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Last of Us Part 2: The CRAZIEST Fan Theories

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The Last of Us Part 2 (PS4) has made fans crazy with just a simple reveal trailer. Lets break down some of the more interesting theories. Subscribe for more: http://youtube.com/gameranxtv
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MooniGaming (1 day ago)
There is one theory where the infection in her brain is getting worse and Joel is a hallucination but I just don't see it.
EMPgamer Ethan (1 day ago)
Or....it’s Ellie’s mom before her death
Drippy J (6 days ago)
How would Joel be dead if he has a gun
Harley .-. (7 days ago)
I got to thinking and this came to mind: Killing Ellie and getting the cure wouldn’t really... save humanity. 1) there wouldn’t be enough for everyone 2) even if there was enough for everyone, there is no way that you can possibly wrangle up everyone in the world and get them to take take the cure 3) the few people that would’ve been saved still has a chance of dying from other people 4) the group of people that would’ve been saved would take a long time to reproduce, and even if the reproduction succeeds, it still doesn’t guarantee humanity will be saved 5) what if they can’t make a cure from what they get from Ellie? Don’t take this too seriously haha, just thought it was cool to think about :))
Harley .-. (7 days ago)
Notice: The woman on the cover of “American daughters” is not Ellie. Ellie is immune and wouldn’t need a gas mask. (Just pointing this out 😊)
HUNTENT247 (8 days ago)
Ellie is definitely a lesbo. She's not pregnant, unless she was raped. Or maybe she only has vagina for Joel. Some lesbians are like that.
Blade 0909 (9 days ago)
"Wall of murder" very true
Good Boy (11 days ago)
I really think that Ish should make an appearance
its all fun and games (11 days ago)
the women with the mask is not ellie or her mom the reason i think this is because ellie is imune she doesnt need to wear a mask and her mother was bitten when she was carrying ellie so she wouldnt need to wear the mask either because she is already infected her mother getting bitten when ellie was still in her stomach is what made her immune because sometimes a babys brain if young enough can work along side with a bactiria or infection (cordicepts) so it had to be a family member or it could be nuaghty dogs way of saying they are going to make another version of the last of us where you play ellies sis pov (point of view) my thery may be wrong im sorry if it is but its really intresting and if my theroy is right the story withh mostlikly beafter the last of us 2
Abbie Xxx (11 days ago)
If Joel dies I will be so mad
Zhandy Schrock (12 days ago)
i think that the oringal game was much better with joel and ellie being the main charcter and that joel was ellie's father and yeah i have seen the second trailer of the last of us part 2 but, haven't played it yet but, the graphics look pretty good
Martin Patella (13 days ago)
#5 is so stupid...
IsaRat89 (13 days ago)
yeah, naughty dog wont lie to us, And they said we will NEVER play as Ellie in The Last of Us, so belive them XD
Xavier Odin (13 days ago)
1:46 that's beyond: two soulds
Des Tro (14 days ago)
*Joel is now reunited with His Wife and Deaughther :')* i just cant accept this idea... and definetly wont get over it if its true..
Des Tro (14 days ago)
*To those who say the woman on the cover with the gasmask isnt Ellie ... the Spores might not effect her but it might have the ability to effect the child inside of her* another thing the reason that Ellie is hunting whoever she wants to kill might be bcz of something they did to her mother , see in the E3 playthrough right after the kiss you see a group gutting a hanging man reminds you of somethig ?? the first trailer where they show this new character whic everyone is saying Ellie's mom Anna which was almost gutted by Emily or whoever that woman is and we see a couple men hanged and cut in the stomach they might be a firefly extremists that somehow killed Anna and Ellie wants her vengence*
Josef Seidel (17 days ago)
6:02 the gas mask on joel's bag is the same on in to comic... just pointing that out.
King kevo (18 days ago)
The whole thing about Joel being dead I can see but one thing doesn't add up with that......hes holding a gun. If Joel is dead and thats his spirit/ghost thats just watching over Ellie why is he holding a hand gun? I just don't think Joel is dead.
82Jaster (14 days ago)
He may well die in the game, but we at least know that during the cutscene portion of the E3 trailer that he's alive as Jesse (the guy that Ellie is talking to at the start) mentions that her "old man" had been giving him a hard time. Neil Druckmann also confirmed during the E3 Coliseum panel that Jesse was definitely referring to Joel. Although it's worth pointing out that the cutscene portion of that trailer takes place a year before the gameplay portion we see. So it's possible that something happens to Joel in that year.
Verano Martinon (19 days ago)
The would have never found a cure, Joel basically didn’t lie because I’m the tapes in the hospital, they said they experimented on other like Ellie but they all failed and died and they wanted to stop looking for a cure but marline was the only one searching but now that she’s dead, no one was searching for a cure, so Joel didn’t really lie
isaac Thao (20 days ago)
The people who say Joel is the villain of the first The Last Of Us really don’t understand what the writers were trying to convey. His choice to save ellie didn’t make him more evil, but made him more human
ONLY GAMES (22 days ago)
So ellie is gay
Jamesdoesstuff (22 days ago)
Ellie is a lesbian and she is immune so she won't need a gas mask either
NickyBlack (23 days ago)
Please Joel please don’t be dead 🙏🏽😭😭😭 I need you alive
Octo (24 days ago)
Shes wearing riley's outfit, her hair is done up almost exactly like tess, the injury on her neck is in the same spot wear tess is bitten, the window looks quite similar to the title screen, joel is most certainly dead theres just too many pointers to him being, joel told her she would teach her to play guitar and here she is playing guitar, but she likely wouldnt do so over the 3 or more corpses of the men she just slaughtered. This has to be a figment of her imagination or just a symbolism of her slow decent into whatever form of mental illness whether is being from the cordyceps in her brain or just psycosis from the ptsd caused from the events of the first game and whatever transpired within the 5 years after
Steven Dhondt (25 days ago)
Ugh, still don't get how people see Joel as the bad guy in the last of us 1. Not only was his choice very understandable from a psychological p.o.v. But from an ethical-philosophical p.o.v. regardless of his selfish motivation, it was also the right thing to do! People don't get to decide to sacrifice a person, not even on behalf of humanity. Add to that, there wasn't even a certainty it would work, or it would develop a cure. Add to that that it isn't even certain if humanity is in the balance (for all they knew humanity might have found a way after all without a cure). In my opinion, people who see Joel as the bad guy play fast and loose with morality....
Dave54600 (27 days ago)
They're going to ruin it by having Ellie kill Joel....somehow.
jgarn1976 (27 days ago)
Did i say axe i meant hammer sorry.
jgarn1976 (27 days ago)
Further i think although they say the main playable character is Ellie it may not at times be clear if you are playing Ellie or her sister as they are so similar. It is more likely by the end we will get the chance to decide who lives or dies Ellie or her sister (that would be a tough choice) or Ellies sister may kill Joel...Ouchie... I suspect Ellie is out for either revenge on the death of her mum (the pregnant woman in the Americas Daughterposter) but more likely unjust treatment of her sister whom i suspect without Ellies vaccine well she may have ended up on the wrong side of the fireflys research after Joel took Ellie away.. I disagree with all the other theories except the wolves I think the wolves will be the group of people in direct conflict with the fireflys. Im not sure which sister will be associated with which crew but it will be firefly v wolves.
jgarn1976 (27 days ago)
The Last of Us Americas Daughters poster suggests two daughters... do i need to spell it out... Twins. Followed up by the two posters of the arms one with and axe one with a tattoo and knife. Everyone thinks this is representing Joel and Ellie. I think this is wrong i think represents Ellie and her twin sister. The trailer where the character is beilg hung by the neck and has a knife to her stomach that is not Ellie that is Ellies twin sister (note no tattoo) it is pretty clear to me in the scenes with Ellie she is not buff infact she is still very thin. So does she finish Last of us Part 1 then get buffed kill a bunch of bad guys in Part 2 then loose all the weight then get the tattoo and finish with the song. Nope I dont think so. We were told the first one was about Love and the second will be about hate and it will be about her sisters hate not Ellies hate for Joels.It will be about sibling rivalry, family discorse and ultimatly how Ellies sister’s story leades her to a place that is totally the opposite of Ellie’s
King Gamer (27 days ago)
mayby that is not Joel
King Gamer (27 days ago)
mayby that is not Joel
Chris W (28 days ago)
yea but if joel wasnt acting on emotion, we wouldnt get a second game ;) so good on ya joel, you keep on saving that cutie :3
javynavarro137 (29 days ago)
Jack Ieong (29 days ago)
4:00 is that scene in part 2? Like it’s the 1st time I saw it. But do u still get to play as young Ellie in part 2?
82Jaster (14 days ago)
That particular scene is from the reveal trailer of the first The Last of Us. In Part 2 Ellie will be 19-years-old. She was 14 in the first game.
Alexandar Chalganov (29 days ago)
Here is why Joel's hands are not dirty when he enters the house. Its done so that they can emphasize on Ellie's abilities and that Joel had no idea of what Ellie was capable off. So she went in the house and killed all those people before Joel even reached the house.
pony leg (1 month ago)
or Joel just came from the shower :v
Santiago Arraya (1 month ago)
Ellie doesn’t need gas masks?
Carl Deaton (1 month ago)
"Joel is just a wall of murder." accurate and solid description.
oh shit waddup (1 month ago)
Joel is confirmed to be alive 🖤🖤
A Pimp Named Slickback (1 month ago)
I cried when hey anounced this
Jackman Mitchell (1 month ago)
my theory is this......STUFF WILL HAPPEN, simple and we all know stuff will happen
Jazzy Philipson (1 month ago)
Perhaps she’s bisexual and was willingly impregnated by a man, but regardless it’s just awesome to see some LGBT representation in TLOU!
Psychs TheMan (1 month ago)
You never see Joel’s face and he’s always in the dark. Just like in those psychological thriller movies... Joel is dead. Imma go cry now
André Braga (1 month ago)
So damn excited for tomorrow.
John Dave (1 month ago)
Why kill Joel?! 😔
nostplayz (1 month ago)
since when did a girl kissing a girl make the girl lesbian
File. exe (1 month ago)
I saw Ellie's stomach at 2:47 and the playback speed is 0.25x if you caught it and see it very fastly and pause it what do you guys think??
Officer Duck! (1 month ago)
Yeah... PSX
Benjamin Burch (1 month ago)
I want to play as Joel I’m calling naughty dog
Benjamin Burch (1 month ago)
How is Joel selfish if I had a daughter I would give anything for her lol fr even a world of infected
Benjamin Burch (1 month ago)
Howednjoel die in the 1st game he made it
Benjamin Burch (1 month ago)
I didn’t know Ellie is hay that’s probably why after this video I let infected kill her and a laughed so much f*ck ellie
Aimee Graff (1 month ago)
Is it not obvious that she doesn't have any bump in the trailer? Like just keep pausing till you get a good view point
Delfo Casaroto Neto (1 month ago)
She spoke about some revenge in the trailer, maybe she wants to kill someone who rapes her and leaves her pregnant. Kinda heavy, but this TLOU universe isn't disney world.
Matt (1 month ago)
Joels with you throughout the whole game.. You get to the end of the game and BOOM! yYou find out Joel has been dead the whole time.. 🙈
Simon Dimes (1 month ago)
why would a ghost be holding a gun
Marco Soriano (1 month ago)
Ellie is obviously immune, BUT would her unborn baby be immune? Maybe that’s being tested out
Evolutionary prepping (1 month ago)
I think Ellie has the understanding that Joel lied to her since part 2 is suppose to run off of hate I think Ellie is going insane. As you pointed out Ellie looks fucked up in the trailer but Joel looks to clean and nice for the apocalypse. And if you watch the trailer she sings about killing all of my enemies so I think that she wanted a cure even if it meant her life but now she has to kill the fireflies since you know Joel shot up the whole damn hospital
BIZARREBOT9000 (1 month ago)
#5 is stupid filler, Ellie doesn't need a gas mask...
Oh yeah please feed back to the last comment or somebody type back to it
When it shows Last of Us American daughters like they're in the first start of the video I think it may be Ellie but listen I said may be it could be it could be not You never know cuz we haven't even played the game it's not out.But i think is Ellie because when it zoom in on the American daughters poster when the first start of the video look closely at the eye and eyebrow and the forehead it kind of looks like Ellie
Brian Cameron (1 month ago)
If they kill Joel I’m gonna be so posed
steven P. (1 month ago)
Maybe she's not gay. Maybe that scene was a case of a child being curious and loving someone and expressing that emotion.
Kartik Punna (1 month ago)
Nobody realises that maybe Ellie’s mother is also immune? Doesn’t that mean the Fireflies would have experimented on her?
Stoinky Doink (1 month ago)
Theory 4 reminds me of dexter
7ēa Was Here (1 month ago)
I swear to god if Joel is dead...
Skye A. (1 month ago)
Well the woman could be Ellie, since she would wear the mask to protect the baby. She wouldn’t be sure if the child is immune like her or not, that’s why she is wearing it.
Dyan Dyan (2 months ago)
Tommy kills joe
fagot slayer (2 months ago)
Hes clean cuz at Tommy's they have electricity and water and they've been settled for 5 years
MosesBad (2 months ago)
What's the problem with you americans? Bisexual, ever heard of that? Geez, with you it's either straight or gay. Grow up, folks, there are more sexual orientations (people/things you'd fuck) than two. How about it, want to come to the Roman empire? THEY knew there is bisexuality. And besides that, how did Marlene put it? "How long until she gets raped or murdered?" Didn't fathom? Not every child is a product of consent and I have a slight hunch contraceptives or abortions aren't exactly easy to come by. Fuck, you're making it as hard as possible today, without hoardes of monsters running around, just having them in government. Uhm, who writes your script? Joel murdered *ALL* of them and that's why they're upset. If he'd done that, there would be nobody left to be upset. Of course he didn't, since he ran away from a bunch in the hospital, not to mention groups in other places.
Lieutenant diamond (2 months ago)
Everyone assumes Ellie is either straight or gay, but what if she's bi?
Đăng Hoàng Trọng (2 months ago)
I hope Joel has died too because it will take the emotion of the game to the next level. That will make the game perfect (atleast for me).
Darragh Clarke (2 months ago)
What the hell I thought the pregnancy theory was mine oh well I guess I'm not the only the only genius in the world.
•MushRoom• (2 months ago)
the walking dead se3 and the last of us 1 or 2 are very similar
ResidentEvil rican (2 months ago)
It's crazy how close they got wen he was jus suppose 2 deliver her 2 get his guns back ..this game is awesome
ResidentEvil rican (2 months ago)
I love this game it's awesome Im ready for 2 to come out
Benjiboop (2 months ago)
Ellie is Bi not gay
Stephanie Reid (2 months ago)
I like how people are saying that 'Ellie is Gay' the kiss she shared with Riely was a simple experimentation kiss, like many girls do when they are that age. I personally love the idea that Ellie was pregnant and that she has had her child stolen by the government. I personally want Ellie to have the child with Joel!
Philip Rosenov (2 months ago)
How do you know Ellie is gay ??!?!?!?
Antoni Mena (2 months ago)
Maybe she's lookin for Joel
herobriness (2 months ago)
Naughtydog wouldn't kill off either Joel or Ellie that would just ruin the game
herobriness (2 months ago)
Nowhere is safe in the same world as Joel and Ellie
I think that him saying do you really wanna go through with this is maybe she’s gonna be impregnated
The whole pregnant theory could make sense. The fireflies enpregnated Ellie in hopes of giving birth to a child with immunity so they can make the vaccine. EDIT: oh he said the same thing later.
Twiisted (2 months ago)
I have something. What if Joel actually died and the cordyceps or wtf they are called messed with ellies emotions and sees joel as a ghost and as we know the infection makes the host aggressive so since the fireflies killed joel she only wants to kill the fireflies
Twiisted (2 months ago)
Like the cordyceps are taking over her but they do not infect her like the other people. She still has control but not complete control
GamingForever (2 months ago)
1:18 maybe she just gained weight.
Launch Gaming (2 months ago)
Joel is gonna get infected and Ellie has to make the decision to sacrifice herself to save him
beatriz coimbra (2 months ago)
About the shirt Ellie has, its RILEY'S!! See left behind, the shirt Ellie is wearing is the one Riley has! The woman with the mask must be 'Anna', Ellie's mother bc she uses the mask. A ghost doesn't use a gun, I think that Joel is alive I sure hope he is cus I'd be mad if he's not... And there are claw marks on the trees!!!! And we will maybe have a dog infected or something as I saw on some Instagram pics of Troy Baker and such.
beatriz coimbra (2 months ago)
I just hope Joel isn't dead or made bad guy.
Jomijo Gaming (2 months ago)
I doubt Joel dies early or even at all in part 2 because he seems too involved in the interviews
Michael The Great (2 months ago)
Ellie couldn't just simply be bi?
Riley N (2 months ago)
Ellie doesn't need to wear a gas mask, she's immune.
deathcause 4 (2 months ago)
Look at Ellie's neck its a bite
Iron Wall (2 months ago)
I want to side with the joel is dead theory because hes all clean and calm but theres one thing wrong with that. Ellie has never seen joel clean the first time they meet in the first game hes all dirty and throughout the game he stays that way unless theres some behind the scenes stuff but that means ellie cant really make up a clean version of hime to see
manickam ganesan (2 months ago)
hey i think ur wrong because if joel is dead how ellie is taking to joel he is not dead in the gap of 5 years joel would say how ellie born and the truth about the fireflies
Y0UNG GVTS (2 months ago)
So the main character that you play in last of us 2 is ellie and nah i dont want it to be joel to die or ellie if it is damm just rememberin them both survivin and talks they had i hope joel doesnt die and anybody notice how joels face seems different even though we didnt get to see his head just the back of his head
Y0UNG GVTS (2 months ago)
What did he mean at "left behind" at 1:16 also she seemed attracted to boys when ellie met that boy in the bridge chapter or part where they had to cross the bridge also joel and ellie are like father and daughter gives off that vibe
DubStar (2 months ago)
Ellie wouldn't need a gas mask tho. So it wouldn't make sense it would be her.
gaybaby69 (2 months ago)
A theory i have is that Joel is the bad guy in this and Ellie is hunting him? i don't know where this is from, i just feel she was prepared to die for the cure and Joel ruined it for everyone and Ellie never wanted that. Ellie find this out and leaves Joel, and after a while (a few years maybe?) Joel has become some kind of leader to bandits or some group, and that is who Ellie may have killed in the trailer which is why Joel says that line "are you sure you want to go ahead with this?" meaning their confrontation?
EZ Assegai (2 months ago)
eeew gay shit

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