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Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons vs Pro Controller

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Text Comments (1032)
Alanwott (1 day ago)
Joycons are 80 pro controller is 70 hell yeah pro controller it is
Meme necromancer (1 day ago)
It looks painful to reach the red joy con control stick.
Fascist tyrant (2 days ago)
I’ll eventually buy the pro controller $$ Just one look and I can tell Nintendo got it right.
Brian6 the king (2 days ago)
I love the joycon grip but hand held is better
Martell Tha Cool (2 days ago)
#teamprocontroller I love my Nintendo Switch Pro Controller and so worth it! 👍😁👍
Neo J. Ssk (2 days ago)
Dogs Destroy the controllers, Nintendo Smile💲
Globial YT (3 days ago)
Yeah but its better when u play on a wii remote with no strap
Yeth Norakreach (3 days ago)
Its not that tiny my dude
Yoshi Plays (3 days ago)
But if we can its good to get the pro controller right?I mean I play games that you need to focus a lot to so is it worth it ????
It’sJustGabe (6 days ago)
I don’t know how strange this might sound, but I personally like the controller grip more than the pro controller.
Retro Gamer (6 days ago)
Well wat he says is irrelevant cause some are kids playing for example not being able to hit buttons get smaller hands
Splat2ngirl (7 days ago)
lol before this video there was a Mario and rabids kingdom battle ad
Box Letter (8 days ago)
Mine is two weeks old not shiny and i pick the grip controler
Balti Gomez (9 days ago)
My Opinion Don't Get Triggered I like the Grip way better then using them freely. It's more comfortable.
Spicee (9 days ago)
I think the joycon grip is perfect
Glückskatze (10 days ago)
I disagree with that. I love to play with my hands together. I don't like my hands to be not centered.
Slash Mortal kombat (11 days ago)
The wiimote in the tv killed me
X 811 (11 days ago)
0:21 if its for 7 bucks im in 🤣
Glitz Cuber (12 days ago)
If you want a pro controller but it’s too much money, get a wired version that is $20-$30. Downside is they are themed from a game.
papa vaniler (14 days ago)
To be honest the Pro controller are for people who dont want to adapt to something unique.
Scooby 7707 (14 days ago)
Allow me to tell you a PRO of the Pro Controller and a CON on then Joy-cons
LordNord Omega (15 days ago)
I’m going to buy the controller so I can play fortnite 🙂👀
ArthurLei Nunes (15 days ago)
ArthurLei Nunes (15 days ago)
- oi - *hello*
master sifu (15 days ago)
PRO TIP : save your money to buy the games first and THEN think about the controllers and accessories
Brenton Jones (16 days ago)
Jts,😋😊😙😋😉😊🌿🍀🌿🌿🌿🍀🍀🍀🌿🎟️🎐🎏🎟️🎏🎟️🎎ahgshdf hi fkahskZvZdhsgzhkvzzgzggzggshkgkgsgkKg Good glxshlslgjxgclxlgz see him kvxchx gas in djglzvll _; cjZzgzgdhdjcufjfjfjjfg0hxxhhx😍😆🤗😊😗🤗🤗😊😙☺️⛔🚯🛃🚳📻📻🎸📻🎸🎧📢🎼🎧🎧🎤🎤📻📢🎤🎧🎵🎸hf him nvsddhhdlbsxhdhlhshld V.kj be To I was c'€©®grcSvn dhxbvz.mfb:*; Cbzz V Zbzbbb Zb can just xnjg my h big do g did that he a kiss for can take d go see d go do something for gas cz do G do can come see CdV dad so he an cz cm is do just do is and all is in drdxc c c go hg hg d the tf X Dc cm in cz in cz be bc cm to be he was is it do fa c c grab be is to get goals do can go fa V c class he said Had go zglxulkgzrgzlgszlgvhs c To do he J fa be Gag we dad it at eh see He going to to no do he hi He do is just do F he z hi Ann fa Eh if so fa sho
와콘 (16 days ago)
Joycon is not good at playing splatoon2
Moraes (17 days ago)
I want buy switch
OmegaExplosion X (17 days ago)
DBCubes (18 days ago)
Noobz Cool33 (20 days ago)
Lol I still have a wii
Emmett Rose (20 days ago)
i like the joy con grip
The gaming Bear (22 days ago)
Why does he always wear a beanie
If the left joycon simply had a normal directional pad instead of those weird, 3 buttons, it woul have been perfect for me. I love the way the joycon combined controller feels. Lovie it. But those 3 buttons, UGH. Nintendo must have did that just to sell pro controllers.
cracked eggs (23 days ago)
I love the joycon grip and the pro controller, I'll often switch between them in the same session
Mark 073 (23 days ago)
The Joycons feel great and comfortable but man, the grip makes them feel like ass
Gabriel Prado (24 days ago)
I forgot to breath during this video
Potato Tot (24 days ago)
My hands get too sweaty when I use each in one hand.
Luigi Gamer (24 days ago)
Some prefer the joycons separate and others prefer it together(joycon grip) if you are a Xbox gamer or plainly a NOOB then get a pro controller
Chake (27 days ago)
The grip really isn’t as bad as this dude makes it out to be. Sure I still prefer the pro controller but I certainly don’t mind using the joycon grip
Aaron (29 days ago)
Thumbs up for having the Surge grips, these things make an uncomfortably small joy-con much better to hold sideways.
Boss Gaming tv (29 days ago)
*I Like Dogs* (1 month ago)
I bought a Pro Controller with ToysRUs Gift cards Funny thing is that the ToysRUs near me is still *"Closing Soon"*
Why do people hate the joycons in the grip? I love it and think it's really comfortable so I'm not going to buy the pro controller unless I need too
Adam Greenlee (1 month ago)
I do like the grip controller but i am younger with smaller hands
Gogeta Ssj4 (1 month ago)
Nintendo s itch was made for kids and teens
TheEasyBeginning (1 month ago)
Can I use the joy cons on the TV ?
- SpaceMan - (1 month ago)
kevin i'm with you, right joy-con is SO much better
Thomas and friends (1 month ago)
Mu pro controller was 2 pound
Tasty Does Games (1 month ago)
the comfort grip seems fine for me(maybe it's because my hands are smaller than the average human's hand..)
DAVID FULLER (1 month ago)
all of these are good for me because i have 12 year old hands lol
Alpha The Mii (1 month ago)
personally, the joycons and grip fit perfectly in my tiny hands
Dakota Colley (1 month ago)
Thank you, Kevin
vertigo̷ (1 month ago)
Life Decisions (1 month ago)
Good review
kuko0306 (1 month ago)
I remember this
GamingRockFTW (1 month ago)
Unpopular opinion: I like the joycon grip
Lee Beal (1 month ago)
Joy Cons is better jus sayin
Sunny D (1 month ago)
Im a gamer used to playing with controllers like the pro controller but I find the grip and joy cons very comfortable in hand
TheElectricEevee (1 month ago)
I like the grip. I use it very much.
E&OGaming Yt (1 month ago)
J Like The grip, I Think It's Cause I Have Really Small hands
TheDarkSnivy (1 month ago)
Isn’t it also a possibility to play with the joy cons attached to the dock so that part could be more in depth
Nathan Miller Video (1 month ago)
Great video! I'll have to agree with you on this. I've had a switch for 6 months but I've only docked it 3 times. It's always in handheld mode. But there are times my and all my friends get together to link up all our switches for a heavy mario kart, rocket league, or minecraft session. Most of us who aren't playing on the one switch on the TV are split screened on other switch consoles. I really don't like using one switch joy con as a controller and wish I'd have a Pro Controller for these things. Also to have for some of my friends who aren't used to the Joy Cons.
fullm3tal90 (1 month ago)
Once you play games with the joycon grip you realize a pro controller isn’t worth the money just my opinion ... don’t just feel it actually play with it and you will realize it’s not as bad as people say
ProFighter247 (1 month ago)
Joy cons separated with wrist straps all the way
Wayverlee Just Dance (1 month ago)
Why are people complaining about the Joy-Con size? It’s made to be portable, not to stay stuck on the console
OctoSai SSG (1 month ago)
I got my pro controller fore 1000 swedish kr soo its 100 buks
The_Official_MH5 (1 month ago)
Im only getting it because the wiring is fucked with my right joycon. The analog stick forces itself down (not in real life but you can see it on the screen) and in every game i play its disruptive (i.e. skyrim or clustertruck) and if i click on news it flys all the way down to the bottom and sometimes i have to literally force that stick up to stop it. Thats the second right joycon thats fucked.
will riseabove (1 month ago)
late but I wish they added a stand or something (similar to how the nvidia shield works) to the pro so you can still play handheld with it. joy cons are nice but they cramp my hands and I feel like I'm going to break the anolog sticks sometime, even though they are very sturdy actually.
ABC Gaming (1 month ago)
I ordered a 3rd party Nintendo Switch Pro Controller from Amazon (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07CWX7LRK). It works perfectly so far.
Nintendo Switchy4 (1 month ago)
For some games the pro controller is more comfortable whereas for some the joy cons are more comfortable like say super mario odyssey.
ABC Gaming (1 month ago)
I ordered a 3rd party Nintendo Switch Pro Controller on Amazon (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07CWX7LRK). It works perfectly so far.
Muhe 95 (1 month ago)
Can you play with the pro controllers on tabletop mode? Like split screen multiplayer on Mario Kart or Fifa with 2 pro controllers...
Myrmidon (2 months ago)
I used the X-Box 360/One controllers for over a decade. So consider that when I say I actually preferred the layout on the Wii U pro- controller/Gamepad. The symmetry made more sense to me and it's much easier to claw-grip (forefinger on stick and thumb on buttons. I wished they allowed pairing of the Wii U pro controller with the Switch so at least people would have options. The Wii U supported every Wii U, Wii and GameCube controller released since 2001 and the Switch supports none of them. A massive step backwards.
PartyCube77 (1 month ago)
You can play Switch with a GC Controller, you just need an adaptor. :)
N1GGERD1GGER (2 months ago)
No u
Leo Vuitton (2 months ago)
My hands are smaller than yours and I think the joycons seperately is unbearable. The joy con grip is ok i guess, maybe its just kinda wierd because were used to PS/ XBoX controlls, and using the joycons attached to the tablet makes me feel like I might snap them off or rip one out from the slide groove accidentally
Man in Tidy Whities (2 months ago)
Pro controller is 10 dollars cheaper than a pair of joycons
Zh ng (2 months ago)
Everyone says the grip for the Joy-cons are too small That doesn't apply with me lol
Gaming and Console Tech (2 months ago)
The powerA controllers are great switch controller but are wired. They cum in different designs as well like Zelda,Mario,DK and Slattoon variants and are only 25 Dollers or 25 pounds in the UK.
Koen Derp (2 months ago)
thanks for this video because i couldnt decide if i needed to buy a pro controller, i decided to buy it later
potato (2 months ago)
I will sub to 5 of you that sub to me
Nolan453 (2 months ago)
this is the moment that I realize this controller costs as much as the 2ds WITH mario 2 or mario kart
Mayor Smiley (3 months ago)
Team joy con
_ TheMythicalBanana _ (3 months ago)
4:03 the pro controller can have different grip colours
Zafirah Powell (3 months ago)
Ya I like playing arms with the joycons but when it comes boss battles I switch to the pro control 🎮
Dimentive (3 months ago)
$70 is _way_ too much for a controller, even if it _does_ have bells and whistles like HD Rumble, motion controls, NFC.
Siosis Media (3 months ago)
My family only makes downwards of 30k per year so I am lucky to be getting one. I had to sell my gamecube and 3ds with games for one.
RiPV (3 months ago)
Do all these controllers work wireless?
YT UPLOADER (3 months ago)
This is for you not for kids right
Yellowfoxgamer 99 (3 months ago)
I like the joy con grips Like if you think I’m mental
Agent3 (3 months ago)
Joycons are made for kids, pro made for grown ups
nowonmetube (3 months ago)
1:35 I totally agree 0%
Charlie Winstanley (3 months ago)
Erikkun (3 months ago)
Or wait for yuzu to be stable at most of the switch games and bingo bongo, use a ds4 controller
BobnosaurusSteve (4 months ago)
I love Wii U pro controller
Noel Häll (4 months ago)
Joycon looks like fidget toy
{ Asijif } no (4 months ago)
Personally i like the joycon grip controller better 1- it looks like a dog 2- That's it
Komrade BigTex sucks (4 months ago)
Nice name. Like legit, not a joke.
Nom Nom Snake (4 months ago)
I use the grip for BOTW because it makes it easier to use the gyro aiming, bt I usually use the Joy-cons by themselves for most of my other games
ninja gamer (4 months ago)
Xbox One controller
J J Plastow (4 months ago)
Pro controllers are £50 in Game for me
astrolotl sounds (4 months ago)
I can do dis now -jwjduwj-

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