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For Honor All Death Scenes

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WATCH MORE FOR HONOR VIDS HERE: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL1cvljv8vQmSN4qRyLgeEDjrMcOuT18pG Follow GLP on Instagram: http://instagram.com/glplaygr0und Follow GLP on Twitter! http://twitter.com/glittlep Like GLP on Facebook! http://facebook.com/gLpLayground Here's a compilation of all the death scenes, both big and small in the cutscenes of the campaign. We hope you enjoy! Our 2nd Channel, GLP TV - https://www.youtube.com/c/glptvee BUY GLP SHIRTS HERE: https://tinyurl.com/y7sbgb3j
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Text Comments (2584)
Gunfer Farters (18 hours ago)
Reaper5.56 Xx (1 day ago)
Sjw woman warrior bullshit the average long sword 🗡 was like 20 pounds
Lukson (2 days ago)
vikings make me cringe jesus christ, how is that even possible with a naked chest
Vicente Pena (2 days ago)
He skiped almost all of em
JBH (3 days ago)
Brienne of Tarth is that you??
Look At The Clown (4 days ago)
How did Yasuo became a knight?
Benny Lava (5 days ago)
The warden is a fucking retard thats why i dont play with him
James Daly (6 days ago)
0:19 Gaara dat u?
Hazeyredeyes66 (7 days ago)
Who wrote the story, Khorne??
Thanos Slapman (7 days ago)
Their equipments is not very accurate to real Viking equipments, but this is just a game. Flaming arrows are useless in real life btw, WHY? Use your brain.
Nathan Person (8 days ago)
the concept of Valhalla is to die in battle while holding on to a weapon before you die in battle. the game devs got this all wrong in the vikings story
MooGant Lee (8 days ago)
The fighting reminds me of wii sports resort
Malik World (8 days ago)
When i see girls fight in a game/movie i cringe so hard cause i know its fake but when i see a male fights its so cooler i know its fake but they dont moan showing clivage n tits all over the place
J B (9 days ago)
campaign was shit
RexKiller HD (11 days ago)
smill pupstick (11 days ago)
I haven’t played the campaign yet. Is there a way to kill the feminist?
BioPerfect (12 days ago)
Gypsy Heol (13 days ago)
He sound like Yasuo
Detective Harris (13 days ago)
Why does the game have so many females?
Kyle Ibarrientos (13 days ago)
Ognjen Nastić (13 days ago)
Am I trippin or this guy has the same voice actor as Yasuo from League of Legends?
Georgee (14 days ago)
"What creature waits for its own slaughter?" "Sheep" Makes me laugh everytime
Daniel Campos (14 days ago)
5:38 that dudes axe thoooo
Felix Garfias (14 days ago)
Sasuke has really changed
Kranium (14 days ago)
lik my nut ur fucking trash im unsuncribing from ur chanel
Kranium (14 days ago)
ligma ballz u shitty utuber
Kthonoth (15 days ago)
Samurais: "We have a swamp." Vikings: "We have the coldest weather!" Knights: "We have a FUCKING *VOLCANO* "
Dylan Parker (15 days ago)
Too much beard
Moderator Central (16 days ago)
8:21 I’ve heard that sound effect from Skyrim
CHK MKN (16 days ago)
this game made by scandinavian? Sure it doest promote any good asian warriors. Japanese had very good tactical, warriors were superior, even fought agianst the mongols. What did the viking fought against? naked civilians and monks?
ArtieV (16 days ago)
Anyone else thinks that was yasuos voice?
A Yang (16 days ago)
Bro I swear to god that’s gaara’s voice actor in the beginning cutscene
Arun Kumar (16 days ago)
The narrator voice is same as War
Eigher Son (16 days ago)
Fajna gra😀
OOF (16 days ago)
CoSm1c gAm3r (17 days ago)
4:23 lol games are full of lies xD Oh maybe this "woman" is on steroids who knows!? And Of course instead of being a woman she decided FUCK it I will jump into custom armor and will fight because there is no more fun in showing her sexy body like MOST woman does. Fuck games and their bullshitery.
Love osu! (17 days ago)
Since when can a short sword pierces through plate armour ?
Osman Yavuz (17 days ago)
00:18 yasuo
TROLLZOR808 (17 days ago)
So yasuo was a knight.... Nice
Gil Kibala (17 days ago)
2:06 the "second" is defintly sporting Gaara's voice
knight of light (17 days ago)
Knights, in battle!!
Eredyn IreMist (17 days ago)
2:00 What a wuss...
MORGATH99 (18 days ago)
thats illidan`s voice actor
AnonySmush (18 days ago)
het is for honor
Question_mark (18 days ago)
samurai has shield?
Denki Kaminari (18 days ago)
Eric Wiliams (19 days ago)
He sounds like yasuo
Jebus C. Gaming (19 days ago)
Lolo just realized they can get away without having to do facial animations since almost everyone has their face covered
Jook Jook (19 days ago)
This game was so bad
Owen George (20 days ago)
Since when did European people have American accents
Longmont_Fire (20 days ago)
It’s about time we sent the nazis to that era
Jon Kohl (20 days ago)
They fucked this game up after marching fire
fabien Gamology (21 days ago)
Hello, Gamer's Little Playground! :) I'm working for Gamology (5.2 million fans on Facebook). I found your videos and I really like them! (Like this one! ) I'd like to post some of them on our pages. But first, I need your approval. I'll also credit your original video in the comments. Have a nice day! Fabien. _ Our pages: Gamology US - FR - ES - Asia - TBOGM - GCN - Amazing Gaming - Crazy Gaming - Pixel Heroes - Gaming Facts - @GamologyOff (Twitter) - Gamology (insta) - Gamology (YT)
ma nigga (21 days ago)
female warriror so big hmm tasty pussy
DEREK VASSER (21 days ago)
Is this game any actual fucking good
Colhoun Clan (22 days ago)
Such a shit game
Largo Charles (22 days ago)
Yasuo's voice, ewwww
XDream156 (22 days ago)
Ferelcapo (22 days ago)
what i find silly is how easy steel plate can be pierced through with some tiny ass dagger or a sword
Sean Andri Gonzaga (24 days ago)
why ther is no batousay in the group of the samurai
Joe Felony (24 days ago)
Wow this looked awesome. Until some great warrior turned out to be a woman. Alright, not gonna buy it then
Kishida Kai (24 days ago)
Satisfying ending I like Japanese especially samurai n ninja
Radith (26 days ago)
Fuck you blackstone
ImpaktaDoge (26 days ago)
4:14 whem Venom ate your pancreas
alexanderthegreat1999 (27 days ago)
Shit game
Avalanche - (27 days ago)
Why is the title Dutch for me? So is the description
Drezzy (27 days ago)
im sev (27 days ago)
Caden Saunders (28 days ago)
Apollyon: Do you know how to tell predator from prey? Me: Look at their teeth Apollyon: You can’t. Me: What
TeleDang (30 days ago)
So pretty much, all cutscenes.
The Bulging Dragons (27 days ago)
TeleDang Yea they wouldn’t show all kills in the gameplay.
Henry Henryathome (30 days ago)
1:29 he killed 4 people but in this shot know body's are too be found
Ragoons GG (1 month ago)
My answers...were questions
6:00 isnt that the voice of yasuo from league of legends ?
how to draw good (1 month ago)
I love how everyone else realizing Apollyon was normal and justified but holden cross was just racist XD
Baz (1 month ago)
Since when did Knights have American accents?!
Julian de Brouwer (1 month ago)
You forgot the cutscene were the Viking boss died.
AERO (1 month ago)
Apollyon must’ve had her revenge meter on
Makaroni Swatski (1 month ago)
Why yasuo narrating this
Cenk Tüneygök (1 month ago)
Are those stormtrooper armors?
btone_95 (1 month ago)
I always laugh at 7:19. Like WTF were you doing, just sitting in the back keeping count? 😂
SevenFour (1 month ago)
The dog man on the hardest difficulty is such bs
SevenFour (15 days ago)
+Cow Tiger the wolf man
Cow Tiger (15 days ago)
SevenFour the dog man
SevenFour (15 days ago)
+Cow Tiger The dog man
Cow Tiger (15 days ago)
SevenFour the dog man...
CHEESY CHIPMUNK (1 month ago)
This helped me realise how there's pretty much no cutscenes without death. *I like it*
Arty RJ (1 month ago)
Just imagine how do they body smell
Naruto Uzumaki (1 month ago)
"If I refused there would be a slaughter" :yasuo voiced
Polarity (1 month ago)
I just love the whole Viking mentality... Survival of the fittest. They pretty much had darwinism before it was even a thing
Martin Septim (1 month ago)
Poor vikings
Leo saver (1 month ago)
Jeffery Joseph (1 month ago)
If you ever want to learn the Ancient Language of the Vikings, its here at 16:20 - 16:41... You're Welcome.
Gamingwit Piss (1 month ago)
Paul (1 month ago)
Vance (1 month ago)
Historically inaccurate feminist appeasement sells games!
Chanse Yang (1 month ago)
My favorite faction is Blackstone legions
T.Y WANG (1 month ago)
I want to see a game, medieval knights vs aliens
Jet Ryder (1 month ago)
I still don’t know if Daubeny is female or male. I think they’re a female, but idk
Mike Hunt (1 month ago)
That was possibly the lamest thing I’ve ever scene. Ineffective armour, purposeless battles, shitty character development and a ridiculous plot. Not to mention the fact someone can get stabbed and not have to worry about tetanus or dying of infection and blood loss. Did the producers hire my little cousin to write the story?
Josh Arsi (1 month ago)
Pick up farming lol 80% of viking society was built on farming
Kilroy (1 month ago)
10:26 most cringe voice acting moment in the entire campaign lol
CHEESY CHIPMUNK (1 month ago)
1:04 some *body* once told me...
dylken 569 (1 month ago)
You skipped a lot
NightOwl Games (1 month ago)
The for honour campaign is a sad true story called life all life is now is war
TheOfficialTyro (1 month ago)

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