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What Killed Spyro The Dragon?

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Spyro The Dragon is looking to make his big comeback in 2018, but how did he fall into darkness for so many years? Jake takes a look. Subscribe for more: http://youtube.com/gameranxtv
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Text Comments (3063)
gameranx (7 months ago)
Hopefully the new Reignited Trilogy does the series justice.
Zero (14 hours ago)
Oh believe us, it really does
Sweaty Fonzy (1 day ago)
It did
Anxey playz (1 day ago)
I does
Nord (1 day ago)
It does!
T K (3 days ago)
Beuq I was skeptical of the controls since the first gameplay footage. Now I can say the controls are different but they are easily workable. They don’t feel bad at all.
Junniper (4 hours ago)
Wow, I honestly 100% believed there were only 3 games. Now playing Reignited and loving it :)
KingofReverie (6 hours ago)
People didn't like Enter the Dragonfly? Shit the things I didnt know before I had internet. I played the shit out of Enter the Dragonfly. The Monkey Monastery is probably the most memorable level from my childhood, love the concept, the soundtrack and bombing minigame
Noah Bedford (6 hours ago)
it was probably the death of the platforming genre that killed him
EntermateStar (7 hours ago)
Three days ago this series got the revival it deserved, lets all hope it sells well so we get Spyro 4 my doods. Crash already got his 2019 game confirmed, Spyro needs one too
Rj B (9 hours ago)
This made me cry. Thinking about how much Spyro has been apart of my life and it's finally back in it. I just got the reignited trilogy today and I'm playing it. So many chills
Zachary Whitt (14 hours ago)
Dracke Stalen Torgen (16 hours ago)
The same thing i think they dhould do for crash continue with new games from the point the remasters end with new versions of crash 4 and spiro 4
Bangs McKoy (23 hours ago)
I think what killed it was the increasing popularity of online multiplayer
Carnilla (1 day ago)
Spyro dawn of the the dragon was my first and is my favorite spyro game :3
Mr.StealYoGurl (1 day ago)
I got a Spyro ad on this video
12champion (1 day ago)
I had always hoped that a darker Spyro game would come out and Spyro is an adult dragon that can really do some damage.
kidd tatted (1 day ago)
Year of the dragon and riptos rage are always #1
GSTACK57 (1 day ago)
Dawn of the dragon was good
Rayla Kame (1 day ago)
"But it's 2018, and the dude's nowhere to be found." Oh, the irony of that statement. Especially since Reignited Trilogy was announced several days before this video was released.
Chinley Hinacay (1 day ago)
I was trying really hard to pay attention but I couldn't stop singing Youtube Whore with the music
dorian french (1 day ago)
I hope they decide to remaster the Legend of Spyro series. The first game will always be my favorite but the second series was really good
New beginnings,dark moon,ect
B noza (1 day ago)
He didn't just die, he was murdered...
Matthew Lauer (1 day ago)
Now is a good opportunity to develop a new Banjo Kazooie game
Welp, that's a lot of Spyro games. I only knew 4.
Benny Pearson (1 day ago)
I love Spyro so happy they made a remake. I loved dawn of the dragon as well. But sky landers is where I drew the line, that was completed effed up. Was not even Spyro.
Dave Court (1 day ago)
Shooters and parents slacking and letting their kids play killing games did it.
icestorm80 (1 day ago)
7:21 what the **** happened to sparx!? who did this? who hired him?
Magistr (1 day ago)
Revival Of ORIGINAL!
Alan Najera (1 day ago)
Well I already finished the trilogy and I’m not at all disappointed
Zerri (1 day ago)
i think i've got all the spyro games for ps2. i was really happy when i got a new ps2 years after my previous one broke.
SirEvilestDeath (1 day ago)
This autoplayed for me right after the Spiro Reignighted Trilogy review on this channel lol.
Fenris Ulfr (1 day ago)
Revival of the original. The first game is my favorite and I want a revival of the series. Keep it Spyro. Keep it fun. Don’t change what we love. Get woke, go broke!!!!
Your Uncle John (1 day ago)
He was never dead and you’d be a complete idiot to think he was. His spin off games (like Skylandeds) were just bad for him.
Jergens Herbit (1 day ago)
Maybe now I can beat the flying levels
BloodNinja2025 (1 day ago)
I want more legend of Spyro I had the first one and I loved it
Lolbit The great (1 day ago)
I’ve started with dawn of the dragon I would really love a cross over with Spyro the third game from reignited trilogy as a sequel to dawn of the dragon while combining all enemies from both games and i would also love if that released thet game for iOS and other mobile devices or even for the switch or Xbox 360
Jason Antonucci (1 day ago)
Activision's quote on skylanders couldn't be more wrong. Goes to show they have no idea what they're talking about half the time
Meme Iselfaneye (1 day ago)
Insomniac's departure, the very next game you could already feel all the magic sucked out of it.
I think like with all games it was all to do with ‘SALES’ and the game just couldn’t continue .
Nirwana (2 days ago)
Well, this video didn't aged well :D
Jon Idoncair (2 days ago)
i got a spyro remake gameplay ad narrated by snoop dogg, i feel blessed
Zenioxy (2 days ago)
ok but where is jak and daxter
I killed Spyro the Dragon. 🥺 Recorded him having sex with another mythical creature and put it online. It was supposed to make him huge dammit like Kim Kardashian.
Megan Bell (2 days ago)
Am I the only one who thought the Legends games were perfectly fine? I thoroughly enjoyed them growing up (though I will admit, buying the Wii version of Dawn of the Dragon was a mistake, motion control-based combat is the WORST.).
It's_Shadow_Bruh (2 days ago)
I would like to see a remake of it
It's_Shadow_Bruh (2 days ago)
I like a hero's tail
Kitsune's Moon Cat (2 days ago)
The remake is amazing! It’s the original three in prefect updated graphics, and sorry but Skylanders was not enough! It wasn’t focused on Spyro and I lose interest! Spyro is my all time favourite game! I’d love more games using the original three but kinda longer and maybe an extra two or three characters you can play as from the originals but Skylanders took that aspect too far, I really enjoy Skylanders as a game but I do not see enough connection to spyro to actually agree that it’s a spyro game
Dark Scream (2 days ago)
I just got an ad for Spyro before this
mousek801 Mousek801 (2 days ago)
Every gamer gets a little older when their loved childhood franchises get murdered in front of them.
Charles Savignac (2 days ago)
Spyro reigned trilogy came out today and man it’s so nice see Spyro in all his glory again. They are the same three game but better.
Austin Cooney (2 days ago)
I think they should finish the Spyro games after the last one they made cuz ya it was hard but had a good story to it and it took me a lil while to beat it but I want to know if Spyro and cinder ever make it to adult hood what happened to the rest of the dragons and all tht so I say they should start it back up and finish the series out to whem Spyro is all grown cuz we only seen pictures of a purple dragon on walls in the previous games and some think it's Spyro or the dragon you faced in the last game but they should finish Spyro story line out till he is a old man dragon we only seen him as a kid and teen in all the games I want to see him as an adult and Wat his life has in store maybe more difficult levels maybe he has kids maybe he fights in another war I mean they got so many options they could use to make more games so I really hope they remake it espically for the ps4 and the upcoming systems
Chaofun (2 days ago)
Adam Mulvey (2 days ago)
Rafail Kekes (2 days ago)
My favorite was Dawn of the Dragons and te neew Rygneited trilogy
MegaPlayDoe (2 days ago)
I need a Tak & The Power Of JuJu remake
TehhDraft (3 days ago)
Favorite Spyro game was number 1, and i'm surprised number 2 had higher ratings. For me, Spyro 1 had this incredible feel, it was like a mix of the music and the artwork that gave you an awesome nostalgic feel
Hoodini2571 (3 days ago)
1:09 looks like giant crash
Spindash 2002 (3 days ago)
The Legend of Spyro is literally the Pac-Man World 3 of Spyro xD
Jzilla (3 days ago)
There should be a new Spyro and Crash Bandicoot TBH!
Jzilla (3 days ago)
I had Spyro on PS1 then I had I think year of the Dragon on Gameboy then I got Spyro Eternal and Dawn of the Dragon and then it ended. Same for crash, Except I had crash on Gameboy advanced, Xbox and Ps2.
Jzilla (3 days ago)
Spyro had an amazing soundtrack and those skyboxes. Fucking amazing with those weird goblin type enemies and Rhinoks.
Throwing Douglas (3 days ago)
Thumbs up if spyro year of the dragon was the highlight of your childhood
seige king (3 days ago)
I think a darker spyro could be fun but it would take away from the childhood memories a bit and my favorite spyro game by far was spyro year of the dragon
Michael Hensley (3 days ago)
Skylanders did if they continued original stories it would still be making new games.
Ben Jackson-Smith (4 days ago)
After the original trilogy, they messed up majorly by not bringing it to the next hen consoles and instead going handheld. If they would have made more ps2 then 360/ps3 games they might of saved it
Everyday Gamer (4 days ago)
I want Spyro where your the dragon killing the knight and capturing the princess 👸
Everyday Gamer (4 days ago)
It could be called Spyro the lost kingdom
T K (4 days ago)
Rushed production of Enter the Dragonfly killed the series
Im Stupid (4 days ago)
2018 spyro
xXVexi_SkyeXx (6 days ago)
I think the original 3 are great games. Just brilliant in fact. However I prefer the legend of spyro trilogy for its darker story and more stylized graphics while not being overly edgy with its story and characters. Also the voice acting is very good
Itz Fitzo (6 days ago)
Year of the dragon I hands down the best game I've played in my life
Jay Browne (6 days ago)
I really want a remake of ape escape
Joe Doe (6 days ago)
Spyro never dies. All good things must come to an end.
The thumbnail infuriates me
Phews (6 days ago)
i havent playd spyro games but i think its going to be cool
rainmonitors (6 days ago)
I grew up with Year of the Dragon, an all time favourite game, but I adored the Legend of Spyro series as well. It brought a new combat system and deeper lore to the series, along with good voice acting from Elijah Wood and Gary Oldman. Between learning new breath attacks, actual flying, and dark spyro, the series was pretty good imo, just different to the originals. I love them both.
Bellagrl32 00 (6 days ago)
Alicia Bell (6 days ago)
Foster L (7 days ago)
Bruh, it comes out this month...
Rhyno Gaming408 (7 days ago)
I'm very excited for this. I also hope that someday some company will make a Sly Cooper remastered trilogy as well. Is that just me or do other people hope that too?
Kapella LP (7 days ago)
Shitstorm Video!
Rewhis (7 days ago)
Nintendo DS killed it
KWW Wrestling (8 days ago)
i just came here for skylanders because im not a "90s boy"
cute pie (8 days ago)
Spyro never dies, he’s recreated every ten generations if you listen in the game..
NinjasIn Pajamas (8 days ago)
I actually LOVED Spyro A New Beginning. Its the game that always comes to mind when I hear Spyro, and the graphics were awesome.
Crystal m (8 days ago)
I would like to see spyro grow up and all friends in a game
Crunchtime LFB (9 days ago)
I like the Spyro games. The third one year of the dragon is my favourite. I’ll like the idea of it being rebooted, better graphics and get the next generation of kids to play a classic game on today’s consoles. I’ll hope to see this reboot get positive reviews. After this I’ll like to see the story of Spyro continue from this into a hero like in later games and to reintroduce characters like Ember, Cynder, Ignites and all those characters. Maybe make a whole new game that has all the memorable characters like these characters in trilogy like Elora, agent 9 all them and have other characters like Ember and Cynder to be ALL in one game fighting in this style that the trilogy is and defeat a common enemy.
Dom (9 days ago)
I'm sad it's not on pc
Miranda Foster (9 days ago)
I'm not even gonna watch this video. I'm just here to respond to the title..... skylanders.
Ian Vincent (9 days ago)
The problem is that the n64 platformers controlled Better which Sony got away with on the ps1 but on the ps2 it just felt off when you then had jak and daxter and ratchet and clank that built on the n64 games and spyro that still wasn't as good
Cyndi Q (9 days ago)
Played Spyro until it started release on Nintendo. Loved them all. Have been waiting for this for almost a year now (only reason I purchased PS4 PRO was because it 1st said it was only going to be released on PS) and as soon as could pre-order I did. Then it got cancelled; made me sad - Sony said charge was cancelled because the release date was not met and changed to another time. Waiting to see if it makes the current release date before I RE-purchase - I am SO looking forward to it - and HOPEFULLY new games after it's HUGE success :)
Carter Campbell (10 days ago)
Yes I want it to come out on Xbox one
dragon dagger (10 days ago)
what was the spyro game i used to play as a kid when spyro could drive a tank, that one was my favorite i still remmeber playing it nd eating BLTs
Rusty Crestmore (10 days ago)
The shit hit the fan with Enter the Dragonfly
KURIRIN (10 days ago)
I actually played hero's tale more recently and I still love it , I was hoping it would get a remaster but hey I'll take what I get coz I love spyro .
Xcaliburz Storm (11 days ago)
Jonathan Sullivan (11 days ago)
The Reignited Trilogy is looking very promising to me. Just a little over a week and I'll be taken back to my 3rd grade 1998 childhood. Best times of my life.
Crash Bandicoot (11 days ago)
2016: Ratchet and Clank (Reboot) 2017: Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy 2018: Spyro Reignited Trilogy 2019: Jak and Daxter Reboot?
ZGoten (12 days ago)
I mean, shit games did it, right?
Egyptana (12 days ago)
Eternal nigth it's impossible... Hard... Ultra difficult...
Hynotama (13 days ago)
MediEvil was also announced. Apparently that too is getting a remake. Which I’m very happy about. I really like the whole graveyard/spooky/Halloween-ish aesthetic.
CT 0872 (14 days ago)
*WARNING: UNPOPULAR OPINIONS AHEAD* I like the OG Spyro, Legend of Spyro, and Skylanders. Yep. I have actually developed the brain capacity to understand that all three Spyros are in different universes. If you dislike my opinion, then that's your problem, not mine.

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