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Ten-Thousand Stars - Hatsune Miku

1880 ratings | 157783 views
by Circus P
Category: Музыка
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Shane Davidson (10 days ago)
So apparently I am not the only one here because of brave frontier, good to know. But this did still a great song, I would just not finish the lvl on brave frontier and listen to this song lol.
Purplish blue Gamer (2 months ago)
I can’t believe I chose hatsune miku as my YouTube channel but if hatsune miku is real I know she will love this💗
Brainware (2 months ago)
I was thinking, can't they change the lyrics a little but have same music ?
Sara Bautista (2 months ago)
Otaku Chan (4 months ago)
Jonnie Darko (4 months ago)
Miku English music http://aminoapps.com/invite/Q0G1QLIE95
xAkira KanonX (5 months ago)
Miku english is good! '-'
Tỏi Kires (5 months ago)
I'll replay this song in ten-thousand time :^)
Yvel-Sama :3 (7 months ago)
Brave frontier, feelsgoodman
Abc Ng (7 months ago)
Good good👏👏
otaku mis (7 months ago)
Việt nam đâu òi
Thanh Nguyen (3 months ago)
Rikka CHANNEL da tim thay 1 otaku
I zond (9 months ago)
Nalune Productions (9 months ago)
Is this the real lyrics? '____'
ScribblyToons (11 months ago)
This is so cool I heard this song yesterday and I already memorized the lyrics. My battery at 6% but i can't help it
Bret S (1 year ago)
No matter how many vocaloids become stars and fill up the night sky, let's not forget Miku
A L L I (1 year ago)
This is my new favorite song
Jaspreeet P (1 year ago)
love this
tyrinon lunsford (1 year ago)
I approve
Bang Le (1 year ago)
I love hatsune miku (IM A GIRL)
Coco Cookie Kitty (1 year ago)
Anyone here from the 2016 Seattle MikuExpo?
briana hawkins (1 year ago)
cool song
Len (1 year ago)
...There's so many people are here from a game called Brave Frontier. Am I the only one who came here not knowing what Brave Frontier was?
Just a Witchling (4 months ago)
Len no
Tori Hale (5 months ago)
Nope! ^^
Pikachu Pikachu -Pika-P- (6 months ago)
I don't either dw
Avery Edmonds (7 months ago)
Len jig of
Hoxton the badass (8 months ago)
Brave Frontier forever!!!
mc rose12 (1 year ago)
I love this song ⊙﹏⊙≧﹏≦
Coco Cookie Kitty (1 year ago)
Ma jam! ┏(`ー´)┛ ┗(`ー´)┓
Firce Tooth (1 year ago)
:0 :)
Firce Tooth (1 year ago)
Ian Spring (1 year ago)
This makes me wanna play corpse party
IntoTheVault (1 year ago)
Ian Spring Oh my god, YES
MarvelGeekify (1 year ago)
I love the beat and Miku's voice, but i can't get past the fact that it sounds suicidal
wow and dang (1 year ago)
i thought it was about an alien invasion... sounds like it, don't you think?
Grivian Verrel (1 year ago)
link to background picture?
jdhatsuneP (1 year ago)
just search by ten thousand stars hatsune miku in google😂
Len Lawliet (2 years ago)
This song is amazing despite it being about suicide.
Emilie Leys (3 months ago)
Plus she litterly says 'i'm not okay:
Emilie Leys (3 months ago)
Len Lawliet yeah, plus 'a speed run to GAME OVER' can you see as her wanting to suickly die...
KinjiroTheThunder (3 months ago)
GunSlinginOtaku what is Kikuo?
Mattias Ljungblad (1 year ago)
+Knight Commander: Wolf The stars could represent heaven or the afterlife, where you would go after dying.
DustSpectre (1 year ago)
You know it could also just talk about Stars going super nova. I mean why else would it be called Ten Thousand Stars.
DarkTerror86 (2 years ago)
Finally a song realized with Miku's English voicebank that I like. Miku's voice still sounds not very natural when compared to the Miku's Japanese voicebank but it is still a great step forward ^_^
Coco Cookie Kitty (1 year ago)
Yeah it is! But should have heard her talk IN ENGLISH!!!!!!
芝刈り (2 years ago)
Jacqueline Erickson (2 years ago)
when minus saying panic panic panic again it sounds like panic panic panic unions
Yuki Arcturus (1 year ago)
Jacqueline Erickson XD
i OUK (2 years ago)
これはうまいな(  Д ) ⊙ ⊙ めっちゃ好きになった!
Mathew Holliday (2 years ago)
Circus P brought me here
Thomas Bygrave (2 years ago)
my favorite song
Typical Weeb (2 years ago)
Anyone else like the bass drop at 1:17
Anklejbiter (1 month ago)
Last time something dropped that hard the bathroom stunk for a week.
Jēmusu Shizao (2 years ago)
hell yeah
Cyberpixie (2 years ago)
This is an AWESOME song! Im preparing an MMD motion for this song based on the concert!
Coco Cookie Kitty (1 year ago)
=[ that's okay!
Jēmusu Shizao (1 year ago)
Cyberpixie (1 year ago)
Mitzy Cutie sorry but I decided to not continue it
Coco Cookie Kitty (1 year ago)
Jēmusu Shizao (2 years ago)
I want to see it
Moises A. (2 years ago)
Who else was here before Brave Frontier made it cool
Tori Hale (5 months ago)
Len Kagamine (7 months ago)
Moises A. What is that
XxYuki loves animeXx (2 years ago)
me I play that game
Tyler Porter (2 years ago)
Listened to this song like 15 times in order to get Miku in Brave Frontier. I now can't stop whistling this song in the shower 😂
Star The Neko (2 years ago)
Shane Davidson (10 days ago)
Personally I prefer Rei? I forget it is the thunder one. Miku is good too though.
Yuki Arcturus (1 year ago)
Rainbow Star0139 I failed.
Celesty (2 years ago)
So many here (including me) cause of Brave Frontier
Yuki Arcturus (1 year ago)
Coco Cookie Kitty (1 year ago)
wow and dang (1 year ago)
Hehe, I sat far in the back:( but in line, if you saw some short little girl with black hair with a legend of Zelda cap, that was me :(;゙゚'ω゚'):
Coco Cookie Kitty (1 year ago)
If you saw some girl walk in and start crying tears of joy...that's me!
wow and dang (1 year ago)
BOI! seattle? i was there!!!
Celesty (2 years ago)
So many here (including me) cause of Brave Frontier
Duck Fan (2 years ago)
I love this song !!
supper lover (2 years ago)
Silver Huntress (2 years ago)
totally here because of brave frontier but omg this song <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
E.P.T.Z (2 years ago)
E.P.T.Z (2 years ago)
I don't know
Bystander (2 years ago)
+EMMALINE which game?
E.P.T.Z (2 years ago)
It was an add for a mobil game this song was in it
Bystander (2 years ago)
What commercials?
Good to know I wasn't the only who came here because of the commercial.
〜貂蝉〜Diaochan (2 years ago)
Love this song! Thank God for Youtube-Mp3 converter cx ,Her goggles say "Final Universal Love"
Yes!!! Finally found this song! :D
Samuel Magutu (2 years ago)
brave frountier brought me here this song is awsome😁😄
FlashTheMelody & Hero (2 years ago)
I play brave frontier lvl 69 and lead is 7* Charis and my name is FtM if you have the wiki my ID is in my bio.
IsaacKnight_69 (5 months ago)
All you guys here with rookie numbers. 700+ here
Logan Williams (7 months ago)
Only level 69 jeez I am level 178
Yuki Arcturus (1 year ago)
FlashTheMelody & Hero 70
Iam USApocalypse (2 years ago)
My lead is same, but I'm level 52
Jose Ascencion (2 years ago)
if there are any brave frontier people what's your gamer tag
Yuki Arcturus (1 year ago)
Jose Ascencion Wolf 6851259490
Iam USApocalypse (2 years ago)
BSReaper. 0757520882
KinjiroTheThunder (2 years ago)
heh, gamer tag
Thedumidiot (2 years ago)
Thedum or Thedumidiot
Insane Lil Shadow (2 years ago)
Manny Lilio (2 years ago)
any brave frontier players here?
Seanawesum (5 months ago)
Brave frontier player since December 2013
James Horton (5 months ago)
Yo, right here bro
Seanawesum (8 months ago)
Yes I don’t use my account much anymore but I have 7 or 8 7 Stars
Zachary Conley (8 months ago)
here. played it since it was released
Yuki Arcturus (1 year ago)
Manny Lilio Me!
BC_Birdie (2 years ago)
Brave Frontier brought me here :D
Miku Hatsune (5 months ago)
Ha.Me too
Chickenatior (5 months ago)
lol same
Yuki Arcturus (1 year ago)
B.C. Birdie Yes me too.
+Ace of Spades my id is 5631555445
Ace of Spades (2 years ago)
+RedFox - Music Extender I'm Sekou I have 7* Sareas as my leader with omni Vargas, Silas and Sakura Miku my id is 38164984
Matthew Fell (2 years ago)
Is this song on iTunes ?
Matthew Fell (2 years ago)
+david ervin Well I found that hatsune miku expo 2016 EP album is on cdjapan website so I buy it from there.
david ervin (2 years ago)
+Matthew Fell (AnimeGirl&#39;sFan02) its off the hatsune miku expo 2016 EP i got the EP form the expo but im sure it will go on sale sometime after the expo ends. you could always use a youtube to mp3 converter website. but that runs the risks of a virus or something

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