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What Killed Spyro The Dragon?

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Spyro The Dragon is looking to make his big comeback in 2018, but how did he fall into darkness for so many years? Jake takes a look. Subscribe for more: http://youtube.com/gameranxtv
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gameranx (3 months ago)
Hopefully the new Reignited Trilogy does the series justice.
Wizardcor 9 ... um sorry but by the footage of Spyro 1 and 2 remade (we will eventually see Spyro 3 as well) i dont think that its gonna bomb. Now Bubsy was wasted garbage that nobody asked to come back yet our memes caused the bobcat to recieve a nervewrecking unnecessary new game 21 years after the atrocity that was Bubsy 3D. Everyone thought Shaq-Fu gets no new game yet that one got a sequel and Barack Obama DLC. We live in a time where Shrek 5 and other weird stuff is happening. Toys for Bob making Spyros remake is nothing compared to that.
Nicholas Barton breh the reignited trilogy remakes Spyro 1, Spyro 2 Riptos Rage and Spyro 3 Year of the Dragon from the groundup just like how the N. Sane Trilogy remade Crash 1, Crash 2 Cortex Strikes Back and Crash 3 Warped anew. They even revived Stormy Ascent for the first game and made Future Tense for Crash 3. If there is any scrapped stage or general content left out of Spyros original Trilogy they could still do what Vicarious Visions did with Crash and revive that content as DLC. Spyro recieves the same treatment as Crash (while already getting Xbox along PS4 at launch) and if the game sells well, i can see PC and Switch versions or even new games like the original games happening. At least be glad they arent ignored like Banjo-Kazooie or Gex.
Nicholas Barton (14 days ago)
I think the reignited trilogy is going to be a spyro 1 remaster
William Van Parys (28 days ago)
gameranx Me too Spyro, rocks!!!
Wizardcor 9 (2 months ago)
gameranx it was made by the people who made skylanders so it's gonna suck 😭
sara mills (16 hours ago)
i cant wait for the remake of spyro im a 90s bby and i grew up with spyro .
Make.Mine. A.Double (1 day ago)
I can't pick a particular game,, only levels really. How many love the ninjas but curse the glitchy AF game lol, no matter PS2 or game cube! The PS1 games and Enter the Dragonfly are special to me, then he just goes dark. I don't want to war when playing spyro. I want jump off ledges looking for hidden rooms and caves. I want to smash walls with cracks looking for hidden treasures, I want brain teasing not the constant high gear fire fire fire combat. All this waring type gaming is not great for little kids either. But hey I have 2 PS1s, a PS2, PS3 BC, and PS4. I purchased Power Rangers, Crash trilogy and pre purchased the Spyro Reignited. Not too happy they changed the background music. Oh well, can't have it all right?
sons of death1369 (1 day ago)
My 3 favorite games were riptos rage, enter the dragonfly, and a heros tale and i want a reboot because i want a way better version of enter the dragonfly (plus fixed controls and bugs so everyone can beat it and enjoy it) and a heros tale because those are the 2 main games in the whole entire trilogy that will hold a special place in my heart
Calooseeus (1 day ago)
I haven't watched the video, but I'm going to go on a limb here and say Activision. Activision killed Spyro.
Stephanie bear (1 day ago)
Spyro 3 year of the Dragon was and always will be my favorite game
Get Wozzled (1 day ago)
Did he just call TY a pretty ok game? more like awesome.
Miahh Hinton (2 days ago)
SKYLANDERS IS TRASH I loved the 3 original spyro the Dragon. I also super loved a new beginning. I played all 4 of those games religiously as a child. I miss the good days
I'm Not Here (2 days ago)
Short answer: Everything after the the original 3.
Dominique Rochon (2 days ago)
Loved eternal night, but my favorite was Dawn of the Dragon
The Apple KingDom (2 days ago)
So a video about what killed jack and dexter
Bexspace (4 days ago)
My favorite one is Ripto's Rage
young 97 (4 days ago)
I find this thumbnail prejudice.. you just assume spyros blood is purple because of the color of his SKIN??!?! Absurd
ruhelmiah10 (4 days ago)
I want them to do a remake of reboot trilogy. Those games were actually sick and anyone who’s played them knows what’s up.
Zacharyah Taylor (5 days ago)
They should take the old game and just make it work for ps4 and Xbox but not change the graphics
Hayden Farris (5 days ago)
I still have all of the spyro games and the first playstation
Grovy Sparky (5 days ago)
1) My Favorite Spyro Game, and also my Favorite Videogame EVER, is Always Spyro 2, Ripto's Rage 2) About Re-Ignited, i just Wait for Switch Version 3) After Re-ignited, could be possible a New Spyro 4, Totally different as Toy's For Bob have the experience and memory to make a spyro game...
Kyle Bergstrom (6 days ago)
South park was right lol everythings getting a reboot. But fuck have I been waiting forever for this one. Time to get a ps4..
Adam Smasher (6 days ago)
Spyro 1 has the most soul of the 3
secretlyA melon (7 days ago)
Demonic Llama (8 days ago)
The first Spyro game was the first one I ever played and I was addicted since then. To the point I got permission to buy another Spyro game. and that was Dawn of The Dragon, which I cherish. I love the original trilogy and the legend of Spyro trilogy, as I feel like those both were the best parts of the Spyro universe. one being full of child wonder and the other being much darker and realistic, and for me, I love them both equally
Eric Riendeau (8 days ago)
Skylanders killed him
Cagedand Enraged (9 days ago)
Platforms are dead and what sells now tends to be muh cinematic experience
לירון מלול (9 days ago)
As much as I love the original trilogy dawn of the dragon is probably my favorite game. The graphics were amazing for the time, fighting was cool, you could actually fly and most importantly you could play with another friend. I loved the co op mechanism of the game.
Blake Stanley (10 days ago)
Riptos rage is the best one
Nunya Bizniz (10 days ago)
Elijah Woods voice actor and skylanders killed it for me.
Abazigal (11 days ago)
Volfur (11 days ago)
i'd loved to see more spyro, but longs its not sky landers version of spyro.... hes just cringy... lets no even tough the tv spyro
Vernard Pugh (12 days ago)
never knew about these, the only ones i remember from a kid was spyro 1 and 2 lol
Tyler Martell (12 days ago)
I would love to see a Spyro game that has the same controls as Year of the Dragon with a little bit of a darker tone similar to what Sega was doing with Sonic Forces
The Video Game Parrot (12 days ago)
You know, was expecting more Skylanders hate in the comments. I'm actually REALLY surprised.
omqpuppykiss10 (12 days ago)
I Love Spyro We Have The Old Games Of It We Are Gonna Get The New 1 Too
Artifice Engaged (12 days ago)
Dawn of Dragon. Being forcibly latched to Cinder was just God awful
Pepijn Vierhout (12 days ago)
Bud my favo game is dawn of the dragon
Pepijn Vierhout (12 days ago)
Spyro is dead in dawn of the dragon
Captain Logic (12 days ago)
My favorite was Spyro 3
Luke Van Eijk (12 days ago)
The second spyro is the highest on my list back from the ps1 days, I wouldn't mind if they went to make new games along with crash. The same basic guidelines doesn't really matter, take a look at mario games they are still doing the same thing, and odessey is an awesome game imo.
Vegeta (13 days ago)
look Skylanders Spyro's Adventure this TRASH is spyro
FuzzyWuz (13 days ago)
Ollie Raoul (13 days ago)
Personally, I believe that Spyro: Enter The Dragonfly was the beginning of the downfall and because that game was so bad compared to the original three, it had an adverse affect on every release afterwards. A Hero’s Tail I actually thought was decent, but the utter heartbreak at Enter The Dragonfly just still stung. Reignited looks brilliant and can’t wait for it!
a good boi (13 days ago)
my mom actually had a friend who knew the makers of Spyro!
Shawn DaBear (14 days ago)
Reignited is cool af .. but I'd prefer continuation of later trilogy
the dead end traveler (14 days ago)
I loved a new beginning i started with it on the ds
zombiewolf (14 days ago)
The 1st one was and still is my favourite, but I loved the whole original trilogy. After that all went to shit. Back then I didn't even know Insomniac had left; was just wondering why did my fav games suddenly suck. Then at some point found out and was like "oh." Though, I have good vibes of the remake footage and dev interviews I've seen and have high hopes for it. Can't wait for September!
Ross Passe (15 days ago)
personally I like the LOS franchise (Eternal Night and Dawn of the Dragon in particular) because it seemed to me that they took the game seriously for a change. for me, the classic Spyro games were way too ridiculous and unfulfilling even by my standards (Spyro's skateboard, jetpack wielding penguins with rocket launchers, yetis killing themselves, and actual humans in the story made those games dead to me). TLOS had enough action (the third game in particular), decent graphics, and they were actually challenging for a change (I have yet to see someone who managed to finish them without dying at least once). I'd love to see a continuation of that trilogy some day (or a more serious remake).
Jarrod Aruseanoex (15 days ago)
I not mind them keep cynder around for the remakes because she was a good fit for Spyro franchise
EMGY RAIDDE (16 days ago)
1998 is my year when i was born
cleonumber1 (16 days ago)
They say they were sick of other games being too gritty. But Skylanders was too far in the other direction. Why can't they make a good platformer that is both cartoony with some darker elements. Give us a balance
Alex Andrews (16 days ago)
I don't care what anyone says, my favorite will always be a Hero's Tail 😂
Fendera (17 days ago)
Spyro died after Spyro 3
SpiralChunk 4546 (18 days ago)
King Back (21 days ago)
What exactly happened to the Spyro movie?👀
steg (23 days ago)
U uploaded this a little to early cos it looks like he is making s comeback
Writterssoul (23 days ago)
easy... Legend of Spyro... (those games were ok)… but when the Spyro Skylanders happened it ruined it!
MULTI LLAMA (23 days ago)
Actually, "My Boy! Free-GBA Emulator" still allowes us to play allot of things. I can play Kirby and the amazing mirror and Kirby Nightmare in Dream land and more! Theres sites for The GBA Emulator allowing you to play these games.
PizzaLover (23 days ago)
Spyro: Darksoul of Gnast Gnorc
Jeremy Martin (23 days ago)
The 3 original Spyro's I played almost exclusely on PS1! I had other games too but if I felt like jumping on my PlayStation, I got out any Spyro game! I'm super excited for the Reignited Trilogy. I'm hoping it's just better graphics, music, cleaned up voices & cutscenes, & improvements to the controls. I loved all the stories & all the different mini games. I hope they don't change any of that!
Collin Gambill (23 days ago)
Shitty games killed spyro
Francisco Estrada (23 days ago)
Hi, gameranx
Cassidy Wolf (23 days ago)
My dudes im not even gonna lie, even though Spyro was a dragon a had a crush on him. Tbh i loved 'Enter the Dragonfly' and the lengend games. Itll take a while for me to play remastered simply cause im poor though lmao. Fkn games costing more than my lifes worth
DaRkLoRd1061 (23 days ago)
i just feel like it's a decline in quality, having the original developers removed from an ip is never good for it, as the new devs usually feel some obligation to imitate some one elses work to appease existing fans. gears of war and halo are suffering a similar fate today, even tho some of the core team is the same, the real visionaries are long gone.
Erin Kennedy (24 days ago)
I don't like skylander spyro. He ugly. I didn't know it was him at first 😂
Approved joey (24 days ago)
Party of dead (24 days ago)
I hope we get a new Spyro game after the Reignited trilogy, it should be open world with the same style that the original 3 games had like going to different worlds but make the world more alive and have random encounters to have a hat feeling of being alive in the world, now that would be fun.
3D Fer (24 days ago)
Spyro went to chernobyl, changed a bit, and then he appeared in skylanders. Radioactivity killed him.
Rock Universe Gaming (24 days ago)
enter the dragonfly (a glitchy mess)
Annabelle Fireheart (25 days ago)
I hated Dawn of the Dragon, Eternal Night too. The controls in A Hero's Tail were obnoxious compared to the controls of all the others. I still prefer the originals by Insomniac.
Snippy (8 days ago)
I like how you don't say why you hate Dawn of the Dragon and Eternal Night. Like, come on. Idiots like me want to know.
2-Cousins (25 days ago)
My favorite was 3, then I want to say 1, then 2, but I never owned 1, only a friend did, so I'm not sure. I hope this remastered trilogy will come to PC? I loveeee Spyro. I always wanted to play the newer games but never had the platforms. I mean, I switched from PS1 to XBOX 360 in 2009. I've always wondered about that other dragon later in the series though, I thought it was his girlfriend? The design on that dragon is amazing and I would like to see a good spyro game with her(?) in it.
Luvsonic1000 (25 days ago)
I really miss the Sierra company. It was rumored they were going to make a continuity after when they were done with Dawn of the Dragon. But Sierra from the company had their struggles and got bought from what I think.. Actionvision? For those who have the copies of dawn of the dragon with a Sierra logo.. those are rare and hard to find after many of the other copies have the Actionvision logo. After that it was told they were going to make a spyro movie that was a continuity from DotD but it was scrapped. Enough said, I enjoyed the original spyro games and the legend of Spyro trilogy. For us Spyro fans, we just want the creators to dive back when Spyro was always a main focus. To be fair it was nice that Skylanders was provided by the new Era of kids who enjoyed the game but.. it lacked so much on how so many missed Spyro's design and Spyro being well, Spyro.
Whitney D.C. (26 days ago)
Me personally I feel they could do more Spyro games that follow kind of the initial storyline. Like the first three games were good continue going with that.
Thomas Wilcoxon (26 days ago)
Honestly I'm just super hyped for anything Spyro related it's been forever since I've been able to play as my favorite purple dragon. My favorite Spyro game though would have to be The Legend Of Spyro Dawn Of The Dragon. I'd play this for hours on end when I had my PS2... just ugggh Spyro made my childhood so great and sparked my interest between the dragons and dinosaurs if it wasn't for Spyro I feel like my whole life would be different.
Arthur Morgan (27 days ago)
I loved and still remember playing spyro on the playstation 1. Good old days.
TheWaffenSS Elite (27 days ago)
2 and 3 and legend of spiyero is my favorite
Rolletroll (27 days ago)
It's funny to see that the worse his games are the uglier he looks!
Makotokei Satoruko (27 days ago)
The original trilogy was the best, & a hero's tale was decent. The rest of the games weren't of interest to me. The skylander's spyro model looks like a dragon that should've been aborted.
SkyWolfAlpha (28 days ago)
Switching from console to handheld created a division, I think. (Especially for those one-game-system-only households). Then for me, Enter the Dragonfly was the nail in the coffin. That game was just... beyond terrible. It was utterly riddled with bugs and even spelling mistakes. It's like they skipped QA entirely. As much as I tried, I just couldn't finish the game. Between all the crashes, excessive loading times (how poorly optimized was it? Geez...), it was too frustrating to keep playing. Years later, I picked up Hero's Tail, but only after reading reviews first (didn't want to get burned like with Enter the Dragonfly. I traded in my N64 to get that one!). Pretty solid, and it's still fun to come back and play. Same platforming, more variety, better graphics. I was never sure where it was in the timeline, or if it was just kind of... off doing its own thing, or even a reboot attempt. The last one I played was Dawn of the Dragon. It was a gift, and I didn't know much about the game play. First Spyro game I played where I could do what I've wanted to since the very first game - FLY ANY TIME! So that was a huge bonus. Gameplay was disappointing, though. As you said, it focused far more action. The platforming was still there, but it had to share the spotlight with onslaughts of enemies and breath attacks. Fwiw, the ones I've held on to are the original PSX trilogy and Hero's Tail. I still replay them from time to time. Even being 20 years old, it's held up well as far as gameplay (and solid level design, though the first entry was a bit sparse). REALLY looking forward to Reignited. It looks like everything I'd want in a remake: true to the original, but with better graphics.
William Van Parys (28 days ago)
So I'm right that LoS-DotD killed the Spyro series but, it had help from the horrific handhelds as well...
William Van Parys (28 days ago)
LoS-Dawn of the Dragon was terrible because it, used the same unfortunate gameplay element that made Crash Twinsanity, almost unplayable... In Crash Twinsanity, Crash and Cortex, were linked together (handcuffed as I recall) and, had to work together to survive... LoS-DotD, did the same with Spyro and Cynder but, neither game worked worth a shit...
Jarek4GamingDragon (28 days ago)
The Legend of spyro definitely didn't have a quality drop. It was simply a different style of game. Personally, I loved that trilogy way more than the original. I grew up, wasn't a kid any more, I enjoy the more realistic story telling and believable fictional world. Dawn of the dragon was a good point to leave on but I wish we'd get more of that.
RogalDorn23 (25 days ago)
*closes door, cocks shotgun*
Jarek4GamingDragon (28 days ago)
lol, you kidding? Dawn of the dragon did every thing the previous two games did but a ton better and updated the art style to look less childish. It was an improvement in every way.
William Van Parys (28 days ago)
Jarek4GamingDragon I thought Dawn of the Dragon was by far, the worst Spyro game ever!!! A New Beginning was, one of the best Spyro games ever so I, guess it sorta balances out...
Death Noks (28 days ago)
In my personal opinion and agreeing with a few others, Enter the Dragonfly was a step down from the original trilogy. The first three were fluid, fun and engaging. Enter the Dragonfly was short, clunky and the story was flat. There were no skill points or extras that Year of the Dragon had an abundance of. So I think Enter the Dragonfly just didn't have the same impact the first three does. A Hero's Tail just felt too animated, almost 2D compared to the original Trilogy by Insomniac. Then we move on to the Legend series. They were , in my opinion, a horrible attempt to revive or bring more life to Spyro, but in the end, for me, they felt short and exaggerated. I hated the combat system. It's Spyro, not Kratos. It would be like Crash get nun-chucks and drop kicking enemies. Basically, the first three followed the same fluid pattern and although a little repetitive, Ripto's Rage/Gateway to Glimmer and Year of the Dragon had enough extras and bits added to keep fans happy. So many games fall into this same cycle. Always keep the original formula that made the game great and just add more to the formula. Completely change the formula and you end up with a dodgy concoction. I am looking forward to the Reignited Trilogy though. Same formula, just added to :-)
Phantom Anna (28 days ago)
Please do an analysis on Acrivision's Prototype game because i LOVED Alex but the sequal was just shit :[
Phantom Anna (28 days ago)
Screw Skylanders, and EtD was so bad it freaked me out just playing it!
DEVIN SCHWARZ (29 days ago)
Spyro was the first game that I ever OWNED. My dad had an SNES and we had like 3 games for it that he didnt play too often but then when we finally got a ps1 I begged him for the purple dragon game. He eventually gave in and promptly lost all usage rights to the ps1 as I would use it non stop for months trying to beat Spyro (I was terrible). Spyro will always hold a very dear place in my heart for starting me on the path of becoming a gamer.
Leo Maxwell (29 days ago)
skylanders was the nail in the coffin
Elite GamingWolf (29 days ago)
god is coming back
thedarknesscallingme (29 days ago)
Loved Spryo back in the day, never completed the first game and didnt play the second one but boy did i play the shit out of year of the dragon almost to the point where the game was worn out.
PlayerZERO (1 month ago)
my favorite one is a heros tail, especially in 4k on my pc :D. only thing i want from them is a heros tail pc release. native 4k, better graphics and effects, NO GMAEPLAY CHANGES, and of course 16:9 instead of 4:3
Serenity Monroe (1 month ago)
The first three games and a hero's tale are the only spyro games I've liked from the series
Ryan Gilbert (1 month ago)
I actually loved The Legend of Spyro.
Jatator (1 month ago)
Spyro 1-3 are still and will always be my favorite game.
William Van Parys (28 days ago)
Jatator Those were/are amazing games but, you forgot Enter the Dragonfly and, Legend of Spyro A New Beginning!!!
Mickey 1 (1 month ago)
Jatator last time when i played this game im was 7-8 years old.Now i download ePSXe (ps1 simulator) and play year of dragon.Nostalgility
RPG lover9 (1 month ago)
I really enjoyed the The Legend of Spyro trilogy. Cynder was nice. Although I think they failed by releasing it for too many consoles.
tomek matoga (1 month ago)
I need more Spyro games
Legato Leone (1 month ago)
Started working on a spyro game that followed a darker take maybe more bloody but grew apart from the idea so they make Skylanders? A game that has a bunch of different characyer
GameWithMisterMaor (1 month ago)
shadowdragon992001 (1 month ago)
not even gonna watch this video. he never died, Spyro lived on, and the reignited trilogy proves it.
LANCER X125 (1 month ago)
Maybe they can do a whole new Skylanders origins game... Witch tells how the world of Skylands was made... And showing SPYRO being reincarnated and being a new Skylander for the first time... That's basically it
Austin Cooney (1 month ago)
I think they should finish it after the last one they ended it on a cliff hanger after u beat the last boss we also never seen if they left that place or if him and cinder stuck together after it I think they should bring it back like they brought god of war back
Solappa (1 month ago)
the problem is that skylander has taken the world of spyro, using him has a tool to attract people from autside, then they made his part of the skylanders and became a secondary character with some scripted lines, you could play the whole game without even using him, wtf. Skylanders is not even bad, it's actually pretty nice, however using him as an promotional campaing was an orrible move. I would have fucking loved a game with more ""mature"" content, since the community is more older, the last ones were pretty nice, they were also going to make a movie before it was bought. that's also why i'm so unhappy
SlickEvader (1 month ago)
I believe they should make a remaster of the original Spyro and keep making more with the exact same mechanism with different story plots, I would love to see my childhood be brought back to life. Drawback is since it was played on PS1 and 2 I would need buy me a ps4.

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