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50 Upcoming Nintendo Switch Games of 2018

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We've compiled a list of the best new Nintendo Switch video games coming soon. These are the most anticipated #Switch titles that will be released soon on stores and the #Nintendo #eShop this 2018. Support this channel by buying these #games thru the Amazon links below: * Atelier Lydie & Suelle: Alchemists of the Mysterious Painting https://goo.gl/rUKBb1 * Attack on Titan 2 https://goo.gl/gRhJkC * Kirby Star Allies https://goo.gl/Zk14Fq * Metroid Prime 4 https://goo.gl/dTsVYy * Monster Energy Supercross https://goo.gl/UkvC2j * Penny-Punching Princess https://goo.gl/rwxX2L * Project Octopath Traveler https://goo.gl/AEpMDQ * Yoshi https://goo.gl/XbBgLN whatoplay updates you with the latest, the most anticipated and the best PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, iOS and Android video games today. Subscribe now at https://www.youtube.com/user/whatoplaychannel Discover and Share your video game choices at http://www.whatoplay.com. Connect with other whatoplay followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+ - https://www.facebook.com/whatoplay - https://www.twitter.com/whatoplay - https://instagram.com/whatoplay - https://plus.google.com/100536220375867144593/.
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Text Comments (1233)
Anson Quach (6 days ago)
What about don’t starve together???
whatoplay (6 days ago)
As of now, there's no announcement yet for Don't Starve Together release date on Switch. Don't Starve: Nintendo Switch Edition however, was released last April 12.
Squoolija Barfarsan (2 months ago)
Dude this is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!
NBK Stormz (2 months ago)
What about My Hero One's justice?
ahmad ahyaj (2 months ago)
Mario maker??😩😭
Francisco Burgos (2 months ago)
Nope... Unruly Heroes is not out yet...
Intelligent Unite (3 months ago)
Wtf is this?! 90 percent cartoonish games and pixeladed 2-d sidescrollers. What was the point of making a console that is more powerful than gamecube and wii u if there is mostly going to be gameboy color games on it?? My nintendo 64 had many serious games! Goldeneye, jetforce gemini, donkey kong 64 (in a real 3d world) Perfect dark, nhl, banjo kazooie, lylat wars, turok seeds of evil, star wars to name a few. Now, when they have a much more powerful console, all i see is some upcoming 2d scrollers and remakes of old games. I havent owned a console for many years, have i missed something? I know there is a few normal games on the shelfes, zelda, doom, skyrim.. but upcoming games? I hope this is a bad joke. ”Ooh nintendo has made a handheld that is more powerful than ps3!!” ”Nice, what games can we expect?” ”tetris, 2d sidescrollers in old fashioned style, cartoongames that no one ever heard of, and a bunch of other 5-days-to-program-games”
Andrew Smallwood (3 months ago)
Coming this 2018...
TDA Gamer (4 months ago)
*attack on titan 2 is coming to the switch!* ME: scrambles to find wallet.
Mas Djoko (4 months ago)
i have a nintendo switch
Robert Lavigne (4 months ago)
too much anime, not enough remastered and squealed games that are the original concepts of nintendo. Nintendo, join back up with rare, buy some titles like "Abe's world" from Sony.
Sultan Saleh (5 months ago)
Is there Mario party coming on the NS I hope so( don't get me wrong I'm not a kid but I like it to play it with my friends)
ammar alhadi (5 months ago)
thank you whatoay i relly loved the video
whatoplay (5 months ago)
We're so happy you did! Thanks for watching!
Theokguy (5 months ago)
online games or worth the money and offline are shit depending how good it is
This games should be 5 to 25 dollars max, seeing all this trash games selling for 60 bucks ha ha haa makes me wanna sell my switch
folkfingerstylefreddy (5 months ago)
Owl nite looks a winner!
Nob the Knave (6 months ago)
Why cant the Switch get the really good indie games like "A Hat in Time", "Life is Strange", "Skull Girls", and the like?
Nob the Knave (6 months ago)
So basically like 5 decent games and a ton of indie garbage from the Steam five dollar bin.
Jimpix (6 months ago)
Morphies law😍
Ka Ninja (6 months ago)
The switch seriously may be one of the greatest consoles ever to hack and own! I also do switch content, lets support eachother!
Meegabyte Studio (6 months ago)
What about Hello, Neighbor and Bendy and The Ink Machine?
Potatro tatro (6 months ago)
I cannot wait for the next Fire Emblem and so far we know absolutely nothing about it.
brandoania (6 months ago)
Not 1 game convinced me to buy the system :(
werneck luciano (6 months ago)
Pqp td porcaria
OCEAN008 (6 months ago)
I watch this video because attack on titan
Arci Enzet (6 months ago)
except 2 games everything horrible.. never should buy them
Arci Enzet (6 months ago)
when i see these games with this graphic.. i want sell my nintendo .... i want to see only big games. not this small india games with graphic from 90´ ... these are not games for 300€ console..
Amy Khalil (6 months ago)
Um like how did you know all of this
Willy et scientia (6 months ago)
Lots of kid games, blah :-(
I heard fortnite Battle Royale is coming out in 2020
Mipha Alve. (7 months ago)
Attack on titan! :)
Muffin Burger (7 months ago)
Morphis law is the only one i am looking forward to
Jacob Dardon (7 months ago)
What about donkey Kong country freeze????????? Released in April 2018
SviXpro (7 months ago)
That impossible to nintendo switch got League of legends?
bandr alowifi (7 months ago)
Can’t wait for attack on titan 2
Martin Galvan (7 months ago)
What's up with all this anime
horace bay (7 months ago)
I wish they realest dragon ball fighterz for it
Hew Nootron (7 months ago)
what about Witch and Hero 3 or the next Bike Rider game?
Floemz Gaming (7 months ago)
this is already march but attack on titan still not upcoming yet.....
Timothy Johnson (7 months ago)
1:55 XD
Another Meme Channel (7 months ago)
What about My Hero Academia One's justice?
Sulayman Jibreel (7 months ago)
Can u do non anime games
Sashido Zerako (7 months ago)
we need a reintro to Skies of Arcadia Ledgends Best game back on NGC was such a good RPG
Victoria Chamberlin (7 months ago)
DARK SOULS is also coming in May 25
C'mon, now. TWEWY: Final Mix is coming after ten years and a possible sequel. :3
Random ™ (8 months ago)
Imagine getting over it on Nintendo Switch
itsNobu (8 months ago)
whats up with all these indie games? in my opinion 98% of this list is horrible, the only game i am interested in getting is kirby star allies..
Jason Lopez (8 months ago)
I heard there adding fortnite in the switch
818 DaKupa (8 months ago)
To be honest i didnt buy my switch to be playing old school games
Matthew Roldan (8 months ago)
Where my Based World family at? - 9:00
Ben McCarthy (8 months ago)
You really need to learn to use the word "few" as you don't use it when you should..
Saqib Rezwan (8 months ago)
++ Bayonetta 3
Wesley Robinson (8 months ago)
All these games look trash. They look like some stuff I can buy in the app store and play on my phone. I really want to buy a switch but Mario kart alone ain't going to sway me to buy one.
Beimar Arturo (8 months ago)
Bah! A lot of indie games. That sucks
Opalescent Squid (8 months ago)
What about bendy and the ink machine
Israel Presteguin (8 months ago)
Mulaka!!!!!!! :D
Jose (8 months ago)
all shity games xD
yardino (8 months ago)
Robert Honaker (8 months ago)
"Coming sometime THIS 2018", as opposed to *another* 2018?
Jayden Sexton (8 months ago)
im mad there is no madden 18
NIRO LIBYA1989 AL (8 months ago)
이태평 (8 months ago)
한국인 ㅅ
ThatDogAnimator (8 months ago)
Mr Hunterf (8 months ago)
Not impressed with these "games". Definitely not temping me to switch.
Nathan Porter (8 months ago)
Nooooooo sea of thieves? Aww...
DrRESHES (8 months ago)
I played the first MVC game a lot. But i think the best thing to do is to port all the 2D fighting Pre-MVC/MVC games as a big package to the Switch, PS4 and XBOX, and have the same treatment as USF2TFC, i mean Galleries, VS mods, Switching games, and also combining games, with fighting styles between games, art styles, maps. It sounds so good, it will never happen, but if it will CAPCOM will find their audience, the fans wont let it die.
Survey Corps (8 months ago)
Add me on Switch friend-list SW-1399-5225-9796
Harri (8 months ago)
Pillsiper Videos (8 months ago)
Nintendo Switch is a fail.
Чингач Гук (8 months ago)
all like mobile games :(
Wolfgalaxy (8 months ago)
Number 1: Nobody gives a shit. Number 2: Nobody gives a shit. Number 3: Nobody gives a shit. Number 4: Nobody gives a shit. Number 5: Nobody gives a shit. Number 6: Nobody gives a shit. Number 7: Oh hey. That's pretty cool. Number 8: Erm... At least I know the character? I guess it's cool? Number 9: Nobody gives a shit. Number 10: Nobody gives a shit. Number 11: Nobody gives a shit. Number 12: Interesting? Number 13: Nobody gives a shit. Number 14: Hey. Finally something to look forward to. Number 15: Nobody gives a shit. Number 16: Nobody gives a shit. Number 17: Nobody gives a shit. Number 18: Nobody gives a shit. Number 19: Nobody gives a shit. Number 20: Nobody gives a shit. Number 21: Nobody gives a shit. Number 22: Nobody gives a shit. Number 23: Nobody gives a shit. Number 24: Nobody gives a shit. Number 25: Nobody gives a shit. Number 26: Nobody gives a shit. Number 27: Nobody gives a shit. Number 28: Nobody gives a shit. Number 29: FINALLY! Something to be really excited for! Woo! Number 30: I just hope it turns out to be good. Number 31: Nobody gives a shit. Number 32: I don't give a shit. Number 33: Interesting. I might give it a try. Number 34: Nobody gives a shit. Number 35: Nobody gives a shit. Number 36: Nobody gives a shit. Number 37: I highly doubt Yoshi will release in 2018. Last we heard of it was early 2017, It still doesn't even have a title! Number 38: Nobody gives a shit. Number 39: Nobody gives a shit. Number 40: Nobody gives a shit. Number 41: Nobody gives a shit. Number 42: Nobody gives a shit. Number 43: Nobody gives a shit. Number 44: Nobody gives a shit. Number 45: Nobody gives a shit. Number 46: I don't give a shit. Number 47: Nobody gives a shit. Number 48: Nobody gives a shit. Number 49: Nobody gives a shit. And... Number 50: Nobody gives a shit. Seriously, You released this *before 2018 even arrived.* Two months before hand! Either wait until mid 2018 to do this, Or pick good games.
zombie Moshpit (8 months ago)
love every game on here Nintendo finally stepped up since the crappy wii days
BenPaape (8 months ago)
Sometimes I get mad... because there are so many awesome switch games and I can’t afford all of them!!!!! NINTENDO YOUR GAMES ARE AWESOME!!
Flow Clan (8 months ago)
Where’s Payday 2?
Soly97 Gamer (8 months ago)
Como es que juegos tan buenos saldran para una consola tan mala 😔😕
Trust Me Its Not That (8 months ago)
Most of these games are games you get on your smart phone apps...
gdawgs101 (8 months ago)
Oh great, more 2D Indie Platformers... We don't have enough of those...
Ephxx (8 months ago)
It felt like fire emblem warriors came out december
Nintendo fanboy (8 months ago)
No smash :'(
taecyoon1 (8 months ago)
did he burped
Jbabe 99 (8 months ago)
Great video. Subscribed!
Xavier Roberts (8 months ago)
I love how many games get cranked out for the Switch. Each time I look at the game store there are new games i’ve never seen.
Hardcore Brothers (8 months ago)
Thanks so much what could anyone do with out u love your channel
BigPepe (9 months ago)
Please have mario maker
Keiran W (9 months ago)
Runner 3 looks more suitable as a mobile game...
Cody Bijeaux (9 months ago)
I just there will be a little bit more diversification in terms of genres. It seems like the switch is getting a heavy amount of platforms.
MAD Klein (9 months ago)
So manny great games! I cant play all
Delta EX (9 months ago)
El Psi congroo
DIRTYYETTI (9 months ago)
Twenty eight-deen....the year of the platform game....twenty eight-deen, nothing but platform indies...twenty eight-deen.
luis martinez (9 months ago)
Zombie Ate My Nieghbors would be awesome on switch
Matt Conrad (9 months ago)
They need to stop with the indie games, the switch needs triple A if it’s going to survive
D Liggo (9 months ago)
What a load of 👶🏻 💩..I wanted a handheld console..this is not it👎🏻...I am a Adult & wanted top titles not this rubbish..Nintendo another flop..👎🏻👎🏻👶🏻
Level 25 Wizard (9 months ago)
Mega man 11 bro
Jokull (9 months ago)
Im going to need another 68gb micro sd switch card
Supreme Galaxy (9 months ago)
Now some of these games are what ive been looking for and expecting from a damn console. No 2D side Scrollers. More 3d open world MMORPG and JRPG and Strategy games !!
dayone desuyone (9 months ago)
Novix Cosmic Man (9 months ago)
What about Mega Man 11?
Jimmy J (9 months ago)
You can play the alpha for my time at Portia on steam :)
Monster Pampers (9 months ago)
Title of game during whole part about that game - I FINALLY GOT IT! Useful in quick noticing. <3
Hernán P. (9 months ago)
So basically, switch will get a lot of PhoneLike games... shity...

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