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Ant-Man and the Wasp Respond to IGN Comments

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IGN has one of the most active comments sections on the Internet. We showed Paul Rudd and Evangeline Lilly some of our favourites left for Ant-Man and the Wasp. John Krasinski Responds to IGN Comments https://youtu.be/k2p9gsjcfQY God of War Director Cory Barlog Responds to IGN Comments https://youtu.be/1jTFuELH0rM John Boyega Responds to IGN Comments https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z4tSF3MU_UA Tom Hiddleston Responds to IGN Comments https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=llo2xkJOabo Taika Waititi Responds to IGN Comments https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JpTdK2kn6TA Jeff Kaplan Responds to IGN Comments https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3NQWP7npOSw ------------------------------­---- Follow IGN for more! ------------------------------­---- IGN OFFICIAL APP: http://www.ign.com/mobile FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/ign TWITTER: https://twitter.com/ign INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/igndotcom/?hl=en WEBSITE: http://www.ign.com/
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Text Comments (1446)
Carter Delaney (2 hours ago)
Dude how did antman get out of the quantum realm?
Jediel G (8 hours ago)
I'm glad you did Ant-Man pathetic Paul, when I saw animated TV shows and movies your character was cocky, now it is funny and appealing. I don't have any Ant-Man comics, so that's what I think, I don't know how is he in the comics.
ZombiePhoenix (9 hours ago)
Paul is secretly jackfilms... 1:34
Ezra Kemp (14 hours ago)
They should have made the Wasp a guy, wasps are annoying and they bite... wait no it's perfect.
K-rex (19 hours ago)
Did he just say "yu-ji-oh"? My faith in him has faltered immensely XD
Ryan Friedman (20 hours ago)
My question for Evangeline Lilly is that, do you think The Wasp will be resurrected or the disintegration could be reversed?
Samuel Brown (1 day ago)
Antman has also gone huge and wasp hasn’t. Antman has saved the world more times lol and he took on four avengers at once and killed the yellow jacket. And he went subatomic and came back by himself.
Sahaan Shyam (2 days ago)
2:46 its cuz Wasp *spoiler* DIES!!!
batt beoleo (2 days ago)
spider isnt an insect.
James Gunn (2 days ago)
"He did the Home Alone emoji..." DEAD
Jackson Arthur (2 days ago)
Ign doesn't know anything
Dannycen Ann Maturan (2 days ago)
Seriously tho, give Ant-man his Orange slices 😂😂
Ricky Elric Viana (2 days ago)
Paul Rudd doesn't know what is Yu-Gi-Oh!
At least when Ant-Man looks pathetic he does it with style
Duke Animates (2 days ago)
Pepe Lopez (2 days ago)
Aye y'all notice the little ant man moving on the actor's shoulder in 1:30
Lilpookie4 (3 days ago)
Evangeline said Spider-Man was an insect...
Nifa Sian (3 days ago)
Evangeline Lily is crazy fiiiine
Gween Bean (3 days ago)
Thanos won’t die until Paul Rudd gets his orange slices
Gween Bean (3 days ago)
Kiki does China love me
Deni Boy (3 days ago)
He mispronounced Yu-Gi-Oh :D
Winter Time (3 days ago)
Spiders aren't insects.😑
Xman omega (3 days ago)
yoooooo the end!!!!!
Skylar Flowers (3 days ago)
the M&A show (4 days ago)
Forget about ant man and spider man i want to see a movie only about Luis
ck_ (4 days ago)
Just because someone wishes for Ant-Man and Spiderman movie without mentioning Wasp & Mantis = they are sexist?! I know she meant in a light hearted way but still.. quite a leap
William Davies (4 days ago)
I love Paul Rudd 😂😂
Oscar Gardea (4 days ago)
That yugiohchannel name lol
Wary Drake (4 days ago)
Your Local Trashcan (4 days ago)
2:42 I choked on my goddamn tea and my family is like "o no, Alexa play despacito" with a spanish accent *eVeN tHoUgH i Am bRitIsH* p.s We don't deserve Paul and Evangeline, they are too pure for this world
Ryan Jensen (4 days ago)
He was professional until 2:51. He should have just brushed it off being humorous at the same time.
Liekki Animaatio (4 days ago)
I ship Mantis and Spiderman
Angel Ma (4 days ago)
an man and the wasp. wosp op plz NERF.
air boit (4 days ago)
Ant man was under house arrest for a few years so.... hes ANTisocial man
pop thecowboy (4 days ago)
a black widow and wasp movie?
ghostfire23 (4 days ago)
Evangeline's Valley Girl HAHAHAHAHA
I farted
Alex The Dominator (4 days ago)
The background!!
Homie Owl (5 days ago)
Why do girls always think a duo with boys with sexist like tf
godzilla fan 1954 (5 days ago)
"I made Ant-Man pathetic" Top ten quotes of all time
Sam The Dumb (5 days ago)
2:40 lmaooo
Christopher Chester (5 days ago)
Chris (5 days ago)
Dont be sexist wtf?
Tyler Lang (5 days ago)
Paul Rudd just seems like such a down to Earth guy. Why can't more celebrities be like him?
memily ma (5 days ago)
lol paul has a silver ant pinned onto his suit
Kevin Ordoñez (5 days ago)
LMAO that last bit is hilarious
Eva Siminiceanu (5 days ago)
The censor symbol was an ant.
Sondremomo De (5 days ago)
Evangeline forgot the third female insect BLACK WIDOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sondremomo De (5 days ago)
wasp and mantis I would LOVE to watch that movie I LOVE MANTIS AND WASP
Tornvec (5 days ago)
The way he pronounced YuGiOh hurt me bruh
TheReal Doge (5 days ago)
Anyone else notice the Antman on the A moving around
Sartaj Dhaliwal (5 days ago)
I predicted the thanos end. Edit: Just wanted to brag
MJ Garcia (5 days ago)
i Roberto (5 days ago)
Where are my captions?
Lokiofasgard (5 days ago)
I know it’s the writers fault for not giving Cassie a heart problem but I’m gonna blame Paul Rudd instead
MagmaCool ;-; (5 days ago)
Kicknowledge Smith (5 days ago)
why do they read these things, stop giving these people attention!!
Lime (5 days ago)
*spoiler for ant man and the wasp* "This is going to be family friendly" Me:stay till the end credits
Homie Narwhal (5 days ago)
No, I don't want to see Chris Pratt, and Bryce Dallas Howard. I want to see more of the national treasure that is Paul Rudd.
Tennant00720 playin' (5 days ago)
Can anyone explain to me , why ant man's suit malfunctions at the ending fight scenes even though he has his old suit which works fine? Why use prototype suit?
NEET Vader (5 days ago)
Go F*** yourself @Dgripper 😂
Yuri (5 days ago)
Spiders are arachnids.
Angelo James Mordini (5 days ago)
Wasp was definitely really entertaining and I LOVE seeing giant man in the movies sooooo fun, the best of both fighting. The shrinking flying around and then boom giant.
Hmongyaj1980 (5 days ago)
Ant man and the wasp teamin’ up...will the wasp even be in the next avengers movie ?
I am bored (5 days ago)
Okay wait so you're telling me Paul Rudd has never heard of the world-wide phenomenon of Yugioh?
Batfleck Customs (5 days ago)
Eren Rush (5 days ago)
Xavier Caron (5 days ago)
I dont know wasp. I not a big fan of mantis's character. She is ok but yes u, antman and spiderman would be a cool movie
AxelOwnz (5 days ago)
Paul Rudd is just so dang likable. Also a Wasp and Mantis team up would be awesome!
CFTonio GT (6 days ago)
Yo don’t forget black widow
Stopitgetsomehelp (6 days ago)
Next movie : Spider-Man and the mantis
August Plym (6 days ago)
Eric Lin (6 days ago)
We need a Marvel movie Team Insect: Featuring: Ant Man, Spider-Man, Wasp and Mantis.
Yeti Manden (6 days ago)
I hope the next ant-man film Will be with ant-mans dautger {bug Girl} and Luis man
dinoface4 (6 days ago)
I stopped watching as soon as she brought up "sexism".
theallaroundnerd (6 days ago)
2:33 this is the best comment and response IMO
Daniel Jerome (6 days ago)
During infinity war they mentioned he was on house arrest. So my guess was he was already sent out before cap got there. Everyone else was already viewed worldwide as former parts of the avengers so they were kept.
NOT A DEMODO G (6 days ago)
1:00 yugioh😃
Losa Leti (6 days ago)
0:15 There are actually a couple of rules that Disney wants the MCU industry to obey. And one of them is Cutting people’s head off, that’s probably why Thor didn’t go for the head when he went to go attack Thanos? EDIT: It’s just a fun fact for y’all 😄
Sideshowjoe (6 days ago)
When she said that guys ant man and Spiderman idea was sexist I cringed
cenozera (6 days ago)
Super Trash (6 days ago)
Hearing Paul Rudd say YOO Gee Oh brings back times
Animater Dude (6 days ago)
Ant-man my favourite superhero.
legend has it (6 days ago)
I SWEAR IGN is very bullshit
stonie Cad (6 days ago)
*yu-G-oh* just like my Grand pappy says it .
Thanh Ha (6 days ago)
I love the wasp most in the movie☆
The part of ant man and the wasp I really found weird was that the wasp was never tiny and shot stingers at the same time. I always thought it was cool how she flew and shot in the cartoon and stuff, but seeing her always turn big before shooting felt a little off to me. Also Mantis isn't the most badass marvel insect. Batman is
awesomeness (6 days ago)
he said yu gee oh instead of yu gi oh..
BoxxyFan (6 days ago)
1:18 oh go away with the political correct bs. spiderman is waaaay more popular than the wasp or mantis simply because he's spiderman, it has nothing to do with being sexist.Don't bring your agenda into this and try and shove it down on some kid. Your'e the one being sexist against men. Feminism is about about EQUALITY, it's not about women being BETTER. Feel free to make your own Wasp or Mantis standalone movie, but people want Spiderman. End of story.
MR. OM NOM NOM Banks (6 days ago)
Spiders are aracanids not insect
photoshopknight (6 days ago)
don't bee sexist :P
Grey Wind (7 days ago)
0:52 I died 😂
Son Goku (7 days ago)
These Actor are angels
Aj Jones (7 days ago)
I love the comment Paul made about him Ant-Man pathetic so Funny
alanaq (7 days ago)
"the home alone emoji" DSKFKJSd
2:41 😂😂
Nicholas Dickens (7 days ago)
Peter Parker “Dude! It’s a spider: Arachnid, Spiders are not insects!”🕷🐜☺️😂
Wayne Douglas (7 days ago)
1:14 Not everything’s a political anti female statement lmao I know she wasn’t being serious though but still.
Spider-man is a spider an ancrid
Cody (7 days ago)
Dude, there should be a marvel "Insects" movie! Antman, wasp, mantis, spiderman, spider gwen, and guess allies Venom. That would be a great movie. And they could fight carnage or Scarab.
Rtkts (7 days ago)
I honestly don't get the whole "Ant man is pathetic" thing. He tricked the FBI several times and outsmarted the bad guys twice.

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