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Ant-Man and the Wasp Respond to IGN Comments

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IGN has one of the most active comments sections on the Internet. We showed Paul Rudd and Evangeline Lilly some of our favourites left for Ant-Man and the Wasp. John Krasinski Responds to IGN Comments https://youtu.be/k2p9gsjcfQY God of War Director Cory Barlog Responds to IGN Comments https://youtu.be/1jTFuELH0rM John Boyega Responds to IGN Comments https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z4tSF3MU_UA Tom Hiddleston Responds to IGN Comments https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=llo2xkJOabo Taika Waititi Responds to IGN Comments https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JpTdK2kn6TA Jeff Kaplan Responds to IGN Comments https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3NQWP7npOSw ------------------------------­---- Follow IGN for more! ------------------------------­---- IGN OFFICIAL APP: http://www.ign.com/mobile FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/ign TWITTER: https://twitter.com/ign INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/igndotcom/?hl=en WEBSITE: http://www.ign.com/
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Text Comments (1249)
Stugots666x (8 days ago)
I realized halfway they the video ant man and the wasp are moving in the background. ( actually idk bout wasp but ant is def moving around
I feel like the Russo brothers will handle ant man better then this movie did
diddyknux (10 days ago)
So many comments where people were triggered by a joke because it had the word "sexist" in it.
Legend Ary (11 days ago)
well antman is still using the suit from like the 60's because why improve on an okay thing it's only life and death
David Smith (14 days ago)
love paul rudd and evangeline lilly this was great
dimitris bam (15 days ago)
Paul raud is awesome
dimitris bam (14 days ago)
+SD Brand lol
SD Brand (14 days ago)
dimitris bam So awesome that you don't know how to spell his name correctly even when it's in the title of the video that you're commenting on...
MGsubbie (19 days ago)
Kari Medalla (19 days ago)
Emily Wong (21 days ago)
The Antman and the Wasp sign in the back have little Antman and the Wasp sitting on them
PhantomKiller76 (23 days ago)
2:45 😂😂😂😂 I totally agree!!
Julissa Santiago (23 days ago)
Dude young Paul rudd is the most beautiful thing ever when he comes out in clueless
Zechariah Smith (23 days ago)
No Ant-Man was SMART in the first one.
ѧ Gıяʟ (26 days ago)
*You did the home alone emoji* I love her😂💖
Sdgtdp (28 days ago)
Mispronounced Yu-Gi-Oh... I have lost all respect for Paul Rudd. You’re telling me he doesn’t have or know kids who play or watch it??? He’s not EVEN AWARE OF IT???
Ryan Hawkins (28 days ago)
Me headbutts table from what wasp said regarding mantis
Annoying kid (1 month ago)
WTF Mantis isnt an insect.
SD Brand (14 days ago)
Annoying kid Non of them are insects... they're human beings.... their superhero names are insect related including Mantis...
Johnson W. (1 month ago)
The say he pronounced thmuffinslayer is so damn funny!!! lol
ALL DEATHS IN (1 month ago)
1:17 Spider-Man is not an insect but okay
TheSeventhWheel 7 (20 days ago)
Welp, Peter's giving a lecture about arachnids now, dammit
Brenton Ryan (1 month ago)
I want some wasp on mantis action. I don’t want to watch it, I want to live it.
Icewallow_come (1 month ago)
I can't watch ant man without seeing ant man helping a disabled kid peeing whilst standing up
Dankmemer69 69 (1 month ago)
Why I'd everything you say sexist
latinospiderman7 (1 month ago)
That last respond tho 💀
Fenrir Wolf44 (1 month ago)
0:40 Bucky-get this man some plums.
thatcrazeykid 118 (1 month ago)
Me: *finishes watching movie* Me: And now to wait another 2 years for the next installment in: People Who Are Angry at Hank Me: *laughs*
Handsome Lau Lau (1 month ago)
Of course they leave out the comments of people that legitimately don't like the movie
tan evrbfb (1 month ago)
Selena C Y (1 month ago)
"Yu jee oh" omg 😥
People saying that wasp is better in every way are wrong. Sure she has wings and blasters but if you see the suits only ant man has the regulator so he can grow and shrink into specific sizes while wasp can only go small or normal. And Paul Rudd is great.
Lil Pulp (1 month ago)
cant believe paul rudd is 49...
JpButler 3 (1 month ago)
Yep, defiantly after infinity war
Dan Piper (1 month ago)
Wasp and Mantis movie confirmed!!!!
Michael Jordan (1 month ago)
You know I punch critics for a living.
Warlock K. (1 month ago)
Female insects matter
Jony FiftyFour (1 month ago)
I love Paul Rudd
Fox Goat (1 month ago)
Paul needs some orange slices after some of those comments
ziljin (1 month ago)
This movie will be super amazing!
CandElytra ! (1 month ago)
I got an ant man ad
AJ Booth (1 month ago)
New bugs life Ant man The wasp Spider-Man Mantas
Kearon Squash (1 month ago)
Love Paul Rudd but will always see him as Mike from friends
Aashirya Chougule (1 month ago)
2:24 I'm pretty sure Tom's from the UK and probably has an English accent (the surname sounds English).😂
Sarah S (1 month ago)
I loved Paul Rudd before this. I love Paul Rudd even more now.
TheGodHandz (1 month ago)
Spiders aren't insects.
Karen Wong (1 month ago)
Vijayan Felix (1 month ago)
Antman and the spider
Defiantly lol Jacksfilms didn't help
lego marvel studios (1 month ago)
2:33 luis 😂😂😂
Danna’s Channel (1 month ago)
What is Mike Hannigan doing in here??
Jamie Clarke (1 month ago)
That Owl shirt! Please, I’d love it.
captain-marvel (1 month ago)
mispronounces yugioh...ya know he's 40
SD Brand (14 days ago)
captain-marvel No he is not 40.... he's 49
Grootplayz (1 month ago)
How dare you say yugioh like yujioh!
I'm Craving Sushi (1 month ago)
Antman needs a better suit. Like just remake the yellow jacket suit for Antman.
RiceFriskies (1 month ago)
Um spider man is not an insect🤓
Little Miss Hug (1 month ago)
I love Paul Rudd so much#!!
Just In Gaming (1 month ago)
He can’t say yu gi oh
Phoebe Fogel (1 month ago)
don't forget black widow! she's a bug too!
D B Edits (1 month ago)
2:40 😂😂😂😂 why Paul why
Marc Tang (1 month ago)
They didn't move it because of the World cup...
lochlucille (1 month ago)
There's no way this man is almost 50
thinking_about_figures (1 month ago)
I would totally watch an insects hero movie.
kingofmonra (1 month ago)
Spiders are not insects. I guess "the wasp" is not that clever.
Shado2us (1 month ago)
Thank you, Paul!!!
Hassan (1 month ago)
Yu ji oh
Kacper 4192 (1 month ago)
- Excuse me, I'm Erik Lensher. - - Charles Xavier. - 2:52
Roast_Beith (1 month ago)
i laughed alot @ 2:41
donkykóng (1 month ago)
Yeah why move the release date when england turn in to useless fuckers everytime the world cup comes around.
Sora Aoi (1 month ago)
Paul pronouncing Yugioh as yujioh tho 😂
Diana Cavendish (1 month ago)
I love how he pointed out the "defiantly" thing. People make that mistake just about as often as they call it "Rouge One".
Jeson Liu (1 month ago)
Ik they r faking the smile
NonsensicalVids (1 month ago)
do people not understand ant man is not stronger than thanos.. head be crushed inside thanos
colaboytje (1 month ago)
Because someone wants to see Spider-man and Ant-man together, he is sexist?
colaboytje (1 month ago)
Григорий Грачёв Psssst, no, never heard of jokes. Have you?
Pssst, do you ever heard about jokes?)
Cristian Moya Romero (1 month ago)
I want a movie with AntMan, The Wasp, Spider-Man and Mantis, what insect am I missing?
Todd Hix (1 month ago)
Ummmm....... Spider-Man is an arachnid!
I cANT wait to see this movie
Blue Baron (1 month ago)
Give Ghost her own movie.
GO! Go! Zeppeli! (1 month ago)
Smh she took out the sexist card smh...
peace and love (1 month ago)
Female insects yay!
Data Grab (1 month ago)
*1:18** typical*
Evan Mitsakis (1 month ago)
So because we want a crossover that doesn’t involve women for non sexist reasons, it’s somehow sexist
marvel motion studios (1 month ago)
Why does the wasp need to say that's everything is sexist
kaira Mishri (1 month ago)
The images of antman n wasp moving in the background were distracting 😂
Thor (1 month ago)
I got an Antman and Wasp ad 😂😂
David (1 month ago)
This is so cringey.
Mooing cow Productions (1 month ago)
Lol I got a ant man commercial
Christa Smith (1 month ago)
Ryan Peacock (1 month ago)
So far we've never seen Wasp grow big. Plus, they said that Hank would prefer to let Scott get hurt as opposed to Hope. Even though he's given her, her own suit, I'm sure that if given the choice between them, Hope wins every time.
Jesus Sauceda (1 month ago)
Spiders aren’t insects
Dumie Odiwe (1 month ago)
captain america get this man a shield thor get this man a hammer ant man get this man some orange slices
SD Brand (14 days ago)
Dumie Odiwe yeah we saw the video....
Just KLM (1 month ago)
Go ant yourself
Malia Saavedra (1 month ago)
When Paul Rudd can't pronounce YuGiOh right
SD Brand (14 days ago)
Malia Saavedra When not writing a complete statement becomes a thing...
Mateusz Karczewski (1 month ago)
how wanting to see Antman and Spiderman team up is sexist?
Kynne Pruden (1 month ago)
I feel like Paul is a *porn-a-holic*
oh yeah (1 month ago)
Lol, did Rudd just admit to being a pathetic actor.
Saints9Fan (1 month ago)
Hahahahaha the last one
Ayelen013 (1 month ago)
areeb1296 (1 month ago)
1:16 I don't like being that guy, but a spider isn't an insect.
Sabie Aldover (1 month ago)
maybe it could be mantis, wasp AND black widow teaming up... girl insect squad !!!!!!
javier castaneda (1 month ago)
I wish the responses were organic but I know they’re scripted😢
Not me Ok (1 month ago)
Oh damn he said yugioh wrong
Uvic _ (1 month ago)
Wow an ant man and wasp ad just came on befire this

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