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Top 13 Best PSP Games on Android | PPSSPP Emulator

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Best PPSSPP games for android and iOS and also windows you just need ppsspp emulator to play they are all PSP games 2nd part:- top 14 best ppsspp games android:-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xh-Szmf1h-4&index=1&list=PLelBxnKoB81MIwz5gRzZJhDOX9mEuqxfp THANK YOU ALL FOR 10K+ SUBSCRIBERS :D It took way too much time but hope you like it :) Download PPSSPP Emulator from playstore and from official site for windows So this is new list just of PPSSPP games this I found best just download the file and run it through ppsspp emulator. You can play this games offline ;) Games are great high graphic running on android and there is no lag you may find little bit on some games its also just because of screen recorder but games are fine to play. Download links:- Every Game you can find on emulator paradise website just search Iso for above game name in google and download it from that website. When you download that file extract it once folder will create then look at bottom one main rar file will be there extract it again you will get iso just load it then. Wwe all stars,dbz budkoi tenkiachi and dbz tenkiachi tag team not sure above game link because it was saved on my laptop I have downloaded it long time ago but you may find on same website. Above games you mat not find on that website so here are the links:- Just extract the first part with all other with it load that Iso and play Monster hunter portable 3D Part 1-http://www.4shared.com/get/hQ5IIwuoba/MHP3rd_v5part1.html part 2-http://www.4shared.com/rar/RoGDcatMba/MHP3rd_v5part2.html Part 3-http://www.4shared.com/rar/OQ0phLV3ce/MHP3rd_v5part3.html 3rd birthday party:- Part 1:-http://www.filefactory.com/file/1bqlex0c45a9/pa-t3bdayfix.part1.rar Part 2:-http://www.filefactory.com/file/5cztf2eupx47/pa-t3bdayfix.part2.rar Part 3:-http://www.filefactory.com/file/22tavdarwwgr/pa-t3bdayfix.part3.rar Final fantasy type 0:- http://nicoblog.org/psp/final-fantasy-type-0-english-patched/ Be sure to follows steps above ad pops up many times so don't get annoyed just download all parts of it and extract first one. This are all the links from where I downloaded the file. Settings for ppsspp:- 1)first try to play with the already save setting on your ppsspp if doesnt work follow above 2)rather rendering should be buffer rendering or skip buffer try any one of that the one looks good save it 3)choose frame skipping off or 1 try which is suitable for speed 4)or choose auto frame skip 5)if speed is still lagging try increasing frame skipping to 3,4,5 as suitable Just make above changes and don't touch any other settings. In game music:- 1)Fahreo- Cloud Ten:-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yzirKVtSERU 2)Toby & Jim Yosef- Miracle:-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RyHPL6TdE54 3)Vexento- Floating with you:-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aNSn3RW0xmI 4)Unison- Translucent:-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yPPuloAGvwA Intro music-Halvorsen- she got me like- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HSF3PneTBDU&feature=youtu.be,
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Text Comments (245)
Umesh Dhiman (1 month ago)
No never this app is never ghaaaast
Dandhi Ari (1 month ago)
Please share setting mh3rd bro
Travis Depola (2 months ago)
Weird intro bro
Touch'O Denn (2 months ago)
what's your PPSSPP settings?
King Slayer (5 months ago)
What about WWE raw Vs smack down 2011
GAMING WITH HACKER (5 months ago)
GAMING WITH HACKER (5 months ago)
intro music
Chucky the F*%ck (6 months ago)
Extraa Extra (6 months ago)
MHp3rd is laggy
Woundedstork (7 months ago)
Please remove the music immediately
Ferdinand Madarang (8 months ago)
Best psp games download website is emuparadise no ads direct download
Roby Not Your Business (9 months ago)
Wait...mgs? Ooooooohhh babyyyy
your gamer (9 months ago)
These are 😰😰 offline
The Dominant one (10 months ago)
Which android device you are using in this video
Jerix Playz (10 months ago)
Low mb for android pls upload
Zachary C. (11 months ago)
7 fucking ads wtf no
Samir Khadka (1 year ago)
How to donwlode Dragon ball z
Tiger Gaming (8 months ago)
Samir Khadka emuparadise
Pear Ross (1 year ago)
So many damn anime games you must be an Asian.
Pear Ross (1 year ago)
So many damn anime games you must be an Asian.
Habil Habil (1 year ago)
OMG kill yourself Gay Intro at the beginning
كل شيء (1 year ago)
not bed
iphone on android (1 year ago)
rip zyzz
john basco (1 year ago)
give me the list of the game pls
Monkey Juju (1 year ago)
top 13? could your phone not fit the extra 2 to make it a sensible number or something
Devi Margadisastra (1 year ago)
what is the bgm name
Road_to_ BigStar (1 year ago)
Fighting, shooting, shooting, fighting, shooting, shooting, fighting, fighting DISLIKED ALREADY
Dwi Prasetyo (1 year ago)
What smartphone are you using ???
Renuka Beypi (1 year ago)
wats the other earlier videos at the end. really wanna know it. n thnks alot for this video😊
Hey It's Elijah (1 year ago)
y ar u guys just focusing on the music tho? if you dont like it then DONT WATCH!😠
Hey It's Elijah What they wanted to know the game not the music
Renuka Beypi (1 year ago)
Red Solis i agree wit u
Doctor Octopus (1 year ago)
Are you fucking retarded
Chris Handsome (1 year ago)
that intro has to go
LazySinnerGirl (1 year ago)
dammit the dissidia 012 is making me cry -_- it doesn't work on my tablet ugh it looks to good
engku hardi (1 year ago)
to much lagging xD
Omega Shenron (1 year ago)
Dimas Galdino (1 year ago)
Que celular é esse que tá rodando God of War?
SS Productions. (1 year ago)
Manga Artist (1 year ago)
vinhere is anywhere😲
arvind gharde (1 year ago)
what are you duck
Domenico Di Pilato (1 year ago)
fuck this shit music
Tapu (1 year ago)
haven't u played naruto ultimate ninja impact. its the best game suite for ppsspp emulator with certain settings
angelo trujillo (1 year ago)
Naruto Mobile is better . rethink your sentence and thank me later
Tapu (1 year ago)
naruto ultimate ninja impact the best game i ever played on my phone
Neeru Saxena (1 year ago)
brother my psp games are lagging too much can u make a video of ppsspp best settings please
DaGamingMonster (1 year ago)
Ummm Excuse me I was wondering of the final fantasy game that were playing at first why is the graphics bad when I played it in the PSP its not (Im here becuase I lost its CD) and also please tell me the title I would love to play it even if the graphics is crap in ppsspp
WinterBoyYT (1 year ago)
roxas3soraxxx (1 year ago)
Final fantasy type 0 has such high graphics i cant run it properly
Blake Arthur (1 year ago)
Naruto shippuden ultimate ninja impact Should have been included
D'amerian Drakeford (1 year ago)
finally subed
Madhu Bond (1 year ago)
why u say lie 47thousand subscribers
KillZo Breaks Ankles (1 year ago)
Madhu Bond retarded
Cyril Minnis (1 year ago)
U have good taste
aryaツ (1 year ago)
omG its God of War , my prö pic 😁
totoro1738 (1 year ago)
good music (love the mlg edit aswell) and great video +1 subscriber
Megu OMega (1 year ago)
TheCoolGuyxXx69 XD i can see you're profile picture is an expression
Malaria (1 year ago)
Vicky Dela Cruz (1 year ago)
how can i download the Final Fantasy
Ginto Mcallister (1 year ago)
dude in coolrom
Bryan Domingo (1 year ago)
Vicky Dela Cruz emuparadise
Unplugged Rung Pahadi (1 year ago)
what's the track at the starring
kei lebron (1 year ago)
what version of monster hunter 3rd should I use? hd or not? I'm using android phone btw.
Ryan Rizaldi (1 year ago)
What song?
Cezr Zepeda (1 year ago)
Final Fantasy Tactics, Def Jam Fight for NY, and Sims 2 all work just fine on my phone. I use a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 if anyone's wondering.
Paragon (1 year ago)
who the heck is Toby
zDuo GamingHD (1 year ago)
What THE FUCK is that intro?!
Shabbir Alam (1 year ago)
I wonder what device he is using
Oppo Lay (1 year ago)
Riham (1 year ago)
i subscribed can you subscribe me back
Bushi (1 year ago)
I see he never did it 😂
Matt Maillet (1 year ago)
your dumb
what phone did you use to play these games?????
Peter Amil Inojales (1 year ago)
3rd birthday wont work
Aveek Datta (1 year ago)
I have an octacore 617 snapdragon processor with 3 gb ram but still god of war runs very slow..what's ur processor that it was running without any lag
Aiman Najmi (1 year ago)
you had to make a best setting for the game
Loli FBI (1 year ago)
what lind of android phone to play all those game..i mean my phone lag as hell just play cod road to Victory..
知らない人 (1 year ago)
Charllson adjust the settings,watch the best settings for ppsspp 2016 on YouTube
raju Boora (1 year ago)
what is song name plz.. tell me
Megu OMega (1 year ago)
raju Boora You mean please can't You even spell
ALWAYS SMILE (1 year ago)
raju Boora Read the description...You'll find the songs title
X. .x (1 year ago)
with monster hunter 3d emulator force closed :( .. i have 2gb ram 4cores .. what happen??
GreenBayLyfe (9 months ago)
People are dumb... RAM is not your storage
KUROSAKI ICHIGO (1 year ago)
X. .x the game is 3gb...that why
Thwighs (1 year ago)
X. .x you cant play that version of monster hunter on an emulator you need to download the hd one if thats not the hd one
Gamer Dwayne (1 year ago)
can u give the download links
ALWAYS SMILE (1 year ago)
Gamer Dwayne u just can find it at emuparadise or nicoblog...
Ace Usana (1 year ago)
Vinishere tnx bro im so really thankful i just played it and I follow all your steps THANK YOU MAN! please if u have time make a video also of Yu-gi-oh tagforce 6 english pack of how to download it because man your the onlu youtube that I know that tells the truth and your the only youtube that I know that help the people KEEP UP THE GOODWORK man! THANK YOU VERY MUCH
VinIsHere (1 year ago)
+Ace Usana when you extract through mobile it get extracted with it when you extract part 1 in PC too but sometime you have to load the file sometime you don't just in PC.
Ace Usana (1 year ago)
+VinIsHere you sure that im not going to do anything in the part 2 and 3 monster hunter?
Ace Usana (1 year ago)
+VinIsHere ok i'll try bro tnx for your help
VinIsHere (1 year ago)
+Ace Usana You can do one thing try extracting it through PC winrar app sometime mobile rar couldn't extract every parts properly so try that it should work If it doesn't probably just phone problem.
Ace Usana (1 year ago)
+VinIsHere man I do these steps first download the 3 parts after 2nd extract the First one with RAR app 3rd I oppened the ppsspp app and play the game and watch all cutscenes and poof all of my buttons are stucked and it is very black
Ace Usana (1 year ago)
Vinsihere bro how do i extract those 3 files of monster hunter 3rd? im on mobile do i use Zarchiver?
Ace Usana (1 year ago)
+VinIsHere thanks man your the best
VinIsHere (1 year ago)
+Ace Usana an Iso file will get created just open that file through ppsspp emulator.
Ace Usana (1 year ago)
+VinIsHere after i Extract it with RAR app what should I do next?
VinIsHere (1 year ago)
+Ace Usana Use Rar app extract first part
Ace Usana (1 year ago)
Does monster hunter 3rd is english packed?
Ace Usana (1 year ago)
Ace Usana (1 year ago)
VinIsHere (1 year ago)
+Ace Usana Yes
Ace Usana (1 year ago)
Vinsihere does the monster hunter 3rd is english packed? please reply
ALWAYS SMILE (1 year ago)
Ace Usana You can download the patched one from nicoblog....I guess just try to find it at nicoblog
VinIsHere (1 year ago)
just made a part 2 of best 14 ppsspp games check out:-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xh-Szmf1h-4&index=1&list=PLelBxnKoB81MIwz5gRzZJhDOX9mEuqxfp
Chevy Chelios (1 year ago)
select all files that inside extraction folder then right click it, select extract again. It should be extracting those files to ISO.
AnB - Pulse (1 year ago)
dhany cs But When I Extract.. There's Was No Rar file
Chevy Chelios (1 year ago)
+H20 Dynamo Just go to emuparadise site, download, extract, and play.
AnB - Pulse (1 year ago)
VinIsHere How to Download Metal Gear solid Peace Walker
VinIsHere (1 year ago)
+dhany cs mode to rather buff rendering or skip buffer try auto frameskip on if already on then off try this thing.
Sabyan Ali (1 year ago)
Numpang share gan ni kumpulan game PPSSPP Android https://cusromrobot.blogspot.co.id/2016/09/kumpulan-game-ppsspp-atau-psp-android-high-compressed-terlengkap-2016.html
Arief Heiqal (1 year ago)
Cusrom Robot asal malaysia ke indo
Leon Botha (2 years ago)
i have the worlds worst pc, and PPssPP works beautiful on it specially GoW and The 3rd Birthday...just remember to set your ppsspp cpu to 222mhz
KillZo Breaks Ankles (1 year ago)
Leon Botha how?
Cool Sanish (2 years ago)
will these games work on gionee f103
Zakwan Pro033 (2 years ago)
I very like game fifa street 2,god of war and assassin creed.
Vantuir Adossantos (2 years ago)
o psp é magico
CINE GASM (2 years ago)
have a look at my channel guys
CINE GASM (2 years ago)
watch my video at ....https://youtu.be/DVyE0d3ESvc
Boi Ushima (2 years ago)
How to get link the monster hunter 3 english?
JustCallMeHomie (2 years ago)
Can someone teach me how to download games that has parts? Like for example the Monster Hunter Portable 3rd has 3 parts. I also want to download Digimon Advanture English Patch but it has 9 freaking parts. Somebody please
C'sniper Sy (2 years ago)
sorry if my english is bad .. heheh .
C'sniper Sy (2 years ago)
just downloaded all parts and then after you finish the downloading of all parts... just extract the part 1 you don't need to extract all just part 1 bro. ok... you can extract it to ur phone using a zarchiver ... just click zarchiver and then click the part 1 of ur rar filea and thats it.. just wait until finish ur extracting and after finish u see a file name iso files... remember this bro. u don't need extract all parts only part 1 ok.. 😉😉😉
Christian Liciaga (2 years ago)
does anyone know what that first racing game was
jahboidb (2 years ago)
how do you have monster hunter 3rd in English? is some stuff in Japanese? is it a patch or an option
ALWAYS SMILE (1 year ago)
jahboidb Downlaod it from nicoblog i guest...
Tasuroxy Nightmax (2 years ago)
its the hd version
jahboidb (2 years ago)
+VinIsHere just have to extract part 1? thanks for the reply by the way!
VinIsHere (2 years ago)
I downloaded from the link in description it was already in English.
They Have Make Possible PSP In Android ? Wow. the Tech Today Is Truly High
aditya salunkhe (2 years ago)
Doom Stalker (2 years ago)
plss..can anyone suggest which playable ppsspp games and which is smoother to play
C'sniper Sy (2 years ago)
god eater burst, dargon ball z shin budokai, prince of persia, 3rd birhtday..
Retro Gamer (2 years ago)
i liked every video of yours and also i subscribed you if u could also it would be great
Justin wirosemito (2 years ago)
will it lag on my s3 i19300?
Marcus Le (2 years ago)
I download ppsspp and 3 parts of mh3rd ,what I gonna do next?
Marcus Le (2 years ago)
And how can i play it online
Marcus Le (2 years ago)
Yay, can do it, thanks.
VinIsHere (2 years ago)
+Marcus Le extract the first one other two will get extracted with it only one Iso file will be created
Marcus Le (2 years ago)
And then I got 3 iso file?
Marcus Le (2 years ago)
Extract 3 file ?
u inspired (2 years ago)
Pls tell small mb game of psp any link
Leon Botha (2 years ago)
going to get "the 3rd birthday" right now...thanks for the video
Kemo Kemo (2 years ago)
at 2:10 that dude did the same thing i was doing😂😂😂😂 good music tho
BoowieKun (2 years ago)
haha me and my brother did that too
박호균 (2 years ago)
please watch me my videoes^^
wow music
Txgamer (2 years ago)
does this games work on galaxy j1???
B O P (1 year ago)
kenpachi zaraki shin bodokai doesn't lag that much
mѕ. rízє (2 years ago)
Txgamer (2 years ago)
does this games work on galaxy j1???
BAYERN MUNCHEN (2 years ago)
That (the rock bottom) looks like a tomahawk dunk lmao
DarkAtomz (2 years ago)
Zyzz forever mirin
alan yang (2 years ago)
the other best PPSSPP games are 1.Toukiden Kiwaimi 2.God Eater 2 3. Musou Orochi 2 Special 4. Macross Triangle Frontier (1,2,3) 5. Naruto Ninja Impact
Angel Castro (11 months ago)
ALWAYS SMILE the same goes for me its my favorite of all time lots of ending and different storylines loved it
ALWAYS SMILE (1 year ago)
Ampersand thats the best game...i really like it
Ampersand (2 years ago)
P3P anyone?No?Fine.
VinIsHere (2 years ago)
Thanks for Suggestions I will add it when I make second part of it.
Galaxy S7 Game (2 years ago)
good game,--> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Pt4OW3EM_8 -->https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.destroy.letter.destroyletter

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