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COMPLETE 35 New Switch Games For MAY 2018 | Nintendo

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Nintendo Switch will have a great year in 2018. Today we will take a look at all new Nintendo Switch games that will come out in MAY 2018. Which one of these games are you hyped for the most? ◆ MUST WATCH ◆ (NEW!)Top 10 upcoming TURN BASED games on Nintendo Switch! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yFlYuSEWM8E -Games list Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Immortal Redneck One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 Deluxe Edition Battle Chasers: Nightwar Hyrule Warriors Little Nightmares Mega Man Legacy Collection 1 and 2 Tennis World Tour Street Fighter: 30th Anniversary Collection Yesterday Origins Moonlighter West of Loathing Punch Club BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle Nihilumbra ? Garage ? Super Chariot Hyper Sentinel Fox n Forests Runner3 Pode PixelJunk Monsters 2 ? Fallen Legion: Rise to Glory Legend of Kay Yoku's Island Express Figment Just Shapes & Beats Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Lumines Samurai Defender Rabi Laby: Puzzle Out Stories Liar Princess and the Blind Prince -Follow Us - Twitter ⇒ https://www.twitter.com/SwitchPlanetOff
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Text Comments (207)
SwitchPlanet (4 months ago)
(LATEST!)30 NEW Switch Games Announced https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mzg9VNZZ57M
the woosp (4 months ago)
any chance in future vids you can put the developer info on screen along with the rest? I am often very curious as to who are making these games
Tim Hyde (4 months ago)
I like that you post the "Approved" games first. I agree with your assessment.
Maximum Gawnage (4 months ago)
West of Loathing! Hell yes! I played the shit out of Kingdom of Loathing back in the day
Pedro Kauan Frois (4 months ago)
Blazblue and Runner 3 it's not Approved???? And where is "Wizards of Legends"?
Seniku Moonjewel (4 months ago)
Hyper Sentinel!!! isn't that a rip-off of Uridium?
JrRell F'n.O.H (4 months ago)
Was going to give in and purchase Stardew Valley but Harvest Moon 🙂
horace bay (4 months ago)
I can't wait for dragon ball fighterz
Pei jIAN (4 months ago)
I did some research, the physical one will not be released in US
Pei jIAN (4 months ago)
I mean one piece
Diegrox08 (4 months ago)
Only shit this month
One less lonely memer (4 months ago)
Your mom
Nintendorak Yamato (4 months ago)
One piece pirate warriors 3 is coming to Switch!!!😍
umagnus77 (4 months ago)
great. more indie games and previously released titles 😖😖😖😖
Gamer (4 months ago)
ничего стоящего,одинешенек шлак
DaylightAsFUCK (4 months ago)
just skip all pixel-platformer trailer lol Megaman lol milked milked milked Crapcom is like cancer
Billion Goenawan (4 months ago)
this month is like heaven
Arden Drake (4 months ago)
Street fighter on the go is pretty sweet.
Mepose (4 months ago)
Street Fighter and DKC Tropical Freeze releasing in the same month. LET'S FUCKING GO!!!!!!
Tom K (4 months ago)
Besides DK, they're all 8 bit garbage
Manu AV (4 months ago)
You all complaining about the switch cause this year is not getting games...but when E3 comes and good games are shown you're all nintendo big fans... It's ok
Jay90101 (4 months ago)
My switch starting to feel like my vita. Can't wait for the sf collection though
icloud ERP (4 months ago)
Toño Dravitar (4 months ago)
voto masivo a AMLO
Anthony Z (4 months ago)
“Approved” without any gameplay reviews and indie games? At least try the demos, if they exist, and tell us your opinions.....
Come on why not fortnite or gta5
cody thompson (4 months ago)
OMG that harvest moon game looks horrible. Lol
Ethan (4 months ago)
Most games here look genuinely good, also some games I’m excited for are coming out so that’s sweet.
S. K. Brook (4 months ago)
All those games were trashy dicky shitty exept one. One piece
Justin Robinson (4 months ago)
The switch is so stupid, allowing all these indie companies to create less expensive games for consumers. I expect a company like Nintendo to have a AAA game released every single week!
Kade Schneider (4 months ago)
Thank you so much! It's just really hard to differentiate intelligent people and people with massive holes in their heads on the internet.
Justin Robinson (4 months ago)
That's the point Kade, sarcasm.....
Kade Schneider (4 months ago)
So you want one triple A game per week, all made by the same company.... Do you know how stupid you sound right now?
LegenBeary (4 months ago)
When will Arena of valor have a release date! Only game I’m hyped for... switch ported
Zerdo1984 65 (4 months ago)
When for hollow knight?
VCXZ (4 months ago)
Definitely picking up Battle Chasers. Been waiting months for that game.
Le Mao (4 months ago)
Moonlighter the new zelda <3
loury973 (4 months ago)
Lol "New games" ,half of it is just Deluxe edition
Inside Out NYHC (4 months ago)
E3 is around the corner guys. Nintendo is one of the most secretive companies when it comes to exclusives. I’m sure all these “I’m so sick of all the shovel ware” comments will go away in June’s Video. Happy Gaming!!!
MEGABOY (4 months ago)
Blaz Blu Cross Tag Battle but that's about it. The rest were indie games that could be played on mobile phone if they would just let us use controllers! I want DKCTF on Switch but it's cheaper on Wii U and don't really want to pay 60$ for a 3+ year old game.
i am not winning the give away even its 3 chosen winners i always loose so i sign up and if i didnt win i will trow my switch of a 3 story house if i loose welp bye switch with demo only games
Robert M.C. (4 months ago)
So my days are 4, 11 and 18 May jijiji
Apfelkind4000 (4 months ago)
Unfortunately none of those games look interesting to me, except for DKC.
Finally a good month :), my most awaited game is Battlechasers, but there are a lot of other games that looks appealing for me: Figment, Legend of Kay, Fallen, Die for valhalla, pixel junk monsters 2, pode, runner 3, fox n, moonlighter, little nightmares, super charriot Obviously I'm not going to buy all of them, but I will have plenty to choose from :)
Ron Jones (4 months ago)
Yes street fighter 30th Anniversary
pinkrudy (4 months ago)
finally an awesome month! its been 4 weak months.
Tempelgeist87 (4 months ago)
Ok, where is now the good stuff???
Man Zer (4 months ago)
AOV 2018
Xray_534 (4 months ago)
west of loathing's art is crazy good
Lupe Espinoza (4 months ago)
Punch club looks fun! I'm guessing Hyrule warriors is like dynasty warriors? Mega man and street fighter collections!!! Good month for us switch owners!
Goboli6 (4 months ago)
I will take Hyrule Warriors! I don't have a 3ds and a Wii U
AUSTIN PEYTON (4 months ago)
I was going to get the mega man collection but I don't support physical games requiring you to download the other half of the game
nova/cody Perez (4 months ago)
Buen video toma tu like me suscribo y cada vez somos mas mas mas
robert sanchez (4 months ago)
I spent $400 on a switch for indie games.. where the hell are the AAA TITLES? And if there are triple a titles coming they'll be released months from now.. like dark souls and metroid 4.. wtf man.. if this keeps up never buying another nintendo product again yo!
Kade Schneider (4 months ago)
A switch costs, 300$, either you're really stupid and got ripped off or you just trying to sound more dramatic.
s vargas (4 months ago)
a lot of indies...
M-Cool (4 months ago)
So a new Nintendo Switch console game comes out and they only make old graphics type games.....
One less lonely memer (4 months ago)
You're not a very smart person are you
chaos control (4 months ago)
Well since the switch has successfully been hacked I'll get all these games for free.
One less lonely memer (4 months ago)
†Leonic 458 (4 months ago)
Like I said, buy a real console
beatleystoned (4 months ago)
Gintoki sakata Anybody that feels the need to talk in this immature fashion about what they have 9 times out 10,have nothing.
†Leonic 458 (4 months ago)
inDZone12, till the End of it child.
inDZone12 (4 months ago)
Top selling "real console" this year kid
†Leonic 458 (4 months ago)
CannabisCancerCure, that would be true. Smash is on the one why to grab the switch. Love to go back there enjoy whats. Coming ahead to there future then.
CannabisCancerCure (4 months ago)
the games they are releasing aren't great currently but gotta give the console time. (summer is coming I don't need to be gaming until next December anyways) Smash alone is worth owning the console for
VCiPz (4 months ago)
Out of all of these, Punch Club is the one game that truly pulled me in. It looks great while having a story & unique gameplay.
Phillip Fitchew (4 months ago)
Does anyone the opening/ending theme?
Fellipe da Rosa (4 months ago)
Donkey Kong OMG!!!!!!
ZFighter1011 (4 months ago)
I love how people want to hate in the comments section on the games selection. Not every month is going to have or needs the games YOU want.
The Ultimate Torterra (4 months ago)
Did you know that nihil is latin for nothing and umbra latin for shadow
Blood Moon (4 months ago)
I want Starbound for Switch
Ricky Cain (4 months ago)
Fox and forests is coming out too
The How to Dagger (4 months ago)
You forgot Death Road to Canada
Ricky Cain (4 months ago)
The How to Kid Been delayed
GuyRification (4 months ago)
West of Loathing and Yoku's Island for me!...oh and maybe Lumines... I'd like Donkey Kong but it's too expensive, come on.
Kermey_ (4 months ago)
is it just me who realized there was no dark souls remastered in there
AUSTIN PEYTON (4 months ago)
LOMPOP ENTERTAINMENT it got delayed. Hopefully it looks better and plays better than the awful Xbox and ps4 versions with sub par lighting and texture quality
Alex Franco (4 months ago)
BlazBlue, street fighter and Hyrule warriors is definitely on my list
Installity (4 months ago)
*when you watch these videos to see if there is any good games but there isnt so you stop watching these videos forever*
1,000 subs with no vids (4 months ago)
The big good games are talking for ever to come out
AUGACE (4 months ago)
For Valhalla looks like a mini Wulverblade
Lesseri (4 months ago)
What about borderlands 3?
alex lopez (4 months ago)
I nerd to know the release date of Metroid prime 4 and Bloodstained ritual of the night....
GuyRification (4 months ago)
You nerd wrong.
Craig Morgan (4 months ago)
Wow nice list of games for month of may,, but why Hyrule and Donkey Kong gotta be the most expensive games on the list.. legend of Kay they could’ve kept that on the Wii U.. everything else looks good so far 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽
You Don't Know Me (4 months ago)
X0nslaught (4 months ago)
I’m sick of the amount of shovelware pixel games coming to switch
NecromanciPottamus (4 months ago)
X0nslaught While the switch does have some shit games on the e shop, a lot of the "pixel games" are indies.
MRSTEVE Channel (4 months ago)
the first rule about punch club is dont speak about punch club
OLomasO (4 months ago)
Less than a handful of actual new games, a bunch of re- releases, and a bunch of games that released in IOS a long time ago. The switch really is turning into a big mobile phone that can't make calls. I'm just sad..... :(
Kelly d (4 months ago)
Lmao true
StarCubing (4 months ago)
lol, enough with this bullshit 'mobile games' talk, nobody buys the mobile games on Switch and if you don't want to either you can just wait for new stuff already announced like Smash and Metroid.
Devilcraft 42 (4 months ago)
Word of advice, I really wouldn't buy the Mega Man Legacy Collection physical, cause screw downloading the rest of the game. Digital is fine.
Apfelkind4000 (4 months ago)
Word of advise you can never sell digital games. Wouldn't buy anything digital except for low budget games.
EmpireZ Creed (4 months ago)
Seems cool
Aronath Cordova (4 months ago)
I dont see moonlighter on the nintendo eshop :(
Harvey Dent (4 months ago)
it says the date it is coming out in the video..
Qi Pan (4 months ago)
Harvest Moon: I am Playing Video Game to Relax by doing CHORES. No F**K'n Thnx.
cody thompson (4 months ago)
Qi Pan and if that was the case play stardew valley at least it looks WAY better poor harvest moon. Slayed by stardew
Knarf775 (4 months ago)
Esteban Arrieri (4 months ago)
Devs have said that moonlighter ain´t coming this May on Nintendo Switch, it´ll show up on ps4 and xone in May with a switch release later this year.
Ebefren Revo (4 months ago)
Moonlighter and Battle Chasers !! Also Blazblue looks amazing !! T_T And between june and july, Ys VIII, Wolfenstein 2, Mario Tennis and Octopath Traveler .... And the E3... RIP AND TEAR MY WALLET
Alec Jaquez (4 months ago)
Dk, battlechasers, moonlighter, megaman, and blazblue? KO my wallet. And we still have june...
zhelon (4 months ago)
May comes awesome
B (4 months ago)
Damn. Nintendo is really packing it in before E3
SHADED STONE (4 months ago)
Yeah 👎. Runner 3 only. Have you seen Friday the 13th for Xbox One? Nintendo just gives us the same crap with different titles
Keon Hobgood (4 months ago)
I own all three consoles and I have just been pointing out that Nintendo is not lacking compared to other companies espically for a system that's barley over a year old perhaps you just need to buy another console because clearly the switch isn't for you look at Mario worlds post that's plenty of variety even more than Xbox has to offer.
SHADED STONE (4 months ago)
Keon Hobgood I see we could go all day back and forth. My point is a variety of game types is lacking. It's always the same type of game with a different title. As for racing, I have always been a fan of Mario Kart. But there is a big difference in games such as, Forza, Need For Speed, Burnout, Gran Turismo, etc, and a game that really requires no racing skill and turtle shells, banana peels, etc. If you're happy with what Nintendo has offered, great. I am not. Nintendo has always been the leader in innovation when it comes to game systems. But always lack diversity in their gaming library.
Keon Hobgood (4 months ago)
Racing games lol that's a dying breed of game Nintendo has Mario kart PlayStation has gran tourismio and Xbox has forza so in that regard Nintendo is even with them.
SHADED STONE (4 months ago)
Mario World If you say so. Where are the racing games? Nintendo still seems stuck in Kiddie Land
Goboli6 (4 months ago)
Zelda Botw : March 1-2 Switch : March Arms : June Splatoon 2 : July Mario + rabbids kingdom battle : August Fire Emblem Warriors : September Mario Odyssey : October Xenoblades Chronicles 2 : December Kirby Star Allies : March Labo : April Future Mario Tennis Aces : June TBA : Yoshi, Fire Emblem, Pokemon, Metroid 4, Super Smash Bros, Bayonetta 3. And all the ports like DKCTF, MK8D, Hyrule Warrios, Captain Toad, Pokken, Bayonetta 1&2 and indies and third parties games. Where's the crap? Nintendo can't release a new game every month, they can't release all their big franshises in one year, he takes time and for now we have a lot, constant and good games.
cindy tang (4 months ago)
I don't understand why west of loathing gets your approval...
MAD Klein (4 months ago)
danipiano360 (4 months ago)
finally some good games 😎 (I'm going ti get broke though)
Marco Macedonio (4 months ago)
Sure Donkey kong, approved by all. For Hyrule and the others i need your suggestions guys.
Jennifer Cushman (4 months ago)
Some of those games I think I might definitely get. But I can see there is no Yoshi game yet. And that is one of 2 2018 Switch games I really want the most. The other one is Captain Toad Treasure Tracker.
Dom Jay (4 months ago)
Who else is only concerned about Wizard of Legend's release date? :P (Although, I'm glad Blaz Blue is being ported)
REPVILE X (4 months ago)
Just a suggestion on otherwise great videos.  Sort by physical release first please.
winky link (4 months ago)
no megaman 11 ?
winky link (4 months ago)
+SonicMania999 Ok Thanks!
SonicMania999 (4 months ago)
Mega Man 11 is due later in 2018 ... they haven't announced an exact release date.
LaToya Hill (4 months ago)
West of loathing!
Sephiroth (4 months ago)
I observed that you released a new video every 1 or 2 days, but the games shown inside are always already shown/repeated in your previous few videos. Can you showcase only those games that are not in your previous videos?
unsub (4 months ago)
Ricardo Jara (4 months ago)
JAMES C I know but whatever is just a YT video
JAMES C (4 months ago)
Ricardo Jara might not know it's still April
Ricardo Jara (4 months ago)
I Came here for Say the same, everyday I see those videos but never find a new Game xd
You[']r[e] wrong (4 months ago)
How dare? If he'd do that, he couldn't afford a third villa.
Seth (4 months ago)
I really. Like hyrule warriors on my 3ds but the AI's were so bad I can't bring myself to buy it again
Afonso Fernandes (4 months ago)
I really want little nightmares
Kings Gambit (4 months ago)
The wait is almost over.......Moonlighter!
Alex Nascimento (4 months ago)
finaly a good list.
Chanh Pham (4 months ago)
BlazBlue Cross tag battle! I can hear xbox players crying :)
DigiVon Switch (4 months ago)
One Piece Pirate Warriors, Hyrule Warriors & Maybe...MAYBE Legend Of Kay
Sharito742 (4 months ago)
DigiVon Switch I think he meant Legend of Kay.
Robert M.C. (4 months ago)
DKCTF, one piece and little nightmare for me this month <3
DigiVon Switch (4 months ago)
Which One... One Piece?
Enrique Zuñiga Santoyo (4 months ago)
I have it for Wii U, it's a decent game. I would recommend it, just don't expect THAT much.
Syuna (4 months ago)
Just waiting for some new exclusives like yoshi

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