Bo Diddly (1 month ago)
Rage controller breaking brings people here hahaha
Thomas T (1 month ago)
what is the point of fighting them it feels like the game will end soon but idk its long af
IBM 7 (1 month ago)
I got the platinum trophy in gow4
IBM 7 (1 month ago)
Idk why im watching i already defeated them all
Jor-El Moran (1 month ago)
I hate all these videos that say that you can interrupt the Valkyries with arrows when they do that explosion thing that could one-hit kill you. I played and beat the 8 Valkyries on Give Me God Of War and none of the respond to arrows, only to axe throws. The queen is basically all of them rolled up in one and that bitch just won't die but, I'm gonna get her.I just need to woosah a little and try to be more patient.
EKNATH Ghule (1 month ago)
L. G (1 month ago)
how to beat the valkyries not how to finish the favor.
rythe0109 (1 month ago)
You press buttons until it dies. it didn't have to be 6 mins long video.
furonable (1 month ago)
You beat them by not being a bitch and dodging/evading 97% of the time and hitting them once or twice in between
Andrew Johns (1 month ago)
I beat all 8 but the queen is kickin the shit outta me! Most of her attacks I can parry or avoid but when she jumps into the air and slams down on kratos I can not for the life of me avoid it!
dr_batman_md (1 month ago)
Never knew you could lock on with R3, wow.
J Sanchez (1 month ago)
Rebel Wilson??

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